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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Law AND Order

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a number of subtle language tricks that people need to be aware of when talking about law --- the first is our predilection to talk about "the" Law, as if there were only one Law, when in fact there are hundreds of different forms of law, some of which apply to us and some of which don't apply to us.

The second thing that we do is to assume that when someone says "Law and Order" they are talking about the same thing, or about the "order" that results from obeying "the" Law, but in fact, Law and Order are completely different things.  One is "Law" of some kind, written or verbal, natural-made, or God-ordained, or legislated by men; the other, Order, refers to the rules, codes, ordinances, and regulations that are designed to dictate the operations of corporations and corporation officers.

I often get questions that beat around to the fact that these represent two different kinds or levels of "law".  This morning this came over my desk:

"In the Canon law of the Catholic Church, a delict is the canonical equivalent of a crime. A delict is distinct from a sin, even a mortal sin. One can be legally guilty of a delict and not be morally culpable for a sin, while one can be culpable for a sin and not legally guilty of a delict. 

Isn't that special?" 

And here is my reply:

No, dear. It’s typical. That is the foundational trick between statutory law and statutory infractions under the legislative law established by men for running corporations, versus the Public Law which is based on the Bible. 

Canon Law is the law applying to “corporate officers” of the Church as a body corporate. It applies only to priest and parish administrators and others directly involved as employees — paid or volunteers— of the Church as an organization. 

Say that under Canon Law a man is required to to complete a specific procedure before performing a specific task, but he is not fully informed of this obligation of the Canon Law and does the task anyway.  

He is guilty of a delict but not a sin, because he has not disobeyed any command of God, only a rule of the Church. 

Same thing when we are hauled into court and convicted of a “thought crime” defined by a State Legislature—- we have committed no sin, have not actually and factually harmed anyone or anything.  We have committed a “delict”— an infraction against the rules established by a corporate entity and its legislature. 

So— how is this possible when we are not members of this “church” or other corporate body and not employees or volunteers or dependents of any such entity? 

The only way that we can be held accountable to any such legislative statutes or canon laws, either,  is by mis-characterization of who and what we are and the capacity in which we are acting. 

In order for us to be subject to any such laws or guilty of any such delicts, we must be: (1) employees -paid, (2) employees -volunteer, (3) dependents of the corporate entity — willing, as with welfare recipients, or (4) dependents — involuntary, as with babies surrendered as Wards of the State. 

Once you fully realize this it is very easy to show that these corporations have conspired to establish false claims and registrations related to us all serving to define us as standing in all four of these disabled capacities. 

1. If you are an employee or board member of any entity incorporated under their auspices (which for the Holy See means all and any incorporated entity at all) you are a paid employee. 

2.  If you take up any office or role related to any such incorporated entity as a volunteer you are under the second classification - a volunteer employee.  This is where they entrapped millions of Americans who agreed to pay the “Victory Tax” during WWII and who unwittingly volunteered to perform as “Withholding Agents”—- that is, Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service. 

3.  This is also their motivation for creating and promoting the Welfare State.

4.  Finally, by creating False Registrations held “in our names” almost from birth, “presuming” that we are all British Territorial U.S. Citizens (and under Dual Citizenship provisions of the Federal Government) and also Municipal “citizens of the United States” too, they establish a False Record and claim that we were surrendered to their corporation as a Ward of the State by our “unwed” Mother, and this then allows the British Territorial State of State to sink its fangs in us and subject us to British statutory law, and then also they allow the Pope to sink his teeth into us under Municipal Law known as “Code”.  

Codex Romanus.  Roman Civil Law.  Municipal Code. 

No American should be involuntarily or unknowingly subjected to any of these foreign jurisdictions or obligated to perform under any of these forms of law. 

We naturally stand under the Public Law that is based upon the Geneva Bible and The Ten Commandments; if we do not actually harm someone or someone’s property, we are law unto ourselves.  Literally.  

So now you see how they have conspired and contrived to “redefine” our individual political status one by one and sought with malice aforethought to entrap American babies in this scheme. 

The parents were never given disclosure and the victims of all this, the babies, were too young to know anything about it. 

The sum result is that we have been living our lives under the lash of thoroughly Unconscionable Contracts—- literally contracts made “for” us and “presumed” upon us without our conscious knowledge or consent— but which continue in force and effect until we wake up and declare otherwise. 

To get the verification and thrust of all this go back and watch all the videos pertaining to the London 2012 Olympics with all the hundreds if not thousands of empty hospital beds and nurses parading around — at an Olympics event? [ I made a mistake here -- I think the hospital beds were at the earlier London Olympics, but all the London Olympic pageants are worth watching to see what the Perpetrators were advertising with these cognitively insane pageant topics.]   

Then view all the black robed and hooded figures parading around the giant effigy of a dead baby at other London Olympics events. 

They were giving required Notice to the world of their intent to commit genocide— on paper and in fact.  

These fraud artists were intent on misidentifying us, subjecting us to their law, impersonating us as “estates” belonging to “persons lost at sea” and— under color of law, claiming that our assets are theirs now. 

All of that was simply a logical outgrowth of their False Registration processes carried out under the various avenues established (1-4) above. 

Having misidentified us as Wards of the State they claimed our assets as chattel backing their debts.  

After seven years they claimed that we went missing — we left the hospital and went AWOL, so they conveniently declared us, the American  version of Our Name — legally dead, while the British and Municipal “citizens” allegedly born at the same place and ALMOST the same time continued to get tax notices regular as clockwork. 

The only absolute record of their crime is the Birth Certificate—- which is Court admissible evidence.  And the eye-witness testimony of millions of American Mothers, the vast majority of whom were not unwed and not ever made aware that they were signing away their children as wards of any foreign State of State organization. 

“Anger” does not even begin to express our outrage. It is much colder than that. It is the calm and murderous determination to put an end to these criminal enterprises and these crimes against humanity and every “government” condoning these practices, too. 

We did our part in the name of Fairness to bring Pope Benedict’s attention to this gross misadministration and Breach of Trust and he responded immediately and continued to make progress toward correction until he was removed. 

Francis circled the wagons and washed his hands of the lawyers and Bar Attorneys with his Moto Proprio—- not wanting himself or the Church held liable for them and their Municipal bosses even though Westminster and the Inner City of London is chartered by the Holy See. 

We waited to see what more he might do toward correction — which is nothing much, except in terms of internal affairs of the Church where he has caused quite an uproar and failed to address obvious repugnant issues of doctrine including those enshrining vampirism and cannibalism and homosexual pedophilia as “sacraments”. 

So— that’s where it stands. 

We are awake and the Americans are making their political Declarations and assembling the States of the Union.  The United States of America is fully operational with 39 States assembled and all 50 States populated by State Citizens who are owed every jot of the treaties and Constitutions. 

All the fraud and all the ways and means they have used to promote it stands revealed.  They have had almost a decade to correct this mess and have failed to do so. 

Let it be apparent that Joe Average Americans stand under The Ten Commandments; we may sin, but don’t commit “delicts” and are not subject to any private law adopted by any incorporated entity absent our fully disclosed, fully voluntary, non-coerced, independent  and fully cognizant act.
So, Peeps, there is a vast difference between actual Law and "law" -- one of which is the actual Public Law, and "private law" which pertains to the internal rules and codes and regulations and statutes governing the operations of corporations, their officers, their employees, their volunteers, and their dependents.

Not knowing this and not knowing that we have been deliberately misidentified and mischaracterized by our own employees, and thus have been falsely registered as foreigners in our own country, and subjected to foreign corporate "law" as a result, has led to millions of Americans being defrauded, pillaged, and plundered by people on their own payroll, misdirected by the British Monarch and the Pope, but most of all, the Pope.

This is because the Pope directly franchises the Municipal Government of the United States and the administration of the Federal Civil Service, and indirectly controls the operations of the British Territorial and Commonwealth Governments, through the Queen, who acts as his Overseer of these domains.

If these realizations and watching the videos of the London Olympics pageants doesn't wake you up and convince you that this is more than my "bat shit crazy" meanderings as one detractor put it, I really don't know how much more it will take to convince you:

You are in the right church, but the wrong pew.  Until you take action to correct that, you will be "presumed" to be a Territorial United States Citizen and a Municipal "citizen of the United States" and you will be subjected under the "private law" of these corporations. 


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