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Friday, April 24, 2020

Dear President Trump and State of State Governors

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear President Trump and State of State Governors,

It’s apparent you all need help.  And not from more charlatans. 

This is very simple. 

We have five (5) different technologies for broad spectrum removal of all Corona Viruses— and all other SARS viruses, too. 

And they all work and are proven to work. 

We can cure one individual, a houseful, a town, a city, a county, an entire state— even the entire planet. 

Our technology is completely scale-able, non-invasive, does not pollute, does not involve vaccines. 

And it’s cheap. 

What’s not to like about this? 

Our General Accord Contract is three pages long. 

It allows us to help you and all the people who are depending on you. 

Ask and you receive.  

Don’t ask.....and you get to give press conferences forever? 


  1. be nice if they'd reach out. But then, would they have to recognize all else? After all you are Fiduciary.

  2. One concern. Web site #1 The White House 3/19/20. President Trump at the Federal Emergency Management Agency Headquarters.
    Web site #2 4/13/20. Trump has given the reigns to FEMA.

    Is this proper or are we in trouble.
    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

    1. i think the x files movie already covered most everything with FEMA

      (thats not being sarcastic -- they will take advantage of situations -- real or imaginary -- and they like a "deflection cover story" -- i.e. anyone who questions FEMA they will accuse of being a conspiracy nut, crazy, believes in aliens, etc.)

      point being, it doesnt matter if they planned anything, or if they have a script -- like kung fu movies, they will adapt and use anything in the env. as a weapon.

      ditto with "communism" freemasonry, etc.

      someone will accuse me of "trying lead people down the rabbit hole" -- but i say this merely to point out, i dont expect they will stray very far.

      only little lies need covered up.

      just substitute "aliens" for "feds and bankers try to microchip everyone, promote a new world order religion" -- even the conspirators in the movie met in london.

      you see, they've got a perfect "deflection cover story" -- anyone who accuses london bankers of plotting anything, has merely been watching too many alien movies.

      im not suggesting anything except such scripts work in their favor -- again, real or imagined emergencies, planned scripts or coincidental -- they will take advantage of situations as they arise and mold them to their advantage.

      quote: "so much for little green men" (doctor gets eaten by alien/human hybrid)

    2. i should emphasize by "ditto with "communism" freemasonry, etc." --

      i mean both "that is how those philosophies operate" but also "boogeymen are used in this kind of dynamic, kung-fu matter, as well"

      if you watch john wick 3 -- they will hit a horse, causing it to kick someone, etc.

      thats why i say it doesnt matter if they plan anything or not -- they will use the env. of ideas and archetypes and thought perceptions/etc. to manipulate people towards their objectives -- whether they planned anything or not, whether emergencies are real or not, etc.

      they are very concerned with mind control, so it really doesn't matter what is real or not to them, what matters is people can be manipulated into proper courses of action, and/or prevented from taking any non-ideal actions (for them) etc.

  3. >> We have five (5) different technologies for broad spectrum
    >> removal of all Corona Viruses— and all other SARS viruses, too.

    Except that they don't need our help (on Conspiracy), Judge Anna. They think they can do it best, to mind-control at all costs.

    Fear is the ingredient all Lawyers (Neptunians) used to get what they wanted, to break people homes,etc..(by playing Sheriff). Yes these guys are alike: GWB, Dick Chaney, Billy Gates, Pm Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, etc..

  4. ClO2 seems helpful as does high dose intraveneous or liposomal V-C. It may also be helpful to maintain a good Vitamin D level. How about that Bravo Yogurt GC Maf stuff along with the rest of that protocol. These are just some of the things that are out there.

  5. The vermin just changed the Law/legal Definition AGAIN, now on UCC § 9-607 - 9-610 to a NEW term "Investment control". The Banks did not investment anything in people, they only extract -ed all people assets, HJR192 credits, $IOU's, Trust, Bond, Gold, Slavery fund, etc: just changed the legal definition of the UCc 9-607... to Investment Control. Below is the old or current definitions:

    § 9-607. COLLECTION AND ENFORCEMENT BY SECURED ... › ucc › 9-607

    U.C.C. - ARTICLE 9 - SECURED TRANSACTIONS (2010 ... › ucc

    1309.607. (UCC 9-607) Collection and enforcement by ... › jd_1309607-581d
    (UCC 9-607) Collection and enforcement by secured party. (A) If so agreed, and in any event after default, a secured party: (1)

    Uniform Commercial Code § 9-607. Collection and ... › lpadocument
    Uniform Commercial Code § 9-607. Collection and Enforcement by Secured Party, NY CLS UCC § 9-607. Summary. (a) Collection and enforcement generally.

    DO NOT delete this PAUL, keep it for the records. Because Anna did make a reference to this Law in her $279 Trillion Commercial lien, for debt Collection against the vermin worldwide. The vermin changed things on quite often. against the search engine. Later on the search engines will copy to make it (/or the vermin) look normal.

    I watched their manipulative patterns for a long time since 2010. They changed Regulation Z term also, to affect people, for the vermin to steal everything.

  6. From Anna:

    Thank you, Carpenter!

    I knew we could count on you to ride herd! You are wonderful!

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