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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Good Cop, Bad Cop


By Anna Von Reitz

Along with being taught to lie, the private corporate security forces play games. Lots of them. One of those games is "Good Cop, Bad Cop".
In one variation of this game, both partners wear the same uniform, but one pretends to be sympathetic, and the other pretends to be a real bad hombre. The "good cop" plays for trust and wheedles and tries to gain favors from the victim. The "bad cop" threatens and intimidates.
It's just the carrot and the stick applied to people instead of donkeys.
In another variation of the game, the "good cop" wears a different uniform, perhaps a plain clothes uniform, perhaps pretending to be of a higher rank or from a different agency. The "good cop" again plays the sympathetic role and appears to be able to protect the victim from the "bad cop" --- in exchange for information or confession or permission to search or whatever else they are after.
Sad to say, by their own misguided training programs, these men and women are rendered Bad Cops, because a dishonest cop who coerces and lies and misleads is a dishonest cop---- and who needs more hypocrites and more Players?
The world has more than enough of both.
There are, of course, exceptions --- people who actually have moral fiber, people who joined the police forces for noble reasons, and who are good men and women. Unfortunately, they are placed into an environment that requires a daily internecine battle with scags --- not only with criminals on the street, but criminals within their own ranks.
And worse than that, they have to put up with worthless, evil politicians misdirecting them and giving them absurd, criminal orders, or leaving them "stood down" so they can't do the jobs that we hired them all to do.
What was that job? ---- For the politicians and their corporations and their "private security forces"? To protect us.
That's right. The only reason for a government to exist, and they are failing to provide the one critical thing that a government is hired to provide. They lost their way. Forgot who they work for. Got fooled by the middlemen.
And here they are, great lumps who can't figure out who actually pays their paychecks. Or the reason they were hired.
Remind them.


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