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Monday, November 2, 2020

The Roman Church, The Guilds, and The Hellfire Club

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I say “Roman Church” I am speaking of the pagan version of the Church of Rome headed by the Roman Pontiff.  This is otherwise known by the oxymoron “the secular church”. 

Though the Office of the Pontiff was purportedly dissolved along with the Trust supporting its activities in 2011, there is no sign that it actually stopped functioning.  

Rather, it appears to have changed names and moved its operations to the United Nations storefront in 2011 and has been using that organization to promote its agendas ever since. 

Next, we have the Guilds— the Freemasons and the Lawyers Guild, otherwise known as Bar Attorneys, both of which are firmly attached auxiliaries of the Roman Church.  

The Lawyers have been functioning as the tax collectors of Roman Emperors since the Second Century B.C. and nothing has changed.  

The Freemasons are a “specialized” European Guild — like a Labor Union — for mercenary and professional soldiers. In this way the leadership and control of the armies of many supposedly independent nations can be undermined and controlled as a larger army under the invisible control of the Masonic leadership. 

The Guild Lawyers can be recognized by their black robes of the Probate Court; in England, they still carry on the 2,000 year tradition of wearing white wigs.  Their eternal question—- who and what are you? —-is still their stock and trade.

The Freemasons can always be recognized by their odd poses and gestures— which the Guild Lawyers also employ as a means of signal communications. 

Remember all the paintings of Napoleon with his hand thrust sideways into his waistcoat, his elbow jutting out at a right angle?  You will see this same odd pose repeated endlessly in military circles — and its not because they idolize Napoleon.  

If you observe the photos in the twelve part analysis of Lincoln’s Assassination I shared last night or bother to search out other photo archives of Civil War soldiers, you will see this pose repeated over and over again by military personnel on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line.  

FDR and Winston Churchill’s famous “V” for Victory hand gesture has a much older and more sordid history as the symbol of the Horned God, Baphomet.  

Via the secular Guild System, which includes the more traditional Labor Unions, the Roman Church could control the Courts and the Armies of the world via unseen fraternities—- and so it has done, for the past 2000 years. 

And finally we come to the most secular part of the Secular Church—- The Hellfire Club, which provides access to every sin imaginable and the blackmail to go with it.  Via this means the Acolytes of Satan could be groomed and controlled and used for any purpose at all.  

Ben Franklin was a prominent and enthusiastic member of The Hellfire Club while in England, and he was not the last American to be seduced and blackmailed —willingly— as a means of obtaining contracts. 

The practices of The Hellfire Club— depravity on an unlimited scale, witnessed by Third Party Club Members, so that obedience and compliance with contract terms were guaranteed, go back to before the Christian Era.  

Whatever was taboo in any culture was embraced by the Greeks and Romans as a means of guaranteeing contract performance.  

We have no idea what Benjamin Franklin was required to do in exchange for his Office as Postmaster of the United States or for the several million Pounds Sterling he secured as investment capital, but if it involved Satanic Ritual Murder as suggested by the ten corpses found in the basement of his London home, we should not be surprised. 

The bankers always want their pound of flesh to guarantee their investments—-they usually don’t care whose pound it is, so long as the blackmail is on deposit as the loan guarantee. 

And now you know the origin of the British Pound— which can be paid in Sterling or “by other means”. 

So let’s pause and consider the Vicious Cycle these practices generate and the power over other people that they yield. 

A man so compromised becomes a rising star, as his obedience is assured, while good and honest men fall by the wayside.  The bankers can trust him because if he doesn’t obey they will expose him as a monster— a child rapist, a murderer, a cannibal— whatever they have forced him to do to guarantee his office or his loan or whatever other “favor” he seeks. 

Just imagine what a Roman Pontiff has to do, to gain his seat? 

Against this backdrop it is easy to follow the threads of the current condition all the way back to Rome and see the evil for what it is. 

The Fraternal Order of Blackmail is what connects all the corruption in the church, and in banking and in politics and in the military service, too.  

With such a quid pro quo at work and serving as the driving force determining business outcomes as well as political ones, it is inevitable that we shall be ruled over by the direst form of criminal scum and that our nations will be destroyed....unless....

Unless we come out of Babylon. 

Unless we deprive the bankers of their power and their means. 

Each nation must take charge of printing their own money again and must dismantle their participation in the corrupted United Nations. 

These Guilds have got to be policed along with the banks,  and if need be, totally outlawed.   

The Roman Church must be subdued and converted back into a truly Christian Church— a Task that rests heavily now on its own beleaguered members.  

We must take up our responsibility to self-govern, or destruction by madmen and criminals is the certain and logical outcome of such a system as we have now, where the Evil Ones rise to the top by both design and definition.  


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  1. I never miss an article you write. I always learn from your teachings and see things never taught growing up. WOW..

    Thank you,

    Mike Davis

  2. As i have said many times before, there should never be any agency or person in charge of our money...but certainly NO CHURCH..!! Even blockchain can be comprimised...!! There is no singlular thing that will work..!!
    No trust, or any other such Vatican made up agengy...!! In fact , we need something other than money to run this country..i dont know what, but anything based on money will ultimately fail..!!
    No one seems to understand this as real...!!
    If you all want to help the republic, than denouce money for good..!! Maybe if we reward generousity as a means of money we could become more equitable..!!

    Think about it...!!

  3. As i have said many times before, there should never be any agency or person in charge of our money...but certainly NO CHURCH..!! Even blockchain can be comprimised...!! There is no singlular thing that will work..!!
    No trust, or any other such Vatican made up agengy...!! In fact , we need something other than money to run this country..i dont know what, but anything based on money will ultimately fail..!!
    No one seems to understand this as real...!!
    If you all want to help the republic, than denouce money for good..!! Maybe if we reward generousity as a means of money we could become more equitable..!!

    Think about it...!!

  4. I believe Franklin feared God by the end of his life and somewhat along the way. I thought there were more than 10 bodies in his London flat. Any scientist probably couldn't dissect bodies back then speaking of taboos. Could Satanists won the Revolution? I do prefer the Declaration over the Constitution but none the less can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit? If Satan wanted to destroy freedom on May 1 1776 at Weishaupts Illuminati University why would they have fought the war for Independence?

  5. This article here is full of information

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  7. hi its off topic but. Without prejudice all rights reserved, Possibly this will get me barred from this site but too bad. I gave up on trying to get even a little of my own birth certificate, CQV and other trust money 2 years ago.
    Only a month or so ago I warned that all you PERPETUALLY GREEDY Americans whose sole interest in life is money, and BETRAYAL, that YOU won’t get your birth certificate, CQV and other trust money coz COVID 19 was engineered to cause the world wide act of terrorism in which the corruption that is the reserve banks and its associated criminal entities will take/steal the birth certificate, CQV and other trust money. As expected the greedy one goal fools you, ignored my warning. I can tell you for a fact about 3 wks ago I accessed a fund fraudulently created by the republic of the Philippines govt dept of immigration, using the CUSIP the attached to my Australian passport I accessed that one single account number and discovered the 690 taking actions perpetrated upon it by the reserve bank cronies from well over 10 countries.
    You fools have also swallowed the bitcoin bait of a crypto currency (without any lawful consideration, which means gold backing supporting its value which came from where? (I bet Rothschild) Another fraudulent creation just like US Federal Reserve bank notes which the credit river decision lawfully declared “void for any purpose”(Rothschild fraud), I have edited here but see; credit river decision original pdf. FINDINGS OF FACT, CONCLUSIONS OF LAW, JUDGMENT AND DETERMINATION; 1. That the Federal Reserve Banking Corporation is a United States Corporation, incorporated and existing under the laws of the United States and is a member of the Federal Reserve System, and more specifically, of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. 2. That because of the interlocking activities, transactions and practices, the Federal Reserve Banks and the National Banks are for all practical purposes, in the law, one and the same bank. 3. As is evidenced from the book "The Federal Reserve System, Its Purposes and Functions:” put out by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington, D. C., 1963, and from other evidence adduced herein, the said Federal Reserve Banks and National Banks create money and credit upon their books and exercise the ultimate prerogative of expanding and reducing the supply of money or credit in the United States. The creation of this money or credit constitutes the creation of fiat money upon the books of these banks. When the Federal Reserve Banks and National Banks acquire United States Bonds and Securities, State Bonds and Securities, State Subdivision Bonds and Securities, mortgages on private Real property and mortgages on private personal property, the said banks create the money and credit upon their books by bookkeeping entry. The first time that the money comes into existence is when they create it on their bank books by bookkeeping entry. The banks create it out of nothing. No substantial fund of gold or silver is back of it, or any fund at all. The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis obtains Federal Reserve Notes in denominations of One ($1.00) Dollar, Five, Ten, Twenty, Fifty, One Hundred, Five Hundred, One Thousand, Ten Thousand, and One Hundred Thousand Dollars for the cost of the printing of each note, which is less than one cent. The Federal Reserve Bank must deposit with the Treasurer of the United States a like amount of Bonds for the Notes it receives. The Bonds are without lawful consideration, as the Federal Reserve Bank created the money and credit upon the books by which they acquired the Bond.

  8. The net effect of the entire transaction is that the Federal Reserve Bank obtains Federal Reserve. Notes comparable to the ones they placed on file with the Clerk of the District Court, and a specimen of which is above, for the cost of printing only.
    The Federal Reserve Notes in question in'this case are unlawful and void upon the following grounds:
    A. Said Notes are fiat money, not redeemable in gold or silver coin upon their face, not backed by gold or silver, and the notes are in want of some real or substantial fund being provided for their payment in redemption.
    B. The Notes are obviously not gold or silver coin.
    C. The sole consideration paid for the One Dollar Federal Reserve Notes is in the neighborhood of nine-tenths of one cent, and therefore, there is no lawful consideration behind said Notes.
    D. That said Federal Reserve Notes do not conform to Title 12, United States Code, Sections 411 and 418. Title 31 USC, Section 462, insofar as it attempts to make Federal Reserve Notes and circulating Notes of Federal Reserve Banks and National Banking Associations a legal tender for all debts, public and private, it is unconstitutional and void, being contrary to Article 1, Section 10, of the Constitution of the United States, which prohibits any State from making anything but gold or silver coin a tender, or impairing the obligation of contracts.
    IN CONCLUSION, it is therefore the further judgment and determination of this Court:
    1. That the original Judgment entered herein on December 9, 1968 is in all respects confirmed.
    2. That the Federal Reserve Notes on deposit with the Clerk of the Court are not lawful money of the United States; are in violation of the. Constitution of the United States and are not valid for any purpose.
    Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution provides that no State shall make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payment of debts. The act of the Clerk of the District Court is the act of the State. The Clerk of the District Court is the agent of the Judicial Branch of the Government of the State of Minnesota. See Birstoe et al vs. The Bank of the Commonwealth of Kentucky 11 Peters Reports at Page 319, "A State can act only through its agents; and it would be absurd to say that any act was not done by a State which was done by its authorized agents."
    Now Anna Von Reitz has supported this fraud bitcoin by accepting it as donations to her cause. Anna Von Reitz also put a commercial lien on the American BAR Association attorneys/lawyers the puppets of the criminal class A Stockholders and the American bankers association, the puppet masters of the American BAR Association attorneys/lawyers and the credit reference agencies part of the head of the proverbial snake. Why wasn’t a commercial lien placed on the bankers the puppet masters of the world wide birth certificate, CQV and other trust money fraud theft.
    Ever heard of Michael moore he was exposing this that and other fraud and then suddenly went opposite. You better start thinking of the corruption that IS the UNITED STATES, whom have aided and abetted in the murder of 2 US Presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy, Saddam Hussein, your war of alleged independence, numerous indian wars, Mexican American war/s, Spanish civil war, WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Gulf War 1,2, Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc, also caught red handed in genocides like the US Helicopter machine gunning of defenseless arabs, in a WIKI LEAKS FILE, Hurricane Katrina, google- FLIPZI’s HAARP ATTACK ON THE PHILIPPINES, instigated from US Military Base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, BY OBAMA Aided by Australia juliar GILLARD and US Alaska military bases. The US shooting down of the Malaysian civil jet as a reprisal for rumsfeldt and others getting charged with war crimes by Malaysian complaints to the puppet “ bank owned Geneva war crimes commission.”
    Oh and DON’T expect god to help, he hasn’t done anything for over 2,000 years and won’t start now.


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