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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Harry and Meghan - God's Garden

By Anna Von Reitz

The Truth is that “merit” is not established by genetics.  Merit is established by character, courage, and goodness of heart, hard work, fairness, and the fruits of our labors demonstrating all the aforementioned choices that we have made all on our own in our own lives.
And Nature, for its part, demands that while we respect where we come from and the people who gave birth to us, and that we give back to our diverse cultural and ethnic and racial roots and preserve them, we cannot impose homogenous   This is the Principle of Nature that I call “God’s Garden”. 
If your eyes are open, you can easily observe the vast, vast numbers of differing plants, trees, fungi, algae, insects, worms, birds, and animals that form our forests and garden and every biome on Earth --- all occupying their own space and doing their own jobs.  Faced with this, you also realize that there is vast beauty and richness of life made possible because of this diversity. 
Is a rose any “better” than a lily?  A violet to be trampled for a verbena?   Can we establish any particular “divine grace” with which a Sycamore is imbued, above and beyond a Cedar?  No. They are all Divine Creations. They all have their part.  They all deserve the deepest respect.  And so do we all deserve the same, in all our rich varieties of color and kind, heritage and substance.
There is no answering Principle in Nature allowing for static homogeneity.  None.
So while we stand up for and honor and respect our own “kind”, we must also grant the Rule of Nature and of Nature’s God, to create this magnificent panoply of life and form and heritage of all kinds, and if we do not, we end up with One World Government provided by One Homogenous Ruling Family and a world as bereft of life and color as a fading black and white photograph.
The Generic (Internationalist) Royal Family  has a nasty habit of destroying and denigrating and crippling those who are not of "the" Royal Blood so as to maintain control and advantage over others, and to preserve the "purity" of their own Genotype, though even the term "Generic Royal Family" suggests that there is no such "purity" involved.
When Harry married Meghan, I shook my head and wished him luck, well-knowing the kind of quiet firestorm of racial and cultural prejudice his fledgling family would face despite the more open-minded and supportive younger members of the Royal Tribe.
The entire concept of "Royalty" depends on Eugenics, breeding, as in dog breeding, and privilege based on blood inheritance.  They have to keep up the pretense that they are so special, so different, so pre-destined for greatness on the basis of something, so this excuse, blood-line inheritance,  is what they have settled upon.  Anything counter to this oddball proposition of "divine right by inheritance" and the preservation of these claims must, in the view of the proponents of this scheme, be squelched.
Even if it means disinheriting a King, like Edward VIII.
Even if it means death and mayhem, like Princess Diana.
Even if it means losing your Grandson, like Prince Harry.
Even if it is nothing but a Big Lie and against Nature itself.
"Preserving one's own" may be the Greater Course of Nature, but there is a time when this Draconian and inhumane definition of family by blood means losing that which you sought to preserve, and the stultification of what remains, trapped by self-limiting definitions of who and what we are.
The moment when Elizabeth II endeared herself to me came in the early 1960's.  She was being hard-pressed in a conversation with a American interviewer.  She looked a bit flustered and finally said, "Well, I suppose someone must be in charge of things."
The Royal Family, including the Internationalist Royal Family, needs to back-track to their shared Celtic roots and take a look at what Family in the Celtic Tradition really means.  It's not about "pure blood".  It's about being part of something greater than yourself. It's about embracing a higher purpose than any advantage of birth. And, it's about the journey forward, together, accepting new blood and new visions, building a shared future.

I am very proud of Prince Harry, of his courage and his self-evident love for his wife and small children.  For their sakes, he has done the right thing, and yet, inevitably, this strikes yet another death knell for the Generic (Internationalist) Royal Family, which continues to lose their best and brightest for the sake of a Big Lie that actual Celtic Culture has never tolerated.

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  1. Well...I pray he's as genuine as you are giving him credit for. As long as we don't hear he's running for PM of Canada.


  3. As parents we raise our young for the most part with family history, education and learning responsibility to prepare them for their future. As the world at large became smaller, travel easier, opportunities greater, yet wanting the best for our offspring, there is a desire still to keep them in the fold. When a son or daughter chooses to leave the nest, we also must recognize that as we, a child of God, do not own the child of God we raised. Letting go is not easy, but if we are true to ourselves and our children, it is much easier to give blessings and wish them well on their journey, for theirs is not ours, than to compel them to be on a leash. There is a much greater chance of retaining family harmony and greater respect flows both ways.

  4. Well.... they didn’t have to wait in line to apply for taking up residence in Canada like everyone else so they entered as royals
    Will they pay taxes like every one else or share knowledge of why we shouldn’t have to pay taxes either.
    Will they pay for their own security service , their homes
    drivers and maids ? Will they still have the silver spoon.
    ...the crown owns all of Canada Inc
    I know my home and everyone else’s land deed in Canada says crown property on the deed so they can pretty much step into any property of their choosing and not have to put any bucks into it from buckingham because they already own it all on paper
    I do hope that they truly stepped away from the purse strings

  5. The corporations and their medical fraud

    Read more on other issues from 1933 like the Reich Concordat

    Moved German assets to Switzerland

    The motherland of you guessed it, the G20 and DAVOS

    These families are ripping the entire world off on a massive scale

  6. James Perloff Retweeted

    "Meghan Markle met with Hilary Clinton in November, HC encourages her to play the sexist - racist card, then MM bolts without an agreement from Queen, stays with Clinton Foundation board member in Canada in January and then gets a deal from Disney. Some interesting dots here ...."
    Meghan Markle & Hillary Clinton Secretly Spent The Afternoon Together At Frogmore Cottage

    NEW: Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Gabbard has filed a defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, claiming that Clinton "carelessly and recklessly impugned" her reputation with "favorite of the Russians" comments.

    1. CatherineAustinFitts@TheSolariReport

      The Christopher Steele dossier did not work. Have Harry and Meghan been enlisted by British allies to aid with the engineering of a Clinton presidency? Too many people looking for real estate in the Southern hemisphere and Russia organizing to survive a war.

      Replying to @TheSolariReport
      Also, Harry & Meghan's PR manager is Sara Latham, who has a long history of working with both Bill and Hillary Clinton


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