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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Brief Note for Our Still Utterly Clueless Military

By Anna Von Reitz

The British Royal Family is GERMAN.  

It has been GERMAN since Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Prince of Wettin, on February 10, 1840.

Ask yourselves --- what happened when a Queen married in the nineteenth century? Her husband owned her and all her property.  Prince Albert became the de facto owner of Britain, because he owned Victoria.

The power of the British Monarchy and everything else resides in the House of Wettin to this day.

The British aristocracy and the German aristocracy were one-in-the-same during both the First and Second World Wars.  Two faces of the same coin.

That's why you get those photos of the King and Queen Mother giving the Nazi salute, and the young Elizabeth wearing a Nazi armband, and come to think of it, why in blazes does Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler's Second-in-Command bear such a striking resemblance to Prince Charles? 

Military intelligence?  You dolts couldn't find your way out of a paper bag with a 10,000 Lumen LED Flashlight and a Guide Dog.

The problem is not and has never been "the Russians". 

The problem is now and has always been the Nazis.  You are still fighting the fricking Nazis, and you don't even have sense enough to know that, because they have British accents and wear tweed suits. 

Bless me, I am disgusted with all of you. 

It's not Russian interference. 

It's British interference.  Which in this case means German interference. 

Where did that famous "Russian" Dossier come from?  Oh, a Brit. Christopher Steele. 

Who actually interfered with all our past elections going back to 1860?  Oh, the Brits. 

Who substituted their "State of State" organizations for ours--without telling anyone, of course?  Oh, the Brits.

Who screwed up the entire Middle East?  Oh, the Brits.

Wake to bloody hell up. 

If a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, has to tell you this stuff and shove it up your noses, what good are you? 

A bunch of fancy-dressed flat-asses who are adept at running drugs and money laundering and nothing else on the face of the Earth? 

The Problem is not the Russians.  It hasn't been the Russians ever since 1840, and it's still not the Russians now.

If you don't grasp that simple, straight forward, obvious, 100% true and verifiable FACT, my next suggestion to you is to get serious about your GERMAN language studies and bone up fast. 


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  1. its pretty easy to see who starts wars, and why, and how -- just read the "golden dawn" press. "british israel"


    ******* QUOTE
    The great dates that Frater
    spoke to you about -- 1870, 1900, 1914 and especially 1945
    are all liberation dates, not only in this world but in to this
    world from the Other World.

    note the logo: same as on the cover of 68th convocation of the rosy cross order, fundamental laws, 1916
    "british israel" had to usher in the "2nd coming" millenium. they are continuing today. same old.
    Initiation Rites compared between Freemasonry and Witchcraft.
    “Who goes there?” The answer is, “One from the world of darkness.”
    They end their prayers with “So mote it be.”
    Edward Bellamy's cousin and fellow socialist, Francis Bellamy, is credited as the author and promoter of the U.S. "Pledge of Allegiance" (1892). This was soon adopted by the National Education Association, to be recited in public schools along with a stiff-armed salute to the flag known as the "Bellamy salute"
    The media is lying to us, conservative organizations are deceiving us, and our political leaders are doing everything possible to keep us from learning the identity of our enemy.
    Masonry conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it.
    In this case it is but view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the "Harbinger of Light", bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: "in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil" -- [he] can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour...
    God's plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new -- a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new religion, a non-sectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of "The Great Light". [33]
    "Contrary to popular, present-day belief , Israel was not a 'nation of Jews', but God's ancient Church. But this Church had
    become so corrupt that it was to be punished SEVEN TIMES.
    This period of SEVEN Times (2520 years)
    "This ruthless reign of 1260 years, when blood flowed like
    water, ended in 1870 A.D. (610 plus 1260 -- I87O A.D.) when the
    Pope's temporal powers were taken from him and he became 'the
    prisoner of the Vatican '.


      After the breaking of the First
      Seal in 1870 A.D. the 'light of day ', so to speak, began to quick­en men's minds and understanding.

      The average mass-minded person is in such a state of hyp­notic stupor that he is following right along with the mass mind.
      Let me say very definitely , right there, that the limiting condi­tions previous to 1870 are still very much in force for the mass-minded.
      dates to research:

      "All of the worth-while 'Mysteries' of ancient times started coming through to the world again in 1870, and much more so
      in 1900 and 1914, and especially since 1945

      Well, strange as it may seem, that is exactly what has been
      taking place for a long, long time.
      The great dates that Frater
      spoke to you about -- 1870, 1900, 1914 and especially 1945
      are all liberation dates, not only in this world but in to this
      world from the Other World.
      One of the guests wore an immaculate white robe.
      The second wore the garb of a British Bishop, and the third was a young sol­dier in an army uniform of World War I I .

      These people are apt to wail that
      their loved ones had no choice -- no "free will" in the matter.
      What they do not know, and you must suggest to them, is that the
      loved one DID have a free choice -- that out in the Other World
      they were told of the Great Work awaiting them there , and chose to leave this physical body and perform that Greater Work There.
      With Marxism you get the same results as with the ancient esoteric religions. Their adherents had to know only that which was the most elementary and crude, insofar as by this one provoked their faith, i.e. that which is absolutely essential, both in religion and in the work of revolution.
      (note: marx had ties to british royal family, google around, henry makow should cover it, and eustace mullins "the world order" perhaps other books too)

      british financial ties to "soviet russia" and "naziism" are too numerous to pack into this. the "fabian socialists" thought of them as "experiments" to learn from, adapt, revise, etc.

      IIRC "THE SEALS WERE BROKEN" also mentions aspirants meeting in slc, ut, to board a plane to mountains (denver, co. IIRC) --- very reminscenet of "the shining"

      oregon/utah/denver all seem to be hotbeds of such "occultist" stuff.

    2. it should also be noted the quote:

      The average mass-minded person is in such a state of hyp­notic stupor that he is following right along with the mass mind.
      Let me say very definitely , right there, that the limiting condi­tions previous to 1870 are still very much in force for the mass-minded.
      is very similar to g. edward griffin interview with norman dodd (google for transcript, or e.g. youtube video, or maybe)

      re: "managed conflicts"

      the create wars/"chaos" then forge things and try to "cool down" i.e. prevent any "reversion" back to how things were prior. again, that was also british meddling.

    3. below is also why the "pope" cannot help anyone; the masons decided his temporal power services were no longer needed.

      "This ruthless reign of 1260 years, when blood flowed like
      water, ended in 1870 A.D. (610 plus 1260 -- I87O A.D.) when the Pope's temporal powers were taken from him and he became 'the prisoner of the Vatican '.

      who set up the incorporated "USA", 14th amendment, "pledge" "federal reserve" et. al. -- rosicrucians/masons/satanists.

      the "pope" had nothing to do with it -- he had been "fired" by the masons already.

  2. Gone 55+ years of life and never really heard of, (that I can recall) "Wettin"...until a couple weeks ago on a tweet.
    From website:

    "SCOTUS: Timbs v Indiana
    It is the opinion of the Upper Chamber that federal protections afforded under your Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments are applicable in the context of whether a state may seize assets and levy excessive fines outside of the due process requirements. Expressed more strongly, we believe that using a civil process to seize assets of people not convicted of a crime is in fact a gross violation of the Due Process clauses contained within the 5th and 14th Amendments, and that the Excessive Fines clause contained within the 8th Amendment is an incorporated protection inextricably tethered to Due Process.

    It may be useful to recall the words of Winston Churchill: “When the long tally is added, it will be seen that the British nation and the English-speaking world owe far more to the vices of John than to the labours of virtuous sovereigns.” This is because it is largely the vices of King John (common ancestor of most of your presidents as well as myself and the current reigning monarch of the UK) that gave rise to the barons’ demands at Runnymede, and from that encounter ultimately springs the spirit of democracy and the rule of law which informs the jurisprudence systems of virtually all developed nations.

    Further, we would argue that as much of your jurisprudence system derives from English Common Law, Magna Carta is as much yours as it is ours. Therefore in the case before you, Glamis would very much like to see a unanimous decision that reflects the spirit of Magna Carta.

    All that being said, neither Glamis nor Wettin will make demands in this matter. You are the law-lords of a great nation and we respect your sovereignty in such matters. Therefore, please consider this missive an unofficial amicus brief on behalf of the Petitioners.

    Ever Sincerely Yours,

    Somerset Belenoff

    Isle of Arran, Scotland"


  3. You are correct - Marx and the Rothschilds

    "This world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other. This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralization of the state. And where there is centralization of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found."
    –Mikhail Bakunin, Profession de foi d’un démocrate socialiste russe précédé d’une étude sur les juifs allemands, 1869.[18]

    Notice the same "people" are inciting the same hatred of Russia today...bastards. Time to take out the trash.


    "Perhaps the most pronounced and consistent aspect of Marx’s ideology was his extreme and radical hatred of Russia [the last bastion of Christian civilization…]… He and Engels regarded Russians and Slavs in general as subhuman (völkerabfall) barbarians. Had he lived to see his ideological heirs Vladimir Lenin,✡ Leon Trotsky,✡ Grigory Zinoviev✡ butcher them by the millions, he would no doubt have cackled in orgasmic joy at the horrors visited upon them; men, women and children.

    Marx used the newspaper Neue Rheinische Zeitung to try and incite a war against Russia.[20] This Russophobia was also behind the strange alliance with Tory, David Urquhart, when he moved to London and Marx thus has the blood of the people who died in the Crimean War on his Jewish hands. Henry Hyndman, who spent many hours in Marx’s company in his Record of an Adventurous Life attributed this anti-Russian obsession to Marx’s Jewish ethnocentrism.[21] The Soviets tried to cover up this fact about Marx…"

    1. Northerntruthseeker
      The Truth About The So Called British "Royal Family": They are ALL Jews!

  4. Not the Russian it’s Nazi that like Alex Jones saying Hollywood is run by Muslims what a laugh!
    Afraid not it’s Freemasons who infiltrate every organization all started back in the time of Jesus .
    King Harrod another anti Jesus started the anti christ tridition of quote” use the hammer “ siginifying mailing Jesus to cross .
    Rabbi Wess 1850 said all masonry is Jewish orgin the numbers ,demonic ,symbolism.
    Napoleon didn’t loose to Wellington Rothschilds secret lodges (intelligence spy network) did.
    33 is favorite number JFK killed on 33rd parallel,Herosha,Nagasaki on 33 parallel,first nuclear test site also all commentated with Masonic obelisk shrines.
    Leaders like today are communist Merkel,macron, Cameron,Obama ,trump.
    Can’t believe been douped by talking heads .

    1. add Nazi isn't German. Nazi is JEW. AshkeNazi. National Zionist.

      Father of Nazi philosophy, Alfred Rosenberg Alfred Ernst Rosenberg was a German theorist and an influential ideologue of the Nazi Party. Rosenberg was first introduced to Adolf Hitler by Dietrich Eckart and later held several important posts in the Nazi government. Wikipedia

      Why Hitler hated being called a Nazi and what's really in ...Nazi - an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler's party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant - being a shortened version of ...

      “NAZI'S” NEVER EXISTED – Smoloko May 1, 2016 - They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don't. The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden during the 1920's as a means …

      Despite our search for truth, even here, we're being duped. Constant references to wrong info. NOT GOOD. Its become so frequent. As tho to brand our brains. Can we ever break free of the JEW LIES? I have. thanks & stay sane

    2. 'Nazi government' is as America's fake Territorial, Municipal Inc government.
      IT IS NOT AMERICA. Nazi is not Germany. IT IS JEWS.
      There is no such thing as jewdaeo-Christian, they are polar opposites.
      Didn't we just read that one religions laws differs from another religions laws & one cannot be both religions under both laws?
      Then how can there be jewdeao-Christian? One is Talmudic death cult. The other just happens to be Christian.
      Gee, kinda gets confusing around here. We're not fooled.

    3. What If: What we're coming to realize Russia held global White Tartary Empire, which included America. Catholic Church was absolutely integral serving needs of peoples who were most all Christian. Cities, streets, railroads, even use of Free Energy were already built.
      'New' Railroads were dug-up, not built. The exquisite architecture was long already here, incapable of being built by horse & buggy transport, skilled labor to construct we're told wasn't populated, resources, technology not available.

      What If: America was being captured w the fall of Tartary? All the empire was, still is being, divvied up by jews who were/are the usurpers, enemies of all.
      The Bolshevik attack by American Brooklyn jews was payback against Russians for not submitting, as jews are doing to America now.
      Mid 1800's to WW1 most jews were in rabbinic slums, slum dwellers called 'nazi', the filthiest, wretched stinking, sacrificing (including human White Christina boys 7 & younger) burst from their rabbinic slums onto earth like a festering pustule. They issued fake unearned university degrees especially to jew Bolsheviks, assigning prof posts in America. Mid 1800's concocted entire fake jew history.
      A disaster, including earth liquification seems to have occurred, burying most all.
      Images of Civil War show damage unlike by cannon, but something else, its not making sense. These buildings were repaired, not built. Clearly wars are used to wipe out White Christian populace & its working in very quick time.

      In 1920 Whites were 30% of world pop, now down to 12% = 2/3 Whites are gone from face of Earth in just 100 years.

      “We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General (Eisenhower)…The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result remembering it." ~ General Patton in Germany, diary entry Sept 17, 1945 <<<< wretched jew 'nazi' filth still in 1945.

  5. Christopher Steele -
    Christopher David Steele is a British former intelligence officer with the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 from 1987 until his retirement in 2009. He ran the Russia desk at MI6 headquarters in London between 2006 and 2009. In 2009, he co-founded Orbis Business Intelligence, a London-based private intelligence firm.Wikipedia
    Born: Jun 24, 1964, Aden, South Arabia (now Yemen)

    Steele Dossier Peddled Insane Conspiracy Theory That American Jews Were Secret Russian Spies - On page five in the third paragraph of the dossier, former British spy Christopher Steele wrote that agents of the FSB, the Russian Federal Security Service, were approaching Russian-Jewish-Americans who worked in the IT industry to conduct covert operations.

    Christopher Steele’s Jewish Spy Conspiracy


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