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Saturday, November 30, 2019

For Steven Charles

By Anna Von Reitz

When you were a little kid and you did something wrong, what did you do?   

You tried to cover up and remove the evidence of  the wrong-doing.  You swept up the broken pieces of pottery.  You hid the ruined shirt in the rag bin in the garage.... and what else did you do?  You lied about it if confronted.  

I'm not a little kid, but the members of Congress have acted like little kids over the years that the Great Fraud has been ongoing.  And so have the members of the Court System.  There have been endless efforts to hide what they don't want us to see --- annotations, archiving, re-numbering, re-naming, and re-sorting---- all to obscure records.  From time to time, they've even outright destroyed the evidence of what actually went on.   We call this process "moving the cheese" and it is as common as dirt.  

Without any reference to what you tried to do overall, it's impossible to comment, but what I can tell you is that back then the Congress was aware of wearing different "hats" as it dealt with issues coming from different jurisdictions.  

The Continental Congress was in session on September 9, 1776, and any action that they took regarding the land jurisdiction would be properly recorded in the Congressional Record, not the Congressional Register; furthermore, they would be acting all across the board --- conducting air, land, and sea business as separate issues, but switching from one subject area to the next in an orderly fashion.  This results in two different kinds of records -- the Register and the actual Congressional Record, plus three different venues: national, international, and global. 

So what they did in fact in the air jurisdiction (which derives from the Unum Sanctum Trust that was established more than 400 years prior and is no more a figment of my imagination than you are) on that day ( which later becomes part of the records as a Municipal Government action and where you found this other reference) is what you posted above:  "Resolved, that in all Continental Commissions, and other Instruments where heretofore the Words, “United Colonies,” have been used, the Stile be altered for the future to the United States."

So, Steven Charles, Big Mouth, Accuser, Know-It-All ---- let's see if you know what a "Continental Commission" is?    And in what context is this phrase being used here?  And to which jurisdiction does this action pertain?  Hmm?    

What you have in fact uncovered is more proof of what I have said all along, though not the specific alteration being referenced by me.  In the jurisdiction of the air (commerce) they began using the "United States" name at the same time that "The United States of America" was formed in the international jurisdiction (trade).  This is the other half of the same action.  They were trying to keep commercial accounts separate from international trade accounts.  

You are just too inexperienced to read the tea leaves, but that doesn't stop you from shooting off your Big Fat Mouth.  

If you don't care enough to learn these things and learn where to look for the evidence (obviously not in Municipal Government records) --- go back and suck up all the political rot and believe in that and be satisfied with your life as a slave.   


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  1. Re: "back then the Congress was aware of wearing different 'hats' as it dealt with issues coming from different jurisdictions." - Got inspired earlier with a question as to what jurisdiction the original 13th amendment pertained to (I am guessing municipal) and whether the later (displacing) 13th was dealt with under the same "hat."

  2. Hard to find records as the 13th amendment was hunted down and destroyed.the big shake up in the war of northern aggression to quote the relived of command for being unstable said I should have been tried for war crimes .that same criminality went on for 8 more year during the plunder called reconstruction.
    We know the communist from Illinois was hated but with Jewish banking money finally won and the nation lost.

    1. General Sherman the mad man and the Drunk Grant communist president.
      Pretty much all our presidents except Ford ,JFK,Hoover.

  3. Want a good education go to kirks law corner and find the 8 part series of his system.supurb

    1. Thanxz, I always appreciate great stuff! I'm gonna eat ice cream with it. :->

    2. awhile back i mentioned david straight - arkansas 1thru3 . on you tube . 10 hrs of the best info for everyone ! 30 yrs of his experience crammed into 10 hrs for those who want to learn of how corrupt this BAR/legal system is and how we have been had ! first thing he brings up is the SIMPLIFICATION PROCESS for correcting 'our' political status ; 1. affidavit of repudiation (USC title 8 & 1101 required 2. passport , ds-11 (state dept site download) @ / left hand side - freedom . 1- STATUS ; 2-STANDING ; 3-JURIS DICTION !

  4. what I have read and heard is confusing so im jus lookin

  5. I guess this post is talking about Steven Charles Hance ? Most of us don`t know who this guy is or what the bif (beef) is about.


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