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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Down the Middle


By Anna Von Reitz

Reports are pouring in from all over the country concerning both Federal and "State of State" organizations being split in two ---- in other words, for example, there are now two (2) versions of "FBI" visible, and two versions of "California Health and Human Services", etc., etc.
This should not unduly surprise my regular Readers. They already know that there are two Federal Subcontractors, one Territorial and one Municipal, and that for years it has been their practice to operate in tandem.
There is in fact already such a separation in place --- only now it is becoming more noticeable.
The Municipal entity has been operating as the FBI, while the Territorial sister has been operating as the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
The Municipal version has been operating as the IRS, and the Territorial version of the same thing has been operating as the Internal Revenue Service.
After decades of this cozy arrangement, the subcontractors are more officially splitting the sheets and making this obvious enough so that average Americans are seeing it for themselves.
While this may seem confusing at first, it is actually easier if you know which subcontractor you are dealing with.
As Americans dealing with the Territorial Government, the only contract that applies is The Constitution of the United States of America.
When you deal with the Municipal Government, your only contract is The Constitution of the United States.
And that's it.
That is, generally speaking, all you need to know and "all she wrote".
Unless you are actually involved in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of firearms, alcohol, or tobacco, which are constitutionally regulated by the District Government -- i.e., Territorial Government, Americans are exempt from foreign law.
Read the Constitutions. Both of them.
See Amendment XI and realize that codes, statutes, ordinances, mandates, executive orders, and agency regulations apply only to corporations and corporate officials/officers and are "foreign law" by definition.
These forms of law apply to commercial corporations (Municipal), trading companies (Territorial), Public Employees --elected, appointed, and for-hire. They also apply to direct dependents of Public Employees, Wards of the State, people receiving unearned Public Benefits (welfare), new immigrants who seek political asylum, and the population of the Insular States, District of Columbia, and the Municipality of Washington, DC.
They do not generally apply to rank and file Americans, but have been misapplied to Americans in the absence of civilian courts.
Our actual government is not always in Session, and was not in Session for several decades, leading to the presumption that our government was "missing", "in abeyance" or "in interregnum".
However, the actual government of the American States and People has been called into Session and the fifty State Assemblies are now present and accounted for.
This, then, puts an end to speculation about our political status, the law we stand under, and any presumptions ---legal or otherwise--- that have been made by foreign Principals about our Government.
It also signals changes in the operations of our federal subcontractors, which have been operating in an outrageous and criminal manner in the absence of oversight and direct supervision.
Put bluntly --- while the cat is away, the mice can play. The cat is back.
And none too pleased to find things in this condition of abject confusion, lawlessness, and disarray.
The splitting of the Federal functions is a preparation --- not for Civil War, which has been strictly forbidden on our shores --- but for restoration of sane and limited government.
If you have not already done so, go to:
If you are a natural-born American or a legal immigrant, you are eligible to reclaim your birthright and/or adopted political status as an American owed all the constitutional guarantees.

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  1. Are there step-by-step instruction on how to record and or notarize the one-pager and any other required documents? If so, where?

    1. Go to and find your state coordinator.


    2. See your state coordinator.

    3. Yes, explanation, paperwork , your State Assembly and American's willing to help you, all
      available at,, Read the home page. then for fastest and best result,,read the links on the page top..time consuming but way faster because you will understand much better...Then go to the link- Claim your Status- and follow the Directions

      Benefits? Access to Your American National I.D. card,,Travel Placard, to replace your license plate..Driver License Not required, Your Id Number is entered Into the State of (whatever) police data base and they are not permitted to mess with you unless they actually witness you commit a crime or they have a warrent in hand. you are subject to 3 basic rules on the Land, instead of the tens of thousands that you are supposed to know in statutary/Admiralty/military sea Jurisdiction. the 3 rules are a. keep the peace. no harm. c. report crime.. that should keep you out of trouble until you get to know the details of law of the Land which Americans function with. then there is the state Indemnity Bond. Also the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanged you are owed, the terms of which are being negotiated now. a new asset based banking system. and so much more..BUT,,its a work in progress, and will take time and many more recorded Americans to finalize. Welcome Home..Fred Beaudet

    4. Wow! Thanks for the breakdown. I can't wait to Declare.👍🏾

  2. Are we to still have the black paper with a big white Z on it and a black Z on white paper on the front and back side of our house as well as our automobiles?

    1. The Z plate is bought from the agency/bureau who issue issue you regular plates, it is a one time plate, that id you as non commercial, private and the cops dont stop you because they cant make money off you for breaking commercial regulations-statutes. its good to use until we get our state private carriage/auto identifier placard (plate replacement, not sure what they will call it, but defiantly not license plate), which is in development be available.
      Meantime a good plan is, on the back of your state driver license, stick a label that says Not for hire , non commercial, retired... the retired means retired and/or retired from Driving. You are not Driving if you are not making money off of your actions,, You are TRAVELING,, which is a private non commercial unpaid activity You have a right to travel freely anywhere on the continental united States of America. They are your roads, you paid for them with gasoline taxes, You do have to pay to travel on private toll roads. and if they are toll roads they are privately owned.. go figure


  3. There should be a law that makes it mandatory for everyone before the age of 18 to know the difference between unincorporated and incorporated laws.


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