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Monday, September 21, 2020

Rip Off, Indeed

 By Anna Von Reitz

I just filed a rebuttal to the Rip Off Report filed by some member of the Reign of the Heavens Society, one of the three principle teams of con artists assailing and trying to misrepresent the States and People. 

It never fails that the process of projecting one's own guilt on others leads these offenders to accuse innocent parties of doing exactly what they are doing themselves: attempting to rip off the American People and mislead them into supporting more fraud against their own interests. 

In case it has missed the notice of many readers, there are trillions of dollars up for grabs ---- your National Credit, now standing at more than $25 trillion dollars, 20,000 tons of gold confiscated by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration, all the American gold transported to the Philippines for safekeeping  prior to the 1906 bankruptcy, your stock portfolios and ownership interests in the Fortune 500 and thousands of other corporations around the world, and the value and ownership of your land assets --- are all on the line. 

That's why these shady organizations like the Reign of the Heavens Society and Russell J. Gould's PsyOp, and the "United States of North America" are popping up like mushrooms.  The rest of the world wasn't left as ignorant by their Public School system as you were. 

And the United Nations Corporation which engineered all this, is sitting in the background, still hoping to claim that America is "abandoned" and that the Americans all disappeared circa 1860, and have left the entire country and everyone in it up for grabs, subject as chattel for the debts that the United Nations Corporation and its franchises. 

In other words, you and your children and your grandchildren have been targeted as the goats.  The other countries were all supposed to get a piece of your "abandoned" pie ---- your land, your National Credit, your homes, your businesses.  

They've been standing on the doorstep, trying to sell this Bushwah and use it as an excuse to "divvy up America" like a giant wheel of cheese. 

You have to ask yourselves -- if any of these organizations were ever legitimate, why are they all incorporated?  Who do they really belong to?  Why didn't they come forward and bring these issues and these assets to your attention?  

Because they were intent on commandeering our assets, "latching" them, and using them as chattel to pay their own debts,  just as the original Scottish Interloper did back in 1868.  It isn't in their interests to explain anything to you or help you to bring forward your own claims to your own assets. Instead, they operate under the Roman Civil Law and its Maxim: "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived." 

If they can trick you again into accepting their stories and their British Territorial substitutes--- instead of owning your own assets and self-governing your own States of the Union--- they will be more than happy to do the job for you and act "in your names" to do so. 

But if you are wise, and I hope you all are, you will be even more determined to reclaim your birthrights and have control of your own lives and assets---- and put all the public employees in their proper places.  

If you want "your share' of what is owed to America and Americans, and if you care about your security and prosperity and that of your children and grandchildren for the next hundred years --- don't waste any more time or effort on any other thing.  Just up-end your anchor and sail home. 

Go to:  and get started today.  Your State Assembly needs you.  Important decisions are being made.  Only those who are willing to self-govern can prevail.   


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  1. Hypothecate presumed federal debts Fed printing fiat monopoly notes that virtually pull money out of you accounts.and stealing your trust account by feds and prison industeral complex.

  2. There seems to be 2 competing assemblies. The other one here:
    Which one has any authority?
    The other one claims to have been handing orders to Trump and getting some of them honored.

    1. michigan jural assembly, yes, they are corporate...
      ...straight haters, has been my personal experience.
      Mr, Destroy is my favorite psy-op agent though. :)
      Do your research!


    2. Trump just issues an executive order relating to this and expanding it to federal contractors (he actually did it!)

    3. I did not find the relevancy to the topic at hand???

    4. You clearly just landed and haven't been on the planet long. Welcome to what passes as debate most of the time here. It can't be done with this format, you will get used to it.

  3. Bunch of mortal vultures these folks are. I know exactly what's going on and it is not very divinely pleasant for most people involved in deception. Never forget it is better not to be born than to commit a sin (crime) against creation and anything alive on Earth that is not mortal man made is creation.

  4. Anna, do you have any proof about American gold being transported "for safekeeping" to the Philippines? Lol…

    Here we have Proof…
    Proof that the Global Debt Facility aka. The Global Collateral Account is true.

    Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

    US of A is a Corporation

    THE U.S. IS UNDER STATE CAPTURE By the Network of Global Corporate Control (identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich Excerpt from some Karen Hudes Tweets.

  5. And what about all the gold "lost" under building 7??? Billions gone...? I think not.


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