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Sunday, January 31, 2021

If anyone asks you "When will you give up and accept Biden as President". . . . .

 Say this: Biden can never be president. He is, instead, the leader of a coup. If you believe anyone can be elected via stealing, America is not your country, and Biden is not and cannot be my president.

If a carjacker takes your car, does he own it, or do you still own it? If you think the carjacker owns the car after stealing it at gunpoint, go ahead and call Biden "your" president.


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  2. Henry Makow@HenryMakow
    When your children go over to the Dark Side
    Calvin X@RealCalvinX
    This from Lin Wood was sad to read.

    “After 3 decades of loving them and sacrificing to make their lives better, my 4 children do not speak to me. They do not like my politics or share my faith. I did not hear from them on Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. I was hurt beyond words. They have joined the mob that attacks me. I still love them. I am always ready to forgive them. They are my children. I have not seen my grandson who is named after me in a year when I saw him on his first birthday. He turned 2 a few days ago. I am not sure if I will ever have the joy of seeing him or holding him again. But his image at age one is emblazoned in my mind.

    If I never see him again, I know that as he grows older and after my time on Earth is over, he will want to know who I am, what I stood for, what was important to me, what hills I was willing to die on. I want him to be proud of his grandfather. He will know my message even if he does not know the messenger."

    1. I am so sorry, I know the pain you feel. My only child , my daughter has done the same to me. And my 3 year old grandaughter will also want to know about me. I plan on leaving a letter, to be opened after I pass. And I will tell my daughter I forgive her. And i will tell my granddaughter what i believed and why.

  3. NEW - White House went dark for the 10th night in a row.

    Greg Rubini@Greg_Rubini
    “ELECTION FRAUD - Arizona Forensic Audit (post #4) good news! Update: according to the latest info, the Arizona Forensic Audit (PROPER) by the State Legislature will start next Tuesday, or Wednesday note: the Team/firm which will carry out the Forensic Audit has not yet been revealed (Strategic Info). other 15 States are watching what happens in AZ. AZ Audit will constitute Legal PRECEDENT - for the other States, which include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan (and many others) please REPOST / share!”


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