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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Why You Can't Be Your Own Mother

By Anna Von Reitz

I titled this article to get your attention.  It is obvious, to most of us anyway, that we can't function as our own Mother, though it seems that I must now belabor that point.  

There are simply some things that we can't do for ourselves, and there are other things, like peeing, that nobody else can do for us.  This is built into the web of our physical existence and is not subject to change. 

So.  Having squared that away, I will next observe that Federal Employees and Dependents cannot create the Federal Republic, for the same reason that we cannot act as our own Mothers.  

Federal Employees and Dependents by definition lack the legal and lawful standing to re-create the "missing part" of our Federal Government, known as the Federal Republic.  

Re-creating the Federal Republic is a multi-step process requiring participation by multiple other entities.  

First, the American States and People have to assemble and bring their States of the Union into Session to conduct business.  

That hasn't been done since the Civil War and has proven to be quite a Goat Roping Contest, thanks to misguided efforts by our Employees to incapacitate us and identify us as employees just like them--- and therefore, just as helpless to do the necessary work of Reconstruction.  

So that has had to be overcome, with the People forced to formally declare their political status and to "re-populate" their States on paper -- States that they never left in fact. 

All right, consider that part done.  

The American People have responded, have declared themselves to be Americans acting in the capacity of American State Citizens, our fifty States have been re-populated accordingly, and the State Assemblies have been called into Session.  

That's steps one, two, and three ---- (1) Declaration; (2) Acceptance of State Citizenship; (3) Setting up State Assemblies and calling into Session. 

Next, the State Assemblies must take care of housekeeping business and formally enroll all the Western States that have been left in limbo pending their final acceptance as States of the Union. 

Next, each State must create its own new "State of State" organization.  For example, New Hampshire has to create (or as it is, re-create) The State of New Hampshire, to do business for New Hampshire, as part of the re-instated Confederation of States. 

This requires re-writing the original Constitution of each American State of State that existed prior to the Civil War, and in the case of the new western State members, writing a first-ever American State-level Constitution, because all these States have ever known is a British Territorial version acting as a place-holder. 

Finally, with all the members of the Confederation of States reconstructed, it is their responsibility to re-launch the Federal Republic owed to Americans under the provisions of The Constitution for the united States of America. 

We are a little better than half-way home, somewhere between second and third base.  

There are those who think that they can hurry this process along by using Federal Citizens to fill the ranks of fake "assemblies" --- and pull another fast one on the American People.  

RuSA and the so-called "National Assembly" groups think that they can do this, but they don't understand the actual law. 

If they did, they'd already know that their efforts are doomed and that they lack the standing required to complete the legitimate reconstruction process.  

Federal citizens of either stripe, Territorial or Municipal, cannot restore the Federal Republic for the same reason that you can't function as your own Mother. 

So, as it behooves everyone in this country to get it straight and get it done, join and support your actual State Assembly and take the steps necessary to properly declare your political status, either as an American State National or as an American State Citizen.  

Having thus reclaimed your own lawful standing as an American and being enabled to act in the proper capacity, you can "re-constitute" --- that is, reconstruct, your American State of State organization, reclaim the assets of the Federal State Trusts, and restore the Federal Republic.  

Not until.  

So, Mr. President--- if you want our assistance in this otherwise impossible to accomplish feat, you have it.  It behooves you, your Administration, the members of the military, and the members of the Federal Civil Service to get the lead out and help us do what has to be done.  

Because we are the only ones that can act as your Mother.  


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  1. Are you Ever gonna deal with the REGISTRATION function as the method for getting into the Rabbit hole? or is this being retained so that all that is to be constructed will be a furthering of what has already been set in place to defraud and take advantage of the worlds publics?

    1. It will not be addressed Bellerian1


    Globalist Agenda Watch 2020
    “Nelson Mandela International Day” Weekend Overwatch
    (16 July 2020) – A reader has alerted me that Saturday, July 18th (6+6+6 day) is Nelson Mandela International Day…

    from (top) and the UN (bottom). Behold the raised communist fist in the top graphic and the reference to ’67’ in the bottom one. Also note this little piece of Mandela’s personal history, which makes “Nelson Mandela International Day” a communist holiday…
    Influenced by Marxism, he secretly joined the banned South African Communist Party (SACP). Although initially committed to non-violent protest, in association with the SACP he co-founded the militant Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961 and led a sabotage campaign against the government. He was arrested and imprisoned in 1962, and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiring to overthrow the state following the Rivonia Trial. – from Wikipedia

    In the wake of the “communist/Deep State sabotage” of the USS Bonhomme Richard, keep an eye out for another act of “communist” sabotage on Mandela Day. Here are some specific things to watch for…

    Watch for an attack featuring the number ’67’ — a number that is prominently referenced in the Mandela Day propaganda. This could mean another “communist” attack on a US Navy ship: the USS Cole (DDG-67) or the USS Shiloh (CG-67). And it could mean an attack involving Venezuela (Caracas sits near the 67th meridian west). ’67’ is also the registry number of the former USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67, an aircraft carrier); this could be significant for a reason I’ll explain later.

    There’s also an outside chance of a nuclear explosion in the US that day on account of another thing brought up by the same reader…

    …from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

    Upon seeing this, my first thought was, “Why would ‘Islam’ nuke Nashville of all places?”…

    Did Achy Breaky Heart finally make its way to the Middle East?
    Do they want to “make jihad against the painted whores called the Dixie Chicks”?
    Do they aspire to hold the First Annual Nashville Infidel Burning & Country Music Festival?
    But I found my questions answered by reading further down into the article…

    “We have made the case that the prediction for Nashville is based on its association with Greece,” according to a summary at “Those that know Nashville know that it is called the ‘Athens of the South.’ It was in Athens, Greece, that the Parthenon temple was located, and its perfect scale model is in Nashville with a statue of the goddess Athena inside. Education, war, and the Greek games are all prophetically represented there.”

    The summary also refers to “the influence of unsanctified music on the mind,” noting that Nashville is the nation’s country music capital and that country music was part of the stew that resulted in rock and roll.

    1. Continued from above

      ‘False education, competition, humanism, war and unsanctified entertainment can be associated with Nashville, and this association comes from a city that resides in a part of the USA that is known as the Bible belt,” according to the summary.

      Adding to the weirdness of this End Times cult’s prediction is that The Tennessean newspaper went ahead and printed it and then essentially said “we didn’t read it first” in making their apologies to the Outrage Brigade. Was there a hidden reason why they printed it? And then there’s the exact replica of the Greek Parthenon that stands in Nashville’s Centennial Park…

      The Nashville Parthenon was reportedly the brainchild of Eugene Castner Lewis, a Freemason. Get a load of his grave marker…

      …from Wikipedia

      And the Parthenon was designed by another Freemason, William Crawford Smith, who was a Knight Templar and an architect. Here’s a note on one of his other notable projects…

      In 1874, he designed the Main Building of Vanderbilt University, later known as Kirkland Hall, as two French Gothic towers. The building burnt down in a fire in 1905, and it was later rebuilt with only one tower. – from Wikipedia

      Here is the new and old Kirkland Hall side-by-side…

      Can you think of another, more recent circumstance in which two towers were burned down and then replaced with just one?

      So Nashville lies at the confluence of End Times Cultism, Freemasonic Mythophilia, and the ongoing NWO transition, which means that it isn’t inconceivable that someone could pop off a nuke there for both occultic and practical reasons. It might therefore be prudent for Nashville residents to move their steel guitars to the nearest fallout shelter and set their air conditioners to max. The recent heat wave has been harsh, but Saturday could be a real scorcher.

      Seriously, though, an act of conventional or nuclear destruction this weekend would fit the globalist script quite well. So tomorrow, we’ll look at the provocation setup for such an event and see how it would lead in to what might be planned for July 22nd.

  3. Henry Makow Retweeted
    Mona4Maga ����������@mona4faith
    NO other country is having a SECOND WAVE because they're not trying to unseat a PRESIDENT in November!

    "Overwhelm President Trump and the American people with crisis after crisis until the public is so sick of it that they vote him out of office hoping for a return to normalcy. Everything that is happening right now is 100% planned and executed by the Democrat party as well as their accomplices in the Media. They are our country's greatest enemy and they must be stopped."

    1. Both parties are members of the


  4. Henry Makow@HenryMakow
    HUGE! Clay Clark calls Bill Gates a Pedophile live on Newsmax!

    Why would you listen to a pedophile about what to do with your kids?"

    1. The shit is everywhere

      Clay Clark - CC - 33

      Pedophila was brought to the mainstream to normalize it not to do anything about it

  5. Get this Maxwell the one just arrested (bullshit) speaking at the UN

    Can you say she is a family member

    They want to sell the oceans back to the people - how nice of them

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