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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

False Gods and False Men

By Anna Von Reitz

Some people are wondering why I have "veered off" a bit from my normal course and focus on restoring American Government.  It's because other forces are at work to undermine not only America, but the entire world at this time.  I shall soon return to exposure of what has passed for our government, but it is also necessary now to expose what has passed for our God. 

There is a True God.  

The True God is a Spirit, called by many names, and described by no less than 72 descriptions in the Bible.  These descriptions are not names.  They are attributes of the True God, like Mercy, Compassion, and Ultimate Wisdom. 

I suppose my favorite description of Our Father is: The Spirit of Truth, because people can more easily contrast this with The Spirit of Falsehood. 

As I have explained before, our imagination is among our greatest gifts and powers, in no small part because our imagination -- our ability to picture things in our mind's eye -- also inspires our feelings and our actions.  But, as I also observed, our imagination is a double-edged sword. 

If our imagination is based on truth, blessings abound and progress is made.  If our imagination is distorted by falsehood and omissions, things go sideways.
So we must make the effort to discern and reason and ask for help to find Truth and adhere to it, if we want our lives to be happy and our world to prosper. 

Our imagination has several known weaknesses, one of which is the tendency toward idolatry.   Idolatry arises because we get confused between an image of reality, like a photograph, and reality itself. This perceptual confusion leads to odd-- even insane-- assumptions and activities. 

In ancient times people made "images of God" in the form of statues, even though the True God is invisible to our physical eyes. These statues were mistaken for and treated as if they were the True God.  Imagine the spectacle of a million people all encamped on the Plains of Babylon, all bowing down to a statue made of wood and iron?  

And today, we have made "images of value" in the form of coins and currency, bonds and promissory notes.  It's the same thing.  Idolatry.  The perceptual confusion between something that is intangible and a physical representation of what cannot be seen or exactly defined. 

Now imagine the spectacle of the New York Stock Exchange?  Thousands of traders poised like starving dogs, hunched over computer terminals, holding their chit cards, watching the big screens and small screens as if their lives depended on the flashing letters and numbers--- which are again--- "images of value" as fleeting as the numbers rolling across the screen. 

What has happened is that we have been confused and have misused "keylons" or "keys" to our own brain circuitry --- letters and numbers --- to create a false, representational reality that is just as whackjob in its own way as building a stone statue and then bowing down and worshiping it. 

There is even a name for the particular False Deity worshiped at the Stock Exchange --- Mammon.  And, as it happens and as it has always been, it is impossible to worship both the True God and Mammon. 

If you are nose down in the dirt worshiping an idol --- you can't possibly perceive the True God. You've been distracted and deceived and aren't even looking for the Truth.  Your eyes are closed.  Your perception is distorted.  Your attention is diverted, and here's the kicker--- you don't even know that it is. 

As a result, you can't correct and get your mental train back on track.  You don't even know that it's off track and speeding toward oblivion. 

In the same way you have been falsely claimed as chattel backing the debts of a corporation doing business "as" the United States, and worked half to death and oppressed under False Pretenses, and yet, never noticed it.  

The Sons of Mammon used words and images, slogans and similar names, propaganda and false statistics and false, manipulated market reports, and they told "white lies" that turned into "grey lies" that turned into black lies, and they trooped the colors and you were deceived. 

It's the same way that your lawful government has been converted into a legal "system" ---- "system" in the sense that Chicago gangsters use the word.  

It's the same way that your name has been unlawfully converted, without your knowledge or consent, into the name of a corporation "doing business as" YOU. 

This is how you, the living man, have been subverted and reduced to the level of an idol: a STRAWMAN.  

This is why it is necessary to pray to the True God for help and protection from delusion and why it is necessary to discipline and guard and make wise use of your imagination.  

All this evil for the sake of "profit" --- Mammon --- is based on Delusion.  Falsehood.  False representations.  

False men, STRAWMEN, are created to worship False gods----CORPORATIONS. 

All this evil has been accomplished using this one flaw in our imagination: our tendency toward idolatry, the perceptual confusion between what is true and a false physical representation of it. 

It's as if we are not able to tell the difference between a man and a photo of a man, but we are in fact able to discern the difference if we turn our minds to it.  

So turn your minds to it.  Is that name on a piece of paper equivalent to you? 
Is a photo of you equivalent to you?  

Come on, wake up, get serious.  

Are those THINGS --- the US, INC. and the USA, INC. or the UN, INC.--- "representative" of you?  Or are you representative of them?  

The living men and women on this planet need to wake up or there won't be a planet.  The deluded promoters of Corporate Feudalism intent on their worship of their False God will destroy everything for everyone, and won't even realize they are doing it.  

So now we come to an important part of the discussion --- who is responsible? 

And the answer is: the Pope.  

I know that a lot of people will be aghast and wondering how that could possibly be?   They are used to thinking of the Pope as a religious leader, but not used to thinking of him as the Chief Conductor of the Jurisdiction of the Air. 

And what exists in the Jurisdiction of the Air?  

The Jurisdiction of the Air is the realm of thought and feeling, of spirits and unseen realities, of dreams and inventions ---- and also the realm of "mental constructs", "business models", "logos", "patents", "trademarks", "IDs", "copyrights", "S-Corps", "C-Corps", "B-Corps", "Non-Profit Corps", "Foundations", "Cooperatives", "LLS's", "Trusts", "Marriages", "Estates", and so on.  

That is why the Pope has the unique power --- and obligation --- to liquidate any corporation that engages in unlawful activities.  

And by that we mean "legal" activities.  

Look up the definition of "legal" in Bouvier's Dictionary.  

When the Pope doesn't do his duty, the entire world gets sidetracked into the False Worship of Mammon.  

The corporations that he is supposed to ride herd on run rampant and are not held to account.  They start operating "legally" but not "lawfully" as our contract with the Pope requires.  They are left undisciplined and are not rebuffed in their ruthless lust for profit by any means. 

Thus, Monsanto poisons half the world and suffers no punishment for it.  Thus,  the "US, Inc." indulges in press-ganging and enslavement and identify theft and credit theft and suffers no rebuke.  Thus, the "U.S. Bar Association" promotes pillaging of unauthorized public trusts and gets away with it.  Thus, the "USA, INC." cheats our soldiers and service members and lies to the people of this country and is not brought up short. 

And yes, this and vastly much more, is the Pope's fault.  

He and his immediate Predecessors have fallen into idolatry, so much so that instead of disciplining the corporations and keeping them in check, he is promoting their ascendancy over mankind and trying to consolidate all power in the "UN Corporation", which (he thinks) will be a willing servant to the Holy See. 

In that, too, he and his cohorts at the Vatican are deluded and fallen into idolatry. 

The nature of Corporations is unnatural.  They are false in every respect possible. 

Corporations do not even exist apart from a business model --- a collection of ideas about how they are structured and how they function and setting limits on what they can do or not do, what advantages they have or don't have.  And then each one of them must be individually created on paper and "chartered" --- mapped out and their "offices" must be filled with "persons" --- not people.  

They are airy-fairy Beasts from the realm of Falsehood.  

So now the True God has come and sees what idiocy men have fallen into and the evil that they promote "in his name" and as you can all understand, he is not pleased.  When he sees gangs of these miscreants rampaging around interfering with the weather and killing billions of animals, he gets downright angry.  

And now perhaps you can all see more clearly why idolatry is still a big issue in the modern world and why we are on the brink of destruction because of it, and why we must all make the effort to regain control of our imagination and apply our discernment.  

And also why we all need to be sitting on Pope Francis and banging on his door and enforcing the contracts we have with the Holy See and holding him and the Bishops to account.


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  1. Just a minute AVR, if we the people are the lawful government authority of the united States of America, you can stop blaming the pope because the buck stops here! We the people have allowed this to go on for far too long! Stop pointing fingers and correct your status people. Go read 8 USC 1101(a)(21) and return to your lawful birthright status as American State Nationals. Sure, we were lied to by the education system, the media, the government, the Vatican, and maybe some church leaders and Congress, but we are not stupid. We were just asleep and thought we were well informed and living the American dream. Wake up people, correct your status, and come home to the land of our ancestors. Stop imagining, think big and act large. If any one man or woman is responsible for what has happened to us, the uSA, and the world, it is not a pope, queen, or president, but the man or woman we face when we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror.

  2. Not so odd is that at least some people who are incompetent do not know it. Another true thing at least for me is that often those with terrible drinking problems obvious to everyone else nearly are the last ones to find it out if ever so fortunate to find themselves. I seek a lot to keep looking in to it. Like my Uncle who flew in Alaska his life until 85 then retired would tell me to ask often "Am I doing it right? Can I do it better?" Someones gotta be in the watch tower of your mind to keep guard, stay awake.

  3. Well, I think the pope has been correcting his faults
    by the MOTU PROPRIO ??
    Is there anyone who knows more about this topic ??

    1. MOTU PROPRIO wikipedia

    2. Jeff, do you really trust wikipedia ??

  4. This article is loaded with substance! I appreciate its veracity and I do concur! In particular I think if one is able to grasp the concept of God as a spirit and understand the folly of bowing down to Idols such as the church corporations who peddle falsehood for profit to satisfy their Greed.

  5. Its amazing how stupid we all are about MONEY...!! I was listening to the 700 club when it went to was pat boone telling people he went looking for scriptures speciffically related to money...He found more than 700 references about money which was greater than the references about salvation....he then goes on to say that our monitary system is evil because just because it says . " In God we Trust" does not make our money trustworthy!! VvThen he goes on to give his speal about owing gold...!! Even when its right in their face, they are oblivious...!!

  6. The Poisoners

    MONSANTO Family Were Jewish Slave Dealers And Owners Manuel Jacob Monsanto entered into at least 12 contracts for sale of slaves between 1787 and 1789 in Natchez and New Orleans, Louisiana.1135 "His family consists of himself and seven Negroes."1136 Later, "Jacob Monsanto, son of Isaac Rodrigues Monsanto, one of the very first known Jews to settle in New Orleans, owner of a several-hundred-acre plantation at Manchac, fell in love with his slave, Mamy or Maimi William.

    5 Most Horrifying Things You Should Know About Monsanto ... Monsanto began as a chemical company in 1901 and was responsible for some of the most damaging toxins in US history, like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's), and dioxin. Consumer advocacy group ...

  7. We are so damn sick & tired of this BLAME THE PEOPE SH*T, its ridiculous. CLEARLY ADDRESSING THE POPE MEANS NOTHING.
    Is this not clear by now?
    ITS SO RIDICULOUS IT SOUNDS LIKE PSYCHO-BABBLE to constantly act as though the pope gives a damn what you or any one of us says or does.

    Really this constant PSYCHO BABBLE about the pope & what he should do is PSYCHO BABBLE. REDUNDANT PSYCHO BABBLE. Beyond RIDICULOUSNESS.

    He doesn't give a Baalsh*t what papers his administration receives. ITS ONLY PAPER, has no value in his context of duty.
    >>>> HIS DUTY IS TO HIS JEWS >>>> JEWS DO NOT WANT US TO BE FREE OF THEM >>>> so The Grand Poope isn't going to do a damn thing.

    That fake pope Jesuit Bergoglio Francis isn't going to do
    anything his JEW HANDLSERS don't want. He is in service to the JEWS.
    So no matter what kind of Poope-Pouncing, or letter writing, or Notices sent he's not going to do anything his JEW HANDLERS don't want done.

    IF ALL NOTICES to the Holy See have been sent & received, then that's all that can be done w the pope.

    Blaming, drumming up excuses after excuses, & blaming us for not bashing down the popes door IS RIDICULOUS.

    Now COMMON SENSE would suggest another route. - An apostolic nuncio (also known as a papal nuncio or simply as a nuncio) is an ecclesiastical diplomat, serving as an envoy or a permanent diplomatic representative of the Holy See to a state or to an international organization. A nuncio is appointed by and represents the Holy See, and is the head of the diplomatic mission, called an Apostolic Nunciature, which is the equivalent of an embassy. The Holy See is legally distinct from the Vatican City or the Catholic Church. A nuncio is usually an archbishop.

    Nuncio to the USA is
    Christophe Louis Yves Georges Pierre
    3339 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest
    Washington, D.C., 20008

    THIS CONSTANT POPE-BASHING IS INSANE, STUPID, PSYCHO, INEFFECTIVE, IRRELEVANT, & has been going on & on & on & on >>>>> The only thing this constant pope-bashing seems to accomplish is to scratch some deeply personal obsessive itch.

    >>>> Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results. <<<<

    And WHAT IF: this DINOSAUR THINGY is just another of their grandiose JEW LIES to prevent us from THINKING, DISCOVERING THE TRUTH. We aren't reptilians because we're from reptiles. Reptiles are like us in a lower form. Our form in utero development is the form reptiles assume as a result of being in OUR DOMINION.

    1. Giving Notice of any and all un-lawfulness is our duty as American Nationals. What they choose to do with it? is out of our hands.
      I also think Giving Notice to an underling (Nuncio) will have the same effect and receive the same actions.

      Your complaint is that you want an effective method that produces results. I am willing to hear you out.... please tell me how you suggest we fix all of this with your "silver bullet".

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, educate your family friends and neighbors.

    2. Turtle - thinking along the lines of whats closer in proximity, as DC Nuncio Holy See Embassy. It says "Holy See is legally distinct from the Vatican City or the Catholic Church." - Curious its legally distinct from. If its distinct, then it is its own operation.
      Am not in the know. So what I say is trying to figure this out, which I don't think I'll be able to do, but stir the mud hole.
      Whom in DC, or gov services contractors, or military, jewdicial system, Trump Admin so on, has made contact with positive or supportive interest w AVR, State Nationals? That little Holy See squatter maybe needs to gain some respect for State Nationals, so how to get a hold of his testicles, if he's got any? Do we have a Point Man in DC, somebody who must recognize our authority?

      From 1870-1929 The United States suspended diplomatic relations with the Holy See when it lost the Papal States - this goes into what really-really went on back then, but I don't think its what we're told. Reckon the point is, 'suspension of diplomatic relations’. How then did the Holy See become master of these service contracts? See theres too much I don't know. just dunno.

      What does Nuncio Pierre do every day? Whats he do? Running what? Is he running Municipal? With whom does he meet? About what? Is he running this franchise or not? Holy See, Embassy is here as a guest. Un-guest it. Shake it up a bit. Is there somebody, our Point Man in DC who's good w a sling-shot to pop his nuts?

    How to potentially REPLACE the corporate / for-profit / private entity (State of...) Governor, SOME seeming LIKE a potential (after being proven) organized crime king-pin, with a proper non-corporate (land jurisdiction) non-commercial lawful state Governor...
    Additionally, by proving any related for-profit corporate entity (alleged government organization) "IS NOT A GOVERNMENT ENTITY" by demanding written "IRS Letter" certified proof of of their (usually NON-Existant) IRS "subdivision of government" government letter - that the certified PROOF be shown (is mandatory - to be provided within 30 days) showing in-fact that they BOTH paid the fee and in fact are a qualified tax-exempt qualified "government" or otherwise same political organization is / or are officially recognized (by their own frekin IRS officials - remembering what took DOWN Al Capone) as a bona fide "government" or a "sub-division or instrumentality of government" entity. Without same proven "government letter" status none of them, neiher ANY of their private contractor employees (cops, district attorneys or other "private / for-profit" municipal corporation agents) that, by same actors using their private / for-profit administrative NON-courts, therefore, have comitted trespass and potential crimes against any / all people, through related crimes committed - and therefore by the FAILURE of the actor (any or all municipal corporation actors) to PROVIDE SAME DOCUMENTED PROOF same is prima facia evidence (since no "government letter" exists) that same entities and neither anyone else in their entire (bogus government) organization in any way or manner WAS ever - neither IS same a valid lawful government, nor the actors - government officials.



    Appointment to fill vacancy
    The governor must fill the vacancy and not the one who has vacated the position.
    LRS 42 §75. Appointment to fill vacancy
    Whenever the court of competent jurisdiction declares that any public officer, whose office is established by the constitution, has forfeited his office, within contemplation of R.S. 42:72, the governor shall fill such office by appointment under the laws providing for filling vacancies in public offices
    See More

    Stephen John: a very interesting way to have an actual non-corporate state governor REPLACE the, or all of the existing 50 corporate / territorial / municipal States' UNLAWFUL corporate governors with ACTING constitutional (land jurisdiction) governors , and WITH the requi… mo9re]

    Stephen John: Here, in-part, is how to do it...: §81. Demand for possession
    If the judgment is against the defendant, and rendered upon the right and in favor of the person alleged to be entitled to the office, he shall have the right, after taking the oath of …See More
    ...all per " IRC 115 (Internal Revenue Code), requirement for "government entities" to possess a letter ruling. The governmental information letter "IRS Letter 4076" describes the governmental exemption from federal income tax for any (alleged) "instrumentality of government" or any "political subdivision" (any alleged presumed or merely assumed ...City, County, etc. "government) regarding same's (valid or Invalid) status, political powers, judicial authority, or the proper status to claim and effect plus to lawfully enforce both".

    1. Mister Fun - ok ok… am so tired but keep trying to read this. Stephen John's Demand for possession, I wonder if he's talking about Land Jurisdiction Nationals, or not, as he says 'after taking the oath' & we don't take oaths.
      And cool, the link is Louisiana - Napoleonic Code.
      But point being, how to take possession.

      Heres the link on FaceGook

      tak tak very much

  9. Might be a good idea to start with breaking down the "legalese" into understandable language for all people. The only ones able to understand it are the ones who intentionally created it along with the "fine print" bullshit designed to mislead and manipulate the common citizen. A major overhauling of legal/illegal language is sorely needed. One of the very important reasons that the majority of the population has acquiesced to the demands of the liars is because they didn't understand what in the hell they were agreeing to in the first place. I would assert that that was done intentionally by design. An honest leader speaks plain language so "EVERYONE" can understand, that way the moral majority has at least a fighting chance against the dis-honest ones. In my opinion, the best way to combat slavery is to hold the slave masters accountable in regards to speaking plainly for starters. Pretty damned difficult if not impossible to petition the government for redress of grievances when we have no clue what in the hell they are talking about in the first place. We might as well talk to a damn telephone pole, which in a sense is exactly what we've been doing all along. I don't currently and never have given a damn about what's legal. I do however care very much about what's GODLY and moral !


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