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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Question One -- The Pandemic

 By Anna Von Reitz

In Europe they are fond of fancy cakes with many, many layers of cake sandwiched between layers of various fillings -- nut fillings, jam fillings, frosting fillings and so on.  These are very rich and delicious, but loaded with fats and calories, because each layer is its own kind of treat and adds its own flavor. 

Here we have exactly such a "cake" of multi-layered crime and lies, all contributing their own flavor to the end result:  Garbage Gateau. 

This morning the questions have been pouring in hot and heavy.  What's true?  How to deal with it?  

Question One: The Pandemic

There is no pandemic.  The total death statistics are exactly the same. 

This proves beyond doubt that "the pandemic" is a giant lie being promoted by the self-interested commercial corporations that are illegally seeking to "harvest" you.  Their words, not mine.  

So the danger is that you will not realize who and what you are dealing with, and so, will fall into their trap and become a victim of their schemes. 

These foreign corporations are acting under color of law and are pretending to be your government, when in fact they are nothing but Subcontractors abusing delegated powers. 

The madmen in charge of these corporations are so deranged that they think they can avoid karma. 

The solution?  Just say no.  Nancy Reagan was the only one to give us good advice in the last 100 years. 

Remember that to save themselves, they always have to provide remedy. 

In this case, the remedy they have provided is that anyone who is allergic to any of the components of the vaccines can decline receiving them.  As it happens, we are all allergic to all of the components of these vaccines, except table salt.  We are all allergic to polyethylene glycol. We are all allergic to foreign Messenger RNA and foreign DNA.  The list goes on. 

End of problem and end of their scheme, so long as we all know this and have sense enough to invoke it.  Pretend you are Woody Allen: "I'm allergic to everything."  

So observe the facts and spread the word.  The lives of friends and family members depend on it. 


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  1. Your right!I personally checked the death certificates for the United States for the last 4 years ! There is no more deaths than the previous year! I tell people to look for themselves! No virus atvall! Follow the numbers follow the money that's your virus! Called fraud upon the people! Best way to rid of the virus shut off the tv! Stay away from there vaccine scram! If the virus was real and there was a safe vaccine do you really think the people would get it before the President of queen Elizabeth? Even Bill gates would of got the vaccine! We the people would not be first ! Even the military all be vaccinated! Think real hard before you let anyone give you a experimental vaccine! They are all insane and need put into prisons! God we trust not trust these evil doers with there own sick motives!

  2. Thanks Anna for the heads up for those uninformed, this is survival of the intelligent and informed!!! It's not a "Pandemic" it's called "Lie, cheat, steal and kill" aka "Creationcide/Humancide"!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Heaven!!!

  3. Shoot them all up with their own vaccines, all of these medical-pharma-politico cabal bad actors. Lethal injections turned back on their creators. Poetic justice.

  4. Does Anna have any recommendations in how to apply for Social Security?

  5. Most published group of medical experts go retro and say the miracle anti virus medication is ivermectin.

    1. Hmmm, ivermectin treats parasites which some natural health practitioners say is the cause of all disease. But MD's here say US Citizens don't get parasites, that's only third world countries even though almost everyone in this country has pets living in their homes.

  6. You die because you can’t breath eventually they shove a tube down your throat and your a goner .
    I know ivermectin is go to treatment for everything animal related.

  7. Once again, demonizing Europe over their cakes, eh, Anna? Then the clincher QUOATING A PEDOPHILE CHILD PREDTOR JEW, who had sex with his own children IN THEIR OWN HOME, daughter & adopted daughter, whom he turned into his wifey, PEDO JEW child groomer, INCESTUOUS Woody Allen.

    And we all know PREDATOR PEDOPHILES don't stop there. INCEST, Anna, with his own CHILDREN.
    Why is you don't know this? OR MAYBE YOU DO, which is quite telling.

    NOTHING YOU SAY HERE IS NEW. But oh how you do expose yourself.

    You have made such a fool of yourself, of American State Nationals with your projecting JEW EVILS upon innocents.

    Quoting a KNOWN PREDATOR PEDOPHILE INCESTUOUS PSYCHOPATHIC JEW as though its words of wisdom. A PEDO, SEXXX PERVERT JEW WHO HAD INTERCOURSE WITH HIS OWN CHILDREN, a JEW who groomed his own children, in their own home for his PLEASURE, for his FANTASY, for his FUTURE CAPTURE, is worthy of note.
    A little funny.
    BUT THOSE DELICIOUS EUROPEAN CAKES are the demon becuz they come from Europe.

    PRAY GOD your readers see YOU for what you are, a PREDATOR PEDOPHILE INCESTUOUS PSYCHOPATHIC JEWdaizer.

    And has that JEW been charged? Is that JEW in prison? Is that JEW ever going to pay for what he has done to his OWN CHILDREN? HELL NO.

    HE'S A famous funny hollyweird icon JEW. Probably promoted by JEWS becuz he's an INCESTUOUS PREDATOR PEDOFILE PSYCHOPATH lying deceiving wretched JEW, which is exactly what the jew desires & promotes. The JEW's epitome, the dream JEW, grooms his own children, has sex with them & then MARRIES ONE.

    Absolutely a JEW ICON.

    And Anna finds him funny enough to quote over yet another JEW False Flag Scamdemic to genocide Americans, occurring now via vaccines injected into our Elderly, becuz the jew must profiteer over disease, death, suffering, psychological torture, separation from loved ones, to honor their Baalsh*t gods. Like Adrenochrome, its always best with torture especially for profiteering.

    But those darn European cakes... yeah, those cakes are the problem.

    1. Woody Allen sexual abuse allegation - Wikipedia
      In August 1992, the American film director Woody Allen was accused by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, then 7 years old, of having sexually molested her in the home of her adoptive mother, the actress Mia Farrow, in Bridgewater, Connecticut. Allen has repeatedly denied the allegation.

      Woody Allen says he has no regrets pursuing Soon-Yi Previn ...
      WOODY ALLEN'S CONTROVERSIAL MEMOIR FINDS NEW PUBLISHER AFTER WIDESPREAD BACKLASH Woody Allen kisses his now-wife Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his former lover Mia Farrow...

      Sexual abuse in the American film industry - Wikipedia
      The relationship between Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn had started in December 1991, when Soon-Yi was 21 years old. The discovery of their affair sparked a dispute over custody of the younger children Satchel (later: Ronan), Dylan and Moses in the course of which an allegation of sexual abuse against Woody Allen arose.

      Yeah that perverted evil hideous jew says the funniest things. But those European cakes are out to deceive us with their delicious perfection.

      UNFRIGGIN BELIEVEABLE. And her readers eat it up like some fancy schmancy European confection. UN FRIGGIN BE LIE VEABLE.

    2. Nope... It's the Black Nobility behind of this all.
      Karen Hudes: A member of the US’ Armed forces has this to say about what is really going on in the military.

      Karen Hudes: Introducing those villains, the Black Nobility.

  8. Wink Why dont YOU find the rock YOU crawled out from under and crawl back UNDER IT. The ONLY LIAR here is YOU..There is NOT enough toilet paper in the WORLD to wipe the CRAP your mouth is spreading so TAKE A HIKE to another site and GAURENTEED no one here WILL MISS YOU ..................

    1. hey Charles - ya gotta admit some salient points are brought forward. Absolutely appalling that a writers flow isn't jolted by mere thought of such evil, despicable, degenerate, predator pedophile incestuous anal clot jew as that? No problem, no revulsion at all whatsoever.

      Giving 'it' credit, using it in an article for the world to read, and she is a 'Fiduciary' ... for America??? There's no bitter aftertaste, no hesitancy, in quoting such a world renowned child predator, a vile cretin-thing. Ya know, Anna 'believes' We Are All Equal. All equal to a child predator jew, when there is almost nothing lower?

      Now, if your child was sexually abused, repeatedly, by an infamous child predator jew who is awarded protections because he is a jew, especially for committing such acts, & someone mentioned its name for levity, in your presence & every one chuckled, how would you feel?

      Everyone ignoring what the anal-clot has done, even giving mere suggestion of accolade, everyone ignores vastly publicized crimes against children, against your own child, how would you feel?

      Its exactly this kind of subliminal (not to me, as its very obvious) brain-screwing is going on, from someone who has no issue conjuring 'it' up for a global audience.

      'The ONLY LIAR here is YOU', tell that to that 'things' victims, its own children.
      NEVER NEVER NEVER promote a known or even suspected child predator, especially an infamous child predator JEW. And done for what?

  9. Paul, I recommend banning Wink windbag and the other windbag Shelby. Their obvious hatred for Jews, etc. is reason enough. Get the hammer out, please.

    1. William D - Truth is not hate but to those who hate truth. Sounding kinda jewy, yourself.
      You never did respond to the link posted on jews & rabbi’s convene in a post hotel to DEMAND REINSTATEMENT of JEW LAWS to kill Gentile Children & Families. Again, RE-instate jew laws which provide the JEW with any excuse to KILL US. If a jew deems a non-jew child will grow up to hate the jew, this gives the JEW its right to kill that child. And we KNOW the JEW is PSYCHOPATHICALLY INSANE.
      Were we to ever convene to address the jew, much less its evils, we’d be marked, charged, imprisoned if not killed, depending on which jew pursues it. If we think exposing the Holohoax Truth is bad, while jews escape prosecution for ALL THEIR EVILS including 911 ON OUR LAND, we ain’t seen nothing.
      Jews on Killing Goyim Children & Families 3:26 -

      Rabbi says kill non-Jews who refuse to follow Jewish laws 3:09 - /
      jews refuse to recognize their own jew psychopaths.

      Here a cheerful sing-along: The Goyim Know song

      Let me know what you think about it.

    2. Wink, Nope the Black Nobility is behind of this all.
      Karen Hudes: Introducing those villains, the Black Nobility.

      Karen Hudes: A member of the US’ Armed forces has this to say about what is really going on in the military.

    3. nbakay - Yeah have listened to Hudes a lot. The Black Nobility are the jews. Hudes is a jew, became a Christian. Did you catch the video in which she shares her confinement in an institution becuz she spoke? She says what got her out was telling them a grand or great grandad was the first mafioso in America, he brought it here, a jew.
      The mafia is jew. We know them as Italian but they're jew families running it. Kosher Nostra is one brand.

      Infamous, Los Vegas jew Bugsy Siegel. Now obese slug jew Adelson, said moving to Machau to his booming resort.

      Central America drug & human trafficking cartels, like El Chapo Guzman. A bunch of C.A. cartel jews just got busted on human, child, organ trafficking tied directly to Israhell.

      "The Merchant of Venice" isn't read in schools anymore, largely becuz its about jews.

      Now for Good Folks, in general, the claims jews make does not make it so. So jews control information, even today, despite our vast internet access, still the lying jew controlled msm, as news, becomes tomorrows history. JEWS LIES are made our history. YET we can't do anything about it.

      So unless we destroy the jews, destroy their power structure, we have no chance of being free, no chance of living in truth. Remember the jew is ONLY 1.8% USA population, 0.2% world pop. How is such a tiny clutch accomplishes this? EVIL bastards born of satans backside, the most psychopathic on Earth,
      Right now, if you have jews in your town, FIND THEIR CRIMES, they are happening right now. Could be dark rooms in their synagogues where paid college jew students scan your online info. Running highly profitable immigrant rings, paid $2400/immigrant they can claim, thus 10,000 immigrants = $2,400,000 into that one groups pockets TAX FREE cuz they fake 'religious exemption'. JEW IS NOT A RELIGION, half are atheists, agnostics, its a massive con.

      Add right now increased massive number of products in our grocery stores collect secret RABBINICAL KOSHER TAX EXTORTION RACKETS in the Trillions/yr. SECRET TAX paid to the jew. So cleaning products, toilet paper, etc are what, KOSHER?? The jews goal is to have a jew tax on EVERYTHING, hidden.
      JEWS run tax franchises across the globe. Taxes = debt slavery = jew.

      So there are many, many, many claims jews make that are LIES. Right now jews claim they own American assets & proceed to sell them, as to the Commie Chinks. The jews MAKE CLAIMS that are NOT TRUE, & profiteer using those claims.

      Merry Christmas & Peace in Christ!

    4. Oh, & one more thing: Catherine Austin Fitts, & others, say WALL ST. is now run out of Tel Aviv.

      Wall St. Jew York City, was the jews SLAVE TRADING Market. Thats right. Not the South, as Anna continues to lie about, blaming Southerns for jews crimes. Wall St. is today JEWS SLAVE TRADING MARKET, only now the jews trade us Living Men & Women & children.

      Isn't it curious Tel Aviv, the White Sex Slave Capital, runs Wall St? Why not City of London Crown running their slave market Wall St?

      Ohhhhh wait! It IS City of London Crown Rothschilds who claim to own Israhell. Gee whiz. And WE AMERICANS PAY FOR ISRAHELL TO EXIST. We PAY for the JEWS TO EXIST in Israhell to the tune of ga-billions/yr to JEWS.

      Just one of the jews scams gives JEWS in Israhell $30,000/yr. Could American households use OUR OWN WEALTH, $30,000 /yr? TOUGH BAALSH*T. Too bad, we are forced to support JEW PARASITES. Thats just one scam.

      Israhelli jews have terrific health insurance. ORGAN TRANSPLANTS paid up to 80% by..... GENEROUS AMERICANS. Why do jews need so much organ transplanting?

      Becuz jews have 112 genetic diseases, including a host of severe mental diseases. Up to 30-40% of jews are mentals. A schizophrenia contagion is carried by jews. A form of sickel cell anemia special to jews, due to their Negro genetics.

      REAL WHITES have ZERO genetic diseases. ZERO. Negros have only 1 genetic disease: sickle cell anemia.

      jews need us, to parasite, organ harvest, to exist. WE DO NOT NEED THE JEW.

      The jew was given NO LAND for a damn good reason. That is why they use the Sea for their nefarious Corporatization of Living Men & Women & All Life. Right now the jew displaces natures bounty with their genetically modified FAKE FOOD seeds, which they own the patents.

      Now the jew will further claim they own living men, women, children via their GENETICALLY ALTERING VACCINES. So when I say the JEW NEVER CEASES, I mean the JEW IS UNCEASING.


    5. lol... Read the contents of the links before replying. Okay?
      Karen Hudes: Introducing those villains, the Black Nobility.

      Karen Hudes: A member of the US’ Armed forces has this to say about what is really going on in the military.

    6. nbakay - Yes, am very familiar with Hudes, watched & learned for years. What about this are you interested in showing? Its reams of info.

      Is it this: "As Robert O’Bannon says, The enemy hides behind authentic Judaism and, when attacked, will deceptively claim anti-semtism and hate crimes at work. Members of the enemy are not Jews in any way. They don’t have a religious or humanitarian bone in their bodies, only a lower order predator instinct."

      If it is this, then I DISAGREE - it is JEWS period. No excuses. I say this becuz right in our city, in our neighborhood, jews are involved up to their eyeballs in manipulation, scheming, lying, destroying the very essence of our neighborhood THEY NEFAROUSLY CONTROL.

      How dare I say such? BECUZ WE DO RESEARCH, & on foot, attend meetings, city hell council, neighborhood meetings, see the JEWS THEMSELVES. WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE FILTHY DESPICABLE ROTTEN DECEVING JEW.

      Example: Tearing down historical statues: Busted was a JEW who travels around OUR NATION to pay what are essentially street urchins, druggies, scum, even bring in their own negro thugs, PAY THEM CASH out of a paper bag ON VIDEO to stage riots, pull statues down. JEW news spreads it, as righteous & BLAMES WHITES for jew crimes. Like the African Slave Trade, first major market: WALL STREET, Jew York City (not the South as "Anna Banana" lies about - Wall St is STILL the #1 Slave Trade Market, only now its run out of Tel Aviv).

      Turns out these JEWS are paid $150k-175k/yr, full benefits, must accomplish 6 events a year. NOT CHARGED, never prosecuted. Let go to continue destroying America. Same anal clots running Antifa (as jews did in Germany against Germans), BLM with their Marxist, Parasitical Negroes, etc.

    7. Army Corp of Engineers: A jewess appears, publishes notice in the paper that despite what locals voted on, we asked to vote on, the jewess says the people will not receive. DENYING the vote, overriding the people, simply becuz she is a jewess & gets away with it. WE CALLED ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, & that bitch jewess sat in the room while our call was on speaker & we called that jewess out, called her a jew & we know what she's doing, & that after her jew-work is done, she will leave for her next Port-of-Call whore she is. That jew is not hired by Army Corps of Engineers, but by a Bolshevik subcontractor to go around our nation & destroy America, bit by bit, like a piranha.

      JEWS hate Lemonade Day: beautiful Creole mothers & children gather in White neighborhoods by their choice, becuz its safer, & Whites love supporting them & their adorable children, so happy, so excited, for their Lemonade Day.
      We go to as may stands as possible, enjoy these precious little darlings, get punch drunk on odious amounts of lemonade. THEN we come upon a 'kid' who is too old, preteen/teen, sitting with his head down, on his phone, his dad sees us & turns away. This 'kid' charges $2 a cup. That is OUTRAGEOUS & his lemonade is junk. But we know the parents, so we buy his $2 JUNK poison.
      Next week a JEWESS said from City Hell, announces that there will be NO MORE LEMONADE DAY becuz one 'kid' charged $2, which they will not allow, & so all must be LICENSED. Destroyed Lemonade Day.
      That $2 'kid' too f'ing old to be doing this, is a JEW, told to do this to FOOL THE GOY, purposefully to DESTROY LEMONADE DAY. JEWS DID THIS, using their own children, who are taught early how to FOOL THE STUPID GOY.
      Just like JEWS did at Sandy Crook, using their own childrens photos to FAKE their deaths, make mega-shekels, including MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of donations, bonus for their Acting Skills.

      Same for Anne Franks Diary - FICTION - hired a fiction writer by her own father to FAKE it all up - HIS OWN CHILD - he did this in his OWN CHILDS NAME... for shekels & JEW-PITY-PARTY.

      Where are all the 'innocent jews' exposing any of this? The 'good jews' saying it was not Whites who ran the African slave trade, it was JEWS?

      So, i disagree with JEW-pITY-ME-IDENTITY-POLITICS. It is the friggin jews. We never get an apology from those anal clots, never a correction from those anal clots. The only thing the jew is about is the JEW which has absolutely nothing to do with truth.

      MERRY CHRISTMAS IN CHRIST. thanks & stay sane

    8. lol... Read the contents of the links before replying. Okay? So you will be enlightened.
      Karen Hudes: Introducing those villains, the Black Nobility.

      Karen Hudes: A member of the US’ Armed forces has this to say about what is really going on in the military.

  10. Posted to fb july7/ 20. Then aug 20, Without prejudice, COVID-19. A world ENCOMPASSING LIFE THREATENING jewish stock TAKE. SMOKE SCREEN! Why? what for? by WHO? For what GAIN? Pretty simple recognize it for what it is. WHOM or what has the POWER, AUTHORITY, REASON for a huge world ENCOMPASSING LIFE THREATENING SMOKE SCREEN! The powers that be are rereleasing COVID-19 in the Philippines and in Australia. I predict COVID-19 might end once, the Rothschild families and their fellow thieves, ARE finished PLUNDERING ALL “OUR”, birth certificate, CQV and other trust money, leaving nothing for us.
    All the world’s problems wars diseases, financial problems are fabricated, manufactured for money, so much greed, so much money, influence to create and enact a huge world ENCOMPASSING LIFE THREATENING SMOKE SCREEN! what GAIN. The Rothschild families and their fellow thieves. For the half smart among you. It’s all tied, firmly attached to Birth Certificate FRAUD.
    For what gain The Rothschild families, their fellow thieves ALL OUT, PLUNDERING as MUCH money FROM, ALL “OURS” these Birth Certificate, CQV, other Trusts. The scam has been ongoing by The Rothschild families and their fellow thieves for many years, Switzerland declared initially, premeditated connivance and conspiracy “immunity” to protect the perpetrators of the slavery, fraud THEFTS from ALL “OUR” Birth Certificate, CQV, other Trusts. the B I S, HIDING IN FULL VIEW, Switzerland, the FRAUD, DISCOVERED BY the OPPT, who then with LAW; courtesy of OPPT: Bank Charters Cancelled: (Refer: TRUE BILL: WA DC UCC Doc# 2012114776 Oct 24 2012) and; FOR WHAT REASON? “Declared and ordered irrevocably cancelled; any and all charters for Bank of International Settlements (BIS) members thereto and thereof including all beneficiaries, including all certain states of body owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS …commandeering lawful value by unlawful representation...” while everybody is scared shitless of COVID-19 Rothschild families and their fellow thieves, ARE PLUNDERING ALL “OURS” these Birth Certificate, CQV, other Trusts, hiding “OUR” GOLD stolen from 177 nations including the NAZI gold. OUR MONEY IN secret hidden accounts. YOUTUBE, CAN implant ur mobile phone unknown gigabytes of files, you cannot locate in your mobile phone.

  11. . the Rothschild families and their fellow thieves, are stockpiling ALL “ours” GOLD, PLUNDERING AL “our” Birth Certificate, CQV, other Trusts. The true “PIRATE” their MARITIME LAW criminals act caught! “TAKE what you can and leave nothing BEHIND”. To what gain they will have all the gold, all the wealth and then STILL expect us to suck on them. The powers that be are rereleasing COVID-19 in the Philippines and in Australia. I predict COVID-19 might end once, the Rothschild families and their fellow thieves, ARE finished PLUNDERING ALL “OUR”, birth certificate, CQV and other trust money, leaving nothing for us. For those who refuse to admit; Canon 3358 The existence of a Birth Certificate is prima facie evidence of the existence of one or more Cestui Que Vie Trust. Therefore, any argument, or denial of such fact is gross deceptive and misleading conduct at best, or incompetence and stupidity at worst. Canon 3359 The existence of Birth Certificates and the statutes that created them from Settlement Certificates to Admiralty based Birth Certificates is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of organized and systematic slavery, in complete contradiction to all laws claiming the abolition of slavery and servitude.

    Said DECLARATION OF FACTS, identified herein, restated here, remains unrebutted and stands as Absolute Truth in law, commerce and BE'ing, registered in public record, universal law ordinance, for all of the world to rely upon. See (registration required), or
    . While no one was able to work through “lockdown” everyone was and still is accessing their money through all the bank, credit facilities online machines who owns all the bank, credit facilities online machines The Rothschild families and their fellow thieves. Every time you do ANY deposit, transfer or withdrawal or whatever from your account/s the Rothschild families and their fellow thieves, do A take/withdrawal, to the value of which only they know. Every promissory note they resell 99 times once they first cash it.

  12. here is an off topic comment. i firmly believe that the free AVG antivirus/secure browser download has a trap in it. on 2 separate occassions i have uninstalled AVG free antivirus including its browser from my laptop. then the next time i turned on my laptop the message your battery has suffered a critical event or something similar and my laptop batteries are dead. i DO NOT believe for one minute this is a coincidence.

  13. on another very important issue i NEED TO KNOW who is the luxembourge based professional indemnity insurers are for the commonwealth of australia and the republic of the philippines governments. anna mentioned sometime ago how these insurers are inciting the criminal treachery/treason of the corporate governments, WELL if anyone knows the luxembourge insurers company and/or name please email me at I want to take positive lawful action on the criminal insurer/s. a prompt reply would be appreciated. thank you, chris

    1. mighty - Would it be Lloyds of London, Berkshire Hathaway, HSBC Holdings? Who insures Swiss Octogon, thus far, seems they're the bloodline jew paymasters, so all runs through it & payments distributed from it.
      Maybe Luxemburg is their 'quiet seat' for sanctuary of top echelon?? Just searched DuckDuckGo. At the bottom is search by country too:

      World Top Insurance Companies List by Market Cap as Jan 1st, 2020. World Biggest Insurance Companies by Market Value. World Largest Insurance Companies as on Jan 1st, 2020


  14. hi again a little while ago i posted about 800 plus thefts on 3 my CUSIP trust. i signed all with VC b4 my signature, the banks ignored the VC and still sold stole my signatures. no gov i have dealt with or corp adheres in any way to their UCC, so doing all the socalled legals to get out of their system WILL BE IGNORED.

  15. it seems i need to remind you. this is their goal to get you into their unlawful courts,Furthermore, It is known worldwide that the Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificates to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy. Each state province and country in the fiat monetary system contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the social security number, tax file numbers or EIN numbers, maintained in the Vatican registry. Corporations worldwide, individuals became corporate fictions through the birth certificate; connected to the Vatican; to the Crown; to the Bar; to the Law; to the Judge; to the People; through the money; through the Vatican’s birth accounts; to the IMF; to the Treasury; to the Federal Reserve; to the Banks; to the People; through the loans; through the judges as the administrators; to the Sheriffs; or compensation. And judges administered the birth trust account in court matters favoring the courts and the banks acting as the presumed beneficiary, because they have not properly advised the true beneficiary of their own trust. Judges, Attorney’s, Bankers, law makers, law enforcement, all public officials, and public servants are now held personally liable for their confiscation off the true beneficiaries monies, homes, cars, assets, false imprisonment, deception, harassment and conversion of their true beneficial trust fund. you/we must nail the head of the snake the int bankers hiding in europe.and trump wont do the expected and release all our CUSIP funds money to us. thanks chris.


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