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Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Federal Government is Foreign. Hello?

By Anna Von Reitz

And, it operates in foreign jurisdictions of the law.  

So do all of its franchises operated as Territorial or Municipal "state of state" organizations.  They all operate in foreign international and global jurisdictions, too. 

All of these entities are organized as foreign, for-profit "governmental services corporations" or religious non-profits, most recently as 501(c) (6) service organizations. 

So are their courts foreign --- 100% foreign.  

You, as a natural-born American, have less business being in their courts than a pig has being at a tiger convention.  And for much the same reason.  

But if you don't strenuously and knowledgeably object and have evidence on the public record demonstrating that you have done your homework and declared your American political status ---- guess what?  

Your British and Holy Roman Empire employees, the corporations subcontracting to provide you with "governmental services" --- have already and with malice aforethought foisted Dual Federal Citizenship off onto you.  

If they arrest you as a Municipal CITIZEN, they prosecute you in a Municipal COURT,under global commercial law. 

If they arrest you as a U.S. Citizen, they prosecute you in a Territorial Court, under Martime or Admiralty law.  

Either way, you are stuck and you don't belong in those courts at all.  

Simply telling them that is not enough, because they have long-standing evidence that you are in fact both a Territorial and Municipal "citizen" and under all the obligations they suffer from themselves.  

That evidence takes the form of Birth Certificates, Social Security enrollments, Driver Licenses, Marriage Licenses, etc., etc., etc. ---- all of which have been required of the employees of these foreign governmental services corporations. 

So if you are not a foreigner and not a federal employee, why do you have all these records attached to your name that indicate that you are some species of Federal Employee or Dependent?  

You've been hoodwinked and given misleading information, that's what. 

You've been told that you had to have a Social Security Number.  You've been told that you had to have a Driver License and a Marriage License and a Business License, too.  You've even been told the egregious Big Lie that the Constitution can be "suspended" by an Executive Order. 

None of these things are true for an American, but you have been deliberately misidentified and mischaracterized as something else ---- as a Federal, aka, "US" citizen of some kind.  

Americans live in States, not States of States. 

Americans are not British Territorial U.S. Citizens, nor are they Municipal "citizens of the United States".  

We are not naturally subject to any foreign international or commercial law.  

We are owed our own court and public elections, not private corporate shareholder elections.  And the list goes on.  

But if we don't stand up for ourselves and know who we are and know what we are owed, if we fail to take action and govern ourselves --- guess what?  

You will be "presumed" to be a foreigner on your own shores and deprived of all your constitutional guarantees.  You will be unable to actually own your own home and will live your life as a tenant of an absentee landlord instead.  You will be "subjected" to these foreign courts and their black-robed priests will dispose of you and your property assets however they please and you will have no way to stop them..... unless...... 

You wake up.  You take charge of the situation.  You object and take exception to all of this.  You declare your political status as an American.  You join your State Assembly.  You restore your American Common Law Courts.  You hire your own Sheriffs. 

You do what your Forefathers did, and instead of trusting and relying upon the foreign corporations and the Hired Help, you self-govern, instead.  

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly. net and get started now. 


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  1. This is perhaps your finest ever Article, Anna for its absolutely clear distinctions between living people and foreign corporations. This article helps even the least informed to be able to bridge the "unfathomable" mental gap of understanding, namely that we Americans are correctly identified in the Internal Revenue code as "non-resident aliens", and therefore are without (outside) the scope of that code. It does not apply to American State Nationals, unless intentionally being mis-applied by someone seeking to collect revenue for their employer while presuming we are a "citizen of the United States" aka "U.S. person".

    What does that seemingly meaningless phrase describe, "non resident alien? Simply it is someone who does not reside or politically affiliate with living "in the State" or "in the District" of Columbia, and who is alien i.e. foreign, to its jurisdiction.

    Why is that true? District of Columbia is foreign to our natural American Common Law jurisdiction. District of Columbia was established to conduct international commerce and treaty making in behalf of Americans but has always been a foreign jurisdiction to the American people. So your article helps make clear that we are non resident to District of Columbia in where we live, and our law jurisdiction is foreign to the legal jurisdiction of District of Columbia. "Non-resident alien."

    1. I agreed it's clear, but the vermin sub-servants are immature, toxic, abusive and near idiotic police. They fake up Sheriff deed, foreclosure bogus, fake auctions, unobstructed FRAUD-ulent-them papers. They don't care about our papers in public records, they abbreviate the title of our records to 6-character long, to have no meaning or vague. sometimes they failed to index our papers for searching. At the same time, the vermin can make their fraudulent papers Title long to sound real and meaningful.

      A Powerful Commercial Line is what we need to penalize the vermin for public record abuses.

    2. i think all that is true joel -- but they will (perhaps silently) likely argue anyone doing business with them "volunteered" into law merchant/UCC

      and there is an old case, circa 1900 IIRC, mentioned in "the federal zone" book IIRC (free from author's site, IIRC) from a man in new york. purchased stock in utah-based railroad IIRC (when utah was a territory). the feds wanted to tax.

      he claimed to be a new yorker (the court did not dispute this) and disputed why the feds should tax him.

      but they argued since territories are federal, and the railroad formed in a federal area, it is federal income. hence taxable. the point? even for non-resident aliens, in another state, he lost his case.

      (author of book points out they did not dispute his fact to claim to be a non-resident alien IIRC, and a "new yorker")

      thus, they may very well claim -- rightly or wrongly -- that e.g. feds can tax any "income from a federal source" -- such as a federal corporation, or a state of state, or STATE OF STATE, etc.

      (all this fraud is based on hypothecating everyone else and everything and using it as collateral, with no reimbursement and giving lip service "service" or "protection")

      i am not agreeing with that -- but those are other ways they might try to weasel their way in, and out of honouring actual law that non-feds are owed.

      as for "state" stuff -- the federal constitution(s) note that nothing can be legal tender except gold or silver coin. so they may try similar tricks, but it seems it would all be "law merchant" -- "the dispatch of merchants" has some good history -- again, he lost his case, but many good quotes from law books, esp. re: "volunteering" into "law merchant" by "acting like a merchant" (effectively working like invisible/adhesion contracts) or interfacing/conducting business with such people/organizations, etc.

      i dont think they claim to have anything under the "pledge" but minors can't consent of course. there is an old case again, even a southerner who fought for the confederacy, they were pardoned -- he refused to "pledge" to the feds. not a crime -- just couldn't serve in the new "government".

      IMO nothing good can come from "pledging" even if it is meaningless. they may silently claim authority under this or not, but if it means anything, seems to be medieval and financial terms -- and there is zero reason for any "free" person to "pledge" to anyone, since that goes against "consent of the governed" amongst other things.

      point being, "one nation" and "indivisible" is another way they might try to claim people as "federal citizens" (bouviers notes "national gov." == feds) ---- for state citizens/nationals, i believe the correct terminology is your state is your "nation"

      ("indivisible" doesn't sound so good if it means no more actual states, does it? "one nation" doesn't sound so good if it means "feds run everything", does it? )

  2. I once was at the Canadian border with an someone who drove right across the border guards waving stop stop and we went to look for someone but immediately returned and arrested on the spot. I was just along for the ride and did not know that was going to happen and had no ID. I tried telling the border guard as the form was filled out that I was born in the mountains of Arkansas at home and my mom had died and dad was a gambler I never even knew. He started smiling and put and X for next of kin put away the form and escorted me out saying I was free to go. My friend who had ID went to jail for 3 days. The Americans were assholes to me and acted threatening but seeing the Canadians let me go finally did too despite no ID. Like the old old now gone people said, "You are better off without their ID cards and stuff"

    1. every gambler knows / that the secret to surviving / is knowing what to throw away / and knowing what to keep

  3. Claiming "non resident alien" status is essential to correcting your relationship to correct the presumption Anna teaches about that you are a presumed United States citizen "of" the foreign federal government services establishment... especially the IRS. Providing the IRS a formal "Revocation of Election" to cause them to no longer continue to call you a "taxpayer", a presumed citizen of the United States is essential to place on your record with the adversary, and then future presumptions cannot be made against your status, your having taken pro active action to correct your record as a non-taxpayer. For those years prior to such recording of your R.o.C. the IRS still keeps record what they deem and presume is their tax due from a U.S. taxpayer until they are paid or you have negotiated an Offer and Compromise for those prior years.

  4. What is the recourse for Nationals residing in federal territories?

  5. Agreed:
    >> when the Coercive fraud was taken En-Masse and should be actually Corrected En-Masse...

    Yes, we've already done this, for incompetent people. It works for us. If the crooks want to dispute the auto-correction, they have to dispute before the legal binding, not after the fact.