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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

One Page -- The Robert David Steele Challenge

By Anna Von Reitz

“It’s too confusing.... makes my head hurt.... needs to get it down to one page....”

Okay— start here and format the one page: 

You’ve been lied to. 

The American Federal Government hasn’t been whole and hasn’t functioned as intended since 1860. 

The Federation of States doing business as The United States of America (Unincorporated) delegated certain enumerated “Powers” to three Subcontractors: (1) the States of America (American); (2) “the” United States of America (British); and (3) “the” United States (Papist Municipal Government). 

The American Subcontractor ceased to function in 1860, and has never been “reconstructed”, largely because the States and People were never fully informed of the circumstance and the need to do so. 

We are now assembling our properly constituted and re-populated States of the Union, dba, The United States of America (Unincorporated)  to finish the job. 

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  1. Every boby needs to read this book including anna. on the (human soul)/it will explain the things anna says about that island and the seveth seal with all the spirits traped on is from 1902.there is a ton of info in it with experiments you can do your self to detect your own soul and fluidic body.crazy i did it my self.

  2. 1860 is after the British learned how to scam the world using Siam Rama-1 confusing war (pillaging/sneaky-attacking, using enemy to attack enemy). 1822 – 1837, the Brit instigated Rama-3, the 33-yrs old king, after he asked for ½ or a portion of Burmese land. The British said “NO”, you are not entitled to have it, you did not help with the battle, only with the Elephant feet. See history in the middle of content. The British found SIAM great dishonesty useful, and used it later on to scam N. America, etc.


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