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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Where is this lockdown going if the Cabal has it's way?


  1. Why it's going to the global green movement and the shit Robert David Steele is selling

    World Parliament already running in parrallel

    Kingdom of the JEWS

    The Aquarian age after they drown the 11 western united states which is the dome of the rock - NOAHS Flood or NOAA's Flood

    Already have Mountain Dew drinks called QUAKE and REIGN

    1. No coincidence either that Nestle sucking enormous amounts of water out of the Great Lakes either

      Just like the outfits fracking all up and down the west coast on all the fault lines
      That the Rock played in the movie San Andreas either

      I'm sure non of it has to do with their future map

      Keep a watch on when the billionaires start leaving California this will be your cue
      Of course mean mother nature and HUMANS will be to blame for the issues

  2. Claiming the surname and looking for mammon payout is a trap

    1. shelby, the king james stuff has had me printing and reading most of the day. Amazing info.

  3. Go read the comments under this article

    Billy Gates info in mass - he takes over the reigns of Kissinger??

  4. Watch for the kabal script pertaining to Trump and Pence in Florida for the rocket launch

    So on the globalists’ favorite day of any month to air significant news, the 22nd, we were told that Trump and Pence will be attending the Dragon launch AND we were reminded of the existence of narcosubs.
    This constitutes preparatory propaganda for a possible hit on Trump and Pence while they’re by the ocean at Cape Canaveral — a hit by “a Hezbollah-crewed Venezuelan/Iranian narcosub carrying a loose North Korean nuclear warhead.” An alternative scenario would be “a conventional or nuclear cruise missile attack by an Iranian sub that crossed the Atlantic with the Iranian tankers that were headed for Venezuela.”


    They have all the hollywood magic and ships and toys that all taxpayer money can buy to start any war, stage any coup, blow anything up and blame it on whoever they hell they want to

  5. tell trump and pence to watch the launching,in a safe place on their tv.

  6. Eustace Mullins - Bill Gates & His Superiors: The Central Bankers


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