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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Complete Description of British Involvement in Coronavirus — the Brits Again!

Anna Von Reitz sent this link to a PDF that points to the real culprits in this Coronavirus mess.

Another question that is coming up a lot is 5G being installed around schools during this lockdown.

Please comment on these two subjects. Please keep your comments on topic.

Maybe it's time to go on patrol in your local community and watch for vans and trucks around schools with equipment that could be used for this installation process.  Take your camera or smartphone and take pictures and send them to me. Take lots of pictures and video if you can. Walk right up to these guys and ask them what they are doing if you feel the need. Do it on video. Don't do it alone. Have someone with you to take the video.

As a long time General class Amateur Radio operator I know that 60 Ghz RF radiation can be very dangerous. As one who has experience radiation burns in the past I can say you don't want to be very close the a 60 Ghz signal AT ANY POWER LEVEL.

It's interesting that Wuhan china was the first city in China to brag they had saturated 5G signal in the city, and it was reported it was turned on just a couple of weeks before this "outbreak".

Sooooo many unanswered questions, just like with everything the elite do. Coronavirus is the most hyped up reporting in the history of news reporting.

Paul Stramer


  1. Your document, which has a bunch of information that anybody could have written. I don't see anything in it that really connects anybody to the VIrus. Furthermore, it includes this paragraph(below) which says this patent is for an attentuated or "weakened" form that could be used to prevent respiratory diseases in birds and other animals. How does that translate into a deadly corona virus for humans?

    The Institute holds Patent no. 10130701 which covers the development of an attenuated
    (weakened) form of the coronavirus that could potentially be used as a vaccine to
    prevent respiratory diseases in birds and other animals. Many vaccines are made in this
    way, from flu to polio. We have not yet developed an IBV vaccine, but research is

    1. All she does is fear monger now it seems

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Reform, actually I see you tend to fall short, and generalize things a bit. Yes Anna does it sometimes. but 92% of her works is real. Most people accused her of being a fake judge. I detected her realism immediately the first week. Who did I know? I know who is fake and real, see my bottom post.
      I.e.: The killing of Princess Dianna by conspiracy is real.
      Millions conspiracies committed against innocent/naive world Leaders around the world, went unnoticed.

      Thanks to God for recording human events for justification. The sinners will pay the price here on earth, or after life.

  2. Do you actually read the documents people give you?

  3. My friend who is a biologist laughed at me because I told her what you sent us, and she said attentuated viruses are used to heal things.

    1. @Reform: It's normal for your biologist friend to generalize things. Million people are aware of that process: To strengthen human immune system is to inject a super weak virus. It doesn't always work though.

      He/she doesn't seem to be peculiar about things.

      BTW - There are lots of chemical library software used in USA and UK, to develop drugs and diseases.

  4. Anna - AIM is kinda off on many things. And... they impolitely nixed you & the recording papers, pushing instead some JEW who has no clue 'the' United States is not our nation & charges $$$$ big shekels to benefit.

    AIM is an agenda in itself. They're so full of Neuro-linguistic programming 'NLP' & heavily blaming innocents. Ever listen to Gabriel? His diarrhea of the mouth is a clue >>> He's decades Jesuit trained.

  5. Good Folks, this woman Amazing Polly is doing a fantastic job of finding great info no one else is. Videos are not long. Intense, fact based, revealing.

    Virus Task Force Boss Birx Ukraine Connections

    AIM is a side dog & pony show misdirecting, & avoiding those who are clearly running us into hell, shoveling our wealth directly into our enemies accounts.

    Its not the Brits, its those who are right here in our nation we need to nail. And they're all jews. thanks & enjoy!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks for sharing Wink. I see Yovanovitch was threatened in Aug-Oct 2019 for information, she was quite worried then and now. Some powerful Org. tried to get her. That $200M moneys is not a lot comparing to Bill Gates $97+ billions (taken from employees +People, by redressing his SW forever). Bow the internet vermin's use Java to intrude our computers, more than ever. They deleted the IMF 20-year records/trails.
      - I think (Bill Gates+certain EU) talked about over populations a lot in the past. From his heart. These are the primary responsible for the Virus, to induce the suspicious vaccine.
      - Yes, every public fund given to anyone, came from ppl tax and credits. Not Gov't.
      - The fund controllers are the ones to blame, but that's a sep.issue.

  6. See people, I told you months ago that the British and their agents had to do with the CoronaVirus. I also told you how heavy the good chemical inventions they stole from other scientists, that they sent in their inventions to be filed in America. I worked with Patent lawyers. Why wouldn't I know these? I told you in 2019 that quantum Computing is a scam, for investors moneys. Like they scammed us into their Fraudulent lenders Toxic stocks.

    Further more, the Analog-Computer that God designed, running today, most people don't understand it, it existed millions of years ago.

    That computer is what gave me a glue, of who did what to who. But some of you seemed to accuse me involve in occultism. It has nothing to do with it. The Esoteric has 3 branches, the east and west. I don't follow them.

    Nevertheless, please remember people:

    The British agents Created and Broke the Ucc codes, back to 1994, 2003, 2010: so look in Ucc 8-102(11) carefully, you may see your remedy there.

  7. Fascinating...Not ONE commentator here above wrote about Dan Carpenter's find the other day...Not one yet😅

    "Another question that is coming up a lot is 5G being installed around schools during this lockdown." Paul Stramer

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Attn.Paul Stamer.

    Paul, thank you for all your efforts throughout years. Im now reporting this to you. How can I further investigate?:

    1. I need pictures of the actual event, not just a map.

      You have to understand that my credibility is at stake if I publish some claim I can't prove.

      Information is just that, until it's processed for veracity and then it becomes actionable intel.

      So to answer your question, drill down on the source and try to find some pictures or video of the actual event.

      Then report it.

      Thanks for your efforts.


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