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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Laundry List for All Trump Haters

By Anna Von Reitz

Last night on my weekly Zoom Conference I had the temerity to suggest (against all the collective "wisdom" of the Mainstream News) that President Trump is doing his job. I suppose I could have belabored the point a bit and gone into details for all the liberal cat-callers in the back row, but I had a lot of other material to cover and let it slide until this morning, when, lo and behold --- look at what landed in my box?

The Laundry List of what DJT did for you and me and the world this past week ---just in case you are one of the countless people who need to know and will never hear it from the Idiot Box:

1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines. [This means that Federal citizens will not be forced to take vaccines. Americans were never under any such obligation.]

2. Defunded the World Health Organization and is stumping for an investigation into its operations.

3. Knocked out the Democrat's HR 6666 bill, known as the Covid-19 TRACE Act -- Bill Gate's diagnosis and tracking (surveillance) project.

4. Cancelled another Gate's project -- ID2020, which would have earmarked people like cattle.

5. Opened a complaint forum to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

6. Stopped the 5G rollout nationwide.

7. Issued the Executive Order to reopen the states --- Governors who refuse will be sued.

8. Another Executive Order to take control of the Electrical Grids, which will indirectly put an end to the misuse of the public air waves by private electronic surveillance groups --- like the out-of-control grid that unknown parties have been establishing to fill our skies with 78,000 mini satellites.

9. Declared places of worship "Essential Services" and ended all that petty anti-religious nonsense.

10. Applauded efforts by Australia and 116 other countries to find out what actually happened in Wuhan and how the illness there spread to Italy and around the world so rapidly, yet never reached Beijing-- and other inexplicable anomalies.

Now, if you have done as much for your country and its people and for people worldwide this past week you can afford to throw stones. If not, sit down, shut up, and listen: Donald Trump is doing his job. Are you doing yours?

This morning I got an "Anna Hate Letter" too, disparaging me for "failing" to report a particular United Nations website that is promoting their New Green Deal Agenda, and insinuating that I was a Catholic and all in with that.

I have been reporting about the Vatican rats and their intention to move their storefront from the Roman Catholic Church to the United Nations for two decades, and no, I am not Catholic, but even if I were, I wouldn't be responsible for what these men are doing.

It's apparent that there are a lot of people out there opening their big mouths with no research or thought involved-- adults acting like children in need of a good spanking. Well, here it is:

I have told you all what is going on and what to expect. I have told you HOW the vermin among us operate, and I have been proven right too many times to mention or count. So learn the lesson and don't blame the teacher.

These people deliberately pretend to be what they are not. They pretend to be Catholic, do a lot of nasty things, and then leave the Catholics to take the blame. They do the same thing with Muslims, Jews, Russians -- any group they target.

These people also act like parasites. When they have eaten a victim out of house and home, they move on and find new victims, just like a parasite leaves its hosts behind.

So, no surprise that a lot of nasty closet Communists worked their way into the Church and attempted to confuse Christian Communality (which is voluntary) with Communism (which isn't).

No surprise that these same unsavory elements engineered the death of twelve conservative cardinals who would have out-voted them in conclave.

No surprise that after using the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront for money laundering and other criminal activity for hundreds of years, the parasites are moving their digs and leaving the Church to take the blame.

That's right. Their entire intention is to run things from the United Nations the same way they ran things behind the "storefront" of the Church, and at the same time, turn around and persecute and blame the Church.

That, and finding new excuses to tax and milk and bilk and indebt and burden the people of the world while enriching themselves, is their entire, obvious, plain-as-glass agenda.

We don't have to monitor "UN" websites to know that.

We can sit in a kitchen chair in Big Lake, Alaska, and know that.

I told the person who sent me that hate letter the facts and then I told them to shove it up their xss. That's the same message I have for all those who think that Donald Trump and I didn't do enough for them this past week.

We are not your saviors. Someone else tried to do that for you, a long time ago.

No, at most DJT and I are "concerned Americans" fighting for our country in a battle that most of you are too lazy, prejudiced, and self-absorbed to even think about. I know this.

I have proof against 90% of my fellow Americans who have taken everything for granted and never checked a single voting record, never read a single bill passed by Congress, never thought beyond whether to have Fruit Loops or Bran Flakes for breakfast.

Oh, you all like to sit around warming the bench and talk big. You all have opinions --- uninformed opinions --- borrowed from "news" commentators who are usually more naive, self-absorbed, and clueless than High School Cheerleaders.

You all have your idea of how the American Government is structured leftover from your half-asleep time in Eighth Grade US History Class. Sure, you are REAL EXPERTS in all of this stuff, aren't you?

Medicine. Science. Law. You spent your time studying and researching it all? Did you?

Well, I did. You bet I did. On top of raising a family and holding a job and supporting them and myself the whole time, so I don't have a lot of respect for those of you who have spent your lives licking boots and whining and sucking on the Public Teat and making excuses for yourselves and for your political leaders who somehow never deliver anything they promise even when they have control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate for decades at a time. No, all they deliver is more misery and debt and servitude. And you all eat it up like sugar candy.

What was it that the General relieving Bastogne said--- "Nuts." ?

Go home. Stay home. "Shelter in place" like hunted animals. Cower in the face of a threat that can't even be shown to exist because of the corruption of the privately owned and operated "Centers for Disease Control". Plan to starve and die by the millions because you are too stupid to live, too spineless to stand up, and too brain-dead to tell friend from foe.

Let the nice monsters in suits tell you what brand of toilet paper to buy, until there is none to buy.
Let them ear tag you like animals and then complain about where did your freedoms go?

Let these criminals bilk you and tax you and bilk you some more until you lose your homes and your communities all look like inner city Detroit.

Go ahead. You can do it. Hell, you have done it up until now.

Just look at Nancy Pelosi's "home" district in California for a preview of what is coming to your town next. Overflowing dumpsters, human feces on the sidewalks, homeless people wandering around with blank, Zombie-like looks on their faces. That's you. That's your kids in a few years.

That's the results that all the Washington Insiders produce and deliver.

And it's all right in front of your faces.

For once and all time, people, realize that there is nobody but you who can change all of this.

Realize that what you do now -- right now -- decides the future.

And stop criticizing Donald Trump and me and everyone else out here breaking our backs and our bank accounts to try to save you from yourselves. Turn that looking glass around and get a good look at the real problem.


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  1. I for one would like references, links, and other confirming back-up for the list of Donald Trump "accomplishments" this past week -- or several months! Otherwise, it remains the ol' he said, she said. To my mind, DJT serves as a puppet to the PsTB just like Obummer and along series of POTUSes before that. I have seen, heard, read nothing to prove else.

    And Robert David Steele deals in hopium the way others deal in opium. His counterparts -- spooks all -- hold forth at Veternas Today, upholding the dialectic. Mission: Keep everyone confused.

    My two cents.

    1. From Marilyn

      Alan, your two cents isn’t worth much. Instead of asking for references & back up, do your own research. I have researched all of this information for the last 13 years & found out who was really running our country & the entire world. I did this all on my own long before I found out about Anna. Trump is not part of the deep state cabal who has run our country for decades. Why do you think they hate him so much? Never has a president been treated as poorly as Trump has been because he is NOT one of them. Military intelligence asked him to run because they knew he couldn’t be bought like all the previous presidents. Start with looking at the Bilderberg Society & the Illuminati & that will get you going in the right direction. Anna has worked tirelessly for decades without getting paid & through constant criticism of people either too lazy or too ignorant to do their own research. So stop criticizing Anna & expecting “proof” of the information she puts out, she doesn’t need to provide it & shouldn’t have to. You can research her site for the numerous articles she has written & research other “proof” on the Internet & in books. The ball is in your court now!

    2. Thanks Paul for your input, some people will never accept President Trump because they have a learning disorder, that's the only thing I can think of as to peoples logic or lack of.

    3. Excuse me, but there is not a person on this blog that does not search tirelessly, and fight heroically for the truth with every single breath they take. That said, It is ALWAYS helpful when at least a few links are provided to save a few hours or days of searching for info and documents that may or may not have been censored, altered, or hidden from public view.
      I study medicine as well, and have seen the Medicaid directive rewarding doctors and hospitals up to $50k for padding the numbers on Covid patients, AND have seen the local hospital directive ordering all respiratory distress patients be classified as Covid regardless of their condition. Studying early clinical files on Corona I have come to the conclusion that due to the pathetic transmission rates of this 'disease', that the world has been played for fools, and the satanists know they will be exposed, but then they will start Operation Dark Winter. There will be no doubt what a 'REAL' pandemic looks like.

    4. Now I have to read every word on that god awful National Register to see if much of this info was publicly recorded, or if these were private actions with no information. Then I will have to go to ...

    5. Hi Anna and Paul this is Mike from New Jersey As one that does not depend on my own understanding but on His only I read the Article and Paul's response and with my gift of discernment I believe you both spot on with your renditions presented. I have a sister that worked in Donald's law department at the Tower in Atlantic City for quite a few years. So I have knowledge of his 360. He was placed in Office for a purpose buy our creator. WE ARE LIVING IN A PARADIGM . For there is nothing new under the sun. There is a book out about the subject by best selling author Johnathan Cahn whom I have met with as well. My research began in 1981 on principalities in high places. We are fighting two wars right now the mixed war in the natural and the spiritual war against principalities. We are supposed to live our lives as living sacrifices in full armor and depend on His promises and understanding which includes the 9 gifts of the Comforter So we can see with the eyes of our hearts instead of the blind ones in our heads While our finite minds can not consume infallibility and/or eternity we certainly can get a glimpse all we have to do is ask for it. We have not because we ask not. If your name is not one He knows then all you have is this vapor.Ivan Panin was an atheist in 1904 while being Albert's math guy working on the Theory of Relativity when he was hired by the Whore of Babylon to look at 3 manuscripts written by Mark and use his formulas to decide which was written first he found 28 combinations of 7 in every complete passage in all 3. He spent the next 40 years of his life on the other 68 books and in 1920 he was presented with the 24 foot Dead Sea Scroll first, Through it all the old Hebrew ,Greek and Aramaic. He found the same 28X7 through it all and then decided (drum roll) the odds of it's structuring 33 billion to 1. You don't have to be a math major to know there is no possibility or error you can be a gambling man as I once was 40 years ago and know not to place the bet. So please love one another and if what is found to be truth can be challenged do so respectively. Or stick you comments where the sun doesn't shine and enjoy this vapor because it's all you got. Keep up the good work Anna. Your going to make mistakes but that's why we are operating as a collective to do His will and expose the truth. Blessings to you all.

    6. Sorry guys I made a mistake the odds weren't 33 Billion to 1 they where 33 Trillion to 1. Please forgive me.

    7. any half wit that has done their own due diligence for any length of time will realize 90% of what anna says is true or mostly true and has all that she has done mainly for free; if you cannot discern the difference you are your own worst enemy and part of the problem...until you are unplugged you are an agent and so helplessly inured you will fight to protect the system that enslaves you @condor and @alan donelson @a follower (yes you are)

    8. Alan , your a cnn parrot shill , but you do it for free , because why ??? You have nothing else to do. so while you have nothing else to do ....look up that info for your lame self.
      at least then , you can know you at least did 1, thing ...!

    9. I am now using "Yippy" as my default search engine. They DO NOT censor: :

    10. I got nothing to say against any of the commenters, Anna, or Trump on this post. But I do smell some nasty, rank loyalism and I don't like it.

      First, tis true, most of us here are researched and self-teaching. So get off your high horses.

      Second, just quit it. Putting each other down. Shame. Nuff said.

      Third, it is not out of line to request sources. For goodness sake. Not everyone reads everything. The suggestion to take Anna on faith means you're committing to being 10% wrong, assuming that's a scientifically derived estimate; and 10% wrong in unknown areas because...wait for can't follow up the claim with the relevant source. Have we forgotten burden of proof? Have we forgotten the Genetic logical fallacy?

      Now, where are the sources? Yeah, I heard the chorus: go get your own. This is one of my peeves, an otherwise appreciative reader of Anna's papers. Where's the beef! HR 6666 is low hanging fruit. It still looks poised to be processed and forwarded.

      Not to mention the _mountain_ of evidence that Trump is Zionism's man. Try and find an argument against that, fan boys.

    11. Don't get me wrong. I'm a loyal guy. You can make errors and I'm still a loyal guy. I'm not unreasonable, nor do I pretend to be holier than my fellow. But I'm not a mindless yes man. I will point out error, you can count on that. And if I'm wrong I appreciate being shown how. That is one way I learn, and we sharpen each other by it; let it never be said we overlook significant errors in each other, to the detriment of ourselves and our neighbors. That said, my days of completely trusting in man are over. I earned my skepticism the hard way, like the rest of ya. I'll believe it when I see it - maybe :) it depends on the whole picture. I _hope_ these claims are true, but I do not yet credit any of them.

    12. Anna, Despite many of the bills that Trump rejected, we are all being setup for the biggest horrifying attack in America that this world has ever seen. I started a spiritual website 2 years ago and was not finished with it and got shot in the heart with a pulse that shot at me in my home in Phoenix. Since then I have been shot at with electronic weapons 24/7 nearly killing me daily/nightly. They murdered my cat and then threatened to kill my mom and she died of cancer that I believe they gave her with the poisons and weapons they are also attacking me in my home daily and not allowing me to practice spiritual practices in my home that focus on inward God communion. They have monitoring systems setup in our homes through the wires, that receive frequencies and radio wave acoustics from the smart meter, wifi, water pipes and cell phones among other technologies. And they are tracking me 24/7 with monitoring and shooting electronic pulses at me and shooting gas into my home that implant smart dust electrodes that then are detonated in my body that cause pops in my brain and they electrify my heart. This country is no longer safe for people as they have setup an entire electronic holocaust in the homes in America and all they need to do is flip the switch and then this terminator satalite weapon system kills people and hunts them in the home 24/7. This is happening all over the country for the biggest setup of what I call an Electronic Holocaust that is bigger then Nazi Germany that killed my family members and now I'm being tortured and my mom I believe they killed, a holocaust survivor's daughter. Through my terror attacks on my life I sought out help at Church and synogogues and sat in the prayer rooms crying for months and then received divine contact. I received messages from the ones in the other realms connected to my background which is one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. God told me that it was very important that we save teh children as God has said that the they are being maimed with Autism which is caused by this electrical attack on the brain due to the food, air and water being filled with the Mark of the Beast, from the scriptures which in our terms is called smart dust, nanotechnology, which is tracking, tracing and monitoring implants now in everyone's brains and bodies. And this receives the electronic pulses they are sending through the wires in our homes and water pipes that send silent acoustics which is causing 1 in 50 children to become autistic, And God's people have explained to me from heaven that God sends us our life sustaining flow from heaven and this electronic overload in the bodies is how satan is blocking our bodies ability to receive God's life giving force in our bodies and He is calling for his people to save his children of all backgrounds from this act of satan. As the food, air and water is being filled with the Mark of the Beast electronic implant technologies blocking God's ability to heal the bodies of children from the poisons that are being breathed in every second and ingested in foods, and drank in water. And God needs his people to save the children, first and foremost and have the govts remove the smart dust, nanotechnology (MArk of the Beast) from foods, air and water. As in the future the evil, Satan's forces is going to burn the bodies of children internally using the wifi, smart meter, water pipes sending radio frquencies into the children's brains and bodies.

    13. And they are already being heated, and burned says God and he calls his people to save his children and have me spread this message as the satanic forces have setup a tracking system in all of our homes through the wires that connect remotely to a central location so that with a click of a mouse they can ramp up the electrical fields in the children's bodies and cause them to burn up and be electrically burned in hell. This is what they are doing to me in my home, and the evil forces killed my cat. They know I understand what they are doing and they are trying to out me. But God is helping me to stay alive to get the message out that God needs people to know this electronic holocaust system has been setup in our homes to connect internally to our brains and bodies for a full takeover of the human, body and mind when they start to ramp up the wifi higher and higher. The wifi system is the system of the Annunaki, Fallen Ones and Grays who are taking the human population over with their artificial intelligence technology and autism is the result. Eventually they want to takeover the bodies of children and the parents may not know their children are not speaking to them, but the demons are in the bodies taking over using the electronics the satanic forces have gotten into our bodies and is filling everyone up. God has said that his people should do inner communion with him all day long so they can lift themselves higher to him and then he can help to protect them. But for myself, I have been shot at with poisons for over a year to destroy my body and I have to go off of food and water as it's so filled with electronics that God is going to eventually fully sustain me without the need for the food from this world which is considered not of God's wishes. And many of God's people will learn the living waters practices in the future, and it will be put in books, to have God fully sustain them as the food is not safe to eat as it's filled with electronics, and God's people are needed to help the govt understand that they are destroying their own bodies, futures and going to be enslaved by satan with this technology and it's destroying the children. As in the bible it talks about turning off the lights and electricity on shabbat as satan is coming through our lights and electricity and now wifi, tv, smart phones, smart meters to interact with the smart dust electrodes in our brains and bodies and be able to takeover people who don't align spiritually with God. That means the new agers have to realize those races that promise to save are the ones that are designing this takeover and the New Age is very dangerous as when I was just in the Jewish circles I was more protected, when I dabled into New Age topics these demons were able to then attack me, and I am now refocused on God and God is not letting them kill me, and they have used very advanced weapons to try to do it, but God is the answer and the protection. And he wants us to save the children from this agenda of the electronic holocaust that will be occurring if the food, air and water is not cleaned of the electrodes (Mark of the Beast)

    14. Ive been fully supportive of Trump since he announced to run, but have to say (still hoping) I'm still not persuaded he's for real. Primarily given the fact that he is a knight of malta - divided loyalties are NEVER good, and for his aggressive militarization of police..."when the looting starts, the shooting starts!" and what he is NOT telling the People of their true state, which has been in his power since day 1... I believe We will know quickly once he is reelected which is the realdonaldtrump.
      I think the criticism in this instance was ridiculous because everything Anna mentioned was headline news?! But I also agree with others bewilderment at lack of references at times, which are helpful (even invaluable to us who treasure the truth, and spend our lives in search and research of it). I hope it is not unfair to say occasionally Anna does say some pretty outlandish things, which, w/o references sound more like medieval, or druid fantasy than truth. A recent example is the universal exorcism of/from Balmoral castle, which does not seem to appear anywhere Ive found. Maybe she was with an intercessory group who took authority over an evil thing they discerned, and they all got a release. Idk cuz I'm guessing, which is just guessing. Which wouldnt be necessary if a link or explanation were included with the unqualified, bombshell statement. Unfortunately, such things usually do provoke some divisive antagonism among readers/ commentors, which is all our responsibility - the unity of the spirit in the bonds of peace. We've all spent much of our lives following some gnawing sense within that something's not right. And our individual quests have converged at this time and place and we find a table well prepared for us by Anna and here, once we've dined, we get to work! Let's keep our eyes on the prize, be thankful that we all benefit from the many who've laboured faithfully before us.

  2. It's been a helluva fight. Damned sure is a good thing that good people are willing to fight it though.

  3. Thank you Anna that was a hellova great rant sounded kinda like Granny Clampett....I saw a cute quip that some one published....Pic of djt and the quote read ..they're not after me, they're after you ....I'm just in the way.....great shot!! where we go one we go well, my favorite Judge.

  4. Woo-hoo! Telling it exactly like it is! I appreciate it. And done so succinctly, perfectly and left nothing g out. BRAVO ANNA. Go Girl Go!

  5. oh, this is Marjorie Parker you replied above

  6. President Trump is our last hope and I pray for him and his daily. If things don't change for the better now they won't for a long long time if ever

  7. Haters reported that Donald Trump did not wear a mask but that Biden crook and his wife did as if that is gonna help yet some calculator brain heartless beyond narrow more like pencil thin. New Seattle neighborhood due to lack of forests and land is 50 homeless tents downtown Seattle. Living on concrete sidewalks??

    1. There isn't a city on the west coast that is worth living in.
      The socialist democrat have ruin the entire west coast. SAD!!

    2. Just curious - Why do my comments always show up as unknown?

    3. Perhaps because your blogger profile is not publicly displayed and thus that information can't be retrieved.

  8. Pencil thin mind (correction) do follow the mysterious horn players( media)

  9. Wow unbelievable but sad people are so blind and unwilling to find there own truth and only believe the narrative well I've done my research and I concur Anna von Reitz she's my hero and also Donald Trump and all the people that stand up for our constitution and Bill of Rights and our unalienable freedom I thank everyone in this movement that's looking for truth love and happiness and the positivity to make a change I believe we have won and there's no going back to the way it was it sucked for the last 80 years or so .We now have the opportunity, things are changing every day it's up to us and I'm doing it I'm free and i got the paperwork to prove it to the crooks I've been free in my heart and soul I have no fear and now we can hold them accountable thank you, all of the freedom lover's. PS judge Anna my highlight every day is to read what you have to say God bless you ��❤️��

  10. You are amazing Grandma Anna... We love you from Hawaii!

  11. why didnt trump speak out 3 momths ago? why did he wait until churches were already opening up? isnt trump president/ceo of usa inc? i hope hes all you say .its just really hard to believe when you see him put people like wilbur ross in his cabinet.isnt trump indebted to the rothchilds? i pray he does whats right .why hasnt he undone what fdr srarted?

    1. Give the President a break. How much have you done in the last three years to improve the country? It's not a damn cake walk. Just so you know, POTUS likes to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

  12. You have to let people get a good snoot full of corruption before they will see. I believe Trump is giving the crooks plenty of rope to hang themselves, that way he doesn't have to prove anything. The people will see for themselves. As for Ross, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Once he's in the cabinet, he can be under surveillance without court order.

  13. Trump is the double minded man. And no i do not hate him.And also do not worship him,nor would i ever claim he is "mankind's last hope)as some do.
    Does it not concern any one that Trump has said He has and will 'mobilize'
    the military with a vaccine?
    And you have the Gall to rebuke us for asking for Anna's proof and links to said proof.(not links to her rants and raves),while all along she constantly boasts of her great wealth in knowledge and "proof."
    Some of you people are seriously out there.
    Just look at how Trump has changed through the many years. And yes i do my own homework as guided from above.
    In this land(world)of 'theater' i believe many of the left in Truth love Trump.
    You have fallen for Trump delusion!


  14. I agree to disagree >>>>>>>>>>>
    “too lazy or too ignorant to do their own research”

    First lets address the main problem - miss-education and Cognitive dissonance.
    Research would be great - but where to go?
    The internet ?
    The internet has provocateurs, and scalped information especially over the pas 10 years - document are not true correct or complete - they have been removed or altered just enough to have most of the truth intact but not 100% correct.
    So where do your get the truth in research ?
    The truth is that the oligarchy created the fiction - illusion that what is not is !
    There are some truths that cannot be changed; however, people look but don’t see; listen but don’t hear! And a response to my effort to inform will get the same responses as described above. Will it not ?
    What happened in the past has been brought to the future by deceit and falsehoods by the PTB / oligarchy
    We could go back to 1609 as example
    We could go back to Paris Pease Treaty
    We could go back to CESTUI QUE VIE ACT 1666 and who and why did they create it?
    We could go back to the Coup d'├ętat of 1860
    We could go back and look at the interactions with the presidents wit the creation and removal of the central banks.
    We could go back we could look at the removal of allodial title and land patens
    We could go back and look at the BAR Guild creations and its purpose – to destroy America (look into when Virginia throughout the attorneys)
    We could go back to CONgress treasons with the unlawful federal reserve act of 1913 – Fiat currency [Art. 1 10 1 money creation – Gold and Silver)
    We could go back trading with the enemy act
    There are many more that happened in between and before and after – this is just a small sampling of what the PTB created going back at least 350,000 years
    “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.” – George Santayana, American philosopher (1863-1952)
    “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest." ~ Frederick Douglass

    "Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and the lies of their culture, will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses." ~ Plato

    "To those who do not believe no amount of proof will ever be enough. For those who believe , no proof is necessary." Author Unknown This tragic and unbelievable experience forever changed one man's life and opened the wonders of Heaven for all to see. If you haven't read it, and even if you do... show more "To those who do not believe no amount of proof will ever be enough. For those who believe , no proof is necessary." Author Unknown

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” - W. Clement Stone

    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” - Socrates

    HERE IS THE BEST EXAMPLE >>>>>>>>>>>>
    Appearances are of four kinds:
    Things either are as they appear to be;
    or they neither are nor appear to be;
    or they are, but do not appear to be;
    or they are not, and yet, appear to be. ~ Epictetus (55 – 135 AD) ~ 80 years old

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." - Epictetus

    2. Philosophers are most usually full of shit,

  15. I think it’s quite astonishing that there are so many of you that want to talk down to people that are skeptical and ask questions like “where’s your proof.” We are in the shape that we are in because the people of this world haven’t asked enough questions and just took what we were told as the truth. There are so many people talking shit but when someone dares question them, they get ridiculed. Some people don’t have the time to sit and search the Internet day after day. Some people have to go to work and take care of their family. Just because someone like Anna states that it’s the truth doesn’t mean we the people are to believe her without any viable evidence. Here’s one for example...the h.r. 6666. It has not been shut down, it’s still a bill introduced in the house that is still standing. The president can veto the bill only after it has passed the House and sent to him for approval which the senate can then overturn if he does veto the bill. So yes...where is your proof that the president shut it down...are you talking about the Facebook post that got sent to you “mysteriously .” If that is your proof then everyone that listens to these posts needs to take this information with a grain of salt and start doing your own research the best you can. With that you will find the truth you seek. Be your own thinker and quit letting the voices of others lead you astray.

    1. Every dollar that is worked in to existence is adding to the 'national debt'


      The CONstitution is a 'debt contract'

      From the following writing

      It is important to note here that this syndicate was formed at the inception of the United States.
      And while it was not so technologically organized as it is today, the confederation and then constitution of this nation created a virtually unlimited potential for the central syndicate to grow and expand; a nest of red tape and protections from which the syndicate was berthed into America (the states).
      Each state of the “Union” of this confederation we call the United States was literally and by force required to confirm the fraudulent constitution of the United States central federal government in their own constitutions.
      States had no choice in the matter, for without confirmation of the supreme and sovereign authority of the central federal syndicate, they would not be allowed to even become states of that union.
      You can verify this in your own state constitution and enabling acts.
      For states are nothing more than acts of congress, confirmed by the president of the syndicate.

      The act of confirmation is more simply defined as the conveyance of the right of estate.

      CONVEY – To pass or transmit the title to property from one to another; to transfer property or the title to property by deed or instrument under seal. To convey real estate is, by an appropriate instrument, to transfer the legal title to it from the present owner to another. Convey relates properly to the disposition of real property, not to personal. (–Black’s 2nd Edition)

      CONVEYANCE – In pleading. Introduction or inducement. In real property law. The transfer of the title of land from one person or class of persons to another. An instrument in writing under seal, (anciently termed an “assurance,”) by which some estate or interest in lands is transferred from one person to another; such as a deed, mortgage, etc. Conveyance includes every instrument in writing by which any estate or interest in real estate is created, aliened, mortgaged, or assigned, or by which the title to any real estate may be affected in law or equity, except last wills and testaments, leases for a term not exceeding three years, and executory contracts for the sale or purchase of lands. (–Black’s 2nd Edition)


      As hard as it is to admit and as painful as it may be perceived to the patriotic reader, the states had to confirm the fraud (confederation) of the central municipality of Washington D.C. as being the supreme power.

      ---No state can exist in the United States (union) without this confirmation regarding the sovereignty of the United States corporation and its constitution (debt compact).

      There is no right of succession within states, as the Civil war proved without doubt and as each state constitution now plainly instructs, naming states as inseparable from the union.
      To confirm some fictional thing like the United States is to confirm that particular fraud as the “law of the land”.
      While fraud is avoidable, a confirmed fraud is in turn unavoidable.

      A constitution is a compact (contract) and consent to evil (fiction).
      The fraud becomes the government, just as the de facto United States became the federation, and thus the formation of the syndicate and its stated authority is also unavoidable as it exists only under the government’s perceived and syndicated authority.

    2. Dissenters are allowed to speak in controlled unofficial forums, providing the illusion of freedom of speech and political participation but with no actual voice (authority). An activist may never speak or present in committee or with official opinion in any seriously considered capacity. The minority always fails, while the ignorant majority lives in its own shit-pile of consequence.

      E Pluribus Unum is a powerful tool and the foundational creed of the United States’ organized criminal syndicate. And so it was that the syndicate was incrementally formed and evolved over time, centralizing all power by confirming the corporate institutions and private associations that oversee all things without exception from within this wicked combination.


      Confirmation is the action of making or turning what is unlawful and thus avoidable into a legally permissible and thus unavoidable fraud by consensual contract.
      The states of the union, therefore, as post-civil war corporate creations (admissions) of the union, are also mere fictional frauds, held together by nothing more than the implied consent of the inhabitants of each state – whom of course have been given a healthy dose of complete and total ignorance of these facts by the syndicate and its forced government education system, where it subjects its subjects to “history” indoctrination.

      Centralized education was a requirement in the constitution of all states, not a choice.

      Advocates (attorneys) do well as partners in the fraud and crime, for their whole job and lifestyle is one with a mere fictional title of limited nobility promoting the lie.

      For the word matrix is not some science fiction creation.
      It is in reality the creation of fiction.
      ---A matrix is the birth origination of an artificial person into the syndicate.

      MATRIX – From late 14c., “uterus, womb,” from Old French matrice “womb, uterus,” from Latin matrix (genitive matricis) “pregnant animal,” in Late Latin “womb,” also “source, origin,” from mater (genitive matris) “mother” (see mother (n.1)). Sense of “place or medium where something is developed” is first recorded 1550s; sense of “embedding or enclosing mass” first recorded 1640s. Logical sense of “array of possible combinations of truth-values” is attested from 1914. As a verb from 1951.

      MATRIX – In civil law, the protocol or first draft of a legal instrument, from which all copies must be taken. (Downing v. Diaz, 80 Tex. 436, 16 S.W. 53.)

      MATRIX – Womb. A place where anything is generated or formed. (Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary 1755)

      G20 (GENTILE)

    3. And to see just how deep the family ties go, even Amarosa is related to the family through the Bush clan
      Obama too
      And Trump (is that his real name) is related too!


      Related to the pricks as well and a staged story

      Like the rich brat Greta fraud and milking the populace for more monopoly money

      Wonder why they want you to stay at home?
      Because they plan to take away your car next - you don't need a car when you live and work within your assigned commune
      or human settlement zone

  16. Trump is a heavily indoctrinated cabal bloodline family member

    The CONstitution of Free Masons
    Last line reads as follows
    (“So that the Israelites, at their leaving Egypt, were a whole Kingdom of Masons, … under the Conduct of their GRAND MASTER MOSES”)


    Read the comment under this video

    The military is wearing backwards US flags and they work for the UN they are not your military
    Your cops are free masons, mayors, governors all free masons
    Look them up go to their lodges
    Fraternal order of Police
    Like the Popeye said a Fraternal Brotherhood

    GODvernment of any kind is not my God

  17. The surname is what links you to their GODvernment and by deceit they applied one to everyone

    From the link

    (Note: To render back what is Caesar’s means to stop using the government’s property, money, and person-hood (citizenship) and to give it back with no intention to ever use it again. This is often confused to mean bow down to government in that Bible verse, but is in fact the opposite. Only in rendering back the use of government property (the person/surname) to government can one be free of its implied and contractual usury, taxation, and other obligations of that government for usage of government property. The surname and social security number are examples of government property used by men against God and nature that should be “rendered back to Caesar”.)

    (Note: A surname is an addition, meaning it is a fiction added to the given name. This combination makes the person. The addition of the surname is actually a dimunition from God’s natural law. To “appear” as less refers to standing in a courtroom, as a status in the legal society. This makes you “common” and means you are no longer under God’s jurisdiction and protection under the laws of nature (unalienable rights), for you are no longer acting as a man under God but as a fictional person owned by another. This is a step down, a loss of dignity, and degradation. Only a person can appear in court, and only as less than a man.)

    (Note: The legal language is composed mostly of nouns – the names of persons, places, and things, which are all artificial “legal titles” of actual things. A name as a noun is not natural, for it is always of the hands of man. It is strictly a legal definition in acknowledgement of those persons, places, and things. However, in the legal realm the “given name” or “Christian name” (first name) is considered a gift from God (a natural and unalienable right unnameable in legal fiction) . The first name alone cannot be considered a person in law without an attached (added) surname. This is very important. All things are legally named (titled) by government (man) in the form of a noun, giving government jurisdiction over the surname or “title” of persons, places, and things. The name/noun or “title” is artificial and not of nature. It merely describes natural things in fictional terms to bring them into the realm of legalese.)

    1. These crooks trace their lineage through their mother
      They give us our fathers surname even though on the birth 'registration' they list out mothers maiden name
      Even your mother carriers her fathers surname not her mothers

      This is not an accident people

      Now why do you think these so called 'chosen ones' trace their lineage through their mothers?????

      Even in Romley's videos he has explained a hundred times that the surname is not part of your name

  18. Funny thing, sister bought some mask the other day and the company that makes them is called ALCHEMY

    Huge building here in Frisco/Plano Texas that has the name Alkami on the top of it

    The Alchemical TRANCEformation of banking

    Just like now with the TRANCEformation of going to your doctor - sending you on a VIRTUAL VISIT - NO HUMAN CONTACT - CONTACTLESS VIRTUAL VISITS


  19. Did you ever think about those FEMA re-education camps?

    How about re-education via computer to change your HIStory

    1. You do understand that FEMA must have areas to place people during a national emergency, right? They have to have body bags also, which gets some people overly excited about all types of possibilities their govt. is about to exterminate everyone. Train loads of coffins really gets peoples imagination into high gear.

    2. "Government", spending our hard earned credit like there's no tomorrow. Prepping to take everything in an emergency. EO 13603, National Defense Preparedness; when Truman was already shot down by SCOTUS for trying to commandeer a steel mill for the war. They are persistent in their officially approved channels of fraud, waste and abuse. 13603 is a plan for a FEMA power grab. All that's need is "an emergency", which is mere propaganda since we're already in perpetual state of emergency. It's an obvious Trojan horse. So kindly take your tired anti-conspiracy theory rhetoric away, and do something constructive with your time for a change.

    3. NDRP. I missed a word, Resources.

  20. Just imagine what would happen if all 8,000 babies born in the United States today were not registered and converted in to debt slaves

  21. And the president of Israel is created crisis actor , think time magazine got it right blind trump being lead by B.B. guide dog .
    No trump last flip flop he said he wants 5G and 6G then we can microwave our brains faster .
    The trace act is being implemented now at state level money has been allocated.
    He dare not follow up on his threats to get the military to administer the injections!
    The Wilber Roth house of Rothschild is firmly running the country trump has ample opportunities to bring in freedom internet

  22. No worries Anna BB is in charge not a word on anything but Queen/Pope both are mere puppets Jesuits seized controld of vatacan and London long fallen to Rothschild racketeering.

  23. @CONDOR-(aka donaldson ) glad to see you finally got to the party, long stretch from Angela's talkshoe.
    I concur w Paul above, and I know you to ALWAYS ask for "'proof' to save (yourself) countless hours." Well, well, do you do anything? Ever? That which contributes to the movement? WHAT is it? I just don't see it. Guess its true, a zebra cant/wont change its stripes. We all, ALL, must do our part to learn this not from quick links, ytubes, cliff notes nor social media or any one source. It's not ONE answer or source for that matter, either. So, please, sit down and LISTEN/READ and don't stop until you have gathered, checked and created 'your sources '. Hell, create a library of sources. Now, that's a contribution!
    You may have been in the movement as long or longer, but you've not entertained nor seemingly retained the knowledge. Keep trying, don't stop! And in the meantime, heed this one thing, you have two ears and two eyes but one mouth for a reason.
    Welcome to the real deal,

  24. Exce email BTW. Thanks for sharing Anna. ;)

  25. PR (propaganda) is more valuable than gold. I doubt they let Trump near a keyboard. There is a layer of PR and scripting for every communication. Any interviewer who departs from the script is cut off. Every tweet from "Trump@twitter" is engineered for its ripple effect.

  26. i agree with anna today.
    re: We are not your saviors. Someone else tried to do that for you, a long time ago.

    stop all the 2nd coming garbage

    cease from all the "you are being alchemically purged in fire" garbage

    refrain from saying trump is the "2nd coming" or that he is "chosen" or "our only hope"

    cease from the "our father in heaven" garbage

    refrain from all the "the bible says..." garbage.

    refrain from accusing left-handed people of being the devil.

    refrain from "people who were black robes are of saturn"

    refrain from saying you are "the left hand of god"

    refrain from saying a new world is being born.

    cease from claiming you gave the blood of christ to the vatican II and now christ has risen again.


    kindly refrain from trying to kidnap people into "your father" of all lies.

    kindly refrain from the "brother" (masonic BS) nonsense, the amens (amen-ra)


    this is a keeper.

    1. i accept your offer anna. you are not anyone's saviour.

      kindly refrain from any more "our father in heaven" garbage.

      no more bible BS. thank you.

      no more "saturn" garbage. no more "spirit fire" nonsense.

    2. no more "living god" garbage either. thank you.

      you are not our saviours. offer accepted.

    3. you are not our saviours. trump doesnt need to put bibles back in "schools"

      offer accepted.
      What sorrow awaits you who say, “If only the day of the LORD were here!” You have no idea what you are wishing for. That day will bring darkness, not light.