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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sidney Powel Names Four Co-Conspirators, Prepares Massive Rico Case Against Smartmatic, Dominion


  1. We know that the C.C.P. owns both of these companies. Can we include them in this RICO Caim.

    Semper Fidelis
    Best Regards,
    Donald J Brickham

  2. This evidence is extraordinary but every lawsuit presented to judges has been turned down including the Supreme Court (WA). How will your lawsuit be heard?
    I am concerned that only two conservative judges approved the Texas lawsuit. It appears that something questionable is occurring in the US Supreme Court.
    Is there a timeline for bringing this lawsuit before a judge?

    1. The suit "State of Texas" (plus) lawsuit, in not dead,,and not "dismissed"'.. It was declined due to lack of "standing"... "Texas" has the proper standing and can bring the suit to SCOTUS..
      The Difference?? "Texas" is We the People.. the "State of Texas" is a Incorporated business,, the hired help of we the People..The employees can not do what the employeers must do,,. So,, learn how your government works,,become one of "We the People'" and kick sum but..
      the education and information is free got to anna von reitz dot com..

    2. Stop coming to Anna’s site if you’re so unhappy. In case you hadn’t noticed this isn’t Shelby’s website.

    3. Shelby, I can see just fine & have known all this information for decades. You’re not the only one who researches things. What bothers me about you is that you post stuff like you think this is YOUR website & you consistently use foul language so Paul deletes your comments. I’m tired of hearing you chastise Anna & wonder why you even come to this site since all you do is criticize her. Grow up & stop using foul language.

  3. Worldwide Liberation Underway. France is ON FIRE - huge numbers of French are protesting in the streets and kicking the shit out of the police over the following. You'll never hear about this in the Rothschild Commie run MSM though.

    The following certainly explains instances where particular candidates in the US were certain to win elections only to see them go down to defeat. Also explains the hated politicians we can't seem to vote out of office. This crooked system is how many US Governors, Mayors, etc. got into power and remained in power. These hacked and vote switching machines were employed in every country around the world to circumvent the will of the people in each respective country - US, Canada, France, all over the world. This "system" was no doubt implemented by the Satanic Jesuit pope and his parasite, pedophile minions. Note: No true and faithful Catholic would be associated with the above garbage and are in fact at war with them.

    Mongoose: Did SOF Just Take Down CIA Dominion Servers in Nice, France? And Also Give Macron a Porcupine Enema?

    "These elite units came to take hard drives (CIA civilian mass storage hubs) as well as treacherous officers from a secret CIA station in Nice. Indeed, this station distorted the votes in the USA with the software “Dominion”.

    You are no longer unaware that France is involved in the coup attempt to overturn the US election in favor of Joe Biden as Trump won the election overwhelmingly......"

    This clandestine CIA station in Nice (for the black operations of the Deep State) also distorted the votes of the presidential and legislative elections of 2017 in France to transform the victory of Marine Le Pen (with 63% of the votes) into a victory of Macron who had not even passed the first round (with his 11% of the vote). It was imperative in their plans that Macron be in power to speed up the process of destroying France.
    This is a joint operation between the COS (command of special operations ’) of the French army and the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command’, the US COS).

    Even if you will not learn these things until March 2021, you have here one of the first clues showing that the French army has started to eliminate the criminals who stole power from the French in 2017, that is – that is to say Macron and his clique.

    This is a joint operation between the COS (command of special operations ’) of the French army and the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command’, the US COS). Are you beginning to understand that liberation is underway?"

    Lin Wood Releases Photos of Alleged Georgia Mail-In Ballots in Fulton Warehouse

    "Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out photos of alleged boxes of Georgia mail-in ballots in a Fulton County warehouse. Wood alleges that many of the ballots were shipped from Arizona. He then calls out the FBI, GA Bureau of Investigation, Governor Kemp, Lt. Governor of Georgia, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “do your damn jobs” and investigate!"

  4. Our legal system is corrupt to the core and so much money the attorneys and judges and everyone involved protect thair cash cow .
    This is manifesting of now all agencies is got patriots mad as hell .
    The most viable move is us to exercise our right of remonstrance demand the legislature to hear our charges against bad actors and investigate.
    Kirks law corner you tube channel is leading the details .

  5. So all their pockets are lined. Now what?? Is DJT going to full on Inserection? Yes, BUBBA Our legal system is corrupt.
    1) If China Biden get in we are so screwed.
    2 ) When Potus stays in we are screwed because BLMAntifa will burn down every city.

  6. The 2018 EO by Pres. Trump was always going to be the deciding factor. He knew that the courts would fail to perform. As well as the other Justice agencies. The vermin are embedded to a point that would frighten anyone to see. The Military was going to be required no matter what. The people of the world had to witness the failures of the status quo governmental bodies in order to accept the need for what is coming very soon- when it gets in your face serious. Stand firm and DON'T let the commie brown shirts destroy your neighborhoods. The police will likely not intervene to prevent them, it will be up to you. When violence comes to your door, you will either hide and burn, or you will face it with confidence. You didn't start it, want to avoid it, and wish everyone would see reason. I would be more worried to face the Creator having allowed evil than to accept that I defended to the death His creation.

    1. Extremely well put! Love it! I’m thankful to DJT for listening to God and being used as a catalyst to do Gods bidding. However, we Christians are all the same boat. We need to be used by God and be his legs on earth.

  7. From my research, yes. Unless you have stacks & stacks of it as do people who deal in drugs big time.

  8. DJT is way ahead of the game. He never gets into a deal he doesn’t know the outcome! This had to play out for as many of the people can see what has happened. Yes, most likely the Military will have to take over b/c of the Treasonous factor...Military tribunals are swift. It’s very important that we awakened Patriots stand firm behind him. He is not alone in this. Those who know about the Alliance understand this. TRUST & have Faith !”


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