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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Yes, the Vaccine Contains Fragments of HIV and More

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you research the virology and genetic manipulation involved in the development and patenting and copyrighting of the "functional gain" that was the object of developing the Covid-19 virus, it is apparent that the increase in infection rates was accomplished by using the same sequences that promote infection via HIV.   

That was Anthony Fauci's exact area of study and expertise.  And via his position at NIH he funded the research in Wuhan, China.  Oh, my.  

The monsters among us took a Common Cold Virus and "souped it up" by adding fragments of HIV, to make it more infectious.   And then, of course, any vaccine also has to have fragments of HIV in it, to sensitize the immune system of the victim.  

The craziness of vaccines is that you inject yourself with "dead" copies of a bacteria or virus to provoke an immune response, that will then be ready to pounce on the real thing.  However, as a virus is already dead, any vaccine for a virus is actually a pre-infection by a dummy copy of the same virus. 

You are actually infecting yourself in hopes of building up a stronger immune reaction--- and in this case, the vaccine virus contains HIV sequences.  Even the Dumb Bunnies acting as UN Administrators of AUSTRALIA had sense enough to draw back and consider the liability of forced vaccination of millions of people with a vaccine containing HIV.  

The known and public danger of such idiocy is self-evident and needs no further explanation.  It's a free-standing disaster in the making, but wait, the genetic engineers responsible for the development of these heinous new patented inventions are squealing like pigs.  There's more.  

Not only will people naturally "test positive" for HIV after being vaccinated, there are other "goodies" built into this cocktail of poisons and gene fragments, and those are designed to interfere with the coding of proteins necessary to develop a healthy placenta.  

Women injected with this will no longer be able to bear children.  They will undergo miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage, as the placenta fails to fully form.   

Now, you may be asking, as I am, how these clearly criminal Patents have been allowed, and why, exactly, are people like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates still walking around?  It's a great question, and one that deserves an answer.  

The answer is that they are being protected by the United Nations Organization and the UN CORP --- the hypocrites who are supposed to be all about "peace", are instead waging war against their favorite targets --- babies and ignorant women.  

Just as it says in the Bible about the End Times, the United Nations is standing there saying, "peace, peace" but there is no peace, because these madmen are hypocrites as well as being greedy and criminally insane.  

We, Americans, and the American State Assemblies, have business with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ---- Big Business.  Nasty business.  It's our right to pull the Patents and destroy the corporations that have done this to profit themselves, and it's ours to punish the Patent Officials and Clerks and SERCO Agents responsible for this outrage against humanity.  

And the rest of the world has business to do, too.  


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  1. Im ready Anna. Let's make that happen.

  2. It's our right to pull the Patents and destroy the corporations, THEN STOP TALKING AND DO IT....

  3. They control the hill. I'm 68. I 1980's I received a call from a high school friend after 15 years of no contact. He was dying of aids. I felt bad and took him to his appointment one day at McGill superclinic. Head Dr. Mark Wainberg was his doctor. World scientist in aids research. He was invited to Flordia for a conference and drowned. Dr. Judy Mikovitz, aids scientist jailed for going against Fauces. What else can we connect dots over. Bad actors. Just saying

  4. what exactly needs to be done to pull the patent and expose

    1. Pulling the patents and or liquidating all nefarious corporations is precisely what needs to be done-immediately. This process also needs to be taught to every able minded American so that not one group of People can be targeted.

  5. If a true vaccine is a medical intervention and is medical, these so called vaccines are not medical they are injections. We have no obligation to take an injection. Catherine Austin Fitts wrote an article calling these vaccines injections with ingredients that do not belong in vaccines. So they are pushing their stuff in the name of vaccines.

  6. I felt fine but was told due to a blood test I had hepatitis-c. They used PCR magnification cycles and see a particle of that could be a virus particle or could be lots of other things or virus but is assumed to be HCV. The actual virus still cannot be found or grown but estimated using the PCR that really cannot work according to the inventor who said that over and over yet they use it almost like knowing it will create false positives that way. Later still feeling fine I was talked in to a treatment by a nurse who said the modern meds took it away but later I know you always test positive but the so called viral load goes down which at first they said did not matter. What, so filled with virus and liver disease that you do not even feel sick or notice it? The treatments, a gmo product that I was real dumb to do caused my beautiful thick hair to fall out and did not work but was not too bad. Couple years later I tried another treatment at a center owned by Jay Rockefeller and it was experimental as usual and really bad, more hair falling out, and really sick, even yelled at an officer and had to go in to mental rest for 3 day and I quit all the HCV meds interferon and ribivirin and an antidepressant required even though I did not need or want it. Five weeks and it ate me up to that point. Later tests seem to show consistently that a part of my brain is damaged so recalling instructions verbal if complex cannot be recalled and odd nausea on and on for years and finally might be recovering with herbs and raw foods at least stable and living with it. So even though those with damaged livers like my records allege are not supposed to take vaccines it is even ordered for those like me but vets have rights and know it or should concerning the medical stuff so I will not take it. After all the damage and them telling me to do it now they say those treatments were bad but the new one is "totally harmless" even though records show people die from hep b in two weeks and a host of bad things so I am through with their bullshit, and lost my flying job total carreer and have to go along with being defective to have any money at all like many vets who are damaged most by drugs these days and growing by the day more and more due to the medical fakery and sales that people like me are just guinea pigs. This new so called DNA scissoring vaccine that uses crisper technology to change DNA is not known what could happen. LIke DNA change is permanent and no one even knows or at least has not revealed what horrors are in store for the victims er ah guinea pigs er I mean the patients being helped. Yeah sure. Either get it together and use your own head or die at the hands of this evil or psychotism, or bad actors or devil children or what you wanna call it cause it does not care about you and no one is gonna take you by the hand like mommy and save you or anyone else, its up to you and me and all of us. NOt the ones calling the little red hen names and that shes lazy or weak and crying they are hurt cause they sit on butt and eat up all the cookies then blame on the maker who gave of their heart to share with others.

  7. Oh and 40 years now the so called virus is lurking in me just waiting yet liver tests show about right for age and its fine

  8. AirCravings,
    If you will reach out to me I have some information to help you rebuild your immune system. email me @


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