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Saturday, November 30, 2019

My Beef --- Military, Get a Clue: 30 November 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

Some persons have attempted to paint me with an "anti-military" brush, and also with an "anti-civil service" brush, but generally speaking, that is not at all true.   I am, in fact, holding the line and fighting the fight for our military and our veterans along with everyone else. 

My beef is with the Pope, with Her Britannic Majesty, and with scads of high level politicians and administrative ne'er do wells, who have happily enriched themselves in gross Breach of Trust, and far too often, have enriched themselves via spilling blood.  That blood is ours, whatever job description. 

They have followed up by cheating the actual military out of the services and pensions they have earned at such a cost.  And that is what they are intent upon, again, as part of their Grand Slam Plan right now: collapse all the Pension Funds, let the stock market crash, stand back and reap the "benefits" by being able to buy up companies like GE and 3M and Bayer and Mitsubishi and Sanyo at pennies on the dollar, using our gold and silver to do it.  

Who cares that the military pensions and services will also be "discharged" in this hideously unfair and dishonorable manner?  

I do, so I guess I am not the Enemy of the military, am I?   

I am one of those who wishes to scuttle the rats and force the corporations to pay up, instead of sitting on my thumbs and letting the actual living people suffer. 

The US NAVY is a foreign, for-profit Municipal Corporation.  It is staffed by Federal Civil Service Employees working for the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, also known as "the" DOD.  Most of these people are "retired" United States military personnel and many of them don't have a clue that they are doing anything wrong. 

Thanks to all the "similar names deceits" that go on, some people have mistaken this entity, the US NAVY,  for the United States Navy, which is another animal entirely.  

Let's make it clear:  the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and the US NAVY are both corporations.  Giant commercial corporations.  Both operate under the auspices of "the" Municipal United States Government.  And both have been known to go completely bonkers and operate as crime syndicates, especially under the influence of quasi-military Agencies like the CIA.  

These are the entities that spend their days cashiering away the American National Credit owed to the American States and People, and pretending that we are "absent".   

These are the entities that, for the most part, have established the morally and legally and lawfully repugnant patents and protected those criminal patents "in the name of" National Security.  Never mind which "National Security" they may be concerned about, and the fact that all these miscreant patents are null and void for criminality on the face of them.  

Imagine --- self-admitted, blatant, criminal schemes --- being protected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Everything from mind control to geo-engineering to "systems" designed to lodge false claims to own our DNA, to deliberately conceived "educational programming" designed to undermine our ability to think,  to bogus electronic 'trading systems" that bypass the necessity of having any actual interest in physical assets that are supposedly being "traded".   

These are all violations in Gross Breach of Trust being practiced against us and the rest of the living people worldwide, by run amok incorporated crime syndicates that have been promoted and protected by the Office of the Roman Pontiff, and since 2011, by the Roman Curia, which is continuing to play Circle the Wagons and Hide N' Seek while they try to protect the Catholic Church on one hand, and move their seat of operations to the United Nations which they propose to use as a storefront, just as they used the Roman Catholic Church for the same deceptive purposes.

Just so we are clear, all the "governments" represented in the United Nations are private, for-profit corporations in the business of providing "government services"---- not actual national governments at all.   

Let us further be clear that the majority ownership and administrative control of all those corporations is held by the UN Corporation, a nasty old Vichy French Nazi-collaborator formed during the Second World War, two years prior to the United Nations Organization being chartered, and which functions in the same way as the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia once did ----- as a Comptroller Umbrella Corporation owning the majority interest in all these individual governmental services corporations.  

So with the Roman Pontiff (or whatever they are going to call "him" now) holding the majority interest in these "national government" corporations, whatever they do is only what the UN Corporation tells them to do, and the UN Corporation does whatever the Roman Curia tells it to do--because they hold its charter "for" the Holy See,  and the Roman Curia, in turn, serves Whatever Name or Office for the Prince of Darkness.  

So once again, no matter how you cut it, all this deceitful, nasty, double-dealing, all these dishonest and immoral corporations and their activities, including the issuance of criminal "patents" to the US NAVY---- it all comes back to the Roman Curia and the Roman Municipal Government and ultimately to the Holy See and the Pope.  

So don't imagine that I am being mean or critical of Midshipmen and boat Commanders and Captains of Vessels.  I am not after Shavetail Lieutenants, Bosun's Mates, or Quartermasters.  My quarrel is not with Warrant Officers, Commissary Officers, or Sergeants, Engineers, or anyone else having an honest job and occupation in the Armed Services at all.  

My beef begins with corrupt Admirals and Generals and it climbs the food chain from there. 

None of this is about honest men and women serving in the United States Navy or any other branch of Military Service in any rank.  It's about rats infesting and manipulating our actual military for no good reason and without any granted authority to do so.

This, among other issues, is about preventing the criminals from foisting their debts off onto our actual military personnel and civil servants and preventing these foreign governments from evading the payment of the pensions and services that our military and federal civil service members are owed.  

This isn't just about American State Nationals or American State Citizens.  It's about what our Federal Employees are owed, along with all the rest of us, too.  

But bear in mind, it is the "People" of this country, that is the American State Citizens, who hold the other end of the constitutional agreements, and we --- those of us who adopt and hold this political status --- are the only ones that can hold the thieves accountable.  

So instead of telling lies about me and about our State Assemblies, and trying to cobble together individual "deals" to save yourselves at everyone else's expense, or trying to front fake "State Assemblies" composed of US citizens --- get a clue.  

This game of Musical Chairs has come full circle.

The American State Nationals and the American State Citizens aren't the only ones who got cheated and treated like rubes--- and we aren't the only ones that they have attempted to feed "carrots for jackasses", either.  We just happen to be the only ones who can hold the feet of the Queen and the Pope to the fire, and you happen to be our employees, responsible for assisting.  


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  1. Firm Handel on the double entities like public vs. private names or U.S.citizen vs State National.
    And sure your right on many name changers look alike agencies IRS vs Internal Revenue Service.
    However your mixing the Catholic Church and Roman Catholic Church with an indelicate hand the Catholics are aware of the communist & homosexuals that seized power and now promoting a NWO.
    Fully aware , now join forces with you tube channel Micheal Voris of (the vortex) also known as church militant.
    you need to join forces with Kirk Pendergast.and David Straight the people are on the front lines everyday .
    Kirk and cris, David Straight would like acknowledgement they defend Field McConnell,bring kids back creat with the help of Donald and Melania Trump loss provention agencies to go after the criminals like the army of the deep state financial bankers the (((BAR))).or lawyers guild communist party .

  2. And if it’s true the IRS and Federal Reserve is now under the secret service if David Straight and his pal Kirk are correct.
    We will know for sure when Ron Paul can retire from his battle with the fed.

    1. Hey bubbapatric! I had an interesting long dream with Ron Paul the other day...๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ˜‡

    2. None of them share each others stuff
      Kurt on this channel several times never mentions Anna's efforts to rebuild the states?
      Same thing with Kirk, Chris, and the rest

      Field knew about Anna's work had her on his show too, did he not do his paperwork?

      We are told he is in jail now? Easy to fake those records too when you control the crooks

      And how about that, Field gets emails, preaches from his jail cell on the phone??

      Something not jiving here folks

      Been watching and reading this stuff for over 4 years now and no closer to any solutions than when started

      Unless you have a currency to take the place of the current currency and vendors that will accept that currency instead of theirs, all of this is moot

    3. Talk about some sick shit to trap people - listen to the video

      Lets not forget who owns 23 and me either - the same folks that set up the federal reserve

      Think we are going to get valid results from 23 and me??

      I think not - it is a push to get everyone to use their 'provided services' and then when you send that DNA off to them they claim ownership of that DNA

    4. Shelby said:

      "Unless you have a currency to take the place of the current currency and vendors that will accept that currency instead of theirs, all of this is moot"

      Shelby it is bigger than that, and not nearly as grim, we are all our own solution as a group, as a whole. I have said this umpteen times and nobody gets it, including Anna from what I see. We are already the currency, the source of all value added. It is often referred to as credit. The fake currencies, gold included are irrelevant if we choose not to give it the energy to have lives outside of hunter-gatherers. Once we got the idea to cooperate with each other to create communities with activities such as farming, shelter production etc. Once we got the idea to cobble together tools, we then established the start of the means for production. Civilization was thus bootstrapped by the use of the cooperative use of our individual intrinsic energy and the resulting productivity.

      Our key to restoring sanity involves understanding that and then taking it upon ourselves to use that energy and productivity in ways that are self serving as communities instead of giving away our power to become "subjects" to a parade of sanctimonious parasites of someone else's self-serving agenda. This is when the other shoe drops and we understand who we really are.

      We have been given hints here and there from entertainment media, like the old Star Trek show, where Picard said that they advanced past the need for money in whatever century the show was in (23rd century?) and that mankind in that century chose to achieve more of its own potential than to chase insane fictional currency that has no intrinsic value, but only the value that we assign our precious life energy to support.

      By the way, I have also noticed and commented in past on the fact that there is a lack of cooperation among the various players in this community. And yes Field's circumstances are truly odd on the face of it, nobody could predict that he would be allowed to do what he is doing from a state of incarceration.

  3. The attack on Nazi’s and Italian communist fighters you like to trash non stop but your friends the Rothschilds as you have said .
    Excuse me , but the Rothschild Army that worn the identification as such tried to overthrow Spain in so called Spanish civil war Spanish general Franco fought them off with the Germans and Italians help.
    Again gloss over the Jewish communist and help perpetuate the greatest fraud of all times the secret communist Jewish NWO.

    1. I was reading Guy Rothschild's interesting 'autobiography' a few years back when in his chapter 5 Guy started to seriously lie about how the Rothschilds took over Bank of England after their carrier pigeon trick with Waterloo....I stopped reading the book right then. Guy had already died apparently, but his 101 year old chess master sister died right @ the time I quit reading Guy's book....spooking me abit๐Ÿ‘€

  4. Well I hope they post shows up as it was posted just a few minutes before I posted this one


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