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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Another Iteration of The Big Lie

By Anna Von Reitz

As I always say, if they could lie about dropping "Atom Bombs" on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they can lie about anything.  And do.  

That's what the Children of Satan do.  A lie is a prayer to their Father. So they really get into their profane religion; day after day, they placate the Spirit of Falsehood in every way possible.  

So you must learn to discern what they are doing and use your God-given horse sense to figure things out.  I call this using your "Shinola Sensor". 

So use it.  Look.  Think.  Learn.  

Often, their most successful scams revolve around something new --- something you never heard about --- like the Atom Bomb.  The newness allows them to make up whatever drivel they want to make up, and because it's "new", you accept that whatever they tell you about it is true.  

You have no knowledge of it, because it's new. 

You have no opinion of it, because it's new. 

And if it has something to do with science and it's new, you probably don't feel competent to form an opinion about it, and rely on "the experts" ---- and how much does it cost them to buy experts?  

So now that you are thinking about it and screwing up your courage to look behind the curtain at the ugly old man pulling the strings, see this: 

Dana Ashlie:  You Cannot Catch The Coronavirus Unless You Take The COVID-19 Test Or The COVID-19 Vaccine
Dr Thomas Cowan MD Coronavirus and 5G
The Invisible Rainbow Aurthur Firstenberg 

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1 comment:

  1. These guys, CamelotDaily, are seemingly jew-wise, aren't hesitant to post on bitchute about the very evil vermin freaks born of satans backside.
    Dana Ashlie expresses Christian values, does good work.. wow has she ever done good work.
    Another not posted here today, is Amazing Polly, who is amazing in her search & ties that bind.
    Two strong Christian Women.
    Catherine Austin Fitts, outstandingly well researched, used to work for HUD & was beaten down by 'it' as she developed program to identify HUD neighborhood scams across America for we the people to track for ourselves how gov-thugs spend & launder our wealth, has said Israhelli jew network uses 5G for America crowd-control psy-ops.
    There was a report that Wuhan deaths appeared to be resultant from people unable to breathe properly, as their bodies & expressions evidenced grasping at their throats, grievous, gasping expressions. Dunno, but it is not beyond comprehensible what jews are willing to do. Fukushima has Israhelli jew infiltration via 'security cameras' at the nuke plant. Israhelli jew Talpiot, Unit 8200 across America stealing our private data, calls, computer, purchases, you name it, they have their claws all over it. Add jew gimmiegrant Peter 'childs blood' Thiel's Palantir spy-camera network on our city streets. He is partners in PayPal w jew gimmiegrant Elon Musk-rat-fink & his stolen Tesla, also siphoning billions of our wealth, destroying teachers pension funds, raking in the gazillions & funding his jew parasite ratlines.
    Aside from all of everything else jews do, hows that Kosher Tax Extortion Racket working for them as more & more of our products are under Kosher Tax Satanic Seal, & those products are the ones becoming most available in our stores.
    Folks have no idea how much we pay the jew to merely exist.