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Monday, April 20, 2020

The Criminalization of Science Whistleblowers

Found Here:

Found Here:

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  1. listened to first short one. 2nd one is 2 hrs. At least Mikovits mentions Bible. The thing is, all of this science is jew-poison science = Fake Science = Nothing to do with health.
    What won't be revealed, but for a few most brave, is that this is JEW POISON, concocted & forced upon us by jews from day one.

    For instance, Dr. Alton Ochsner invested heavily in Polio vaccines, then the test monkey's died & he was told. But JEWS WANT WEALTH more than anything, even life! So Ochsner injected 2 grandchildren in front of a medial audience, the boy died in 78 hours & girl got polio for life. YET Ochsner & his jews pushed POLIO VACCINES ON ALL OF US!
    After this CANCER ROSE 300%.
    So this science is poison from day one, diseases are spread by JEWS & they control the fake cure. Polio epidemic in Brooklyn New York 1916 & Rockefeller Labs was responsible. Also at this time 30,000 Brooklyn JEW BOLSHEVIKS convened in Brooklyn for the Bolshevik Revolution in which JEWS slaughtered 60 million White Christian Russians BY HAND, ripping them apart, slicing open pregnant women, burning, gorging out eyes, nailing intestine to a tree, handing from ceilings, tossing infants in the air & catching them on a bayonet etc THIS IS WHAT JEWS DO.

    So all of this is JEW COLLATERAL DAMAGE. If we want a CURE then get rid of the JEW. That is the ONLY CURE. The JEW is the virus, the JEW is the cancer, the JEW is the diseases, the JEW is the poisoner.

    So bless Mikovits existence for enduring what she has for the good of all ==>> but it is the JEWS & unless this is brought forth & foremost NOTHING CHANGES.

    All of these scientists are brainwashed, as Mikovits admits, but those arrogant brainwashed useful idiot scientists ARE THE ENFORCERS of the JEW AGENDA. So they are responsible for waking up & admitting to how much harm their arrogance & adherence to FAKE SCIENCE has killed, maimed, injured, diseased us all.

    thanks & stay sane.


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