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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

About Field McConnell

By Anna Von Reitz

Field McConnell has been arrested and charged with three felonies of an unknown nature. 

Remember that THEY can and do indict ham sandwiches. Their entire system is built and predicated on the presumption that a "person" is guilty until proven innocent.  And it is hard to prove innocence.

Remember who or what is taking this action --- Broward County, Florida, one of the most evil and corrupt County Governments in the United States Municipal Government flock of corrupt State and County franchises. 

Remember that Field McConnell is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel in his seventies --- Vietnam Era, and that these charges, whatever they are, are said to stems from things that happened in the 1970's --- Ollie North Era.

Remember that a lot of good men, especially pilots, got drawn into CIA and DIA and other plots hatched during the take down in Vietnam and Iran Contra and other illicit "Ops" and also remember that many of those men actually believed -- and had reasonable cause to believe -- that they were working for our actual government and in the "National Security Interest" when in fact they were being ordered and/or induced under conditions of deceit to commit crimes.

Remember then, too, that the very Agencies responsible for ensnaring these men into committing crimes in the first place, then hold those same crimes as blackmail over guys like Field.  This could very well be that kind of hypocritical pay back scenario, where Field wouldn't go along with their current agenda, so they pulled out ancient dirty laundry on him.

Remember that Field McConnell's principal contribution to the world so far has been to expose the "Senior Executive Service" --- the SES, the most powerful and venal part of the British Territorial Government in the US and elsewhere.
That makes for a lot of very powerful enemies.

Remember that Field McConnell's anti-child trafficking efforts are in competition--at least in some people's warped minds-- with Craig Sawyer's  campaign against the same evil.  

And finally, to make sense of this all, you have to know some basic history and Who's Who. 

At the Federal level there are two (2) "governments" employed as subcontractors -- (1) British Territorial and (2) Roman Papist Municipal. 

Both are ultimately controlled by the Pope, but one is indirectly controlled by the Queen and the other is controlled directly as part of the Roman Municipal Government system.

This results in two "Congresses" --- staffed by the same people wearing different hats.

It also results in a multiplicity of services of all kinds.  There are two or more departments, bureaus, and agencies covering (and charging for) every possible function of government. 

There is the actual Department of Defense run by the British Territorial Government, and then, there's "the DOD" run by the Municipal Government. And there are rivalries between these entities.  Competitions.  Snake Oil Sales.  Separate contracts with various agencies -- both foreign agencies and interagency contracts. 

This makes for a very complex mix of organizational alliances and at the same time, competitions and oppositions, as all these various groups have somewhat the same and somewhat different motivations. Wherever there is money to be made, you will find two or more of these groups in the bidding, cutting deals in the back rooms, and trying to push each other off the playing field.

My initial "intel" on this subject as it concerns Field is that the snakes in Broward County who make a lot of money off of smuggling everything from child prostitutes and white slaves to drugs to tigers to booze, cut a "deal" with Craig Sawyer, one of Field's competitors in the new burgeoning anti-trafficking movement, and that's why Broward County is picking on Field.

Well, if you have two competing groups engaged in anti-child trafficking operations, and you are Broward County, you obviously want to buy them off.  And if one of them will take the bait and the other one won't, you obviously want to make the payola flow toward the group that will work with you and attack the group that won't make a deal. 

So the Smart Money is that Field and his group of anti-child trafficking heroes wouldn't make a deal with Broward County (and behind them, the British SES involved in all this crap) to protect the Pedogate monsters, but Craig Sawyer would. 

Or maybe Craig Sawyer was simply seen as the lesser of two evils and benefited from being less competent.

Or maybe this is just more of the Standard Operating Manual for the Scumbags among us, and the Deep State is attacking Field, and blaming Craig Sawyer for it, in an attempt to destroy both at once. 

These things get complicated.  You have to be able to play 3-D chess.

What is certain is that news channels associated with Craig Sawyer's group are taking "credit" for Field's arrest.  But, that could be a set up, too. 

After all, how many infiltrators have tried to set relationships with me, so that they could blackball me by association?  Take nothing for granted.

This all gives rise to the spectacle of: (A) competition between two shadowy former-agency/former-military groups leading to harm of everyone's efforts to stop child-trafficking; (B) dirty dealing with the dirty quasi-government officials ruling as kingpins in Broward County to allow trafficking to continue in exchange for a cut of the action; (C) petty personal conflicts leading some selfish and small-minded people to betray the best interests of all concerned; (D) agreements by some parties to protect Pedogate criminals in exchange for carte blanch to prosecute lesser criminals in Broward County; (E) some mixture of all of the above.

What I can tell you for sure is that any prosecution of Field McConnell for crimes committed back in the 1970's is dirty prosecution by dirty people.
And, at the end of the Food Chain, they are high-ranking dirty people, too. 

Many men, especially pilots, get into very sticky situations in the course of their professional work.  The filthy Agencies that do the dirty work as subcontractors of the Departments of the swamp-dwelling foreign "federal government" subcontractors --- are always in need of transportation for themselves, for their agents, and for various kinds of cargo.

Just think of Han Solo and the ET bar scene in the original Star Wars movie.

And at the end of the day, it also often comes down to whether a man chooses to work for the good side or the bad side on any given issue. 

This much I can tell you--- Field McConnell is a good man in my opinion and he has never said or done anything to my knowledge that was less than squeaky clean, intelligent, and fervent.  His arrest has caused all sorts of consternation and butt covering in the so-called "Patriot Movement", but not here, not with me. 

I've been around the block long enough to know an insider "inter-agency" job when I see one.  And that is what this is and all it can be.  Pray for Field and keep the faith with him.  Don't let the rats get away with anything. Keep your attention focused and your brains engaged.  He has done enough damage to them by exposing their underbelly that this was, I suppose, inevitable.

Field himself has certainly lived under the shadow of the likely "payback" of the Deep State every day for years.  It hasn't kept him silent like so many other men who have ultimately yielded their own honor for fear of blackmailers and pedophiles and murderers. And fear hasn't kept him on the couch, either.

Instead of running away because the known criminals in Broward County brought charges against Field McConnell -- stick around and pay attention and keep the pressure on Broward County and all the Florida "officials" responsible not only for arresting Field, but for all the smuggling and trafficking and other crime that goes on in Florida. 

Remember, there's a reason they called the TV Show "Miami Vice".  And there's a reason they call Mike Pence the "Vice President", too.  My sources say that Pence already ordered an agency "hit" on Timothy Holmseth, Field's compatriot in Minnesota, who has been instrumental in exposing the Midwest child theft rings and their connection to Pedogate.

They also say that they have film of Pence doing some very, very nasty things.

So I will repeat my advice to all would-be Whistle blowers: don't stand around talking about blowing the damned whistle.  Blow it.  Now.  Get the bombs out of your hands and into the news cycle. It's time.


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  1. POTUS releases JFK files:
    JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

  2. This is so sad. I have been following Field for years now. He IS a good man. I will be praying for him. Who is Kirk Pendergrass really? He showed up and Field gets arrested....

    1. I think Kirk is a good guy too, and that he was there before the arrest, just not on camera. Go back and listen to what Kirk said on the short video he put up later that day about why he is in Plum City and on Field's channel. He told us why.

  3. Thank you Anna, I am Field McConnell.

    1. So are you in prison right now & able to go online? Well, we've been posting FOR FIELD MCCONNELL all over vids & there are lots & lots & lots of folks who are taking up for Field.
      So how are you doing, Field? Are you in Broward yet? We don't want you to go to JEW INFESTED BROWARD. Not good.
      Why don't you do Annas papers & get yourself onto the soil & land jurisdiction?
      Who is Pendergrass, we're interested to know. Does he have 'correct' knowledge?
      Field you have got to get outta there. Where are the White Hats? Does Trump know whats going on? Can Trump do anything?

      Alright. Get outta there asap. And record your papers, they're very, very simple to do. We're pulling for you.

  4. And Pendergrass was on Fields show by himself the other night. Possibly while Field was being arrested. Hard to say who is a "white hat" anymore. I have been watching Field for a LONG time when he was with David Hawkins. Now we'll see how it all pans out.I know his sister helped to create SES. He has been forgiven of his sins, and is doing God's work. He will continue to do will WE.
    GOD BLESS Field McConnell, Anna, Paul Stramer AND the rest of God's Army! May God's Full Armour don those of us who vow to STAND UP with them!

    1. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

  5. Funny thing about this snapshot - pretty far away for it to be a mugshot, no?

    Notice the name is not written in all caps?
    Also notice, last name first followed by comma then first name - again both in upper and lower case letters?

    I've asked myself the same thing about this Kirk guy - see Kirks law corner which noone had ever seen before he hooked up under field and yet he and this chris guy from florida are schooling the public on constitutional law and filing what they call remonstances?
    Channel appears to have been up and running for quite some time and came up out of nowhere shortly after his appearnce with Tim and Field??

    I smell rats all over this thing

    Remember they can stage anything they want even on the internet, back date stuff, make up the stories, anything they want

    Just some observations

    1. Shelby - Where in Florida is Chris from? Hope its not Broward or Dade Counties, eh. Lots of really weird, nasty crimes in Florida. Really weird stuff. Turned into an immigrant cesspool. Well 3 open border sides & lots of (((Maritime & Admiralty))).

    2. Shelby - no chance Field has been or will be taken into Witness Protection, eh? If you come upon anything about it, give us a heads up. thanks

    3. Wink Wink, Ocala Florida
      1 hour four minute mark they show a piece of paper that shows something from the State of Florida
      If you read it there are all kinds of grammatical errors in all his writing, underlinings, using different fonts, misspellings, alll capital letters???

      I am suspicious of the entire set up and even field. There was a building across the street on 9 1 1 that there was reference to an operation called able danger?

      I have always found it odd that someone would name their you tube channel after something like that?

      Anyway just my thoughts

    4. Something amiss for sure wink wink

      And then today get the link I posted about checkmate2?
      The Study of Fake News??

      So we now have a web psge that is studying fake news and field seems to be front and center although this is first I have seen this web site??

      Archives has one link to 2012 then it skips all years in between and for to 2019 starting in August

      Go check it out, you got George Webb, Jason Goodman, Robert David Steele and others named in some of the articles??

      Website is and seems to be, as per their claim, UNMASKING the fake HOAX news industries?

      Something very very fishy about all of this

    5. Basically calling anyone on you tube or anywhere else on the web fake news is what I am getting

      Lots of hustles happening on the internet

      Go fund me set up for kids that were never shot to create a non profit to put surveillance in schools is a perfect example - the 'parents' even flew around on air force one touting gun control everywhere they went and the results of all those pleas for sheckles they came up with a non profit to put all kinds of folks in positions with high dollar salaries using donated money that was to help the vicitims but it was used to set up a non profit tax exempt that is now putting up school surveillance adn implementing tattle tale programs complete with them couching your kids what to look for and who and what to report it to

      And in the below video have alook at the man on the left bottom corner, he is the guy that was at handy sook and now sitting with the governor of WV

      Tellin you they are all in on it, IMO

    6. Anna is a scammer. Look her up! Friends with other scammers.. Jessie czebotar... Madyson Marquette. Ect... Field McConnell is no pilot. I know because I know one of the supervisors. And Timothy Holmseth is made up with a persond identity
      Please look into r

  6. Thank you for this update. God keep Field McConnell safe. Does he have the best attorney? Timothy said that he was about to release some video. Who now has that video? Apparently POTUS wanted to see it. Videos of CPS kidnapping children. God help us all!!!!

  7. As for Craig Sawyer, we are not fans - Not that this needs to be brought up, but we do not like this guy at all. Nor is he very bright at all. He knows his craft. He & team need the shekels. Funny how Sawyer needed all those shekels to make a 'film' on Child Rescue, when we're doing videos online every friggin day at almost no cost &... Sawyer could easily do the same IF THAT WAS HIS TRUE INTENT. All 'roid & little substance.

    1. Wink, good research sites:

    2. Ready- Too funny, your vide sprung earlier this week, as I came upon TomatoBubble & his anti-New York Times. Just perused GatorBait. Good for them!! YES expose the JEW. We urge that all examine how the JEW has infiltrated our closest realms, neighborhoods, schools, boards of all kinds library, utility, good-Samaritan, SPCA, donations, schools, universities, hospitals (some area hospitals are ALL JEW CONTROLLED) etc.
      WAKE UP GOOD FOLK, the JEW is a squat .02% global & 1.8% USA population. >>>Think about it<<< The rarest .17% redhead w blue eyes is greater than the JEW!!
      Why are JEWS everywhere? Everywhere! We don't even see it, when its right before our eyes. Read the msm news, see the JEW names as criminals, prosecutors, spokesmen, authors, see the JEWS tweaking reality every moment of every day. Actors in the news most all are JEWS & notice how many have mental, physical diseases, as is fashionable to detail today FOR PITY.
      Most all so-called White serial killers are in fact JEWS. Some say all are JEWS. See how JEW msm calls perps White? Most all are JEWS.
      Crusius of El Paso, Betts of Dayton, Fields of Charlottesville, Loughner of Gabby Giffords, etc the list is too long>>> ALL JEWS called White supremacists by JEW msm. Even Sodomite Jusse Smollett is a friggin JEW, a Negrew. Kamala Harris family owned WHITE & Negro slaves in Jamaica, she's married to JEW Douglas Emhoff.
      Folks: 98% of all advancements, inventions are by True WHITES. Probably MORE THAN THAT, as wrong attributions have become more common in the JEW controlled narrative.
      Whites do not say only Whites can benefit, no, all mankind benefits. And Whites are the MOST COLORFUL PEOPLE on Earth. True Whites have ZERO genetic diseases, Negros only 1. JEWS have 112 genetic diseases including a host of severe Mental Diseases up to 30-40% of JEWS are Severe Mentals & some say JEWS carry a schizophrenia contagion. Imagine how this would change our relation to JEWS were this made wholly public.
      Good Folks, its time to wake up, especially Whites. For a fresh positive view of White Peoples, see India born Canadian Frank Raymond vids, begs Whites to wake up to restore their place for Peaceful Civilizations, save all mankind & Earth from the ((Sneaks))

      THE HOUR IS LATE too late... thanks & stay sane

  8. take care of yourself Field and know that God the angles and the people are praying for you, and thank you for educating us, and a big thanks to Anna and her team, we will rise above this, hopefully soon

  9. Go Field McConnell go. With the light of life...Truth is the weapon and always has been, as always will be to any evil that comes forward to the light. Judas are always discovered to be used as the rat, and the rat does get eaten. Keep up the great stand to never surrender to Satin and his true followers. May God bless those all that are the Lord Christ's children.

  10. ..can someone get in touch ith Denise to confirm...

  11. Amen Anna. Were with you Field. Praying for you both.

  12. I read most of your post Anna and have learned a lot about my country's closet history from them. But I've noticed your refusal to expose the real who's who who has all your multi-governing entities serving their agenda. When one makes assertions about who has the power over certain world governments and never mentions JEWS or their usury central banking profession giving them their elitist power above all the entities you named concerning the who’s who governing, I have to wonder WHY you will not touch that 3rd “hot” rail. Surely, not because of it being the ultimate career killer those in the know know they can’t talk or write about? Surely, not because your ignorant of that fact, as it’s obvious their Jewish Jew World Order agenda is being followed and implemented by all the governing entities you mentioned. The open borders, gun control/confiscation, taxation, anti-property ownership, anti-European white/white genocide, population reduction, control of the TV news networks & newspapers, and of course control of our money/finance system are just a few of Jewish constructs from their Communist and Protocol plans and agenda. Until you bare witness to the truth about the acts against we gentiles by certain families of the tribe, we, who are Jew wise, not Jew haters, we continue to view your writings with a cautious and investigative nature.

    1. Better yet shut down the Rockefeller set up of public edjucation (indoctrination) centers all together

      Rockefeller started the public indoctrination camps through the department of edjucation

      Rockefeller schools also train your doctors too - teaching them the art of healing through drugging you to death

      Also created the AMA and I'm sure many others


      While they keep everyone focused on the stupid acting queen and the pope the real clout is in the ROCKY boys and their

      ENEMY sitting inside the gate for decades

    2. Hyperloose, Shelby - check out Check out Nick Fuentes, Christian, true Conservative unafraid to ask pertinent questions about jew run America, the Israhelli 1sters destroying us, the jews trying to kill us, immigration that Trump was for then changed cuz his jew corporations 'need immigrants' for their profits...
      Even Don Jr was daunted on his book tour Triggered, held hostage by his JEW HANDLER & called these White Christians as radical lefties on stage w Don Jr who was taken off stage, didn't follow thru the promised Q & A....
      These are the Zoomers, meme is Groypers like Pepe the Frog, they're suit wearing, listen to the speeches, then ask questions then JEWS insult them & SHUT It DOWN. They're for Trump, but not his jew-coddling Israhell 1st.
      Taking back America 1st, Conservatives, Christianity, Whites … all the things JEWS cannot tolerate.
      Groyper Wars: UCLA Nationalist REVOLT Shuts Down TPUSA Don Jr. Event | America First Ep. 496

      Very interesting.

  13. F. McConnell updates:

  14. Good stuff on Field McConnell arrest. Super-Patriot FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open!

    1. More on Field McConnell...

    2. Ready - Good article! We've been exposing BROWARD COUNTY & here they tie-in Palm Beach County >> Excellent!
      Folks, BROWARD COUNTY has more JEW CHABAD CENTERS than any place on Earth! What If: Chabad across USA hands out Work Visas to their IMMIGRANT JEWS as assassins', traffickers, organ harvesters, Bolsheviks, etc whosoever the JEW deems necessary to destroy our nation??!
      And YES Ivanka & Jared Kushner are CHABAD JEWS, funding CHABAD >>> Sorry folks, NO JEW IS A GOOD JEW, despite associations w Trump. Ivanka on 'twatter' blamed WHITES, WHITE NATIONALISM as Criminal, Whites as supremacists over JEW FLASE FLAG Charlottesville. FIELDS of Charlottesville is a JEW - in court attempted typical JEW insanity plea cuz his jew grandad killed his jew grandma, then himself, thus made Fields insane FAILED. WHERE IS YOUR APOLOGY Plastic Prima Donna CHABAD JEWESS IVANKA? APOLOGIZE YOU FILTHY CHABAD JEWESS - did the Rabbi stick his hands up your twat to qualify you as JEW, huh, did he insert his hand to QUALIFY YOU AS A GOOD JEWESS as You stood NAKED before that DEMON JEW RABBI? Or were you exempt from fondling & penetration? >>> APOLOGIZE TO ALL WHITE PEOPLES FOR YOUR FLAGRANT HATEFUL LYING ALLEGATIONS YOU PLASTIC JEWESS funneling millions into their Chabad pipelines TO TRAFFICKING OUR CHILDREN in OUR NATION - not Your nation - You gave that up when you turned full JEW.

      Chabad in Broward & Dade Counties Fla

    3. List of Broward ‘coincidences’
      ...Even very few Pedogate investigators and researchers know, but the world capital for the global child exploitation syndicate is Broward County, Fla.
      There are several reasons for this fact of life in 2019. One of main reasons is the same explanation for why Jeffrey Epstein set up shop just north of Broward in Palm Beach County, Florida—that’s where the BIG MONEY is! That’s also where the aging Illuminati families are who want to stay young forever. The way they stay young is to pay BIG MONEY for the organs, tissues, blood and adrenochrome that are harvested from illicit child exploitation operations...
      KEY POINT: It’s been stated by knowledgeable researchers that the Gold Coast of Florida — from Stuart to Miami — is home to the greatest concentration of Illuminati families on the planet. These families represent the really old money of the Black Nobility, unlike the nouveau riche of California. Those banking families of Northern Italy dating back to the end of the 13th century have their roots not only in the spoils of the Roman Empire, but also the plunder brought back from the Nine Crusades as well as the riches generated from the East-West trade routes opened up by Marco Polo’s journeys to China via the Silk Road. Now that’s OLD MONEY....
      Not even those folks initiated into the secret workings Pedogate know that Broward County is the global headquarters for that child exploitation operation. Nor do they know that BROWARD COUNTY is the Operational Headquarters for Israeli Intelligence-Directed False Flag Operations and Mass Casualty Events in America.

      JEFF KASKY JEW also father of false flag school shooting (((victim))) - Big Shekels in the False Flag biz. Just ask CHABAD Tree of LIES in Penn - where Trump & Melania laid flowers, shed tears, warnings of harming JEWS >>> YET NOTHING for Paradise as JEWS turned our people into ASHES as they tried to escape >> just like JEWS DID IN 911 >>> No tears, no flowers & NO MONEY to help OUR PEOPLE, as they slept under plastic tents in parking lots w their children >>>> YET CHABAD JEWS reap the shekels for their Baalsh*t false flags w JEW VICTIMS who seem to come from Israhell: - Kasky is the V.P. of One World Adoption Services, Deerfield Beach,[BROWARD] Fla. Ties to Laura Silsby in Haiti child trafficking.

    4. Folks, Field McConnell threatened to murder Judges 2 months ago. This is probably the main cause of his arrest. The 2nd count, may be weapon(s), type or legality of weapon(s). Vietnam war is a nickname of Indochina war. It is a mercenary war actually, it started in 1955 – 1974. American involved in 1962 – 1974, besides UK, FRANCE, and Popes.

    5. Hey ready as per you link

      Find it kind of odd that this outfit lines up with UN

      See the second category under MDG's, Mellennium Development Goals

    6. Is it just me but does no one notice the end of Kim's name is ZIO??

  15. This appears to be a credible analysis of what is behind arrest of Field.

  16. Will JEWDIZER Florida gov DeSantis sign FOR Field McConnells extradition to JEW CHABAD INFESTED BROWARD? If Folks see anything Please Post it here.
    Folks posting great links above >>> BIG THANKS FROM OUR CREW <<< We are sooooo pizzed over this, ok, >>> As we also see this is EXCELLENT EXPOSURE OF BROWARD, JEWS, CHABAD
    >>>> BUT Field McConnell nor Tim Holmseth are to be theirs! <<<< JEWS hear this: Don't do it. Step back, think on your own. IF ANY MORE HARM COMES TO THESE MEN THE JEW WILL NOT SURVIVE IT. Let the JEW implode as it must & save yourselves in allowing it to do so.
    The JEW uses jews, & if you're too damn stupid to figure it out, too damn stupid to see why JEWS have been kicked out over 1030 times >>>> then you simply cannot be helped. We are not going to take your JEW BAALSH*T any more. It is OVER. Get real, or get gone.

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs legislation against ...
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs legislation against antisemitism into law The legislation defines as antisemitism calls for violence against Jews, advancing conspiracy theories about Jewish ...

  17. FMc's Pentagon Pedophile Task Force doesn't exist as per my phone call to Pentagon. Call for yourself. It appears money was solicited and accepted by FMc and group under this group.
    This might be one reason for arrest?

    1. Illegally soliciting funds for victims of handy sook to create the 501c3 handy sook promise an in school surveillance and coaching of your kids on things to report back to school is also ILLEGAL but you didn't see any of these fakers go to jail did ya?

      'Courts' already paid out huge settlement for the 'victims of vegas survivors' and it has been more than proven that event to was planned and carried out by the very crooks working to take your guns
      How about collecting funds for cancer when you know the source of where cancer comes from but hide it then feed your patients chemo therapy as a cure making billions of dollars in just that industry alone
      Now having walks to collect funds to prevent suicide, hmm I wonder who is collecting all that dough, I am sure it is not the suicide victimms families or anything of the sort
      Same with the red cross

    2. And if you don't think they putting on a show for the masses so they can disarm using their fake 'statues and codes' to enslave the planet, think again

    3. wink wink according to this man there are no broward county police they are all for profit private contractors working as the police in that county as I am sure is true within most counties now

  18. Everyone watch and if anyone can be in the UK and show up for her


    1. Call very quick. Field will call again when he can. Still in Pearce County.
      We want to know if jewdizer Fla gov Desantis signs extradition to jew Chabad infested Broward or not. Any news please post here. Thanks

  20. ..Field just checked in (on his live radio show) from Pierce County Jail and says he's ok and this is the email address to send messages:

    1. Amazing how they have all these communications avenues set up that you can now talk to an inmate via email I presume
      You can go to your nearest CVS and send money via moneygram to an inmate
      Also have it all set up that the family members on the outside can buy food and personal care items like soap, shampoo and toothbrushes for the inmate because how about that they supply none of that to their prisoners of war
      So now the family on the outside is being fleeced of their earnings to help with their family member that has been put in a for profit prison under color of law
      Just some observations

    2. And lets not forget that you can send those electronic digits as money for the prisoner of war for a nominal fee too

  21. Everyone go to her site nd read all her stuff, amazing

  22. governments have all signed gloabl genocide treaties
    the good ole free mason boys

  23. See how nice Social Security treating people:

  24. Thank you for all your efforts Anna. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your husband in Kerrville,Texas when you were here a while back and enjoyed learning about so many different falsehoods that have been beating us up for so long. Also, I'd like to thank Paul for continuing to get your information out to all that are looking for the truth. Still fighting the chemtrail battle down here :0(


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