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Monday, November 2, 2020

For the Record - Edited Version

 By Anna Von Reitz

Late yesterday an alert fellow-researcher sent me a most intriguing "gift" --- a series of essays presenting a step-by-step analysis of the Lincoln Assassination. The material was so intriguing in fact, that I allowed myself the very rare pleasure of plunging into it immediately. I encourage all of you -- those of you who have been following along for a while and have dots to connect -- to do the same and please share so that this material doesn't go missing:

For those of you who care about this country and who fully realize that it went off the tracks during the Civil War and has never been healthy, right or sane since then—- take the couple hours needed to read and think about the information contained in the twelve brief essays in this series about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Link posted above. 

If you have been following along with the history we have presented concerning the Great Fraud that commenced with the Civil War and the intrinsically fraudulent nature of this mercenary conflict being presented to us as a war—- you will recognize many familiar leitmotifs that resonate and echo between the Lincoln Assassination and the murder of JFK, 911, the Montauk Experiments, the use of crisis actors in false flags, the burial of Osama bin Laden and many other odd similarities that will set your grey cells jangling. 

These odd repetitive patterns — for example, both Lincoln and Kennedy’s deaths being reported before they happened, just like the BBC reporter talking about the collapse of Building Seven before it happened— these things are not coincidental.  

These are patterns that exist because the same people and organizations are responsible and this is the way they do things.  

For our very adept  investigators, bear down with me on the central question of what actually was happening at the Seward Mansion that night in April of 1865?  

What were those cabinet officers doing at Seward’s house in the middle of the night?  

Contrary to what you might assume, even in the midst of celebration over Lee's Surrender, Good Friday was still a solemn Holy Day in 1865, and there was considerable sentiment against entertainments, plays, fireworks, and other such activities taking place on that Good Friday.
Many people felt that it should be a time to mourn, not only the willing sacrifice of Jesus, but the destruction and losses of the war. A time to pray. A time to think. Not a time to gloat over fallen brethren.
Also, in the days before electric streetlights, it was not common for people to be out visiting door to door past eight o'clock at night.
So why were the senior officers of Lincoln's cabinet out and about, just "popping by" for no apparent reason at Secretary of State Seward's house at ten o'clock at night on a Good Friday, when Secretary Seward was well-known to be badly injured?
That's beyond odd in the Nineteenth Century, that's unheard of, except in the case of an emergency. And the real emergency --- Lincoln's Assassination --- was in progress as they arrived at Seward's mansion.
The easy answer is that Seward was a co-conspirator who had to be brought up to date. His injuries had immobilized him at a crucial time, and now that the game was afoot at Ford's Theater, they had to fill him in and get all their story lines straight in preparation for rolling out a new government.
We now know that that new government was a military coup under the direction of Papist and British Sympathizers, a coup that would be initialized under President Andrew Johnson, a malleable Democrat who was too ignorant to cause much trouble, and consolidated under Hiram S. Grant, aka, "Ulysses" S. Grant, whose basic role was to look the other way and keep the Union Army happy by providing all sorts of opportunities for payola and graft.
Grant, Sherman, and other Union Generals did not support Lincoln's kindly vision of healing the nation and restoring brotherhood between North and South. They had seen his so-called "restoration bills" intended to stabilize the Southern economy, repair infrastructure, and get people back to work.
Lincoln even had guts enough to propose a living wage for plantation workers.
And frankly, Scarlet ----after going through what they went through, the Generals wanted the South to suffer. They wanted vengeance and payola and plenty of it. They wanted General Sherman's vision of an abject, burned-out, raped, and pillaged South, carved up into military districts, and placed under eternal subjugation.
They would never forget and they would never forgive --- and the same to the American Indians as far as the Generals were concerned.
Lincoln was not a Hard Liner, not vengeful, and worst of all, he was not financially incompetent.
Grant was a much better fit for the liking of the British Queen, who had a lot of money invested in the Northern War Effort and wanted prompt, abundant, and Draconian returns from the Bankruptcy Trustees.
The British interests lost no time after Lincoln's death in setting up a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America" --- Incorporated, and using this doppelganger to impersonate our unincorporated Federation of States.
They thereby gained access to our National Credit ---even though our States and our Federation were never involved in the War and owed no reparations --and they began to spend our credit in exactly the same way any identity thief gains access to their victim's credit and spends, spends, spends.
They also set up Military Districts in the Southern States and Special Admiralty Courts --- often called "Carpetbagger Courts" by the victims--- practicing the King's Equity Law against the helpless Southerners. Using these foreign courts and foreign laws, they methodically stripped the South bare in the name of war reparations.
They also published a phony corporate "Constitution" in 1868, and proceeded to amend it however they saw fit, without regard for any ratification by the States of the Union. As their constitution was only a charter for a foreign corporation, the members of the U.S. Congress could issue By-Law changes as "Amendments" without ratification or agreement from the States.
The people of this country were hoodwinked and deceived by these con men, and believed that these were legitimate Amendments being made to their actual Constitutions by men entrusted and responsible for doing so.
It was under these conditions and by these self-interested Perpetrators that the infamous Fourteenth Amendment to the corporation's Constitution was issued, arbitrarily conferring Municipal citizenship on former slaves and certain other classes of people---mainly people of color---and then arbitrarily defining those Municipal citizens of the United States as criminals, liable for any debt or charge made against them.
This greased the wheels for the Brits to collect more war reparations from the victims of this scheme--- this time seizing upon their Good Names, their bodies, and the value of their labor as Municipal slaves.
The evil that began then has continued virtually unabated for 160 years. These evil corporations were allowed to flourish and to operate under color of law, ruthlessly suppressing the American Indians, bilking the States of the Union, conferring foreign citizenship obligations on Americans, and thereby subjecting those Americans to foreign British "Equity" Courts.
You can guess how much equity the King's Officers gave us.
And the Popes who are responsible for the Lies called Corporations did nothing at all to chastise or discipline or limit any of this; oh, no, they simply changed hats to their Roman Pontiff office, and raked in their share of the profits from all of this fraud. After all, under the Roman Civil Law of the Municipal Government --- let him who will be deceived, be deceived.
Now we come to the Bonebreaker of them all ---- the American People woke up. They recognized the Great Fraud. They came forward and they nailed it. So now under that same pagan, inexorable Roman Civil Law, the Great Fraud vitiates everything that has occurred.
Now that this has been reiterated for you, you will find the clues and evidence included in the articles shared above, all that much more tantalizing and indicative.
How is it that John Surrat, the chief suspect other than John Wilkes Booth wound up in Rome, working as one of the elite Papal guards?
Perhaps all of this is best explained by observing that both sides of this mercenary conflict called the American Civil War ---are ultimately owned and controlled by the Pope, and the real point of the entire purported "conflict" was to get the hapless American people misidentified and in the middle of this "war"--- where either side could prey on them as "presumed" enemy combatants.
And now, the tides have turned.
The Municipal Government is tail between-legs and hunting for the door. The British Territorial Government stands covered in Gross Dishonor, and even now, is proposing to substitute itself for our actual long-lost American Federal Republic.
The actual Americans are here, staring them down.
We have sounded the worldwide alarm. We have told both China and Russia --- don't even think about blaming us or attacking our country. We have been victims of these parasites ourselves.
Why give them the pleasure of fooling everyone and murdering their Creditors again?
Let's turn on our heels and put an end to the sources of this worldwide rot and be done with the sons of Satan?
Be sure to read the next article, "The Roman Church, The Guilds, and The Hellfire Club" so that everyone knows how the system is set up and how it works and what the inevitable conclusions of allowing it to go on are.


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  1. 1845 color revolution in Europe communist weakened the monarchy prior Same perpetrators responsible blood terror in France.
    Napoleon initially did Rothschild bidding and crushed Germany Russians tougher pay back for Czar destroying Kasaria for not cleaning up thair act adoption of judisiam didn’t do the trick.
    Then Russian fleet screwing with more of thair plans .
    Czar Nicholas family ritualistic murder as sworn by Rothschild.

  2. As told by Russian General the Bolshevik revolution was 50% Jewish more red shield terror proud of the red as in bloody .Rissia broke up into states without bloodshed,and purged a lot of Jewish oligarchs. Putin just chang d crocodile for Algators. Now Chabbad his buddies rum 90%country .
    Nevertheless we need to copy Russian breakup if we can establish a confederate republic fire all the corrupt hired help .

  3. Excellent Anna, thanks!!! May the spirit of JFK be eternal, his assassination has been solved (who, what, where, when and why)!!! We are all worldwide still living in the shadow of his tragedy!!! Never forget!!! Just a continuation from Lincoln, same script, different actors with unlimited funding and weapons (highest bidder wins the day, aka bribery)!!! Folks in The Assembly, the Father in Heaven said " Who can go against the beast (Pope, Queen etc.) on Earth?"!!! What the Father in Heaven is saying is that obviously you can't go against the "beast" with violence or threats of any kind, zero!!! You can only tame the "beast" with mature mental and emotional intelligence that will override their immature infant mentality and emotions on their own free will!!! Whosoever can relate to these "beasts" of their immature infant fear of death holds the key to Paradise on Earth and immortality!!! I am closer than any person on Earth to be able to tame the "beast" (Many have tried but failed to tame the "beast", It wasn't easy to come up with the right words in the right order to tame the "beast", a lot of sleepless nights)!!! Words can create or destroy!!! Let the divine love for the "beast" begin!!!

  4. Amen, so be it!!!

  5. Your are only divinely great when you love those who do not deserve it from humanity!!!

  6. The Assembly will show compassion to those who are self-condemned, The Assembly will reach out to them with love to join our divine mission!!! Salvation is the only weapon to counter the self-condemned!!! Amen, so be it!!!

  7. Odd these high level events that change officers and scare the new ones in the possibility the death was faked something practiced by the "elite" for centuries. Lincolns massive grave carvings of stone in Union town allude to great wealth not a log cabin boy who had only his own hands to work with and each event has attached impossible and glaring evidence glossed over by media for who pays them.

  8. Love you all till the end of time my brothers and sisters, here and worldwide. I got each and every single one of your backs (even if it costs me my life, "Those who try to save their lives lose it"- Father in Heaven). Relax and enjoy the transformation of our Hell on Earth to Paradise on Earth (Our Father in Heaven would be very proud, someone on Earth had to do the homework and execute for everyone, I feel honored and privileged to be the one to sacrifice my life and dreams)!!! I believe in all of you and counting on each and everyone of you to have faith in yourselves, in me as a servant of the Father in Heaven, in the Father in Heaven himself to accomplish his will on Earth and we all know what it is!!! "His Kingdom come, his will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven", "Greatest among you will be my servant"- Father in Heaven!!! I am with the Father and the Father is with me!!! Amen, so be it".

  9. Wow, thx 4 sharing the link to the Lincoln assassination, that was a great read, and further proof our "Government" has been infiltrated, even created by members of secret societies, with their own agenda's, but, NOT having OUR best interests at heart! We're still just peasants to them!


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