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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Joe's Hamburger Shop

By Anna Von Reitz

If you never share anything of mine but this, if you never understand anything of mine but this---- let this be "the one" that goes viral to all Americans and to all living people in every country of the globe, because the information is basically the same everywhere. 

This is a simple little tale everyone can understand, about Joe, the owner of a hamburger joint.  His story is your story.  And it's not hard to fill in the blanks.
I am going to cut out all the history and the excuses that the Popes have made, and just explain the basic "pedal to the metal".

I walk in with a “Federal Reserve Note”—- a promissory note, and give it to Joe in exchange for a hamburger. 

What has actually happened? 

I have given Joe a paper I. O. U. for an actual hamburger. 

So I still owe a debt and Joe is owed a credit for the exact same amount. 

The debt is being tracked by the Federal Reserve Note, but there is no formal paper tracking the credit owed to Joe, except that we know that the credit is exactly the same amount as the debt. 

The National Credit always equals the National Debt in such a system. 

It’s just bad bookkeeping that makes it appear otherwise. 

The reason for the bad bookkeeping is embezzlement. 

What the rats did was simply not to give Joe Credit for his hamburger. 

This gave the appearance of a constantly increasing “National Debt” with no answering "National Credit" in evidence.  

Meanwhile, the National Credit actually owed to all the “Joes” in America was being sequestered— “blocked”— and Joe was not allowed to access his own credit. 

This circumstance resulted —over time—in the accumulation of a giant credit Slush Fund that the banks and politicians and “military-industrial complex” used and abused for their own purposes. 

This is not the way it was supposed to work. Read Federal Title XII.

What was supposed to happen was that Joe was supposed to be able to access his credit directly via a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, a MOCEE.

And Joe was supposed to have free access to his “Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption”—- meaning that whenever “Joe” was presented with a bill addressed to “JOE” — he was supposed to be able to claim his exemption from paying it, and apply his already earned credit instead. 

So, Joe has a $5 credit owed to him because he gave me a hamburger.  He gives a lot of people hamburgers, so after a while, he is owed $1,000.00.  

Okay? That’s simple enough. Joe has earned a thousand dollars worth of credit.  It's pre-paid.  He didn't get anything for nothing. He is owed credit for all those hamburgers.

When he gets a bill for $120.00 addressed to “JOE” from the Tax Assessor or the Electric Company or for a car loan, etc., Joe is supposed to have the right to “claim his exemption” and apply his already earned credit to “offset” any such debt.

In this way, the National Credit is always supposed to Offset the National Debt. 

The “private credit” owed to Joe is always supposed to Offset the “public debt” owed by “JOE”, and it probably would stay relatively in balance if Joe were ever told about this arrangement or given any instructions how to claim his exemption and apply his earned credit, but he wasn't. 

(This is what all this talk about "private side" and "public side" is about.  Joe is owed credit on "the private side" and JOE owes debt "on the public side".)

But instead, the Vermin responsible kept mum and made up excuses to “block” Joe from having access to his credit. 

They pretended (and cobbled up falsified records to “prove”) that Joe wasn’t Joe, so that they could use his credit instead.  

Meantime, of course, bills addressed to “JOE” kept coming, and unaware that he was owed Offset Credit, “Joe” kept on paying all these bills addressed to “JOE”. 

So, not only is Joe not getting the Offset credit he is owed, he is being forced to pay all the new bills on top of it. 

Back at Scam Central, the rats are in charge of the gigantic Credit Fund owed to Joe (and all the other Joes in America) and they are busily investing it “for” Joe, who they pretend is “missing”.  

Using Joe’s earned credit, they buy up everything in sight.  They buy majority interest in the Fortune 500.  They buy up foreign currencies and create the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” so that they can mess with the value of every other country’s money by manipulating the supply of that country’s currency.  They do all sorts of crap in Joe’s name and they bilk Joe to do it. 

THAT is what has gone on here, in a nutshell. 

Having discovered all the lies and excuses being used by these criminals to deny Joe his identity and abuse his credit, we have exposed their racket and are demanding remedy for Joe.

We are demanding access to his credit for him, and we are demanding that the rats provide simple, straight forward means for Joe to claim his exemptions and apply his credit to Offset any debts owed by “JOE” on a continuing basis. 

A remedy is not a remedy if access to remedy is obstructed or denied or made inaccessible or deliberately obscured—- and that is exactly what has happened here. 

Joe was never told he had Offset Credit available to pay bills addressed to “JOE” and he was never given any instructions or means to access his exemptions. 

Even the people collecting all these bills addressed to “JOE” were kept ignorant of Joe’s exemption and continued to harass Joe for payment. Even the IRS Agents and electric companies and others issuing bills to “JOE” continued to presume that Joe owed those bills and refused to apply the Offset Credit Joe had already earned. 

And now, all that has to come to a stop and all those banks and corporations and government agencies have to come to heel and do what they should have done ever since 1934. 

They are going to give Joe access to his exemption to offset any bill, including Tax Bills, from now on.  

And they are going to make it easy for him to access his Offset credit Exemption. 

And if they don’t they will be recognized and prosecuted as international criminals engaged in identity theft, unlawful conversion, credit fraud, racketeering, and numerous other crimes against Joe. 

Has this explanation of the circumstance finally hit home? Does everyone understand that Joe has literally been paying bills that Joe had the right to Offset?  Mortgages, college loans, car payments, utility bills....

The smug bankers and politicians and bureaucrats have been denying Joe (and you) access to pre-paid credit that has already been earned by you and your parents and your grandparents and your great-grandparents, ever since the so-called Civil War.   

All this credit you are owed is pre-paid credit, just like when you buy a pre-paid credit or gift card at Walmart. 

Only in this case, the rats didn’t give you a card or other means to access what you and Joe already paid for. 

So here’s the message from Joe concerning “JOE”——

It’s payback time.

Pope Frances, IMF, Federal Reserve, BIS, World Bank, Vatican Bank, Queen Elizabeth II, Mr. Trump—- you owe Joe for a hamburger and a whole lot more.

We expect the “US Trustees” and the “US Treasury” and the “IRS” to cough up those offset credits with no further delays or excuses. 

This "discussion" has been ongoing since 1998.  The Principal most responsible is Pope Frances.  This is because the bogus mercenary "war" that has been ongoing between the British Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government is a total sham, and both sides are actually owned, operated, and controlled by him.

This is because Queen Elizabeth II is the Pope's Overseer of the Commonwealth, and the British Territorial United States is a Commonwealth.

As a result, the British Territorial United States is indirectly, through the Queen, controlled by the Pope. 

And the Municipal United States Government is directly controlled by the Pope because it is chartered under him. 

So no matter how you want to cut this, all roads lead to Rome.  We have been disgracefully mistreated, deceived, cheated, gulled and cullied by the Pope and his Officers, and the Queen and her Officers (albeit, under the command of the Pope), at the same time that they have been: (1) under our National Trust Indenture to provide "good faith service" to us and to our States; (2) under commercial contract to provide this good faith service; (3) taking their paychecks from our pockets. 

Both the Queen and the Pope are complicit and responsible for this deplorable mistreatment of rank and file Americans, who were never parties to any mercenary commercial "wars" that they have illegally and in Breach of Trust staged on our shores. 

You, Joe, and all other Americans who have been the victims of this scam need to declare your correct birthright political status as American state nationals and, if you are willing to serve, as American State Citizens.  You need to put this squarely on the Public Record for all to see.  You need to join your State Assembly and join with others to enforce the Constitutional Guarantees you are owed and to claim the pre-paid credit you are owed.

Go to: for more insight into this whole situation, and to  to connect to your State Assembly.

And now, just a closing note: who else but our Team has ever explained any of this to you? Who else but our Team has organized the lawful correction? Who else has claimed and fought for the pre-paid credit to be made available to you?  Who? Where? 

I'll tell you the truth--- nobody else has taken up the work to hold the Pope and the Queen accountable to dear old Joe.  Mr. Trump couldn't --- he's an employee of the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government.  He can't tell his bosses what to do. 

And at the beginning of this process, neither could you, because you had been deliberately and wrongly mis-identified both as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and as a Municipal "citizen of the United States" --- anything and everything but what you are: an American state national or American State Citizen owed your pre-paid credit.

Our Team has pioneered the method and means to rebut these false claims and enabled you to reclaim your birthright --- and all the Offset Credit -- that is owed to you.  Who else came to your rescue, except us, literally---- your Fellow Americans?  Nobody, that's who.

The rats in Washington, DC, were either happy to see you screwed for their benefit, or claiming that, as U.S. Citizens, their hands were tied. 

Our hands are untied and we are holding fast to the contractual obligations of both the Pope and the Queen ---and keeping the door open for you to come home. 

When we ask for your support, for your time and whatever you can send as donations, we have already earned our keep---- just like Joe.  We've come to work, unpaid, every day since 1998.  And so have many others, who have joined our Team since then.  Lives and fortunes have been sacrificed and vast amounts of time and professional skill have been donated to bring us this far.

So donate what you can.  Give thanks to God above that we were here.  And join us.  Come to the aid of your country as we have.  A lot of people talk about defending America from all comers, both foreign and domestic.  A lot of people talk about their rights.  A lot of people fail to walk the walk. 

Send prayers and donations to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652, or PayPal to to promote the work that is ongoing all over this country.


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  1. One thing about Trump...this is before the russion hoax...he was asked as he was entering a helocopter what his stautus was and he was very specificic : " tell people, anyone, "that i am an American National" if anyone ask...!! Its pretty clear where he stands..He was telling all US CITIZENS are in fact American Nationals so start claiming it...!! Thats the way i read have to read between the lines sometimes to stay alive...!! But he certainly does have our back , if only because he hates this monitary system and is waging war against them by using "federal reserve notes" (IOU,s) , indiscriminally to break the bank..!! We have the greatest military money can buy and Trump doesnt plan on paying them back..So at some point they have to admit they have lost and figure out a way to get " a mutual off- set credit exchange" for joe...and everyone else..!! Is it any wonder why he has had 26 attempts on his life..!!

  2. James Pancini, that is fascinating that DJT declared himself an American National! Thx for sharing. That does explain the irrational depths to which They have sunk to bring him down.

  3. Dear Paul Stramer,
    about 1 year ago I have been sending you the SHAEF-Laws,
    -valid for German soil, established about 1945.
    This laws are pretending a currency (Deutsche Mark)
    which includes and ensured the pre-paid credit for average Joe.
    Now we have the Euro (€) and the same issues Anna has been describing
    and nobody is paying attention to those laws.
    The SHAEF-Laws are still valid for the now Federal German Gov..
    My question to you and perhaps Anna:
    I know that there (on American soil) are also such SHAEF-legislation
    valid since 1944 but I never read anything about it in American blogs.
    Could it be that there is a similar regulation in it where your pre-paid credit is saved ??

  4. Where can we find this information documented all the correspondence you have sent or the records that are kept by the parties or official documents, contracts etc. to see it with my own two eyes please? No disrespect intended. Thanks.

  5. Why not post my question? Did i say anything wrong?

  6. Hello Thievery Government:
    Fake lawyers fake courts. Repent, and you could be saved. Let go your clandestine controls, fake loans, and sneaky behavior, before too late. You CANNOT make your stupid souls smarter overnight, to clean your messes.. Intelligence has to be given from the above. This I know for fact.


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