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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

It Really Has Frozen Over

 By Anna Von Reitz

The New York Post endorses Trump? 

ANY New York paper endorses Trump, ever? 

This really is too wonderful. 

Horses talk. The dead arise. The blind see. 

And then, there is this:

And God Bless Clint Eastwood forever. His Shinola Sensor is as good as ever. 

So all those of you who are still “voters” get out there and make a difference. Choose life and choose truth and just take it on the chin. 

Continuing to be deluded and lied to just makes it harder to dig out and respond to actual life—- and harder to live it.


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  1. It's sad that Americans defend voting so much. They must not think they have any other voice other than that (which isn't true at all). I made a comment on another blog about how voting doesn't work, and he called me a liar and didn't want me to comment on his blog again. That is sad.


    1. there is no cure either pharmaceutical or homeopathic for "stupid"

  2. As all the voters use zip codes and therefore live in Washington DC their vote would count towards those 3 Electoral College votes. That is how I understand it. The popular vote might give the nation that "warm fuzzy feeling" but the electoral college will do as they please. Your vote matters to them in that because you voted you consent to their agenda.




      In The Year 2525 -

  3. The Posts support is no surprise to me however many have not crossed the River Jordan or the Sea of Galilee or the Red Sea as of yet and as you know Father does not want "His people to perish for their lack of knowledge" Time is short enough for those whose name does not appear in The Book of Remembrance or Life. This vapor is all they will ever have . Let them vote please support it for their sake. Time is short enough and there are allot to wake up. God Bless


    1. Why did the Committee of Nicaea in 550 and 1550 remove parts and word in the book - Reincarnation for one !


    2. Which is correct the Book [35 Section & 72 sections] or the pope?

      Does it not state we are to have a Jubilee [approximately every 7 years]

      Than what happened is the Book wrong or is the pope and other cohorts wrong?

  4. People are fed kosher BS.comming out of ground zero crime city of Rothschild London.
    Orchestrateing all falce flags ,banking,BAR ,controlling 80%of commerce money through tax haven in Cayman Islands.
    Beginning to see Dr. E.micheal Jone’s. Theory only way to beat zog. Is Christian roots.
    Been a blocking force till the Jesuit in 1970’s coupled with homosexuals took over reigns.


  5. This whole experiment was a fake from the start - 1609 & 1775 to present day with deceit and trickery by the BAR; among OTHERS.

    Look at the Paris Peace Treaty for one

  6. Think this won't happen to you and your family. Pay attention to history...oh, I forgot, they don't teach that anymore.

    Quarantine Facility = Internment Camps = Concentration Camps


  7. Thanks Anna. I know you would rather work with the Present Sub-contractors. I still can not imagine the World of a Killary 2016 win!

  8. Agreed Michael.

    We dodged an 'atom bomb' in 2016,
    and we are going to dodge another one on 3 NOV.

    GOD is tired of the lies and deception of the
    current worldwide 'insider run' system tearing down people's lives.

    GOD is cleaning house now - TRUMP must and WILL WIN on NOV 3.
    You will see.
    God bless.

  9. .
    the 17th amendment was never ratified correctly -


    Because [no CONgress quorum] we are under a communist corporate [alleged] government and there is no money only currency since 1913. Federal Reserve "Note" a note is a promise to pay into the future --- a I.O.U.[107 years of] - debt instrument

  10. Votes equals taxes, regulations, incarceration, extortion, wars, fiat money, corruption, bribes, lies, pretty much hell on Earth.

  11. Voting for known criminals is a divine crime against creation and humanity!!! Guilty by supporting and association!!!

  12. It's bad enough what these folks do but I could not live with myself if I voted for them and realized what I was part of and supporting!!! Had not voted after my last vote decades ago, woked up quick.

  13. I cannot vote in a CORPORATE election!! The big corporate churches example: the catholic and Mormon churches are monuments to corruption.Read the books by Grant H.Palmer or listen to him on the internet. He was very active in the Mormon corporation for many years until All that Is opened his eyes and he uncovered the evidence on how evil Joseph Smith was.The M church was established to push "British Israel", which is the !,000 year reign of Christ on earth is a literal spiritual kingdom NOT a literal physical Kingdom. That is the kingdom 0f the anti-christ, satan and the British empire!!!!

  14. I certainly support AVR here (& Clint, of course⚡) & haven't voted in a US CORPORATION election since 2008😇

    Everyday I wake up early with my Cho Wa tea & cayenne 🌶 in it while reading 'Shariyat Ki Sugmad' ~ thanking my lucky stars I found Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom this life.

    May U ALL be so Blessed, too🎶


  15. Are you sure you don't mean Pittsburgh Post Gazette? Still impressive. They have not endorsed a presidential candidate since back in the 70's


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