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Friday, October 30, 2020

22 Guilty Generals

 By Anna Von Reitz

One of the hardest things about overcoming the evil of the incorporated Deep State government,  is the fact that crooks and liars seldom stand up in public and announce who they are. 

It would be nice if they just came forward, confessed, and cleared things up for us, but being crooks and often traitors, too, these characters tend to hide their criminality.

It is possible to claim a few exceptions. 

George Herbert Walker Bush was exceptionally brazen, as when he accepted being knighted by the Queen. Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell, too.

Think about the constitutional prohibitions against Americans accepting Titles of Nobility and then have that “A-ha! Moment” when you realize that GHWB and Kissinger and Powell weren’t Americans and weren’t acting as Americans.

They were acting as U.S. Citizens, and as loyal Subjects of the Queen. Knights, no less. 

Now, on the Eve of this Election, 22 more such guilty parties have stepped forward and admitted their guilt.  22 Senior Retired Military Officers including “Mad Dog” Mattis have taken the bait and identified themselves in the same way, in public, by releasing a vicious anti-Trump campaign ad.

It’s doubtful that they saw it that way when they broke the rules against military officers meddling in civilian elections—- even if they happen to be Corporation elections and they happen to be shareholders, it’s not only extremely Bad Form, it shows us who the “dirty” Generals are. 

Of course, they want Biden to win.  He has been their partner in corruption.  One of the Gang. A guy “you can work with” as the Old Mafiosi and some Quartermasters and Senior Bosuns say. 

These disloyal and dishonest Generals want the perks and payola from their corruption to continue and they want (and need) a President who will protect them and their illicit operations. 

Imagine the shock if, for example, we were to learn that General Mattis is a sadistic homosexual who runs most of the pervie prostitution rings in the world?  

Of course, such a General wants Joe Biden to win and wants people like Joe Biden to keep on winning—- because that’s what protects and enables his own criminal activities and keeps all the supplies of dirty money topped off and keeps all his own clients happy. 

Or Stanley McChrystal (Spelling?  No matter. You know who I am talking about.)  He’s obviously playing for the British Line-Up, like Colin Powell.  But what if we were to learn that he was the mastermind behind most of the nastiest drug running and arms trading against American interests in Afghanistan? 

When Generals go bad, they tend to do so in a spectacular fashion— like Benedict Arnold.  

These guys aren’t afraid that Trump will find out about them diddling a Sergeant’s wife. 

No, in that group of 22 Trump Detractors there are much bigger fish to fry. 

And now, because they lost their nerve, they are self-identified. 



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  1. After November 3, 2020: Sedition act and military tribunals?

    1. I hope you are right. But i have really got my doubts,,,

    2. Jeanine Pirro was on the Rubin report awhile back. She said that the Donald whispered the word "insurrection" to her, so y'all can do the arithmetic on that one.

  2. Where are the names of the rest of the 22 generals?

  3. .
    Trump has been groomed for POTUS for about 30 years; the only problem I see is if he does not capture ALL the wrongdoers He and his family will be in serious danger!

    This swamp is so big and inter twined it is incomprehensible- corporations - media; all the way to the secret top.

    God Bless the American People that know what is going on/to happen.

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. I heard that too in 2015-16, from Craih B. H. Terrorism Expert.

    2. Maximus- I have been self-grooming for 30+ years to put these folks back in their rightful divine place which is coming together nicely!!! Knowledge, planning, funding and action, I am all inclusive!!! It only takes one person to destroy the world, it only takes one person to save it!!!

  4. OK. what are the names of the 22 generals and how about coronals as well

  5. Now comes the real fight...not only the generals but the traitors judges ...!!

  6. Crooks doesn't begin to cover what they have planned for the masses

  7. Totally disagree mantis stated trump is a danger to constitution and judge Andrew Napolitino. agreed .
    The clearing of Lafayette park by fort Bragg regulars breaks posi stop military after deconstruction.
    Just so he could do a fake photo shoot holding a bible in front of a church .
    The corporate angle is not even in play .

    1. I agree 100%, Trump is like the rest traitors, but Harris is worst crook of all, Why? Surprizing new hidden Tyranny to show by by mid 2023! GUARANTEED, What R U gonna do?

    2. I agree 100%, Trump is like the rest traitors, but Harris is worst crook of all, Why? Surprizing new hidden Tyranny to show by by mid 2023! GUARANTEED, What R U gonna do?

    3. Carpenter- Would you please elaborate more on your statement: "Surprising new hidden Tyranny to show by by mid 2023! GUARANTEED, What R U gonna do?". Is there something we all need to know? Please elaborate, more details, links!!!

  8. These folks Anna is putting a spot light on have already condemned themselves as far as the Father in Heaven is concerned from documentation of their misdeeds from their consciousness (the human brain is nature's hard drive transmitter and receiver), their divine judgement sentence will be executed at the beginning of their natural deaths. Somebody in their family or church forgot to tell these divine criminals that it is better not to be born than to commit any crimes against original creation. Amen, so be it!!-

  9. Folks, you violate any of the 10 Commandments you self-condemned yourself!!! More powerful than any constitution on Earth!!!
    Not very wise and foolish to violate any of the original 10 Commandments!!! Why do you think all these authors wrote their experiences and testimonies in the bible, wake up folks, it was to warn all individuals (children) and humanity that it is better not to be born than to commit any crimes against original divine creation when it's all said and done!!! Amen, so be it!!!

  10. #Make it happen—If you think that the 10 Commandments and the Law is going to save you—you are very badly mistaken. Salvation comes solely through faith in Jesus Christ, not by any works of the flesh. The ancient Israelites had to learn a severe lesson in the OT. The atoning sacrifice was accepted by God the Father because the sinless Lamb of God, who followed the Jewish Mosaic law in perfection and perpetuity until He died for the sins of the world (John 3:16-17) brought salvation to the world.

    Furthermore, I pray that all of these so-called generals and deep state operatives, whether citizens or politicians repent and turn from their wicked and rebellious way before the wrath of God is poured out in the great tribulation.


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