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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Checks and Balances Wake Up Call

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of us were taught about the concept of "checks and balances" as the Founders applied this concept in building the Federal Government, but it is a very ancient concept, not something unique to our deliberate constructions designed to balance and counterbalance powers within various levels of our government. 

One of the more ancient checks and balances principles involves the jurisdictions set up and recognized by the Roman Catholic Church in the process of setting up the Unum Sanctum (World) Trust: you can't be in two jurisdictions at once, and as you gain power in one jurisdiction, you lose it in the others. 

Strange, but true.  

The jurisdiction of the land and soil is solid, therefore, most powerful and fixed. The jurisdiction of land and soil is where gold is gold, plums are plums, and men are men.  Although our Proper Names, also known as "Lawful Persons", are not physical, they belong to us in the same way that our parents might also give us a bicycle or a chest of drawers.  

The rats have tried to human traffic us off the land and soil, and do it when we were too young to ever realize what they'd done.

Guess what? That "one in a million" Colonel House talked about? 320 of us figured it out.

Many people make the mistake of calling their possessions "personal property" when in fact they mean "private property".  This innocent mistake is then preyed upon by immoral judges and attorneys who think nothing of using this as a pretext to misidentify us, to steal our private property, and otherwise abuse us via False Legal Presumptions. 
Remember that in their jurisdictions, "person" means "corporation" so when you say "personal property" you give them the excuse to presume that you are acting as a franchisee of a foreign corporation and are fair game to attack, not owed any constitutional guarantees, and not owed any protection from them. 

Another example is the word "resident" or "residency".   We are not residents of our native land and soil.  We are part of the population living on the land and soil of this country, but British Territorial and Municipal citizens of the United States are "residents" sojourning among us on a temporary basis while they provide us with what Article IV of the respective Constitutions calls "essential government services". 
The same shoe fits on the other foot in this case.  They are residents when in our jurisdiction, and we are residents when we enter their watery or airy jurisdictions as well ---- so it's necessary to figure out who is acting as a "resident" where.  Are you residing in their jurisdiction or are they residing in yours? 
At every turn, intersection, and interface between the jurisdictions of air, land, and sea, we find the principles of "checks and balances" and the vocabulary of separate jurisdictions at work.  We also find specific allocations of "Powers". 

The People (Lawful Persons) have the right to charter and to liquidate corporations and franchises of corporations that are organized under their direct or delegated powers.  

Through such mechanisms as Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly laws, the People also exercise considerable control over the way corporations are allowed to operate and structure their business affiliations, but over time, Corporatists (Colonialists in drag) have undermined their true comptrollers until the People seldom, if ever, avail themselves of Public Interest actions to "check and balance" corporations.  

For example, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media purveyors have been censoring free speech in America ---- and using our Public Airwaves to do it.  Does anyone see a problem here?  

We already have the means to shut them down, bust their management, and liquidate their assets.  It's a matter of checks and balances.  

When we stand in our proper capacity and act in our native jurisdiction we can kick every corporation you ever heard of to the curb.  

Five major media conglomerates control the vast majority of all media markets in America ---- and they are all: (1) foreign; (2) all making private profit off our public assets; (3) increasingly monopolized; and (4) spewing propaganda designed to undermine our health and economy.  

So, we need to nationalize them, kick them out, restructure their operations, fine them and tax them and regulate them and, yes, liquidate their operations until they get a great big Attitude Adjustment. 

See how they like being the targets. 

A corporation is required to operate "lawfully" ---- which is a far higher and different standard than to operate "legally".   Most of these operations can't function for a day without breaking the Public Law, and they've simply gotten away with it for lack of enforcement of the Public Law. 

Our two foreign federal subcontractors, both ultimately owned and operated by the Pope, have been colluding together to evade their constitutional obligations and to promote their own self-interest at the expense of their Employers.  

Because they have been operating as privately owned and operated "governmental services corporations" they've been conveniently neglecting to enforce the Public Law. 

Well, my, my, my..... seems like I remember something called Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States, which requires the protection of our persons and property --- both public and private property.  

That doesn't include "protecting" us from opinions that run contrary to corporate bottom lines.  

That doesn't include curtailing our Natural and Unalienable Rights. 

That doesn't give Bill Gates the right to poke anyone with needles or alter anyone's DNA with his patented RNA implants.
It doesn't grant Fauci any right to "mandate" dog dung, masks, social distancing or anything else.  

It doesn't allow for any indecent commercial claims of corporate ownership of anyone or any claim of dependency based on patented nanobots or microdots or RNA scraps injected into anyone for any purpose whatsoever.   

Here we are: the long-lost American People.  

Here's news for Billy Gates and Dr. Fauci and the AMA ----- your patents belong to us and are protected by us, and if we choose to bust your patents ---- we can. And we will. 

And BTW, your corporations belong to us, too.   

Mr.Larry Fink and Black Water, Inc. just learned that the hard way.  

Yes, there is a Giant in the room, and it's no longer sleeping. 
Try to claim that you have any ownership interest in living men and women based on injecting them with your patented RNA crap and there won't be anything but a grease spot left of you, your patents, or your corporations, either. 

So fold up the Plandemic Crappola.  Call off the Funky Propaganda Act. We are holding every Corporate Officer and every Uniformed Officer in America personally and commercially liable for this and all your parent corporations and trustees, too.  

When corporations cross the line, when they operate as monopoly interests, when they engage in interlocking trust directorates, when they engage in criminal activities, when they knowingly advertise products, ideas, and agendas that are damaging to our health and our economy, when they infringe upon our constitutional guarantees and use our Public Airwaves and Public Right of Ways and Public Easements to do it----- it's time for the People to shut them down in the Public Interest. 

We have the "checks" and it's time for the "balances".  


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  1. Thank you. How do we transition from the right to enforce this to the power to enforce this ?

    1. DBS- As soon as enough of us mobilize a task force to gather all evidence, indict them in our lawful courts and go up to the indicted criminals and tell them "You are under arrest for crimes against humanity" with guns drawn and handcuffs out. Warn fugitives that if they resist court arrest orders they will be shot on the spot.

  2. I guess I have trouble correctly interpreting the Constitutions. Anna, or anyone, please explain where and how Article IV of the Constitutions says "they" are to provide us with "essential government services". I do see "they" are to protect us from domestic violence. Although I don't see public and private property spelled out. Thanks

    1. on domestic violence--Article IV , Sect. 4. specifically the last 9 words..
      Sect. 4. The United States shall guarantee, to every State in this Union, a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and, on application of the Legislature, or of the Executive, (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.
      NOTE the phrase) "to every State in this Union, a republican form of government,)
      NOWHERE in ANY Constitution is the Word DEMOCRATIC Government USED..
      YOU were given a REPUBLIC..
      ALSO NOTE,, "The United States" IS NOT the same thing as "the united States".
      A "State" is NOT the same thing as a "STATE"..
      "The United States of America" is NOT the same thing as 'THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..
      Prior to the civil war (1860'S ) EVERY child in Child in America Knew this..
      This not being common knowledge today why you are letting your freedom be chipped away on a daily basis,,
      Knowledge is Power,,take back yours..for your PHD on what and American is, to regain control of your life and property, Learn,,
      take out dashes and 'dot' , google it. anna-von-reitz-dot-com--Read,,its free..

  3. resident = res (a thing) identified

  4. As kirks law channel says build your case say you have been charged with child abuse dirty dishes in sink .
    Instead of letting them run you through thair gauntlet you build your facts(court of record )
    Now serve upon them your rebuttal and counter claim of lack of jurisdiction pick the infringement of your rights . They usually don’t respond by default you win you can if you want take your court of record to speaker of house as a formal complaint they must respond and investigate if honest they would recognize the human trafficking bid bond performance bond payment bond .
    But this is were we have failed the courts never turn on thair own.

  5. Regardless ,talk nice but request all records
    Build your case softly

  6. Best part don’t have to go court if kirts correct and he is if it’s not a right of a man violating its color of law statutes and codes are not law Peterson vs Peterson judge does great job explaining. Kinda like justice scillia layed our common law is the fourth branch of gov.
    As Ann’s says 134 figured it out well the BAR monopoly is scared it could all tumble as she said itt human trafficking.

  7. Our registrations into the BAR registry have transferred our in rem rights of the private into the public. This is the same as a power of attorney without even know what has occurred.

    The BAR does not per se have a remedy under statue for this. Only by privately noticing and demanding a constitutional trustee to correct the error by writ of praecipe, can the lawful in rem authority be transferred back to the private. Article IV citizenship is actually the common law free inhabitant. The Kings subjects were inhabitants not citizens. The citizen is a roman invention. Men and women are lawful inhabitants not citizens. This is conguent with the claim of state national as it makes no claim to the roman law or equity only the common law, which is where all our personal private rights in rem are located. The private res of our estate has to be reclaimed by a trustee of we the people and not an agent of the crown. This has to be done corum non-judice by writ. The highest magistrate in your state is the head magistrate of the kings bench or supreme court. He has the constitutional authority to act on your behalf as a private citizen to correct the error as an administrative action non judicial. As the people we are the principle, but with a deed of trust on your property by contract your in rem rights are in trust to the bank and they are the principle of that land not you. Once you have your property free and clear you must take back your freehold or you will stay under resident contract with whatever corporate fiefdom you have pledged your property to by registering it into public use. I always include the words memorandum for the record. The knowledge of dictum is how we have been induced to revenue our private property as anna says to become personal property, which is in the jurisdiction of equity and not common law. Cheers

  8. (Comment. Not a reply)

    I'm confused by this sentence:

    Although our Proper Names, also known as "Lawful Persons", are not physical, they belong to us in the same way that our parents might also give us a bicycle or a chest of drawers.

    "Lawful" and "Person" go together like jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, or sovereign citizen.

    God is no respecter of "persons " = CORPORATIONS "

    Acts 10:34 tells us that God is not a respecter of persons. Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, “Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons...”

    God created man, male and female he created them..":lawful male of species man "..