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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

How to Say No

By Anna Von Reitz

"No" is one of the first words we all learn, but ironically, many of us never really learn how to use it.

We are co-opted in this by school indoctrination, by familial enforcement, and by social convention.  We are literally taught not to say no.

The underlying subconscious meaning of this rigorous training comes down to the message: "its bad to say no" and in too many cases where children are disrespected and abused it can also mean ---"you have no right to say no."

So we get the message early and often that it is wrong for us to say no, even though our parents do it often and with emphasis, and as children, we also get the message that we have no right to do so in the face of parents and teacher and other "authority figures".

No wonder that so many adults are conflicted and even somewhat confused by the simple word, "No."

Consider this your remedial training course.

No is a supremely good and necessary word. It is the counterbalance of "yes" and it is a useful, moral, and in its way, very positive word, too. 

What if you are saying no to being disrespected and abused by your own public employees?  Well, then, "no" becomes a positive word. 

In such a situation, "no" stands in back of right action [Why should you be bossed around by your employees?] and right thinking [Since when do employees tell their employers what to do, or how to do it?] and right ordering of the world [If employees direct employers, the world is upside down and on its head---and we all know that and the effects of it every day.]

One of the glorious things about Donald Trump is that he learned to say no.

He learned to put his foot down hard. 

And as much admiration as I hear for Donald Trump and as much damnation I hear spread about him, hardly anyone realizes that it all stems from his ability and willingness to say --- no.

He knows how to walk away, and that's something that hardly anyone is taught anymore.  Perhaps he lucked out and had parents who were aware of the "yes-man" mentality and bucked against it.  Maybe he arrived at a point in his life where he just got his back up, said no, meant it, and liked the results.

We may never know, but anyone can observe the results.

People all over this continent and around the globe admire Donald Trump for saying no to evil and bad deals so often and so decisively.  The odd part, is that it never occurs to so many of them that they can and should be doing the same thing, and by all means available.

These people who cheer on Donald Trump on, but don't emulate his action, can look outside their subtle prison bars and admire those who say no, but somewhere there is still a cowed child sitting there, being told, "You can't say no."---- "You are not old enough to say no." or "You're not good enough to say no." or "You don't have the right to say no."

And on the other end of the spectrum we have people who hate Donald Trump and can't even rationally say why.  These are most often Leftists. They almost subconsciously fear authority figures and people who say no, because to them, no is always negative, scandalous, politically incorrect. 

You can almost see them curling up into their fetal positions, thinking: he's going to say no, he's going to nix what we want, he's not going to give us what we need, he's bad because he says no, he isn't nice because he says no, doesn't he realize that its immoral and bad and "socially unacceptable" to say no?

Boy, they say, collectively and silently with a hint of desperation -- we were all taught that as kids!

That's what Leftist indoctrination does.  It disrespects and cows children to the point where simply saying "no" is a radical act, and where the emotional detritus of early abuse remains, ready to explode against authority figures of all kinds.

And now here we are, grown adults, called to examine where we stand on the issue of "no". 

Does the word "no" conjure up feelings of resistance and foreboding? Does it make us pause and hesitate to use it?  Or are we comfortable with saying no, and secure in our authority to use it in a measured and sensible way?

In recent days many people have contacted me about precisely this issue. They are worried about forced vaccinations, forced removals from their homes, force of all kinds being applied from all angles.  How, they plead, can we say no? 

Well, you first get into position where you can say it. 

Our erstwhile Public Employees have gerrymandered things around to the point where you are being mistaken for one of them.  They think that, as one of them, you are subject to the same codes, rules, regulations, statutes, and limitations that they have to embrace. 

If the President of their corporation says "March!" they have to march and not think too much about it, because they are: (1) employees -- paid; (2) employees-- volunteer; (3) dependents -- voluntary, aka. on welfare; (4) dependents -- involuntary, aka, wards of the "state", whichever "state" that may be.

So if you want to say "no" to your employees, you first have to disabuse them of this "presumption" on their parts, that you are one of them, and subject to their corporate "laws" which are in fact rules, codes, regulations, statutes, limitations, and policies.

And you'd better have evidence of the fact, too, because otherwise they just think you are some "wise acre" or bad sport or insubordinate trying to pull something damaging to their food source, their "governmental services corporation". 

They have a tendency to react rather badly to that idea, and generally misunderstand who is who and what is what in situations where their "authority" is challenged.

Nonetheless, it is necessary for millions of us to become informed about our own authority, and to also steel ourselves to the challenges and requirements of assuming authority and saying --- no, as adults. 

No, I am not letting my employees force any kind of vaccination, ear-tagging, or other invasive medical technology on me or my family.

No, I am not paying any taxes that I don't actually owe. 

No, I am not paying off any mortgages owed the State of Nevada organization.

No, I am not registering my private automobile as a "motor vehicle" when I am not using it as a motor vehicle.

No, I am not subjecting my children to any medical procedure or medication that has not been tested and proven to be safe.

No, I am not going to stand here and be sprayed with industrial wastes anymore.

No, I am not having more industrial wastes (Fluoride) added to my water and toothpaste anymore.

No, I am not going to eat food that has been genetically engineered to produce its own internal insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

No, I am not going to be drafted and conscripted to serve as a cheap mercenary in foreign wars for profit.

No, I am not going to be abused in any way at all anymore by my public employees. 


The first step in your Remedial "Just Say No" Plan, is to restore your birthright political status and record it over their False Registration, so it a matter of public record and Notice that you are not acting in the capacity of (1-4) above.

You do this by contacting your State Assembly at:

There you will encounter like-minded people who have already taken the steps to reclaim and restore their birthright political status as Americans and people of their State of the Union.  They will happily help you do the same, and then, you, too, will have the unabrogated right to say no, no, no, and no.

Having thus secured your right to say no and having made it public knowledge, your next task is to assist your State Assembly, that same group of determined and knowledgeable people who kept the door open and welcomed you "home". 

Support them and their work with might and main, because they are there supporting you and your government and your right to say "no" to your own employees. 

Your next assignment is to practice saying no. 

Stand in front of a mirror if necessary, smile, speak calmly and logically and say, "Officer, I am not a public employee or dependent of any kind. The only contract I have with you and the organizations you represent is the Federal Constitution. Please look at Article IV and explain to me where you have any authority to arrest me, attack my person, or trespass upon my private property?" 

Offer him a copy of Article IV. 

"And, also, look here --- Article VI."

This is where it says that no other "law" or "thing" (thing means corporation, flag, idol, etc.) stands against the Constitution.

It's best to have both Constitutions handy, both the Territorial version, The Constitution of the United States of America, and the Municipal version (for Municipal police and Federal Civil Service "Agents) which is simply The Constitution for the United States --- no "of America". 

Now, Officer, you can see for yourself that no corporate rule-making, statute, legislation, code or regulation applies to me, and that any obligation you have to these orders is secondary to the obligation you owe to me--- my constitutional guarantees.

This is a learning process, not only about "How to say no." but about who you are and who your employees are, and what your proper relationships are. You have to know that yourself and you have to teach them.

There is a very helpful little website called that provides not only excellent information and sources, but take you through the role-playing practice involved.  If you are feeling a bit unsteady on your feet and want to see someone else actually do this, go there and watch.

You can say no without being obnoxious, after all.

You can afford to be patient and teach someone else things that you didn't know yourself before you "woke up". 

But most of all, stand there in front of that mirror, look yourself in the eye, think of all those things that the "government" threatens you with and burdens you with, and say, "No."  Say it again, "No."  And again, "No."

You must learn to say no and say it with authority. 

A useful blurb has been circulating around about "How to Refuse Vaccination".  This is a special case of saying no and presumes that a doctor or nurse with a needle or worse, needle gun, ready to plunge and FRID ear-tag and an unknown slurry of unproven "vaccine" into your arm.

It uses the military medical term "iatrogenic" --- as in, "Doctor, has this vaccine been proven to have no iatrogenic effects?" 

Iatrogenic is a fancy way of saying -- diseases and maladies that result from medical procedures, like vaccination, like blood transfusions, like intubation, like most of what they like to do to you in hospitals.

If the hovering medical professional can't say yes with a straight face, you then hold the doctor responsible to his Hippocratic Oath, and politely decline vaccination.

His or her Hippocratic Oath binds doctors to "Do no harm."

To avoid this and speed delivery of their highly suspect cocktail of crap into your bloodstream, they may attempt to use nurses or foreign medical personnel.  But it is all the same routine.

No matter how they yell and scream and require their own employees and dependents to do this and that, they have no such authority related to you and your body and your willingness to participate in their experiments--- as long as you have declared and recorded your birthright political status, and politely declined their "offer", they become hugely liable for any damage they do to you. 

Your government, that is, your actual government --- not the foreign subcontractors operating as "governmental services corporations" has valued you at a trillion dollars per head --- that is, we have set a prohibitively large liability fine against any foreign government or agent of a foreign government that kills or maims (permanently damages) any American.

This makes it increasingly unlikely that those foreign governments will test their luck with their "vaccination" agenda against those who declare their birthright political status.  Instead of making billions with their phony unproven vaccines, they will be losing trillions, instead.

And since money and abuse of power, not health, is what this is all about, telling them "no" in as many ways as possible, is important. Discouraging their criminal profit-seeking in as many ways as possible, is important.

Because if you don't say no to people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, if you don't put your little flat feet down and make it count and explain it to your employees in terms they have to understand--- like that whack-job "Governor" in Michigan--- they will presume upon you and treat you worse than cattle.

In their infantile lust for control and their greed, they will ruin your lives. People like this don't deserve to be among us, but they are. If you let them define you and tell you what to do, they will do so to suit themselves and for their profit and for their empowerment, not yours.  They have no morals or sense of humility, no respect for life or for the sacredness or integrity of other souls. 

To them, you are lab rats.  Expendables.  In fact, as they have often said, your population needs to decrease. So it's fine with them if millions of you die as a result of their experiments: fewer Priority Creditors that they owe money to, more secret life insurance payments they can claim, and profit from selling the vaccines that kill, maim, sterilize, and ear-tag "the herd" of course.  

May we suggest that any "population decrease" needs to begin with them?


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  1. GUESS WHAT... & "doctors" are under Defacto Inc, so they're not physcians. Do they have more duty to their mercenary Surgeon General Inc than to us?:

    Doctors Aren't Bound by the Hippocratic Oath
    Myth: Doctors are bound by the Hippocratic Oath. A binding agreement, as much a social contract as Social Security or Medicare, the traditional Hippocratic Oath holds those who swear to it to a strict code of professional and personal conduct. Contrary to popular belief, though, most doctors never take this oath, and, actually, most of us are probably glad they never do.

    This like requires registration:
    First, do no harm - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health ...
    It's a common belief that all physicians swear to uphold the Hippocratic Oath and its critical dictum, "first, do no harm." When really, it doesn't include this promise — and many fledgling doctors do not take this oath (or any oath).

    Are doctors still required to take the Hippocratic Oath ...
    Not anymore. Many schools make up their own. Some 98% of Americans and nearly 50% of British medical students swear some kind of oath, either on entry to medical school or at graduation. One reason why oaths are more common in America may be t...

    1. P R I N T > THIS LETTER or write it by hand.

      Have all your friend/followers do the same for our freedom from mandatory vaccine digital ID’s. Let's overwhelm the White House to never be treated as chattel by Bill Gates or anybody else for that matter.

      You can find this letter on my blog list titled :
      Dear President Trump,
      Thomas Jefferson Meets Biblical Prophecy :

      Proof covid19 is scapegoat exercise of the New World Order

      Find this blog titled : COVID19 : on my blog profile.

  2. This whole no thing is just a refusal of offer to contract. Its that simple. " Can I stab you with this needle full of unknown and probably deadly chemicals ?" ...the answer is obvious...I would say a counteroffer is appropriate. "No I reject your offer and counter offer with, Can I stab you in the throat with a knife ?" shocking as this may be its appropriate. It is as outrageous as someone asking if they can inject you with unknown pathogens with ( maybe) unknown long or short term results and ingredients. Let them be insulted or taken back with such an outrageous guess is tneir answer will be " NO " !

    1. P R I N T > THIS LETTER or write it by hand.

      Have all your friend/followers do the same for our freedom from mandatory vaccine digital ID’s. Let's overwhelm the White House to never be treated as chattel by Bill Gates or anybody else for that matter.

      You can find this letter on my blog list titled :
      Dear President Trump,
      Thomas Jefferson Meets Biblical Prophecy :

      Proof covid19 is scapegoat exercise of the New World Order

      Find this blog titled : COVID19 : on my blog profile.

  3. But Anna, their agents are arresting people for saying "No"

    Jason Howerton@jason_howerton
    "Idaho mother arrested for "violating city orders" and letting kids play in closed park. We really have let this go too far."

    "On Friday, Rathdrum Police in north Idaho issued the misdemeanor citation to Christa Thompson after she and her husband continued to hold a yard sale after being warned multiple times over several days that it violated the governor’s order.

    An attorney for Thompson disputes that, saying she was initially told by Rathdrum Police that a yard sale was allowed."

    1. Ready007:
      All governor’s are Fraudsters. Many people are able to block their lawlessness. They get paid for appointing crooked Judges, and enforcing Foreign Scamming Codes, and lying forever. If you show them their Fraud statistic, they never cared to read. They lied that people elected them.

      - You should figure out, how to block their Gov'nor+ police by a powerful self-enforced commercial lien, in lieu of our missing police, they took at our cost.

      They all are the Criminals, for impersonating American Gov't. If you don't want to target them directly, then sue the "Bar & their Associates". That includes the Gov'nor(s) and police too, bc their ATG is like a secretary of the false Gov'nor and police. Don't let their lies and deceptive papers get you, even if they attempt to test your fears and emotions. That's all the the vermin have to do to control you and me. They failed to move forward against the Strong. They were supposed to be truthful upfront with us. Silence (5th amendment) is not open to them, neither their own code CR 24 - 37 to break. The bogus Rule 56(c) cannot replace the 7th Amendment neither. If you do all of these, God shall bring your Justice.

  4. This is a bit off-topic, but was addressed in previous articles. From Ben Fulfords article, the US quater has Washington & bats on other side.
    Is this indicative that the US is complicit the same way the UK pound issue shows 5G tower & Corona-Con genocide pact is complicit?
    Which is more definitively indicative? - I'd say ooey-jewy CDC, who does the global agenda Beta Test, then hands over their new profiteering venture to those so inclined.
    For some reason, I don't see UK as creative initiators, they prefer proven model to then put their seal of approval. Not to say they, UK JEWS, aren't the ones for whom all of this destruction, genocide profiteering. After all UK JEWS franchise payments are coming due, is it Sept, or Oct?? Their Municipal Inc franchise payments are due Jan 31 which they missed in 2020, so was extended til Feb 13 or 14th, then the shut-it-down-goyim. Man oh man, don't ya just hear the jews laghing their azz's off at how easily this was to accomplish? No 911, no Sandy Crook, no Samson Option, no WWIII. Just fear-porn. NOW THAT IS FUNNY. Dangerously funny.

    That's about the time Municipal Inc's presidential seal & flag disappeared from Trumps podium, stage. looks like it returned on the WH lawn & the flag in his office. Dunno what that really means, but seems some vestige of 'it' still lingers like bad stink.

    Right back to.. hum... JEW CDC FAUCI, BIRX & their entire little ooey-jewie-slimy-swampy vermin.

    We wonder if Trump didn't place Municipal Inc in the care of FEMA, who are trying to inflate their re-education 'bounce house' camps. Think it has a hole in it. Lots of wind, & lots of flub.

    heres the image:


    It’s easier said than done, only for non-focusing ppl. If you are innovative, you can increase the strenght of your door-lock by 10X, by SS. Don't forget to post your warning signs next to your door, and take 2-3 photos of your sign and your door condition, to charge the vermin later. After your cert’fied Notice served, call and let the vermin BAR lawyers know their risk. The vermin won’t go too far beyond their stupid redemption period. You can get back in your house in 2-3 ways, should they still act stupid; to take few photos of changed Lock, and replace it with a new one.

    Because the moving vermin are supposed to prove their Lending $$, and Jurisdiction, NOT their bogus right to rob people property by assumption. They have NO PROOF of lending anything Period. I already proved these claims in their bloody face, after their long silence. They don’t respect people times, and are irresponsible always.

  6. Cynthia McKinney PhD@cynthiamckinney
    Brilliant. @DollarVigilante

    NWO Is Here! Kill Gates Patents Human Slavery Mark of the Beast System with Patent #666

    1. Ready - and Folks, question here: Why must the CDC push for their own test kits? Of course the chump change from the kits, but... I think its about harvesting DNA which they monetize FOREVER. This is shekel-shaker.
      They will profiteer off of OUR DNA FOREVER & EVER. Just another type of 'chip' inventory. FRIGGIN JEW FREAKS => NEVER CEASE in their harvesting of us. NEVER CEASE.

      This is CDC cover story below. What? they didn't have their 'harvesting contracts' lined up for the DNA-stealing racket? Things not going so well for the jew this time. Of course, the top jews are laughing at us, watch us walk around w masks, gloves, shut us down, prevent shipping & delivery, cause immense waste which of course they blame on us & call us hoarders when its them.

      Trump is up to his gills in jews, thus he calls for us to ‘stop hoarding’. MAKES ME FURIOUS. What? he has no clue what the jews are doing?

      Hey TRUMPet call off all KOSHER TAX EXTORTION RACKETS! NO MORE JEW TAX (its not just food). Well all our taxes are jew taxes.
      Gives the jew entire anti-Christian laws to offend. Islam can enslave too, by the way & murder, genocide same as the jews.

      CDC’s failed coronavirus tests were tainted with coronavirus, feds confirm - A federal investigation found CDC researchers not following protocol.
      As the new coronavirus took root across America, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent states tainted test kits in early February that were themselves seeded with the virus, federal officials have confirmed.
      The contamination made the tests uninterpretable, and—because testing is crucial for containment efforts—it lost the country invaluable time to get ahead of the advancing pandemic.

    2. >> When the deep state, US Congress, Rome, Brussels, Nato, Brits, City of London, et al. failed to take Trump out on the Russian >> collusion and impeachment stories - their agents (WHO, CDC, Fauci, Birx) released a manufactured and highly infectious form of >>“flu virus”...............regular seasonal flu; we don’t have lock downs, destroy lives and close small business for the seasonal flu do we?

      WELL, The TOP VERMIN DIDN’T FAIL to take Trump out, they planned things that way, to control Trump fears, in order to have him follow their Agenda, acting like they will take him out on “collusion and impeachment” = FRAUD. As soon as Trump complied with their Mind-Games, they let him off the hook, to play their Games to create CV-19 fears. Bc Trump is the Public driver.

      Don't forget GWB, (the Great Deceivers) is driving behind the scene. He knew the Army, the secrecies against people are now at play, evidenced by the major Energies (Jup-Sat-Pluto) in his People sector. Remember GWB 911 Games? 2001 he had only One energy (Neg.Neptune = deception, not art).

      >> NWO Is Here! Kill Gates Patents Human Slavery Mark of the Beast System with Patent #666

      NWO? Yes, I think so, but I don’t think it will succeed. Didn’t Jesus say Prophecies will fail? Yes he did, meaning the bible contradict itself, unless if you Let the evils take control of you.

    3. Carpenter - Here's another to add to the 'patent collection sampler'. Keep digging & spreading, man. WE need to know exactly what the hell they've been up to. Folks need to know, need to see it for themselves. I want to see it for myself.

      Anthony S. Fauci Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications - Justia Patents Search

  7. Whhhhaaaat??? at 15 min, Lindsey Graham wants Killy Gates to run WHO... what??? Says the leadership at WHO is questionable & he doesn't want to fund it, but IF Killy was large & in charge, he'd consider it.
    Ok, lets just pretend this is a 1.5D Chess move... from Lindsey. Get Killy to swashbuckler-swagger the pirate ship plank & Arrrgh!

    25 min Then CDC Birx slips up & says Gates... uhh.. federal gov recommended. Ahhh ha ha ha ha.

    [jew infested] Harvard leads US colleges that received 1 Billion from China. Oops. 34 min:

    AWK News 4.22.20: CHINA & [DS] players are being exposed daily!

    Harvard says it's keeping almost $9 million in stimulus ...
    Harvard says it's keeping almost $9 million in stimulus money that critics like Trump say it 'shouldn't be taking' ... "Harvard should give back the money now," and suggested .

  8. Oops...Hot

    When the deep state, US Congress, Rome, Brussels, Nato, Brits, City of London, et al. failed to take Trump out on the Russian collusion and impeachment stories - their agents (WHO, CDC, Fauci, Birx) released a manufactured and highly infectious form of “flu virus”. They then chided Pompeo and Trump for implying it was a hoax. Many died but many always die during the regular seasonal flu; we don’t have lock downs, destroy lives and close small business for the seasonal flu do we?

    James Perloff@jamesperloff
    White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic "Take Off the Masks...It's a HOAX!" “Quoting stats that COVID-19 is no worse than seasonal flu. “So it was a hoax..ha..ha..ha”

    Yup….just like Pompeo implied…..

    YouTube sensoring any videos that show that the “corona virus” is comparable to the seasonal flu.“Anything that goes against W.H.O will be removed from YouTube” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

  9. 22 Million American have lost their jobs. To help Americans; Trump was going to sign an Executive Order suspending guest worker programs that allowed foreign workers to take away high paying white collar jobs from Americans. Several key level Trump aides talked Trump out of signing the Executive Order because they said it would anger Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple...imagine that. Instead of "America First", it looks like "America Last".

    Henry Makow Retweeted
    The Columbia Bugle@ColumbiaBugle
    Wow! Tucker On How We Got Trump's Current Immigration EO
    "The original one would have suspended several guest worker programs, the ones that prevent qualified Americans from getting jobs. The final version, signed just hours ago, doesn't restrict any foreign workers at all."

  10. But Anna, on these:
    >> which is simply The Constitution for the United States --- no "of America".
    >> Now, Officer, you can see for yourself that no corporate rule-making, statute, legislation, code or
    The Vermin spread their false explanation to young Americans that their term "U.S." (Inc) is meant for "U.S.A" for short, the Bastards say.

    I didn't want to correct my Knucklehead, bc he seemed to think I'm up against him, on many topics. Yes I am concerned.

  11. P R I N T > THIS LETTER or write it by hand.

    Have all your friend/followers do the same for our freedom from mandatory vaccine digital ID’s. Let's overwhelm the White House to never be treated as chattel by Bill Gates or anybody else for that matter.

    You can find this letter on my blog list titled :

    Dear President Trump, Thomas Jefferson Meets Biblical Prophecy

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. You have a RIGHT to informed CONSENT. I have obtained this Advanced Vaccine Directive card for my family and passed on to others I care about. It is Laminated, you can autograph it and carry with you. Dr Rima Laibow and her her husband Maj General Bert sell them for a very reasonable charge. They are perfect for your wallet. It states in part;
    “The Advance Vaccine Directive is a valid Advance Health Directive or Living Will binding on the medical community under the law of Informed Consent. The Wallet Card our legal team developed is based on the latest US Supreme Court “I Do Not Consent” case, Missouri vs McNeely (2013). It covers circumstances in which you may find yourself facing not-consented vaccination, such as being brought into an ER and being subjected to immediate vaccination.”
    You can go here to find out more;