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Monday, March 9, 2020

Keep Calm and....Get Even

By Anna Von Reitz

If you have been listening to Grandma the last several years and thinking along on your own, you've been putting aside those extra rolls of toilet paper and cough drops and are not caught unprepared for even a relatively prolonged stay at home.

I was not exactly prophetic, as it only stands to reason that for various motives, the rats will desire to interrupt business as usual and find means to distract people and keep them off the streets during the 90-day shut down of the UNITED STATES, INC.

If nothing else, they will want an excuse for the business and financial disruptions this shut down causes--- and the CV delivers that excuse.

This man-created "emergency" is 90% fear-porn, because as already detailed, the survival parameters are about the same as for the Common Cold, but the fear itself is generating problems that are much worse than anything the CV can do, simply by paralyzing production and crippling appropriate responses --- which do not include quarantines.

Quarantines, obviously, don't work. Work stoppages and supply chain interruptions imposed by quarantines don't help. Practical measures like hand washing, turning off 5G, Vitamin C, enriched oxygen atmosphere, essential oils, good diet, and similar steps do help, but instead of focusing on helpful "news" the Mainstream Media is predictably hyping all the fear-porn to increase its own viewership ratings.

Bah, and humbug. Remember: one's response to bad news can be more damaging than the bad news itself. That includes panic selling on the stock markets and commodity hoarding and blocking shipments of supplies.

The plain fact is ---- if you aren't afraid of the Common Cold, there is no reason to fear the CV, either. Your chances of death from either one are about even.

Keep that in mind going forward, and be annoyed with all those people who are over-reacting and not going to work and emptying store shelves ten minutes before closing and standing around looking paranoid.

Be even more annoyed with the "government" officials whipping this up as a Big Deal and invoking quarantines and by their own actions fostering fear and fear-based reactions in the public.

Yes, people are going to die. 600,000 per year die from flu on a predictable basis. That's a lot of people, but on the other hand, we don't stop trains and close down factories because of it.

The only thing different and scary about CV is how fast the infection spreads, and the fact that is it weaponized to preferentially attack certain populations, with Asian men being five times more susceptible than Europeans.

Since we know who developed this particular virus, Quinetiq, Inc., and we know it is owned by ELIZABETH II, aided and abetted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I would suggest that the most rational response for the other countries and industries that are being harmed, is to file suit for damages and attach liens to the corporations responsible, while imposing on the Pope to liquidate them for criminal wrong-doing.

Makes sense to me.

This time the British Connection didn't escape detection. Let's make sure that those responsible get kicked in the teeth hard enough to be discouraged from any further use of bioweapons. Treat them like two year-olds with a hammer and send them straight to bed without supper.

And thank God that the virus has not performed according to their expectations.

They are, after all, still bent on killing off their priority creditors by any means fair or foul, so long as they don't get caught doing it.

These "purges" and "culling of the herd" as envisioned by the nasty UN CORP and exposed as the UN Agenda 21, are, after all, just par for their long-established practices of identity and credit theft, followed by killing off their priority creditors, and either hyper-inflating or deflating the value of the victim's currency.

After which the criminals sail over the horizon and are --- purportedly --- never heard from again, but, times they-are-a-changing. China was their next intended "mark" but China wised up, which is why China was the epicenter of the attack. Now they will try to move to Indonesia and the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Let's see how that goes for them, shall we?

Meantime, all the victims of this rot in the Mideast, Europe, North America, and now, China, need to keep up the hue and cry and keep on tracking the foxes until we nail them at last in their dens.


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  1. Your view of the corona virus may be true, but will you risk being exposed...!! There is no telling what they are dealing with and who they are certainly is the chinese people...!! Its good to be protected because Trump knows what is going on and he doesnt want Americans to die because of it...thats why he invoked all the restains before it even boats, planes, or social events until this is all sorted out...dont forget, a virus can always mutate or they can manipulate it so it becomes a real pandemic...!! And dont think they wont..!!
    I just want to live long enough to see this new world coming...!! Is that asking to much..??

  2. true
    James Woods@RealJamesWoods

    Hillary will attach to Biden like the face-hugger in ALIEN. She’ll be president in a month after the election. The best part for her is avoiding the debates and the campaign trail. He gets elected and she pops out of his chest like the baby alien, ready to take over the world.

    1. LOL READY. I hope people have watched those "Alien" movies to understand your reference. YEs, bypassing all that fake pageantry is just what the bad guys want. I think that Biden is getting all the support, faking a mental illness to help give the endorsement to Michelle(Micheal) Obama as well as help Biden in any treason trial. Then Michelle Obama picks the witch Hildebeast as her running mate thereby showing the LOW IQ Dem supporters that "A Woman Can indeed be President" and "no sexism allowed here". Low IQ thugs and leeches go for that in a heartbeat. BUT not enough to beat Trump who has a parallel economy brewing that will replace the economy the banksters are trying to destroy.

    2. To whomever Hillary attaches herself, they should hire a taster post haste. : )

  3. PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE, INFO showing: "who developed this particular virus, Quinetiq, Inc., and we know it is owned by ELIZABETH II, aided and abetted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,"

    Please provide evidence, documents, info, that evidences the Pope has control to proceed with liquidating them.




    YOU ARE TOO EGOTISTICAL TO BE IN THE POSITION OF FIDUCIARY FOR OUR The United States Land & Soil Jurisdiction. You have THREATENED CHRISTIANS, CATHOLICS with deportation under YOUR DICTATES. I don't think so.


    YOU ARE QUITE THE LITTLE FABRICATOR with all your pontificating, so stupidly, as though anyone ought to take you seriously. And YOU are telling us what to do? And YOU think anyone in a power perch, after reading your idiotic articles are going to take you seriously?

    YOU ARE A DANGER TO OUR AMERICA. OUR GOALS. OUR CREDITABILITY. You sound like some nutcase. Just who do YOU think YOU are to represent us in such a despicable, disrespectful manner? YOU ARE NOT OUR FIDCUIARY IF YOU CONTINUE WITH SUCH IDIOTIC, FANATICAL HYSTERICS.



    Seems so easy for you slip into some OTHER SKIN like a REPTILIAN. You exhibit the very characteristics you accuse others of having. Making evil, nasty threats against innocents is JEW AGENDA. Lets just call it BOLSHEVIK HABSBURG.


    1. This whole systems is just an Illusion perpetrated on the people of earth by some known and some unknown people on or about 1213. Self proclaimed authority at the point of a gun or sward. Therefore consent is not needed.

      There are four kinds of people:

      He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not;

      He who knows not, and knows that he knows not;

      He who knows, but knows not that he knows; and

      He who knows, and knows that he knows.

      Gratitude - keep moving forward

    2. @ Wink Wink

      Are you shouting or are all those all C•A•P•I•T•O•L L•E•T•T•E•R W•O•R•D•S the language known as DOG•LATIN?

      Either way your opinion makes no sense and P•I•C•T•U•R•E•S of L•E•T•T•E•R•S are not under•standable.

      I have stood up for my rights against this clearly documented fraud and have had people tell me if I don't want to pay TAXES like a Good American I am welcome to leave.

      How is Anna's opinion for deportation that any man threatening Harm and especially Death to other innocent Americans no matter their Ridiculous Religious Tags be wrong? How is wanting to get rid of Hate, the one single thing that separates brothers and sisters classify Anna as a dictator? Being Fiduciary comes with a duty responsibility and obligation to all people no matter their professed Tags.

      Jews are not the only group spreading Hate. I have set across the dinner table from People I know first hand are of 100% Irish decent some self proclaimed Roman Catholics spew such Hate against Protestants and Black People it was Life altering for me. How is that behavior defined as Christian in any way shape or form? I removed my Children from the dinner table several times when the unacceptable discriptive words started. Hate begins at Home. Hate is taught at Home. Where is a better place to go where Hate does not exist? Hate is spread worldwide by narrow minded people who are so miserable in their own hearts they have to target some other group who they have determined are wrong in some way be it Religion, Race, Color, Political Affiliation, or Sexual Orientation. Hate is not limited to Jews and the affects are devestating to the individual lives targeted.

      If you don't accept Anna's opinion, write your own Articles and start your own Blog.

      If deporting people who are hate mongers was the answer our Country would be sparsely populated.

      Why is Anna's opinion so terrible? She certainly didn't force the Irish Catholic People I know to elect the hateful opinions they have and choose to spew as Fact in front of innocent Children. Hate begins at Home and that is where it needs the be replaced with Love.

      It is Quite evident what is in your Heart if you believe Anna is targeting any one group of people with the suggestion of deportation as a Remedy.

      People chose their Ridiculous Tags and define their hate using their Tags as a shield. I see it every day. So if self proclaimed Catholics or Muslims or Jews or Democrats or Republicans or Whites or Black's or Gays or Straights (Chose a Tag) stand up and Publicly threaten another group or man is that not Terroristic Threatening?

      Are Catholics granted salvation from the RCC and forgiven the sin of terroristic Threatening by saying a couple of repetitive prayers after confession on Saturday evening? If only Catholics get to go to a Heaven because their doctrine is the only way it is certainly not a place I would chose to go.

      Hate is the opposite of Love as Live is the opposite of eviL. Please keep your Hate Private and at your own dinner table as it is destructive in the Public. Any man making the conscious choice to read Anna's Articles also has the free will choice not to read Anna's Articles. The object here is to assemble the people and this will never be accomplished with Hate. How can such a diverse People unite without Love in the forefront? How can We the People of our great country be a group united if we bring Hate with us to meetings? This blog is a meeting place.

      Only Love will save the world. Only a man or wombman makes the conscious choice to Hate his fellow man by the Tag he displays.

      Peace and Love to all as you go about your day and especially the Man or wombman who chose the Tag Wink Wink.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    3. Annie McShane
      On Delaware, AWESOME!!!!!!

    4. Yeah, Gen Patton knew all about this and said "We fought the wrong enemy". He also wrote about an experience he had meeting a group of jews and the stench was so bad, according to his notes, that he threw up 3 hours later. Considering all the horror a General sees during his time that must have been some disturbing thoughts, aye?

    5. Mustang 1969 - might be this you're on to: “We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General (Eisenhower)...The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result remembering it." ~ General Patton in Germany, diary entry Sept 17, 1945

      And add this today, one of many, many stench claims - Admits they bathe only once a week:
      A couple is suing American Airlines for discrimination after they were kicked off a flight for supposedly smelling bad A Michigan couple is suing American Airlines for discrimination, alleging in a lawsuit that an airline agent kicked them off a flight for what the employee said was "extremely offensive body odor" and told them he knew that "Orthodox Jews take baths once a week."

      thanks & stay sane

    6. What is abosolutely amazing is how folks think that love will solve the problem
      We can love all we want

      Despicable what has been done to families, all of us not just whites, all families

    7. Go read the comments in this article made by jouku


    8. We are the only species on this planet that must pay in monopoly money to live on it

    9. Shut your trap I happened to love Anna message.!!sounds to me like you are a sheep or a mole and in the side of the enemy

  4. I would be most happy if I could get a lawsuit template. Love to everyone

    1. Fabio - seems arbitration is the way to go. But via whom, just don't know. I think we'd all like plow down with arbitration & get this push going in a major way.

  5. The LATEST SCAMMING TACTIC of the Bankers (dishonest corporations):

    If you fight to keep your house successfully, The crooks will still not giving up their toxic scams on us. Confusion is the Names of their Games. Don’t fall like Anna, if you hear the crooks use this Term with you, “The investors vested in your house, we foreclose for them” . That’s BS. The “Investors are US/us/people”. The crooks like to park our moneys in their toxic fake loan Stocks, aka “Pass-Through Trusts”.
    1) What is parking inside the Trusts are ours.
    2) What we invested externally via Insurance, or ETF (Employee Retirement Funds) are the people energies.
    3) Beware of the Vampire’s mind. Don’t let the Bankers or Bar lawyers confuse you, with their terms of “Reinvestment” to rewrite your contract, when they never lent us a dime in the first place.
    4) They manipulated our HJR192Credits parked in secret, so much, they blocked us from using our fund (of our gold). The Vampires lie so much: that America was bankrupted multiple times in ~1935-40, (true but the crooks already benefited from such as fraud) that they had to lie to use our human energies to enslave us more, to back their Banking Monetary $$$ --Lie., “claiming falsely that they have the Lending buffer”.

    What is “The Lending buffer” ? IT means 2 things. A) the bankers “Fake loan machine won’t flow well” IF they took out so much funds from the Pass-Through Trusts, etc. To prevent the stalling, they had to put our moneys/securities back into The Trusts. By doing so, multiple times of (withdraws & deposits) that is a wash. That’s “NOT the lending buffer, as fraudulent Bankers asserted, lied.”

    1. misspelled there, top line. "they still will not give up". Here is why: They keep pushing their fake loans ahead, non-stopping. So why would they agree to commit Fraud & crimes ? when they can just lie?:

      Here is the facts of their on-going Fake Loans, via Wall-street Trust, DTCc on top of our Gold-Credits, parked in their "PASS-THROUGH MORTGage Trust" etc, Extracting our energies, inside out, directly and indirectly via people DIY retirements in secret, etc..without lending any one a dime, except to pay their clerks to do repeated scamming process:

      See the top-left Infor. New Trusts created by many Corporations. Some scamming Bank-investment-Notes sold to ppl can be found at the SEC. site.

  6. There were about 7 US bankruptcys the best one started in 1913.

    We know the banks and attorneys have deceived the American people for a long time; 1860 if not earlier.

    According to legalese and case law - banks cannot lend credit - then what do they lend IOU - FRN at interest. CONgress (70% attorneys) had no authority to give the printing of currency to a private corporation created by the banking cartel

    So why are the willfully ignorant people not angry

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

    It was Henry Ford who said in substance this: 'It is perhaps well enough that the people of the nation do not know or understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning'.

    Long live the Banksters ...........LOL

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. >> There were about 7 US bankruptcys the best one started in 1913.

      Are you sure Maximus that the famous Bankruptcy was in 1913? According to my Radar, it was in 1907, by the "United States Corporation" if I remember right. 1913 was the component of USA.Inc's Fraud, the private Federal Reserved Bank. That old 1907 defunct Corporation got bought by the British, to transform into "the United States of America, (Incorporated, freq, omitted), and turned into the STRAWMAN like "the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, (INC.). The Revived U.S.A.(Inc) corporation, got Bankrupted again and moved to Scotland in 2010's, , Now in Scotland with the word (LIMITED). This is the Government Servicing Corporation, NOT the actual Government as the Vermins asserted for their Corporation operations, to self-serve, and scam their own Government (the people).

      In 1920's to 1933's. America used to have lots of Surplus's. Then all disappeared in the pockets of the crooks. I have lots of old evidences.

  7. Just listened to the video from last night

    Anna states she is in constant contact with the popeye

    Word is that their script calls for him (popeye) to get COV'd off the stage

    Friday the 13th and it's infamous history should be noted

    Exactly 7 years since popeye took office (March 13, 2013)

    Something to note is that they put Italy on lock down, millions will be trapped in tha city as

    Hopefully people will get to read this my comments are being deleted

  8. Electronic Health Records - the new eugenics

    No ones health (data) records should be electronic, PERIOD

    They are harvesting the medical data all around the world and THEY ARE NOT USING IT FOR BETTER HEALTH CARE OR SERVICE OF CARE

    Amazing how they shoot us up with vaccines, dump flouride in the water, poison the food and yet they seem so interested in our HEALTH

    BULLSHIT people, do not give a doctor any information if they are recording it in electronic format - NEVER

    1. Shelby - let us know if you find more on papal election. Can't find anything yet. tak tak

    2. Question to this round because a friend have been
      asking me today about the 90-day shut down of the
      UNITED STATES, INC. and I was not able to give a
      proper answer to him.
      Thanks in advance

    3. Wink Wink I will keep posted

      DET - as per video from Monday night done by Anna, she explained that this choas is being caused so that the 90 day shut down can take place - end the bankruptcy

      After that time period they will reenter DC and start new set up under same fraud and no one will be the wiser

      Now this is what was reported in the video only saying what was relayed there

      Basically what's going on is they are looting the treasury and bankrupting any business they can and will buy them up for pennies on the dollar - it's all bullshit but that's how they play this game of Monopoly

      The money fakers somehow can buy up anything they want with those fiat dollars but somehow they are worthless to us?

      Also stated on the video from last night that federal reserve also closed? Not sure on this either but thought I'd throw it out there.

      I'm looking at all kinds of stuff but the main culprit to this whole scheme is SWISSY land, IMO

    4. And look at all the 'exercises' on pandemics

      Right out of their bioterror play book

      International Standards Organization (ISO) located in SWITZERLAND

      Also where all the G20, G7 and Bilderberg and Davos and anything else you can think of comes out of
      INCLUDING CERN - main computer that runs them all

      Brussels system is called the 'BEAST'

  9. And looky what we have here
    The WHO and Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS)

    How about that manufacture the virus, release it and all the while behind the entire mess to begin with

    Lets not forget that ole Billy and Melinda donated 4.3 billion for global vaccines for the poor

    Can't feed those folks but can give them deadly vaccines
    What a disgrace

  10. All I can say is I am in total gratitude to you, Grandma Anna!!!
    For exposing the TRUTH about this BS Pandemic COVID-19 excuses for these human parasites.

    Id anyone is interested I am going to post a few resources for having excellent health and a non-compromised immune system from any pathogens.

    Our immune system is designed to fight viruses, bacteria's, and pathogens naturally.

    Whether they are from mother nature or thees man-made COVID-19, SARS and Ebola virus, which includes a report done on Natural Treatments for Ebola Virus Exist, Research Suggests, also including articles titled, Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?, and Licorice Shown to Kill SARS and Other Lethal Viruses.
    Here are health supplements supported facts and science to protect your immune system and provide you with vibrant health and wellness!

    Hope this helps anyone concerned!

  11. is to file suit for damages and attach liens to the corporations responsible, anyone got some good info on doing that correctly?


    So while they spray the sky with toxins and release bio terror diseases across the globe they are tracking the data in real time
    And the doctors office data is being used as well, it's all been converted to electronic format - everything in your records is being tracked and traced



      Read the report and see some of the faces of the terrorist at work with the WHO to subject the entire earth to their deadly medicine and world surveillance

      But they are not being used to benefit mankind in any way they are being used to find all the earths populations and subject them to their deadly medicine

  13. Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell

    CORONAVIRUS: A Globalist Bioweapon Created by DARPA, Big Pharma and Its British Overlords

    VIMEO is censoring the British origins of Coronavirus

    These evil Satanic scum of the earth masquerade as Christians and non Christians alike. Hiding behind various religions as a store front and engaging in heinous conduct is their specialty. Because of this diabolical practice, true peaceful, devout practitioners of these religions are being held accountable for the actions of these few perpetrators.

    In my opinion, Anna's suggestion to deport these b*stards doesn't go far enough - she's a lot nicer than I am. Deportation will not stop them; they will continue to engage in the same conduct in or out of America. These perp's must be executed sans a trial. But since Trump appears to be good buddies with some of these "people"; I doubt you'll see anyone imprisoned let alone executed. How long have Durham and Barr had - three years - and a Grand Jury hasn't even been impaneled, ridiculous.

  14. Couple of days ago throughout my entire neighborhood there was a book left at every house on the curb - hundreds of homes and a free book at every one of them
    The book
    The Great Controvery Ended
    One the back of the book it says the following
    The great controversary is ended. Sin and sinners ar no more.
    The entire universe is clean. One pulse of harmony and gladness beats through the vast creation.

    I won't type it all in but inside the book is what is of interest

    The coming Messianic Age - that's the age the rabbi's are going for as per their fake Kabbalah and Zohar

    I've posted a site link here in the past that Paul has deemed not worthy of being posted on this blog - that site is spot on to their script and how it is being played out in real time across the tell lie vision and in alt media being that they control the whole gambit through CERN

    As per his site this morning
    They either go ahead and narrate the Pope’s death and destroy Rome in accordance with the Zohar prophecy, they’ll draw a great deal of attention to this blog’s narrative of their activities. So by the time they get to their resolution phase over March 19-23, their own narrative would be in serious jeopardy. And if they try to go ahead without destroying Rome, they’d be letting down all their ancestors and showing the Zohar for the useless fraud that it is.

    Couple of us have been warned not to leave the link here anymore as Paul is offended by the mans content - hmmm I wonder why that is?
    If this site claims to be freeing the people from the clutches of this very cabal (Kabbalah Gang) then why would you deny people of the information?

    And an FYI, Mike Adams of health ranger is in on the gambit
    Stands to reason because the Adams Family is one of the chosen families and I would bet ole Mike is one of the family

    1. Shelby - after the new 'free speech' video option was broadcast & folks began to join, its name was changed to Br*ght**n. Mike Adams then made a long vid declaring that if anyone posted against the jews they would be notice, even shut down.
      Made us curious as to how it was Adams has several 'successful' online presences, sites, promoting non-Big Pharma/Big Med natural alternatives. This isn't available to non-judizers, who are seemingly capped on success, if not compromised.
      We don't 'do' Br*ght**n.

      Weird book delivery by jewdizing Messi'manics
      Had a non-local carpetbagger jewess roaming our hood pushing mass immigration pity-party politics. We told her No & to send them to Israhell. tak-tak

    2. Shelby, it's because the man has no truth in his treatment of what the Catholic Church is and who are really Catholics. He is stuck in the same pot of heresy as Martin Luther was and his followers still are, including Anna, in that they don't make any distinction between what comes out of Rome today, and the real history of the Universal Church that Christ founded. They use the sins and evil coming from Rome now as a way to condemn 20 centuries of truth embodied in the Catholic (Universal) Church, and those truths will stand for all time. Regardless of what Protestantism says about it. The website you refer to is still not to be posted on this blog. It will be deleted every time.

    3. Be aware they now pushing evil West versus good East narrative everywhere today
      Russia cannot find intelligent life in Washington

      March madness and the evil Zio Anglo Americans

      Adams site is pushing for lock down as this is only way to save the country blah blah blah

      This is how they pushing the BRICS deal and the new financial system as the savior to all our woah's

      Make no mistake it is coordinated at all levels and Putin is to play a vital role in the outcome as per their script

    4. shelby,
      Russia cannot find intelligent life in Washington

      Well, that's what the British WA D.C. get for Jumping on the real Gov't beds.

  15. we found the "fox" -- its "the lord" aka yahweh aka moses and his magical wand of merging/smiting.

    christ can't be "god" because this jealous egyptian alchemy/sun god wants to be. hence permanent war against anyone who doesn't bow down to satan.

    whats good for the goose..."the lord" cant be at war with himself.

    geneva bibles on "land" and kjv on "sea" are just manifestations of a corrupted demiurge at war with itself.

    i dont get why peoples brains turn off. if a bible is only good in certain "realms" how can any of them be trusted?

    this "word of god" fails at sea, use this other one instead.
    this "word of god" fails on land, use this other one instead.

    are people really this gullible?

    yeah yeah, its all the pope's fault. even though "rome" never authorized either of those. and the vatican hasn't been doing "holy ghost", a mandatory foundation upon which everything else rests, for decades/centuries.

    the "fox" is "the lord" aka yahweh aka moses.

    a shape-shifting demonic hopelessly corrupted demiurge.
    this is the fox right here: "And thank God that the virus has not performed according to their expectations."
    what happens if you leave a word like that "God" undefined? it can shapeshift endlessly to suit the imaginations and whims of anyone who invokes it.

    1. the "fox" is: "the lord" doesn't allow any "gods" before him.

      there is no "come to jesus" moment with him. "the lord" and his commandments disallows such a concept.

      according to "the lord" jesus can't be the christ/messiah/god.

      bible jesus says he was before the "gods" [of abraham, moses, et. al.]

      old bibles/frescoes (e.g. circa 1200 AD) have CHRIST in the garden of eden creating adam and eve. not some jewish guy with a beard in heaven looking down.

      this is an attempt by a corrupted demiurge to deliberately induce schizophrenia in people by both:

      -- denying any real "jesus" trinity
      -- merging an imposter luciferian trinity one in its place

      this is the "fox" -- a lying, deceiving, jealous god

    2. ok, kjv bibles are only good at sea, geneva bibles are only good on land.

      so we know they are both fakes and not the actual "word of god". great. that's what some of us have been saying all along.

      "the lord" aka yahweh aka moses aka satan is at war with himself apparently, on land and at sea.

    3. so we have at least 2 different manifestations of "satan" on land and at sea.

      one is a kjv version of "the lord" and the other is a geneva version of "the lord"

      2 satanic shape-shifting "foxes" have been outed.


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