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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Plandemic InDoctorNation World Premiere

 Created by the team behind the game-changing Plandemic video segment from Mikki Willis featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits that went viral and was banned on every major social media platform for exposing the truth about Covid-19, this new FEATURE LENGTH PIECE promises to be the most revelatory film on what is driving the vaccine agenda, the various roles of the WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci and more.

Watch the world premiere right here:


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  2. Good expose, but does nothing to address the fraud or put the brakes on the fourth industrial revolution. What it does is rally the people as one, which is what the oligarchs want: a people of one mind and language. Reagan said, imagine if there was an outside threat we would all put down our differences and work together. Well, who/what is the outside threat here? The group mind can be subverted.

  3. Dec 18 2017 the government lifted the ban on deadly viruses! June 2017 there was pandemic insurance bonds taken out! How wasn't this all planned out ? How dumb do they think we are? They were always under suspicion with us this takes the cake if there was any doubt the government was not evil and only in it for themselves at the cost of human life! They screwed up they did this to fast to knock off years! Ship them all back to DC put a wall up around it and don't let them out ! There criminals should be accountable for murdering ,stealing our assets, lying, torturing ,suffering ,money laundering, polluting our earth even space ! Taking rights away that they have no rights doing to begin with all for the sake of federal funding,control ,power! Sick twisted fuks!if this isn't good cause for civil war chemical warfare of the people of all colors and face than what is? Or we all need to flood our streets with our families by our sides enough is enough take what's rightfully ours back from these evil doers! That's for the greater good ! Need a form of government that puts lives and our rights first not treat our divine rights as benefits and privileges as corporations policies before there profits before economy and work for us ! Play monopoly with our lives no man has a right to control another man we all are equal there is no rich or poor or colors no job better! Morals and principles to go by we know right from wrong only value of what man has put on IT! Debts is not value and the debts are there's not ours! This virus is no doubt planned for profits in the expense of the people!ENOUGH! I know people in the millions feel the same change is needed now for any hope to our future generations! Is baby boomers see and know ! Those who call it the boomer remover should be ashamed and needed a good old fashion ass lickin to respect your elders without us you have nothing we built this country! Bill gates? He who funds it must take responsibility ! Crimes against humanity! Ban all deadly viruses ! Ban all dangerous warfare! We are at war now this one is the most dangerous were being head screwed big-time and exterminated for federal funding! Wake up ! Our children and there children need us ! God bless us all! Only in God we trust ! All rights reserved ucc1-308

  4. london real website sucks...sign your email he will spam you to death
    watch here instead...

  5. Those we pay to serve us has financially raped every single one of us. They know what they did and know eventually everyone will figure it out and rout them out as Andrew Jackson said. They know humanity will eventually eliminate them and we are seeing their desperate motives and they realize it is over for them, they made too many mistakes to eliminate all of us and it is the beginning of the end for them all eventually. Karma is hell.

  6. For the governments of the world to know the malevolent carnage which has been perpetrated by Bill and Melinda Gates, and refuse to arrest them for crimes against humanity suggests to me that the governments find no fault in their behavior and basically rendering them harmless is a travesty beyond Biblical Proportions.These satanic individuals have stated that there are more pandemics on the horizons,and they are right because they are the ones funding the creation of newer and deadlier strains of viruses. I know what I'm about to suggest will certainly be taken as a threat to the lives of those who refuse to cease and desist their attempts to depopulate the world through their poisons A.K.A "vaccines" but it has become more than apparent to me that we have have come to the end of the line in terms of allowing this atrocious activity to continue. No I'm absolutely not calling for the deaths of anyone here, but I am calling for the masses to come forward and petition for the arrest and conviction of Bill and Melinda Gates for crimes against humanity and any other pertinent charges. I don't know the first thing about starting such a petition or the legalities of such, so I would appreciate all opinions and any help in this direction. It's simple folks, if we don't stop these monsters, they're gonna kill us !

    1. Petitions don't work. Period. This is what the citizens do. Ask their masters to change.

    2. I definitely concur with your response doonstr, however I felt the need to at least wake-up as many people as possible to the horrific atrocities that are being perpetrated against humanity by this psychotic monster. Petition or not, he needs to be dealt with by whatever means necessary. He has no regard for the wellbeing of human life and he shall eventually reap what he has sown.

    3. Maybe we can do a Writ of Quo Warranto...By what Authority can they do what they are doing? Get them ALL removed.


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