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Saturday, January 30, 2021

All Hands On Deck

 By Anna Von Reitz

The eighty million cheated voters in this country are now waking up, if they weren't awake before.  Any fool can look at this situation and conclude that something is wrong.  Well, here's the "something".  

Our actual government has been moth-balled for 160 years.

We've been letting our foreign Federal Subcontractors, large privately-owned, for-profit commercial corporations, run the show "for" us. 

Every time anyone cast a vote for a politician, they were unknowingly giving them their shareholder proxy to run a corporation we didn't even know existed.  

To paraphrase Pope Benedict XVI when the situation was explained to him --- nobody told us.

But now you are being told and enabled to act. 

Your States have been called into Session.  You now have fifty State Assemblies that need your support and direct action.  This is how you control your government and the means by which you lawfully control your employees.  

And it is already in motion.  

We are restoring our American Government to full function after more than a century of dormancy.  So here we are, engaged in doing what we always should have been doing --- self-governance.   

As more and more people catch on to what that actually means, our State Assemblies are suffering growing pains.  Newbies are pouring in, and all of these people are in desperate need of orientation and education.  

Computer systems have to be reworked, email contacts expanded, recording capability expanded, research and program implementation expanded, outreach expanded, publications expanded, archive and reference accessibility expanded, peacekeeping forces expanded, judicial services expanded.... 

I usually stay pretty silent and close to the vest about the needs we have, but we need your help -- the help of everyone reading this, and not just Americans, either.  For example, our Land Recording System is a vital life-line for people throughout the world to be able to access an international land recording office.  

In case you hadn't noticed, the Vermin are shutting down all the land recording offices, so that nothing but sea jurisdiction "registry services" remain.  As a result, you are being forestalled from taking the corrective action needed to regain your identity as something more than corporate chattel. 

Every week we get calls and letters and emails from foreign countries where the same corrupt corporate tricks were played.  This is a worldwide problem, folks, and there is worldwide need for research into the particulars in each country. We can't hope to do it without help, and a lot of it. 

How can you help?  

Pray.  Everyone can focus their goodwill and energetic good wishes on our endeavor to preserve the Natural and Unalienable Rights of mankind. 

Use your skills. Everyone has skills that are needed.  Are you a good communicator?  Talk it up!  Can you network people and groups together?  Please, do.  Are you a teacher?  Teach.  There's something for everyone to do.

Vote with your donations.  Every dollar is a vote for American traditional government--- our government the way it is meant to be, not the way it has been in recent decades---  and a vote against the "New World Order".  

Vote with your buying power. Part of their scheme is to reduce our world economy to a "Company Store" environment, in which we are forced to be dependent on big box stores owned and operated by them. 

Every time you use  Open Source computer resources, you are voting against Bill Gates. Every time you buy locally, you are voting against Jeff Bezos and for keeping your local options open.  

So don't be lazy and don't be thoughtless.  Every move you make, every dollar you spend, makes a difference --- and so does every word you speak.  

Tell your friends and neighbors that there is a peaceful, lawful, already-in-place remedy and all it requires is their participation and support.  Go to: to learn more and connect.  

We realize that times are both scary and tight, but among the things we all need is a government dedicated to protecting us and our assets and that is what your traditional land jurisdiction government does. 

Paypal is:

Other donations may be sent to: 

Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. Anna is very right Those who will speak up on topics that they know the full disclosure of the topic. And SHARE it .When this is done others will do the same. My cup of tea is the FULL disclosure of the Birth Certificate . And license and contract law . Performance Bonds.

    1. I'd like to get together with you and learn more of Contract Law and Performance Bonds.

  2. It doesn't seem like people are waking up in general because they are sitting in front of their TV'S 98% Controlled by the Vermin.
    ---------------------------- Here's an example:
    THE POOR DECEIVED SOULS, in conspired bio-chemical tricks.
    Hundreds get COVID-19 vaccine at clinic in Gig Harbor
    KOMO-TV Seattle


  3. Every awakened American can make a daily list and follow it of ways to personally expand the American State Nationals envelope.

    1. Realize and act on the knowledge that God is interested in your victory over this worlds imposters, in particular the destroyer Satan, the leader and inspiration of all evil, and has given His Son to prepare the way for us to return to Him on condition of our strict obedience to God's commandments and following His Son's example of never ending obedience to God, every day of our lives.

    2. Share the ASN simple fact and timeline like Anna has outlined above.

    3. Go to the ASN website and complete at least one item to paper-up yourself, your family, then your friends with one completed recorded document for every day.

    4. Contact your state ASN Coordinator and ask him or her for a committee to serve on and then serve diligently.

    5. Attend the ASN Zoom Meetings and participate

    6. Study and commit to memory the outline for each of the 5 top priorities to erect your self defense of your God given Rights

    a) Right to worship according to your conscience, not per what is politically correct

    b) Right to be known by your Given Name, not what was created s your commercial vessel by imposters.

    c) Right to assemble with whom you choose

    d) Right to speak with whom your choose

    e) Right to defend your self and your organic State

    f) Right to self-govern your self under American Organic law: The Golden Rule

    7. Prepare to defend yourself with knowledge of the law and then stay out of the imposter courts.

    8. Find and cultivate lasting relationships with other people who want to pursue these goals and help each other live them and groups of us by supporting one another and the ASN movement with your time, talents, and means.

    9. Move your self out of dependency on the establishment i.e. of banks, welfare, government employment, and develop your skills in free enterprise and self reliance (networking with others who support American ideals)

  4. I observe that in the efforts of Anna and her team there are many things being done right and with good intentions.

    They document everything. That, above all else is their most valuable asset.
    They write plainly and simplify complex subjects quite well. That's awesome!
    They make some effort at ensuring their written material is searchable.
    Their sites are responsive and work well overall.

    Simultaneously the source of their greatest strength and greatest weakness is their ability to effectively write copiously in prose. Why is this also a weakness? It is a weakness when it substitutes for other more formal and technical types of essential documentation, such as:

    Roadmap documents,
    Business Procedures documents,
    Business Rules documents,
    Roles & Responsibilities documents,
    Organisational Charts,
    Glossary/Dictionary document,
    Onboarding curriculums,
    Standards & Specifications documents etc.

    The single biggest problem being created by writing in prose is data fragmentation. You end up with bits and pieces of a particular subject scattered across any number of unstructured documents that are often unrelated to each other (at times ending up being repetitious or even contradictory). There are currently 3000 documents on, think about that for a minute! Yes it is true that a web site search tool does help somewhat in overcoming this problem, but, if I may use an analogy, it is like breaking your leg at your grandmother's place and having her say to you "oh my, don't worry, I'll make you a nice cup of tea and everything will be fine after you drink it", instead of taking you to a hospital for proper care. Search tools, as useful as they may be, are no substitute for a well designed and properly maintained living library of technical documents.

    Above I listed 8 common technical document types. What is not obvious from this list to the untrained eye is that collectively those documents do something unexpected and exceptionally valuable. In addition to formally documenting the operation of your organisation, they also train your staff (both old and new) in a consistent, uniform and official manner. They also allow new staff to get productive almost immediately because it offers them clear, step-by-step instructions on how to carry out their work with accuracy and efficiency, without having to wait to be pencilled into a time slot with the official trainer to be taught all the insider knowledge.

    Here's how I can help. Technical documentation, business forms and infographics are my speciality. I also did Business Process Reengineering (BPR) during my career with the Federal Government. Procedures Rules Organisation and Standards (PROS) are the core foundational concepts that I function with. But I can't do it alone. I need a team that is willing to collaborate with me efficiently by using modern business collaboration tools. I already have an entire online collaborative workspace set up to do exactly this and it is sitting there waiting to be used.

    I'm not here to tell anyone what to do with their affairs, but I can and will tell you that if you don't take proper care of the PROS today, the resulting problems of neglect will only accumulate over time and eventually form themselves into an insurmountable obstacle. This is the root of the very problem that plagues the Vatican and Holy See today. They have lost track of their own system and no longer understand how it is supposed to work. Why follow their failed example? We can definitely do better.

    There is a universal (as in cosmic) approach to learning, working, and preserving. It is to teach those who are coming up behind you. But that also means that you must make every effort to teach people how to fish for a lifetime instead of giving them a fish just for today.

    1. Dear Friend, I am in the same alignment, though from the spoke of an architect that has developed methodologies for creating untold stories, not systems of administration. I am in the middle of the challenges associated with the creation-cycle of new Assemblies and Councils in Canada. The great builder's library in Philadelphia, created in the 1770's, has always been a source of inspiration for me (re: the difference between America and Canada). Boston University was already founded while Champlain was making his way up the St. Lawrence...and just as in those times, Winter is rapidly approaching, no time to waste.

      I am grateful for the opportunity to understand the structure of your beehive, so as to visualize its unfolding into the manifest realm. What you are describing is exactly that which is not currently evident, and; which, from my architect's vantage, is precisely essential for creating proper foundations for future envisioning.

      :peter-is: rankis.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. John 10 9/Hosea 4 6/Matthew 6 10
    Lest not it be forgotten that God's promise for heaven on earth will be fulfilled 

  7. Consider: our actual Government has been mothballed for thousands of years!

  8. We need a complete understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code.


    Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven

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  10. I tried to send an email to the " " and got an error message about Capcha and try later. Also, why is the contact info at the end of the page? It would discourage anyone from contacting.

    1. If you are using google that might be why. It happened to me a couple times.

  11. Scoville 619 My e mail is