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Friday, April 24, 2020

Buying and Selling What Isn't Theirs

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked to review several new monetary systems over the past few weeks.  The fundamental flaws are quick to sum up: 

(1) Transfer systems --- the "pipelines" that allow interbank transfers for money are still under the control of who-knows-who, most likely Rockefellers or organizations controlled by Rockefellers like DHS, the current "stop-go", which regularly abuses its position to do everything from confiscate assets that don't belong to the Perps to blocking financial transactions that they have no plausible reason to block, or only self-interested reasons to block.  

So there is Flaw Number One --- no open-source control of the bank transfer system and no Public Oversight of the Bank Transfer System, either.  

If they can keep you from transferring your money or can intercept your money and shunt it into other accounts than you intend or can stop your money altogether and hold it for months and then, after making interest on it, return it to your account --- what else can they do with it?  Bail in.  Bail out.  Confiscate.  And on and on and on.  

The transparency and reliability and fairness of the Bank Transfer System is something that affects us all and which affects all aspects of international trade.  If you leave crooks in charge of it, all the present problems plaguing this function remain. All the proposals I have seen have been notably silent on who runs the bank transfer system and what kind of oversight applies to them.

Next, all these proposals come with solemn promises that remind me of the "Good Faith and Credit of Congress".  We are assured that, for example, no currency will be created unless it's asset backed.  We aren't told "exactly" what assets it will be backed with, and we aren't told who will be making sure that no currency is created without appropriate backing, and we aren't told who will be supervising and providing oversight to make sure that the currency generation process is clean and sane.  In short, there's really nothing in any of these plans to keep the same thing from happening over again.  We are told to "just trust them" --- again, which is clearly not an option. 

Third, strangely enough, though this should be obvious, all these proposed "asset-backed" currencies are still represented as "notes" --- as in Promissory Notes.  Hello?  I'm sorry, but asset-backed money is either: (1) a certificate of ownership tied to an actual commodity, or (2) actual money with the commodity integrated into the money itself.  There's no sense or reason on Earth for any asset-backed money to be processed as a "debt note", unless of course, the value of the "asset" backing the money has already been stolen or sold to other parties unknown.  

The sum total impression of these discussions is that nobody knows what they are doing, or if they do know what they are doing, they are tremendously crooked and think that the rest of us are equally stupid.  Maybe we deserve that, as we let them get away with so much for so long.  

As I keep explaining to the jaw-dropped purveyors --- there's a difference between dealing with a bear that is hibernating and a bear that is fully awake. 

And when you step back from all of this and just look at it --- what do you see? 

Men who are buying and selling and trading what isn't theirs to start with, men controlling the assets and labor of others, which they have no right to do, men who have manipulated everything --- every commodity and delivery system you can think of --- for so long, that they just assume that that is their right and role in the world.
It doesn't enter their heads that you and the actual government might have something else in mind, new business standards, new institutions, new ways of transferring money, new means of accounting, new means of oversight, or even other organizations in mind for the jobs.   


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Others are saying the same things Anna is. They don't quite get at the cause but the outcome will be the same. Here is one example from Mike Maloney of


  1. >> Buying and Selling What Isn't Theirs ?

    That's right Anna, they're slicing us:

  2. All must be brought fully into the Light. No 'secret' this, or 'shadow' that is going to work. For years now I have had an interesting thought on how to break the energy flow that these 'super secret' whatever-they-ares recieve from the financial currency system. The thought was that if every single person who wakes up in the morning just up and stayed home. No 'calling in', no doctor's notes, no explaining at all. If, for even one day, the 'secret-whatever-they-ares' did not recieve any of our energy at all, would they even exist the next day?

    1. Our passive thought/energy will NOT shake them. Our wish for "no secret" with the vermin will not work. Bc they see us as bugs, unintelligent being. They will lie, to pacify us for a while, to let thing pass, so they can stay in power. Do you want Proofs? if this site allows me to post images, you would see these components in America Charts:

      Houses [2,4]: we have a neg.Venus, neg.Mercury | Houses [10]: neg.Plutonians, [7]:neg.Hades. neg.Saturn.

      Meanings: we are dealing with the Gov't, or they are dealing with us, on the lack of earnings & security, lack of empathy (their manipulations, deceptions, their toxic/unnecessary wars with local people and foreigners).

      They don't call their scamming scheme as Conspiracy, they call it "Social engineering". I say so because neg.Hades, neg.Saturn are their energies, they like to be the bosses, the controllers of any situation.

      Their negative energies are real, in America house #7, relating to people at home, and foreign people.
      I am thankful that God opens our eyes. This is science, NOT astrology topic. Why? If you won't see the mentioned signs in any common astrological tools; you won't see these truths. I cut off non-related topic.

    2. Sorry on the posting video up there. I don't mean I agree with it. We need real work to fix America problem. They were and are the ones being aggressive with us.

      Charts show Hitler was somewhat aggressive, but not as bad as our current U.S.(Inc) government (servicing corporations),

  3. >> Third, strangely enough, though this should be obvious, all these proposed "asset-backed"

    What Anna explained makes perfect sense, everything is so wrong in America. The crooks think they cam divert and screw the monetary system in any crooked way they like to steal all they can steal from people.

    I have a positive Saturn (capricorn) Brother, even with a positive sign as his, he still misbehaves so much all his life, he likes to take my stuffs in secret, and failed to return, or pay back for his loan, he came up with his cheating reasons to escape or make me his debtor. He won't let me use his logic/standard to apply to him. I never wanted to talk with him any more.

    I see why, neg.Saturn type of of people are more difficult to deal with, let alone neg.Hades type of people. Why? they like being the warriors/ bosses without proper equipment/ qualification.

  4. To Anna,
    A suggestion on how to control the flow of currency in banks. Use nanobots on the currency. You would have control from the time of manufacturing(Treasury) . You will be able keep track of all Currency and transactions at and through the banks. The Treasury would have the Central Mainframe Computer (already exist). The banks have to scan in and out the currency. All foreign currency would have there own code or prefix. One Master computer with backup computer that monitoring All countries of the world.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

  5. To all,
    All electronic currencies or e-Debt Instrument, are similar to STOCK, controlled by one party. Like DTCc, etc. When the vermin corrupt, all souls get burned.

    Tangible gold silver per Article 1, Sec 8, 5, had been the way to stop the Fraudsters.

    Later, the Fraudsters came in form of Corrupt Govt'/Presidents to cause paper/Debt Instrument ($IOU's) to enslave us, on top of their fraudulent laws, loop-back scheme, pass-Through FAUD.

    Gold and Silver will slow down the crooks.

  6. yes, the big trick is many things want to appear to be asset-based while not actually doing so.

    e.g. "gold backed" means nothing unless notes are redeemable/cashable on demand.

    "cold hard cash" means specie (or something redeemable for specie, nowadays this might be thought of as a form or type of liquidity, although that metaphor is opposed to something "solid" of course) -- paper and credit is neither cold nor hard, but are at best "derivitaves" or additional "layers" on top of specie.

    without this redeemability on demand requirement, then you just end up with them having assets locked up (in theory, no way to verify) and they borrow against it and use it as collateral for notes/credit/etc. -- more counterfeiting.

    in other words, the exact same system that exists now. the banks and "governments" keep all the real assets, everyone else gets pieces of monopoly money to play with, that costs them next to nothing to produce. another "loaned into existence" "monetized debt" situation, with effectively no limit on how much credit they can siphon off of people and then try to bill them for.

    the key word for any asset-backed system is, are there paper notes "redeemable on demand" by whoever down the line ends up possessing a note.

    "gold backed" etc. are just deliberate ploys to make it superficially seem like a "return to sound money" without actually doing anything different.

    "xyz-backed" means nothing without "redeemable on demand" by bearer/holder -- whoever has a note physically in their hands.

    1. xerces yakir:
      You got everything right.

      yes, the big trick is many things want to appear to be
      >> asset-based while not actually doing so.
      The vermin do used asset-backed, except they backed for their own profits.

      I.e. They foreclosed fraudulently for their own ungpodly profits, not for the investors (us, via fund managers).

      The crooks didn't know I was one the ex-Wall-Steet investors. I lost big on the BS DTCc, controlled by FRS, and corrupt Banksters, where they never lent us a dime, they only extracted everything we have, including our gold.

      I saw people so mad with the vermin, and wanted to eat their hearts alive.