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Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Grand Delusion

 By Anna Von Reitz

You are constantly being presented with — and are believing in—- the existence of two competing “sides” to everything, when in fact, there is only one thing before you.

This is perhaps Satan’s favorite and most successful trick, so he plays it over and over like a favorite card trick.

Many of you have read books about the Illuminati and Freemasonry and even Black Magic, and no doubt you have seen the black and white marble parquet floors that are a favorite with these Tricksters.

Why, you might ask yourselves, is this pattern of black and white squares such a favorite?  

Because it celebrates their primary means to wealth and power— the Grand Delusion upon which they depend.

It’s like they are mocking you and flaunting it in front of your faces.  You believe that there are two, black and white, but in fact there is only one.

That is the entire secret upon which their ascendency over Mankind hangs.  

They convince you that there are two things, when there is really only one.

It is so stupidly simple and monotonous that yawning is the best response once you figure it out, but until you do see through it, it is deadly.  

Look around and what do you see?  

Two versions of “United States”.

Two versions of United States of America.

Black and white — but both are tile.

Catholic and Protestant— but both are “Christian”.

Democrat and Republican— but both are political parties.

We must look deeper to perceive the oneness underlying the difference, because in the end, there is only All That Is.  

As a parent looking at your own child, you fully comprehend that they are both good and bad; if you pause half a second, you will know and admit that the same thing is true about yourself.

So instead of trying separate into Good Anna and Bad Anna, why not admit the truth? That there is only one Anna, and I am all of them?  
And I get to choose how I behave?  

While they strive constantly to divide us, as with a knife, to separate us from reality and from ourselves and to alienate us from each other and from God with the delusion of difference and separateness —-there is only one—- and we are part of it.

When you see the illusion you will also be set free from the need and demand to choose sides and go to war.  

You will realize that all there is to fight against are falsehoods and bad beliefs—- the bad ideas that people are taught and which they then act upon, and all the delusions that mislead us.  

Right now there are many people who are looking to the military to save them.  But how is that possible, when the military has been in charge this whole time since 1863?  

And there are some, poor souls, who hope the Pope may repent and stop playing this sordid two-handed play, of putting the US, INC. against the USA, Inc., and leaving us as the punching bag in the middle.

There are even those who welcome the end of the Chinese Communist Party and think that is a great victory for “democracy”— when in fact it is ending because all these corporate governments are communist.

They are all the same because they are all corporations.  They operate the same way.  They have the same profit motives.  They have the same need and desire to control you and feed off of you, because at the end of the day, all such “service organizations” are corrupted without sufficient oversight and their true parasitic nature expresses itself.

A leech is a leech.  The servant becomes the master.  They will try to entertain you and give you all sorts of excuses and they will try to redirect your attention and fool you again.

But stand fast and be discerning.  Take heed of the similarities, not the differences.

We should know what to expect if we let corporations incorporate themselves — which is what happened here in 1870.

This needs to be recognized as the fraud and error that it is, so that sanity can come back into the world again.


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  1. TRICKSTERS - bring f💩ckeries with them, eventually after they had you in their controls. Because it celebrates their primary means to wealth and power— the Grand Delusion upon which they depend.

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    So it won't be the usual valentine's day.❣with a 😡😳.

    1. ..
      someone will get flowers on the dirt...........LOL

  2. Meaningful discussion cannot exist when there is a disparity of comprehension. That’s why we’re so polarized in America right now. That’s why people are so confused and agitated. People are suffering...
    It all boils down to comprehension. In order to remedy this, you have to have the psychological intelligence to recognize that disparity exists, and level by defining terms. Otherwise, interaction inevitably goes south.

    Unity and connection seem damn near impossible.
    In terms of Narrative Warfare, this systematic degrading is dehumanizing, and ultimately defeating. Apply this to massive populations and you cognitively sideline entire populations into believing a reality which can be leveraged for power.

    In America We The People outnumber Public officials 616,000 to 1.
    - Bobby Piton

    1. >>> People outnumber CORP. Public officials 616,000 to 1.

      Yes, and in that 1, there's a 0.00001% DIABOLIC Top Foreign CONTROLLERS, misleading them to fall.

      Even as evil as they are, they resist to change. They have love for their children too. But the devine power tries to teach them, No you don't have to sin for your children. LET GO the deceptions, stubborn Pisces (The top CEO of corrupt Thievery Corporations).

  3. Make it happen- January 31, 2021 at 11:53 AM


    Please make the above links go super-viral immediately worldwide (post until you can't post no more), a lot of protest against testing (bio-weapon swab contamination, vaccines (bio-weapon liquid poison) and mask (bacterial pneumonia lung infection, lung cancer) all over the world!!! Stay internally vigilant my divine brothers-in-spirit and sisters-in- spirit!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

    1. Make it happen- January 31, 2021 at 8:19 PM


      Please make it go viral and post everywhere!!! Pull your cash out of the banks tomorrow, banks worldwide are all unstable (banks are legal pyramid, derivatives, ponzi, gambling and house of cards, get it??? [I personally do not keep cash in the bank])!!! Stay safe and internally vigilant my divine friends!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

  4. .
    Facts that can be ignored any longer

    •Jan 29, 2021

  5. All is one and 2 and 3 and so on are one divided but are themselves made of ones. Without one no other numbers exist at least not without revealing they are made of divisions of one. I spent a week or more upon discovering it but maybe you have different idea. The network is all around us and things are connected in to the large one and a part of it. One being with many things that are all one. Like our individual bodies are one body that is part of many bodies and things all contained within the one large body.