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Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Extra Mile

By Anna Von Reitz

"Go the extra mile," my Mother would chide and wave her hand, as if the sacrifice she expected was nothing more than a bit of lint on a sweater.  

Carry ten sacks of groceries up three flights of stairs.   Go visit the inmates.  Comfort the elderly.  Bring bouquets of flowers for the hospital front desk.  Donate the homemade apple jelly you slaved over to the church bazaar.  Volunteer to scrub floors and carry bedpans at the VA Hospital.  Just do it.  

"You can afford to go the extra mile," she'd say with ultimate confidence.  

Make decorations for the dance you will never go to.  Be the Sag Wagon for those in the race.  Be content to sit on the bench in a head-to-toe Tiger Mascot suit.  It's okay.  It's all okay.  Put your extra pennies in the collection tin at the grocery store.  Sew blankets for Salvation Army to give to families in need. Don't even think about it.  

"Count your blessings!" she'd roar and then, with a quirk of the eyebrow, "When's the last time you went hungry?"
True.  So do what needs to be done.  Get on your bicycle and take the sewing to Miss Susan.  She needs to make some extra money this month.   And help Uncle Merton shingle his roof.  You can carry a couple shingles up a ladder!  (It's only a couple hundred trips up and down.)  It's time to plant the community garden, but first, you'll have to take the rototiller to it..... and on and on.  

Go the extra mile.  Boy, I thought, this "mile" goes on forever!  If it were only a mile, I'd have ten laps around the Earth!   

Dad needs you to prune the apple and plum trees this year.  (There goes my social life for a month.)  The work crew needs lunch and coffee.  (Lunch for 15 men, with dessert, and plenty of coffee, by noon. Coming right up....)  Can you help Albert with his algebra?  (Wonderful.  It wasn't bad enough I had to learn it myself, I also have to teach it.)  And the choir is singing at the sunrise service. 

Oh, joy.... that also means get up an hour early to feed and water the cows.  And the dog and the chickens.  O-dark-thirty just turned into plain dark.  

And while you are at it....Bunny LeFevre needs you to help serve coffee at the VFW next Wednesday ---and on Thursday morning, it's our turn to clean the Town hall for the meeting that night. (Picture fifty of the dustiest chairs in all of creation, all needing every rung and seat to be in white glove condition. P. S. You can forget about going swimming with the rest of the girls.)  Oh, and Olive Kimball needs donations for the Bake Sale on Saturday.  You know she loves your Walnut Brownies..... 

But that's not the point, is it?  Go the extra mile.  Give back.  Make it work.  Make things happen.  

It never occurred to me as a child or young adult that "going the extra mile" is an ethos and a way of life.  The connection to Yeshuah's shirt ---- the one we are supposed to give away --- wasn't always apparent.  Early on, it just seemed like a lot of extra work for no certain outcome.  

What person in their right mind, I used to wonder, would embrace a lot of extra work for no certain outcome?  --- as I watched my parents sail over the horizon, bearing burdens they didn't have to bear.  Unwanted children landed on their doorstep, unemployed vagrants, lost dogs, alcoholic friends....

What, ho, my Mother would rub her hands gleefully and jump right in.  No job too big or too small.  Grow an extra acre of squash for the Food Bank?  No problem. 

Right.  And she never doubted that she could do it, either.  Whatever the challenge was, she was ready, all five-foot-nothing of her.  Like my Father, I used to draw a deep breath, hold it, and slowly release.... if life didn't offer enough opportunities to "go the extra mile" she'd go out and find more.  

Recently, I found an unwanted thirty-year-old motor home that was still salvageable and gave it to a family that was living in a tent.  Now, (in all our  spare time, right?)  we are helping them get ready for winter, slathering goop on the roof, insulating doors and windows, repairing electrical systems.... 

Somewhere in the midst of this endeavor, the Dad turned and looked me in the eye and said, "Why are you doing this?  Why do you even care what happens to us?"  

I was tempted to quip something like, "Frozen neighbors isn't an option." --- but I didn't.  I stopped and thought about it.   I realized that I was just "going the extra mile" with no doubt that I could do it, and no big question whether or not I should. 

This family was hit by a trifecta of health problems, job loss and home loss.  None of it was their fault, but they'd reached such a depth of destitution that there was no way for them to climb out, unless somebody stopped to help. 

The man was looking at me with a combination of suspicion and wonder. 

What did I want in return? He couldn't imagine anything that he had left to give, and as everybody knows, people don't take on a lot of extra work for no certain outcome.... 

Unless, that is, they just pick up the extra mile, the extra job, the extra child, the extra motorhome renovation--- and sail on.  Our ragtag band of Merry Men living out here in the Big Lake Forest will get the job done before winter sets in.  

This family will have a small but secure shelter from the storm, and good neighbors who have been blessed enough to have snow plowing equipment and freezers full of fish and moose meat to share.  This family will get by and so will we, because some of us remember that old extra mile, having trodden over it many times before.  

They are learning the hard way --- on the receiving end --- what it means to be an American.  The day will come when the Father of this family will shake himself awake from his bad dreams and realize how much he has.  And then, like generations of Americans before him, he'll learn to walk that extra mile.

This country needs to remember its hard-scrabble heritage. It's time to remember what we do when our country and our neighbors are in trouble.  Get off your couches and turn off the television.  Look around. 

What can you do to help? Where's the burden you can carry?  What's the errand that you can run? The food you can deliver?  The wisdom you can share?  The skill you can bring to bear?  The tools rusting in your basement? The clothes and extra shoes in your closet?  The comfort you can render? 

Once you start looking, that old extra mile opens up in all directions. It's there waiting for you, in your neighborhood, in your town, in your city.  Right now. 
And all those in need are giving you the precious opportunity to give, and to care, and to live and let live.  And yes, an opportunity to welcome a brother or sister home to America.   

Don't waste time feeling afraid of a virus that hasn't even been isolated or identified.  No such beastie as "Covid 19" has even been shown to exist. So ask yourselves --- how are they testing for or developing a vaccine for a virus that they haven't even identified?  Hello? 

Think about that, in full view of all the Big Lies that the media and the government corporations have been telling everyone for years.  

Don't be overwhelmed, get moving.  Have that cheerful confidence that you can go the extra mile.  Just do it.  Put one foot in front of the other, join together, and cover the distance.

If you haven't done so already, you can start by getting your own house and political status in order, so that there is no longer any doubt about who you are or what you believe in.   Go to: today and get started.    


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  1. Well I did most of what you said to do, however I never got it completed because to refuse to assist. Then a couple of days ago I came into contact with someone which stated USING ones family name is putting one right back into the system since the Queen owns ALL the names, will you explain this as I'm now in a quandary. Also how does one squash county/city taxes by notice given from the crooked county attorney. My property is free and clear of all debt, it is Allodial of which I had noticed the clerk on this, but she refused to file the paperwork also of which she contact this same county attorney/aka prosecuting attorney (wears two hats btw is that lawful? )This county attorney is a proven criminal, I have sued him leastwise he was named in a TORT case years ago before I found out that ALL courts are crooked as the day is long. Well you know Ann. Do you have any supreme court cases I could use " " to quote? Thanks as well as your story herein, it was fabulous. :)I felt like I went back in time lol :) tc wishing you and Paul well.

    1. The Queen can assume owning ALL the names, but it's not true. Their mistakes, at the root level is what we need to look at things. Not all countries speak English. You can tell the vermin sub-of-sub of sub-of-sub of sub-of-sub of sub-of-sub of Corporation to get lost. For their have no contract, except Donald Trump. The nest sub can address you, but they CANNOT address the non-English spoken countries, that were not part of the British-Vatican GIANT SCAM.

      Soon enough their guns will be obsolete, including their Nuclear Bombs.

    2. This response did not answer my questions/concerns.

  2. Winners never quit, quitters never win!

    I was born as a legal person but I will die as a lawful person!!!

    "It takes no effort to die, but every effort to survive." - Genghis Khan

    I'm with you Anna, extra mile is my specialty, that is why our paths have finally crossed, it only took me 30 years of extra miles (just one more mile) and well worth it.

    I just watched "Laurence of Arabia" with Peter O'Toole and you will see what extra miles gets you (walked vast stretches of desserts to get to his enemies when no one else would, just like Hannibal did in the Himalayas), for Laurence it was an impossible victory.

    All accomplishments and victories in history are ordinary folks who went the extra mile, no more no less!

    I enthusiastically volunteer to go the extra mile with The American State Assembly!

  3. I am unable to get my questions answered below from ,
    To Whom This May Concern,

    I have sent this to Glenn Neiffer my State Coordinator and he has forwarded my questions to this body politic.

    Glenn Neiffer has sent this request 3 times and to date, there has bee no response. I do not hold Glenn responsible for this oversight. And I am sadly disappointed by the lack of response. Makes me feel isolated and ALONE.

    Presently I am listed as a Pennsylvania State Citizen with The Pennsylvania Assembly.

    I drive school van (kids to and from school) for TARASKA Bus and must posses a Pa. Valid Drivers Licence for employment. Non CDL

    Going forward with the new assembly credentials how will this affect my employment with TARARKA Bus? .

    > As Warren County Drivers licence Photo (DMV) is closed I possess the current paper work (licence) with out the Picture. What does the Assembly Suggest?

    ALSO: I sent these questions to this body politic Jul-13-20 11:03:41 AM and have received zero response or comment.


    My wife (my wife not papered up) and I started the process prior to me papering up

    1) Revocable Living Trust
    2) Certification of Trust
    3) Last Will and Testament for Each of Her & I
    4) General Durable Power of Attorney for Her & I
    5) Health Care Power of Attorney/Living Will for Her & I
    6) Deed
    Constructed by Wesley E Harper; Attorney at Law; recommended by our church.
    This all started last year before I was papered up (928 and The One Pager) and have paid the fees. We have yet to file with any associated Penna. Notary or Warren County Penna.
    My wife has questions That I have no idea on how to answer nor what even to do going forward.
    Why this comes directly to you is I do not believe my state coordinator would have any idea as well. No slam on Glenn!


    by: Dave Slater ©Living Soul All Rights Reserved


    1. Done all of these, the bastard Vermin sub-of-sub (10X) know not what they do. They know it's a flat wrong, and they still Narcissisting the world.

    2. Dave Slater, I don't think you have a problem.
      1) Your relationship with the Assembly is no-one else's business.
      2) Your employment situation is not the Assembly's business in any way.
      3) The employer requiring you to have PA license is normal. For one thing, their insurance probably demands it.
      4) I assume you got your license in the usual way, so you are considered a safe driver by the DMV.
      5) The parents of the schoolkids would want to know the bus drivers are certified as safe.

      So there is no conflict of interest. If it makes it easier, you can consider the "PA Driver's license" as a certificate of achievement saying you passed the test and are fit to drive a vehicle. Which you need for work.

      Of course no-one on this site can give legal advice, consider the above as a suggestion.

  4. The U.S. Postal is getting as corrupt as the Vermin (Bar and Fake Gov’t agents / bastard). Why?

    - They intercept / ed our certified mails, to alert the world court, to have our mails gone to trash.
    - They intercept / ed our certified mails, to alert the non-corrupt world / countries.
    - They also FAILed to deliver mails to the unaware countries, by returning our mails, sometimes they accuse the receipts rejecting our mails.

    1. The bastards lost reasons, and logic, railroading, bossing people around are what they do best now. Screw the narcissists greedy licenses, living on bossing people around.

  5. Fauci said: Coronavirus Is So Contagious, It Likely Won't Ever Go Away!

    Hee..hee.. Fauci, you want to tell the world, you won't quit murdering people around the world until people dead from your OXygen depletion? While screwing China eh? That's where the most toxic Virus you seeded. We know, this is your alternative to not using your 30,000 guillotines in open public space, except in your CONCENTRATION=Camp.
    Mustang 1969April 19, 2020 at 11:52 PM
    Great letter. Great points. Does anybody understand the significance of the Presidential Seal being taken off the lectern? And what about the "DC" missing from Washington, DC?
    Is Trump able to put us under FEMA control?
    If so, what about those 30,000 guillotines and rail cars with ankle and wrist chains?

  6. I have a proposal that will get a liking on both Shadow and liaisons of the kind gov't entities!
    As the 14th Amendment clearly needs a re-amending if you will and the most obvious of necessity is the foregone anticipated end to the INCORPORATED UNITED STATES with a nice 'Bankruptcy'title!
    I'm all for it!
    With a Jubilee of 50 year cycle type approaching and the need to deflate a much anticipated hot air release of the Dollar comes the Standard of Standard as in GOLD Standard to revaluation of a system that needs monetary stabilization on both sides of the Globe!
    The timing of a financial fiasco the Deep State made ridiculously obvious with the appointment of BAR Associated Entities with leadership of a State and the phenomenally ludicrous BUDGET DEFICIT that SOARED $23 TRILLION in a span of less than 20 years making the $2 TRILLION spent in the country's first 200 years seem like a public accountants worst nightmare of cost overruns!
    When and where did we just fall asleep and let this happen?
    WE THE PEOPLE have been suckered on a continuous cycle of propaganda that the average American can shake to save their life!
    I'll forever be confused and will always be second guessing myself on what loyalty is or should be!
    What is righteousness and what justifies it!?