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Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Epoch Times calls on Trump to take decisive action to save the republic by invoking the Insurrection Act

Come Jan. 6, there could be a “contingent” election where Biden loses



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  2. Trump is very weak when it comes to law. He's not a lawyer and he doesn't seek lawyer for some reason. Appointed for him is different.

    Some people don't get this, but Trump is a Virgo, a Transcendent one. What does it mean ? it means human is not a fixed sign.
    everybody thinking that we are fixed. NOT TRUE. even The fixed SIGN is not fixED. The astrologers are Mislaeading us. We have multiple energies, our main energy Sun does not always dominate our life.

    1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Trump is not a Virgo period. His birthday is June 14th making his sign Gemini.

  3. I remember the rule of legislation. Trump cannot represent himself if he has an appointed lawyer in full duty. Until he rejected such a or appointmed one, to his supposed to be ruling courts, in writing. Test time.

  4. So dueling electors and Pence can choose this won’t end well for demon.crats

  5. Everything is taking too damn long. Just heard from intel source that Chabad Lubavitcher jews plastic princess Ivanka & Jared son of a fed criminal, advise Trump against Insurrection Act, as in interfering AGAIN. Why? Its not good for the jews & jews always come first.

    1. Intel source? Wow, that's specific.

    2. i think its one of these. Both interviewees are named Patrick & I don't know which one for sure, but it might be Patrick Byrne which starts at 38 min on the first video:

      or this one
      Part 2 of EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW w/ Patrick Bergy and Patrick Byrne:

  6. EXPERIMENNTAL VACCINES are being injected into elderly in nursing homes. NOTHING STOPS THE JEW FROM GEOCIDE. Nothing stops them. And this is all JEW.

    Here, look at the JEW Doctor who used his own sperm, & sperm of other doctors in his clinic to inseminate hundreds of women.
    THIS IS WHY NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER trust a JEW. They are always always up to something heinous.
    Ohhhh those JEWS are so pleased with themselves spreading their jew diseased genetics, just like their jew cancers INTO OUR WOMEN, White Women are being inseminated with JEW FILTH.

    This again is why the JEW MUST BE REMOVED FROM OUR WHITE CHIRSTIAN AMERICA. Never never never have a JEW DOCTOR.

    Retired fertility doctor may have fathered thousands ...
    2 days ago · Jaime Hall, of Traverse City, Michigan, said Dr Philip Peven, who delivered her, had also fathered her after her parents sought help conceiving in the 1950s. Ms Hall, 60, did a DNA test after being told the man who raised her was not her father. I discovered I was 50 per cent Ashkenazi Jew but no one in my family is. It didnt make sense, she said.

    Family doctor ‘used his sperm to father 100s of babies with patients over 4 decades – sometimes without their knowledge’

    World's most prolific dads
    If Dr Peven has fathered hundreds of children it would put him among the world's most prolific fathers.

    How many of these freaks are jews? I say almost all if not all!
    They include:

    Bertold Wiesner A Brit biologist who is believed to have fathered up to 600 children after founding a fertility clinic for the middle and upper classes in London. It was later alleged that two thirds of the sperm donations were provided by Wiesner, who died in 1972.

    Matteo Valles Bachelorette star Valles, 25, is one of America's most famous sperm donors. He says he has fathered 114 children through sperm donation.

    Joe Donor An anonymous man who goes by the name "Joe Donor" claims he has fathered 150 children using Facebook to connect with women looking for a donor. He usually has sex with the women although some of his children have been conceived via artificial insemination.

    Winston Blackmore The 64-year-old is the leader of a polygamous Latter Day Saint sect in British Columbia, Canada. He has 151 children with 27 "wives".

    Cecil Byran Jacobson A fertility doctor from Salt Lake City, Utah, Jacobson used his own sperm to impregnate patients. Some 15 children have reportedly matched his DNA but it is believed he may have had up to 75 children.

    Dr Peven would use his own sperm as well as samples from a team of doctors at the hospital

    ARE WE WAKING UP NOW? What more is it going to take people? JEWS are committing mass genocide of Whites.

  7. I don't bother with natural news, since they routinely censor comments while claiming to protect free speech.

    1. Binid - Mike Adams owns Natural News & Brighteon. All about FREE SPEECH alright, except he won't tolerate exposing the jews. Even made a lengthy video on it, says he would not tolerate what he considers hurtful to jews.

      But its Free Speech... ? NO, its not. So Natural News am sure is stocked with jews to insure compliance to their dictates on (((Free Speech))).

    2. Anti-Semites belong in HELL..Christ is a JEW and King of the JEWS..Read your Bible!

    3. idunno - semitic is language. jews aren't "semitic" as a genetic code. Semitic peoples like Arabs, Palestinians. No jew is a semite.
      Right now you're writing in English, so that makes you English?

      anti-semitism is psycho-Babble & jews eat it up. Like all those jews wearing a Star of Remphan around their necks, claiming its a jew symbol. No. Its a Rothschild logo. So those useful idiot jews & Israhelli's have flagged themselves as a Rothschild worshiper.

      Do you know what the jews symbol really is? Menorah, copied from Nordic Festival of Lights.

      And hell no, Christ was no jew! His genetics were clean. If Christ was a jew, his gospel would be filled with Pity-me-the-jew & boasting Talmudic evils, but instead he calls them out for what they are, Synagogue of Satan.
      The jews have 112 genetic diseases, said from excessive consanguinity aka incest, including 30-40% mental diseases, carry a schizophrenia contagion, & extremely high birth defect rates. jews even have their own variant of sickle cell anemia from the Negros, who have ONLY 1 genetic disease sickle cell anemia.

      Negros have better genetics than jews. Hell, everybody has better genetics than jews.

      Real Whites, as Christ was, have ZERO genetic diseases. ZERO.


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