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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Where is all the corruption really coming from? Could it be the public schools?

Found Here:

and Here:

Now you know some of the reasons we home schooled our 8 Children through the 8th grade.

Some of these public school children go on to become our political leaders!

Please comment below. You might think by placing these videos here I might be "preaching to the choir" so to speak, but watch them and you will find some shocking information.

We are talking here about the Public Schools the so called government wants you to send your children to. Keep that in mind.


  1. The public schools are a product of the Rockefeller Foundation
    They were never meant to educate anyone
    Porn, prostitutes, pedophila
    Which is exactly why you are witnessing what you are witnessing
    They have been deliberately drugging the public for decades from baby bottles to the flourided water to GMO food

    All of this coming out of SWISSY land which of course houses all their ill gotten gain from everyone they stole it from all around the world


  2. Public schools are good if they were operated by honest King(s) to their people. Not by corrupt and evil Corporations.

  3. The destruction of the family is one of the agneda items and their fake ass writers in every venue push the narrative

    Not to mention they have CPS to make sure they continue to rip families apart along with their paid off cops, judges, lawyers, etc etc etc
    Not to mention the sucking away any real means to support a family of which those purse strings are also controlled by the very crooks who set this whole rob the earth and everyoe else on it for their own benefit Pyramid Ponzi Scheme

    In the article posted above you will see that The Rockefeller Institute along with Carnegie and Gates and many many other 'philanthropists' are who's pushing this crap ass shit on our children and families and if you do not take the steps to get out of it then you are complicit

    As the article writer states, until people realize what these blood sucking families are doing to the rest of humanity nothing will change

  4. A lot of forethought has gone on to create the education system we now have. For example, no parent would normally send their children to pre-school, JK or kindergarten except that, who will look after them in a 2 parent working necessity to keep a roof over their head? So to be effective, they had to get the moms out of the house. When I went to school, we were taught that your housing costs should not exceed 25% of your income(in the 1960's).

    Can an average single working parent afford to do that today? By the 1980's it was beginning to be very difficult and almost unthinkable today. There has to be some broader thinking here to reverse all this and it starts with the banking and government control. I don't think it is as critical if either the mother or father becomes the stay at home parent as it is to make it viable to raise a family that way. Then home school or community school can be effective at raising children with some decent knowledge to provide the skills needed to survive and thrive in the world as we go forward. In my opinion.

  5. schools (and "churches" who love to hold financial events) are just workforce training, nothing more.

    they are creating a supply of the types of students and "communities" and "families" that their "future" demands.

    it just one big alchemical crucible or hegelian "forging" process to them, "manufacturing consent", "control of consciousness"

    it is nothing new, except the technology is more advanced nowadays.

    they like "community" families, i.e. one big family. "it takes a village" in hillary-speak. for "anti-social" families, that is fine too, they achieve their objectives via financial flow, irs rewards and punishments, etc.
    The received idea of the ultra-left is that Soviet moves to weaken the family, by the institution of state nurseries, the facilitation of divorce, the ideology of free love, and the legalisation of birth control and abortion, were modified because the family was found to be the necessary training ground for the submissive citizen, and so it is, but not in quite the way that revolutionary Marxist orthodoxy sees it. What state capitalism realised was that the nuclear family is the most malleable social unit;
    State capitalism and monopoly capitalism necessitate the same patterns of consumption, mobility and aspiration.
    The Marxist-Leninist attack on the Family was inevitable but its attack on the nuclear family was half-hearted and was soon abandoned.

    1. "dude, i already got your money" -- charlie sheen to heckler
      thats all it is really about. the idea they care either way about "families" is ridiculous. they want irs law merchant families, embedded into their private international law, that's all. any other pro or anti "family" nonsense is immaterial/distraction.

      its always hegelian mind games with these people. its all about ends. the means dont matter.

      if they have to provide the illusion of "families" to get people to go along, they will. if they have to pretend to be "progressive" they will, etc.

      they want control. a family on the hook for decades of mortgages, cars, licenses, fees, taxes, etc. is very profitable to them.

      they just want people inside their system of things, it is quite irrelevant whether people have families or not.


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