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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Regarding the Discovery....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding the discovery that the "United States" is incorporated as "Virginia" in the city [Roman Municipal city]  of London ---  United States is incorporated in the city of London as "Virginia"  

If you read the various peace treaties that ended The War of Independence it is apparent that the Brits retained a lot of things including their business interests in the New World. The immediate result was the creation of an American State called Virginia and the continuing existence of a British Territorial Business Enterprise also called “Virginia” which exists as an “inchoate state” and is administered by the British Territorial Government. 

This business enterprise functioning as another kind of “state” is not to be confused with our actual State of the Union which has physically defined borders, rocks, trees, etc. --- and it can be incorporated wherever on Earth and function under whatever law that location requires. 

In this case, it is just a reflection and confirmation of what we already know. The Municipal Corporation of the United States arose in the city of London, is administered under Roman Civil Law, and so what?  

They are a foreign entity with respect to us, and they are under contract and trust obligation to us, so long as we stand in our proper capacity and enforce those obligations.  They could be incorporated on the moon and operating under Moon Rules for all we care, so long as they provide the stipulated Good Faith service they owe us. 

As long as we are properly identified, we have every right to run them through with a pitchfork and brand them as criminals if they don't perform their obligations and duties, no matter what law they are privately functioning under and no matter where they are incorporated, registered, recorded, or not. 

Some of you remember Mr. Obama talking about “the 57 states” — that’s because there are 57 such inchoate and “Insular” states in the British Territorial system and only fifty States of the Union. 

The additional seven “Insular states” are Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, American Virgin alia.  and the District of Columbia.

These inchoate and Insular “states” occupy a different “Territorial” jurisdiction and operate under a different law system. 

Our version of The United States of America is actual and factual and physical, whereas theirs is largely airy-fairy, existing in the realm of corporations and incorporated entities. 

Our government is a republican form of government with all powers vested in the actual people. 

Their government is a democracy that depends on mob rule and yet, never demonstrates an actual majority mandate for anything it does. 

Our government  won the war and has the control of the land and soil jurisdiction of this country, but because our State Assemblies were not in Session and because many Americans were not “officially” declared and recorded as Americans, these British business interested usurped powers never granted to them and which are certainly not owed to them. 

Since the American people have awakened and declared and recorded their birthright political status and have brought their State Assemblies into Session the British chicanery is also becoming apparent and the actual government of this country is once more asserting itself. 

The situation is somewhat complicated by the existence of a similarly constructed and competing system of inchoate Municipal STATE franchises run by the Congressional Oligarchy allowed under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17— but the basic issues are the same. 

Those Municipal STATES like the British Territorial States are under contract to serve our actual Government, now that it is back in Session, and both are foreign and insubstantial interests with respect to us and our government.

So, to repeat, it is immaterial to us where they organize their businesses or under which form of law they operate in their "private capacity" in-house, so long as they abide by their agreements and treaties with us and act in Good Faith.  Anything else is treason and crime, Breach of Trust, and violation of their commercial service contract. 


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  1. All incorporated governments are FOREIGN to us as American State Nationals or citizens. Therefore ALL their statutes, codes and rules are null and void towards us as American State National/Citizens.

  2. .
    there are two of everything 1 - UNITED STATES [illusion – fiction]; 2 – America, which have different Laws and CODES that apply to each

    One pertains to the decedent, debtor, enemy of the state; the other is the real Man.

    Thats what people fail to grasp between the two and it reverts back to the Birth Certificate and the waste material when the woman delivers in the Federal Hospital

    This is al that need to be understood --------------------------

    “Intellect and Emotion are partners who do not speak the same language. The intellect finds logic to justify what the emotions have already decided” ~ Roy H. Williams

    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." - Epictetus
    Appearances are of four kinds:
    Things either are as they appear to be;
    or they neither are nor appear to be;
    or they are, but do not appear to be;
    or they are not, and yet, appear to be. ~ Epictetus (55 – 135 AD) ~ 80 years old

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” - W. Clement Stone

    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” - Socrates

    Gratitude – keep moving forward

  3. The City of London has 2 pillars entering the financial capital of the Vatican,"Draco Reptilian figurines to let hou know who they are.Their Not Native to this realm.
    Orion Group
    Labyrinth Group made up if Draco Reptilian and Annunaki slaveholder races,along with Tall Whites,6 versions of Greys that toy with Humans,along with the NAZIS and other Intergalactic corporate Pirates they do business with.
    Their all getting purged ofg this planet.
    The gloves came off.
    Take the time to read the 6 aboriginal Treaties of the Native Tribes and Clans in this realm that are RH positive Avatar bloodline families.
    Ours as White Bear are First Law Star Nation communities,because we honor the Matriarch and follow the first sound vibration of LOVE a Soul experiences coming into birth Giver of Creation in the Spiritual and biological Mother that newborn arrives in this realm.
    The Great living Spirit of Mother Nature drew a line in the sand.
    Its game over

  4. The Roman Draco Reptilian and Annunaki empire was defeated by us once already in 408 AD 4 the same self indulgence and perversion of Nature that rotted their culture out and why Constantinople was established to retain some sort of civilization that might sustain itself.
    They were given a choice.
    Surrender or be turned into pillars of salt.
    That Treaty was the Camels Eye Treaty.
    We stripped their Title.
    The White Tribes of Europe sold it back to them in the 15th century and they began another pillage and plunder under their right of Conquest doctrine in the Americas with their Monarchs and genocides native Tribes and began selling their meat in the European market.
    That's well documented in the historical record,as is restaurants today you can easily find that still do it.
    As in Trump's Cofefe.
    Cobalt iron iron chemtrails

  5. Tru-news talks about Hunter Biden at 48:25 in the video and a place near the finger lakes in upstate New York called Lucifer Falls. Hunter Biden has a tattoo on his back that resembles the Finger Lakes and Lucifer Falls. They say the area has been identified with Hunter Biden and human trafficking. Bones have been found in the many caves, etc.

    High stakes fashion designer selling bags with "ethically sourced children's spines" for the handle.
    "Sadly, this story is real, I checked to see if this actually existed and it does. I bet this will be seen on Epstein's island or somewhere near the Finger Lakes Hunter had tattooed to his back. It does not matter how these were sourced, using them this way is highly unethical and it would not surprise me at all if the real source was rituals. After all, since they are killing kids anyway why not? Think we'd actually be told that with CNN being what it is? First of all, what the hell, and secondly, how do you ethically source a mass amount of children’s spines?" COMPOSITION Shell: 100% Alligator tongue- Shell: 100% Human spine handle

    Joe (and Hunter) Biden for Dummies

  6. who is this Cindy K. Currier
    REIGN OF EARTH? we all know that using a middle initial is meaningless and void for the lack of specificity and therefore destroys the existence of any jurisdiction and writing in all capital letters is writing in a foreign language, so why is Anna connecting with this woman who also refers to mankind as 'human'. i'm not getting the connection.

    1. Yes, Cindy K. Currier is a ditzy wannabe something that declared in one of her videos a few years ago that she was the new "Queen of the World" or something equally retarded like that. She is just a limelight seeking wannabe, although I am surprised that she posted the kind of video that she did.

      An even better question is why Anna just dropped that bomb in the front of a post given Ms. Currier's checkered history. Don't remember her old Youtube channel I don't think this is the old one she either got booted from Youtube with the old channel or felt the urge to switch it up. I don't really remember the gist of much of what she said back in the day, I have seen enough of her videos, but when she said she was the Queen I ran for the exit door and never looked back.

  7. Folks who run these unholy illusions (sorcery) will very soon wake up to their reality when they all suffer the divine punitive eternal judgement for creationcide. Those folks will finally understand what it means that it is better not to be born than to commit a crime against original creation!!! By the way, my life is sweet and getting sweeter everyday, life is great when money is not an object!!! Love all of you in The Assembly and we are all loved by our protector Father in Heaven (I still believe in self-defense though)!!! Thank you Father for The Assembly, we will not fail you!!! Amen, so be it!!!

  8. High stakes fashion designer selling bags with "ethically sourced children's spines" for the handle.
    "Sadly, this story is real, I checked to see if this actually existed and Excellent post it does. I bet this will be seen on Epstein's island or somewhere near the Finger Lakes Hunter had tattooed to his back.


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