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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Third One-Pager

By Anna Von Reitz

The American Civil War was not a war.  It was a Mercenary Conflict fought by business enterprises organized as States of States, like a The State Of New York and The State of Georgia.  

The men who fought were all mustered out by these organizations, not by any actual State.  These State of State organizations both North and South are called “Confederate States” and were members of the original Confederation formed by The Articles of Confederation, 1 March 1781.

Thus, the actual States, like Maine and Georgia and Wisconsin, were not part of the Civil War and neither were average Americans civilians. 

As our States and ancestors were not part of the Civil War there is no plausible excuse for anyone now or in the past to “presume” we are enemy combatants or anything else of this kind.  

We certainly don’t need a Peace Treaty as we were not involved in any altercation. 

Americans who have suffered occupation by our own for-hire military for 150 years are owed The Law of Peace, AR 27-161-1, and are all internationally protected persons under the Geneva Conventions. 


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  1. I thought she said that because our government was sold off by Lincoln (because of the war) this is why we have corporate entities operating under the guise of America. (Sorry didn't set up my account)

    1. I dont know what to do by way of these color of law. If the 14th amendment doesn't recognise form descendant. The fraud is hard to apply being convicted an charges can be put on you.

  2. To be a war a struggle over controld of land ,however nothing of the kind happened only wanting to go thair own way.
    The bankers who bought the presidency are the same ones who engendered 9/11.

  3. Enemy number 1


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