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Friday, November 8, 2019

Encouragement to Act and to Choose

By Anna Von Reitz

I don't mean that we are alone or unaided in our efforts when I say that "only you" are responsible for self-governance of yourself and your State.  We have plenty of help on a Universal basis, and that help is more or less instantly available to us when we ask for it.  

It's the "asking" part that we fall down on, first, because we don't know that there is anyone or anything else present to ask, and second, because we think that we are self-sufficient just because we have free will.  

Neither of these assumptions are true. 

Jesus tried to tell you and I am telling you, too.  Ask to receive.  Knock and it will be opened to you. 

We are not alone.  We never have been.  We never will be.  We are part of a Universal Dynamic.  We are hard-wired into the Web of Life and the Ordered Dominion that gives rise to life of all kinds. 

Rocks are alive, because they are ordered structures composed of pure energy.  So are we. 

Think about what the relationship between mass and energy reveals?  

Think about what the chemical and ordered physical structures reveal? 

Not only that, but we are clearly not static creations.  We are being created each and every day that we live.  Our creation did not begin with a moment of fertilization, though that did mark our physical incarnation in this life, and our creation certainly did not end with parturition from our Mothers. 

We are all, right now, at this moment, in the process of being created and sustained.  All of us. That creative power is not our own.  That knowledge and those resources don't come from us.  

Just stop for ten minutes and really think.  

I have looked and sought and asked and thought for many years, and in all of that, I can only conclude that like Toddlers, there is only one question that we are generally well-suited to answer, and that question is: what?  

What do we want?   The red elephant or the blue binky? 

That is the question the Universe asks of us and the one question we can answer.  


Do we want truth, peace, compassion, grace, kindness, humility, sharing, freedom and life abundant?  

Or do we want lies, illusions, war, selfishness, gluttony, cruelty, bigotry, deceit, arrogance, and death?  

Our choice. The whole Universe waits for our answer. 

So while we are not alone, and while we can't and don't sustain or create ourselves, we do have a crucially important responsibility and role.  We each need to declare what we want and where we stand. 

This is why we are instructed to "Choose life."  

There is an active element to this.  

We aren't supposed to just dawdle along and go, "Uh, I or death, that is the question... uh, well, I dunno the answer to that one.... really tough quizzes you give, Grandma.  I mean, if you live, you gotta do stuff like homework and raise kids, and if you die, you can just lie in the ground and rot...." 

And we aren't supposed to overly worry ourselves about all the other questions --- the why, when, where, how, who and so forth.   Like most everything else, that's provided once we know what we want and focus on it. 


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  1. There was a comment here this morning about the UNIDROIT treaty? Where did it go?

    I have been asking about this UNIDROIT treaty myself and never is it ever mentioned throughout any of Anna's writings

    1. Sorry UNIDROIT information was under the grasshopper story

  2. Sorry Marcus but Anna is right. We cannot cling to the old and expect the new.It is like mixing oil and water.It is time we all took responsibility for our own choices and actions. It is time we stopped blaming others for what we should be doing for ourselves. It is time we stopped depending on another human being to lead the way and make things better for us when we have The Son and refuse to let go of earthly things. It is not Anna we all should be mad at it is our own denial to own the responsibility of the choices we make. Jesus said it is finished but we continue to cling to the old way instead of walking in the light.

  3. @Sara-Jane, That was extremely well said.
    You can't see it, but I am standing and clapping at your statement.

    Documented American Assemble

    1. Uh? Turtle and Sara, our main problems are NOT religious problems with the crooks. What we have are:

      Fraudulent Finance, Fraudulent Laws, Fraudulent Govt body with them.

      Thus the crooks copied Jesus Cross version, and replaced by their Satanism Crown the Templar Cross.

      Let's keep that apart. Let's fix the core problems first guys.

  4. I found this to be of some interest

    Now if you couple this with their written laws and new upcoming 'laws' noahide, you can clearly see they have us all marked with a surname (mark of the beast)

    And not only that but they list our mothers name on the birth certificate as her maiden name so therefore we are all considered bastard children and our mothers were unwed mothers is my take on it

    And they are in the process of creating all the new 'laws' that go with their schemes so as to prosecute each and every person on this earth

    The video I found of some great interest

    1. It would seem to me that we would want to correct the record of our mothers name which was the first trick

      JMO but I want to correct the record for my mother who was not unwed nor and adulterer either

  5. I can't imagine living in a world where God didn't exost, there is pride in that science killed God, attempted to that is. But as to Shelby - your comment. The mark of the beast, in scripture ; specifically says that, "No man will be able to buy or sell anything unless received the mark on their hand or forehead. Scripture is the inspired word of the Lord.

    1. The surname is in your head and you sign (sin) with that surname as well using your hand

      Just trying to show people their messed up noahide laws and how this applies, did you read the link I left

      The rabbi's are still working on these new 'laws' that apply, go read them folks - theyare intrepreting the bible and how it applies to you

    2. I refer you to this page

      Notice it says this will be REQUIRED of gentiles
      Mandated punishment for violation, from Heaven which means their heaven on earth

      Christians are idolaters but muslims are not
      It will be mandated that you rebuke Jesus else you will be banished from the Kingdom of Heaven which is Earth

      And you will notice that the sources related to gentiles pages are all still under CONSTRUCTION


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