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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Forces of Evil Are Gathering


  1. We've all got to step up and start calling this what it is in public: A HOAX.

  2. It is just like everything going on in this world today and in the past. Everything the devil worshipper do, is against society. Just like the Foreign income Tax that the globalist trick people into thinking they own an Tax. the whole United State Code is talking about Legal Person (Title 26 Sec:7701(a) or Individuals)Title 5 Sec: 552(a) at the bottom right side. Go look it up and see if you are a true Taxpayer. Also if you was born in the Federal States and Washington DC (District of Criminals) than you are a TaxPayer.I quit filing the 1040 form in 1998, when I found out I was not an United States Citizen, of course I had to study the Law for what is to keep the IRS at bay. They are the most Corrupt Corporation on the Planet and They DON'T OR CARE what the Law says and they do not follow the law at all. WHAT A CRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. COvert19🦈 17🎭 planet K_oleb/K_lepto🎃 Demo/Geno cide rs under color of 👣 👣 👣 14th🍉 Amendment CORPorate beLIEve beLIE by🏳🌈 Laws 😷
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    Admiralty Law💩 Lab🌊 & More 🇰 osher 🇶 oronaCONanon's
    Jesuits probating Main St CIVILian Creditors/Grantors in all Ethnic HOSTland's
    Daniel 7:25
    “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”
    trumpKins after BERTH⚰ ers attorner Natural/Common law^ CONstitutional
    Eugenics Xpert 🔛 1913 antiDissentL_neverNATIONal🍊 Revolution walKingFED🌊 eral 7⃣ NOAHideInLaws Reserve 🇶 oronaCONanon's Tort 🦹♂ CONversion🏴☠ F_oreign B_ank in🇶 uisitors sub✊ CONtract💉 or💊 s

    1. But the saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom and possess it forever—yes, forever and ever.’
      so it comes down to is christ the most high (a trinity) or is "the lord" god and christ is just a man.

      the first position is 1st coming. the latter is 2nd "our lord and HIS christ"

      this is why sola scriptura is so dangerous -- who is "most high" ? where is that defined?

      what kingdom is this talking about -- new jerusalem.

      bible jesus says not to swear by jerusalem.

      "our lord and his christ" -- so we have multiple "father" entities.

      either christ was before abraham and still is, or "the lord" is god and we are supposed to wait for his "christ" to show up.

      either christ already came, and was, is, and ever shall be, or a golden age is just around the corner and we should wait for the new guy to appear

    2. either there is a "golden age" coming up, or there is no "heaven on earth" (new heaven and new earth) and/or it ran/runs concurrently to the "age of pisces" (christ) and is not a separate "age"

      either the age of pisces is permanent, or the age of aquarius has a new saviour.

      either there is a new "god" who will show up and a new age, or christ is god and anyone who abandons him is doomed.

    3. the default in america of course is "the new world" and "golden age" right around the corner.


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