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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Practical Help for State Nationals

By Anna Von Reitz

This is for those who have declared and recorded their proper political status as Joe Average Americans, and who are not Federal Employees or Dependents. 

Federal employees and those who are actually receiving unearned welfare "benefits" have other options and other things to say "in-house" to the members of the Congressional Delegations.

For the rest of us, it is obviously necessary to light a fire under their collective rumps.  There are many measures that we can take to compel these yahoos to perform and to clean up their own Mess.  Writing a simple letter and flooding their offices with complaints about one supremely important topic --- the remedies you are owed --- is one way to do it. 

We have begun a program to secure these remedies for Americans who have taken the time and made the effort to correct their political status.  Thus far, the Internal Revenue Service and "Treasury Department" are attempting to stonewall us and unreasonably restrict access to remedy.  They need direction from their bosses --- the members of Congress; and we need to give the members of Congress their marching orders, too. 

No need to be rude, just get your points across. 

I will note that if you want to send an email to "YOUR" Congressional Delegation, most of their email programs require you to choose a "title" or "office" --- this is so they can pretend that you are actually agreeing to serve in such an office and are their employee, instead of being their employer.

As this is a "required field"  go ahead and choose any "office" you wish--- then explain and disclaim this at the very beginning of your email to them. 
I usually choose "Marine Corps General" and then explain that I actually don't occupy any Office of Person, but was forced to choose one by the email program and so, chose "Marine Corps General" because that's how I feel ...

To help get you thinking and started, here's a sample of the kind of letter you --those who have declared their actual political status --- can write: 

Dear Senate Delegates:
I have suffered multiple attempted acts of commercial piracy because you have failed to properly instruct Federal subcontractors concerning the exemptions that average Americans are owed and also failed to expedite the Mutual Off-set Credit Exchange I am owed.  See Public Law 73-10.  
Your failure to properly oversee and administer this process has led to the accumulation of the so-called "National Debt" --- a situation that must be corrected.  It has also led to millions of Americans suffering unjustifiable foreclosures and allegations of federal tax debts that they don’t owe.
There is a Treasury Direct Account that was created in my name without my knowledge or consent as a result of FDR's Executive Order 2039.  That "special trust account" is supposed to be used to off-set public debts and to hold me harmless as a [man/woman] who holds no Office of Person in the Federal or State of State Governments.   
In the hard copy version that will follow this email, I am enclosing a letter to the Internal Revenue Service [or other agency, court, etc.] that I have been forced to send after a prolonged failure on their part to respond to me and continued harassment and false allegations of federal tax debts brought against Federal PERSONS that I never knowingly authorized to exist. 
You will note that I have also been forced to file liens against the perpetrators and to "offer" to enforce commercial and legal sanctions against them.  This is regrettable, because for the most part, they don’t know that they are doing anything wrong.  They’ve been left in the dark like everyone else.
I consider the Courts and the out of control Federal Agencies to be at fault for this circumstance and even more so the banks and lending institutions including the USDA, but ultimately, I consider you all to be at fault for this inland piracy against average Americans who have not been given anything like “full disclosure” and who are left operating in the dark as a result of your continued failure to provide disclosure and failure to properly instruct your employees, including members of the court systems.  
As you are choosing to perform in an undisclosed capacity as members of an "incorporated" government, I should also point out that you are yourselves without any protection of sovereign immunity and that the municipal plenary oligarchy you are serving is out of compliance with its charter --- that old-fashioned thing known as The Constitution of the United States.  
We, Americans, will still be here, but the continued existence of "the" United States is another matter.  The Pope issued your municipal charter and the States and People hold the other end of the string.  Now that we are, by dint of our own efforts, aware of all the nasty things FDR did, we have taken appropriate action to declare our proper political status, organize the States of the Union, and prepare to finish the long, long overdue "Reconstruction" of the Federal Government.
If you have an interest in the well-being of this country and any shred of honor, it is well past time to take an interest in the malfunctioning of your subcontractors and the harm that your failure to properly instruct your own employees is causing to them and everyone else. 

NOW, obviously, you have to tailor things to your own circumstance.  
If you haven't filed punitive liens, don't say you have.  Put in your own information about whichever agency or agencies you have a beef with. Make it clear that you are owed remedy and are being stonewalled and prevented from obtaining it by mis-informed Federal Employees.  
Light a fire under them.  Do so by the millions.  They deserve it.  


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  1. FDR's Executive Order 2039 is all about hording GOLD so your letter seems to be incorrect.


    1. Thank you for that great government run site of mis-information.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

    2. If you believe ANYTHING the "government" says about treasury bonds /birth certificates/notes, etc you are either one of them or you are controlled/brainwashed

  3. They treat everyone the same it’s knowing how to assert your self and meanwhile not give them jurisdiction same old story .proud of the general public controlling county legislators and Sheriffs, 90% saying form militias and sanctuary cities.
    Afraid the only thing thugs understand.

  4. In 1933, when the Federal Government went bankrupt, they passed EO 6102 and HJR 192 and pledged us as collateral to back the government debt.

  5. For those interested

  6. OML! This exactly what I was baking up today against rogue Employees Gone Wild who trespassed, engaged in LEGAL NAME FRAUD, operated under color of law, unlawfully converted private property for profit, extorted, committed mail fraud, kidnapped and conspired with a big medical corporation to chemically damage me. Anna you just helped me put the pecan praline icing on the holiday cake!

  7. Anna:

    Writing to Congress is not the solution. Clearly you were representing a process you can't deliver on. You are not up to speed on being a Secured Party Creditor/Private Banker qualified to discharge debt. That's the problem with republics, using incompetent representatives, middlemen who won't step aside to let people handle their own business. So we jump through hoops doing "your" paperwork to the letter and then ...nothing. Well you get what you pay for, I get that. But of course this process is public law and should be free, so why don't you just educate us and be done with it, rather than standing in as a gate-keeper, protecting your contacts who obviously aren't that interested in performing for you. And what about those Z tags? You told us to use them but never a statute to enforce them! Hello?

    1. IMO we all need to do the paperwork, file a UCC1, do the SPC and reclaim our status and our ability to live as paupers as we will if we continue to just wait for them to do the right thing with our relinquished BC's!
      The UCC-1 financing statement (which includes the security agreement, the lien, the copyright notice, Private Registered Bond, Legal Notice & Demand, et al.) and the filing of the existence of these documents will REDEEM us and our Debtor/Strawman from the commercial system and establish documented evidence to overcome the presumption that you are the surety for the Strawman. Successful completion of this process creates you as a “secured party” or lien-holder over that fictional Strawman name – therefore protecting it’s assets from lien, levy, seizure, garnishment, or forfeiture. Fraud voids all contracts if the party being defrauded takes affirmative action to call out the fraud, which is also accomplished with your UCC-1 filing and notifications. Being a Secured Party is in effect cancelling out the disastrous effects of those contracts in your life that were done without your full knowledge, consent or your best interests at heart.
      Giving us only partial information and direction when you have already done the UCC1 and the UCC3 is not very forth coming. Yes we are grateful for all you have told us nut for all we know not doing this leaves us "open" for trouble, and alot of it!

  8. Dear Anna, it's my understanding that prior to advising people to prepare and record their paperwork as recommended by the American States Assembly web site, your Living Law Firm prepared, recorded and submitted "test" packets to the US Treasury and Internal Revenue Service. The debts associated with your "test" group were subsequently paid by the US Treasury. Keep in mind that the documentation that was submitted for your "test" cases were most likely submitted on attorney letterhead. An agency like the IRS or Treasury that receives a request for payment is more likely to comply with that request if that request is sent by a law firm. Agencies are risk averse and will comply with any request from a law firm to avoid a potential lawsuit. Additionally, they will also comply to keep this systemic fraud out of the public domain.

    Due to your prior success you then felt you could advise the average person to submit the same documentation and achieve the same level of success. The above agencies receiving the same paperwork from an individual as opposed to a law firm are not going to comply simply because they know that the threat of a lawsuit from an individual is remote. Consequently, that agency will simply refuse to comply and toss the paperwork aside.

    Given the above scenario, those of us who have recorded and submitted our paperwork will most likely only achieve success in getting our debts paid if we hire our own attorneys and resubmit the paperwork through those attorneys preferably as a class action lawsuit. I feel then and only then will we achieve success. Filing a class action lawsuit either by individual state or states will expose this fraud to the general public. Public exposure through a potential lawsuit is the one and only thing this international crime syndicate fears.

    I have supported you in the past and will continue to support you but I must disagree with your advice to file letters of protest with our so called "representatives". It's true Anna, by filing a letter of complaint outlining the fraud you are denying them plausible deniability. But that still does not get our debts paid. They are very much aware of the problem, they simply don't see the average individual as a threat, and therefore feel no compunction to remedy the fraud. I have sent letters to my "representatives" and the only response I received - crickets - they simply ignore it. The time for paperwork is over, it's now time for war, in whatever form that may take. We all hoped this could be resolved amicably, but I don't see that happening now.

    President Trump could resolve this issue tomorrow simply by filing an executive order - it's very telling that he has failed to do so.

    1. As time goes by, I'm starting to be think that you may be correct in that they will refuse to pay our bills without an implied or direct threat through lawyers. Regarding President Trump issuing an EO, it could be that his staff is keeping this information from him. They've done it before.


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