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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Fake "Pandemic" Over

By Anna Von Reitz

As my Readers already know --- there are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself and your family from any kind of bacteriological or viral illness, and also a lot of ways to protect yourself from the harmless effects of raw Electromagnetic Radiation including 5G. 

We need to do a better job of promoting basic hygiene knowledge and do a better job of keeping our own bodies and homes clean and healthy.  We need to become more informed and proactive about EM sickness and what causes it and spread the word.  Yes, all the above. 

That said, the coronavirus is being vastly misrepresented and over-hyped. 

For example, the Big News Story today is that seven people have died from it in Washington State so far.  They don't tell you that the outbreak was in a residential care facility for people who were already very elderly, sick, and infirm to begin with, did they?  The same group that would have naturally been at great risk even from the common cold or flu. 

Speaking of flu, did you know that 74 people have died of plain old flu in Washington this year?  Didn't hear a word about them, did you?

This current coronavirus scare amounts to is another False Flag and end run attempt by the known promoters of the Cabal to achieve multiple objectives at the same time, and we are fools if we let them get away with it.

We now know that the virus and the vaccine for it were both developed by one very British corporation: Quinetiq.   The Brits at the bottom of the dog pile again.

We now know that the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation (the crackpot Microsoft chief who believes that killing people is a good idea) helped fund it. 

What more do we really need to know? 

We know who is responsible for it.  We know who to charge for every death, worldwide.  We know who to charge for every delayed shipment, every dip in the stock market, every business failure ---- all of it. 

Let's do so.  The claims should bankrupt Bill Gates, his Foundation, and any interest he has in Microsoft by the end of next week.  He should be embroiled in so many damage claims he will never know a moment of peace again in this lifetime.  And the same for the Queen.  Address all your claims to: ELIZABETH II. 

We've already told them that we are charging one trillion dollars per American who dies or is maimed by their actions.  Since money is all that these cretins appear to understand, let them feel the pain.

Maybe next time when they are sitting around on their duffs thinking up ways they can "scare the sheep and cause trouble" --- they will realize that the trouble has consequences for them, too.

If I were China, I'd spend my last dime to make sure of the pay back. 

Meanwhile, I agree with Robert David Steele:


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  1. Appears they looking to lock down all cities for this fake pandemic

    This lockdown is the final sign that will precede the controlled demolition of the current financial system. Their rationale in using fear of COVID-19 to compel people to “shelter in place” is “we don’t want the terrified monkeys running wild and burning down the zoo when we take the banana dispensing system down for a reboot.”

    Under previous versions of the script, they were going to use a cutoff of food stamps and a widespread domestic terror campaign as an excuse to lock down the cities under martial law. But this pandemic approach is much more clever and effective: in people’s minds, they’re unleashing trillions of unseen viral terrorists to threaten a bronchial invasion and pulmonary jihad against anyone who ventures out of their homes during the lockdown. Fear of this invisible enemy will be very effective in motivating people to stay in their homes, and the mega-hyped COVID-19 outbreak will make the government lockdown look justifiable.

    Meanwhile the weather terrorist tore up Tenneessee last night, hmm I wonder how many theyare harvesting for there.

    Of course you can go with FEMA or the red cross or DHA, they are there to help you NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT

    So tell us just how is all of this assembling and paperwork stopping them?

  2. yes...yes...yes... but who is going to sue them? you told them that you are charging one trillion dollars per American who dies or is maimed by their actions, but how can you do that? and if you can why havent you started? we are sick of these vermen taking advantise of us.

    1. Add the nine people they just killed in the Tenneessee 'tornado' to the list
      Might want to look in to who has dibbs on the property in Tenneessee - under their new 'code changes' the people will not be permitted to return to their property
      Just like Paradise California they burned to the ground
      Add those people to the list of killed
      Katrina too, God only knows how many they killed in Lousiana so Rockefeller Oil could take over the gulf
      Manufactured storm to move the people off the land
      NASA creating space on the ground, 100's of thousands of acres they steal so they can put up their weather warfare machines and no one around to see what they doing

      Hurricane Sandy too

      Their 100 mile inland CONstitution free zones, meaning gotta move the cattle off the beaches

      Then the sick bastards put the shit on the weather channel, that they own, for the cattle to watch


  3. These Froeing criminals watch this video It pretty much delineates their scam what they are attempting to implement here in the USA, of course, CA is already rolling it out and using the homeless excuse as a means to an end. Their intent to create martial law here like they are in China and stick us all in FEMA Prison Camps

  4. The Vatican just said the will open the archives to all the countries who want to dig for the truth...either they think it cannot be found or they are idiots..!! How else can you explain this nonsense..!!

    1. yep.

      ultimately the queen, bill gates (and a few other tech "leaders") and the modern day vatican, enjoy their "knights of malta" knighthoods.

      the only q is whether the vatican

      1) switched sides at some point 2) was infiltrated 3) funded its own "enemies" i.e. to disguise things so it could quietly do 1) and 2)

    2. people should a) see how many tech people have "knighthoods" from the queen, not just bill b) consider the "no poaching" scandal a few years back amongst all the big tech giants (a.k.a. fixed wages, a private cartel to keep "talent" locked into place)

      competition is a sin -- sometimes attributed to jp morgan, or a rockefeller, but all the same nowadays

  5. My mother was killed by the flu vaccine. Her and an elderly lady down the street both had the flu vaccine on the same day. Both had a major stroke a day and a half later. The other woman died immediately, my mother lasted another ten days. You could tell immediately after my mother had the vaccine... she was a completely different person.

    1. Triana - We're just reading your post... so sorry for your loss. What a testament you've provided. Sending peace & strength.

  6. Patient deaths are deployed to sell the coronavirus story
    Mar 4, 2020 by Jon Rappoport

  7. And here comes the fraud the WHO spewing cashless BS

    It was all done on purpose and by the very banking thieves that set this entire PYRAMID PONZI SCHEME up in the first place

    COV'ID' 19 should be a dead giveaway as in IDENTIFICATION

    Same as their 'I AM' BS as in IDENTITY ACCESS MANAGEMENT and your mark to be able to buy and sell

  8. "Coronavirus infectivity is exquisitely sensitive to pH. For example, the MHV-A59 strain of coronavirus is quite stable at pH 6.0 (acidic) but becomes rapidly and irreversibly inactivated by brief treatment at pH 8.0 (alkaline). Human coronavirus strain 229E is maximally infective at pH 6.0. Infection of cells by murine coronavirus A59 at pH 6.0 (acidic) rather than pH 7.0 (neutral) yields a tenfold increase in the infectivity of the virus." 🎶

  9. What A More Convenient Place To "Plant" A "Virus" Than In A Country &-Or People Who Historically Have Had Very UNHEALTHY &-Or UNSANITARY Living Habits i.e. CHINA ! - Having Said That, I Must Needs Say That The Information Given By Anna Von Reitz Is Very, Very Enlightening & Informative. Here In Chicago I Know Of Only 2 Who Have Been "Quarantined" For The Corona-virus. Historically, QUEEN ELIZABETH I Was A Truer & More Genuine PROTESTANT Than The Present QUEEN ELIZABETH II (I've Heard Wild Stories Of Her Being A Secret Satanist &-Or Witch; And, Her Pedophile Son, Prince Andrew, Would Lend Some Credibility To Such Rumors).

    1. Please use a handle that is not "unknown" or "anonymous" see our policy at the top of the page in blue. The least you could do is to put your name on the first line of your comment so I can see your unique handle. There are too many people using unknown or anonymous and it makes this moderation job much more difficult.

    2. UNHEALTHY OR UNSANITARY living habits due to the very same banking crooks controlling their environment as well
      Same with India and other nations
      They live poor because the banking cartel make it so

  10. Ciao Governo di Ladri di U.S.A(Inc.):
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    deve essere data da quanto sopra. Questo lo so per certo.

    Hola Gobierno de ladrões U.S.A(Inc.):
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  11. California 'governor' holding cruise ship off shore
    Says pysically hunting down passengers from other cruise ships too

    you tube now flashing WHO ads to get your updates on the virus blah blah blah

  12. CHINA: It's NOT About the Coronavirus -- It's About the FOOD this is where were headings and they need to be stopped here in the US!

  13. Pre planning since 2004, if not before
    Link above from the following book

    The signing of an 8 billon dollar bill for just these puposes
    It was written and on the table prior to the event just like others were

    And the narrative is, if trump does not do as he is ordered by the 'scientific community' 'the experts' then he will be removed

    No one is forthcoming with the true nature of this 'event' and they will play dumb as if it all happened by shear accident

    The premeditation is absolutely staggering

    My love for everyone and this place we call home will live forever

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