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Friday, October 4, 2019

The Big Fraud in Very Simple Terms

By Anna Von Reitz

There are still a lot of people "not getting it".  

So, I am going to use a very simple example that most people are familiar with. Please bear in mind, that this is just one example and the same basic principles apply in many other situations. 

You are a young man with a growing family.  You have been living in an apartment.  You have a good steady job and so does your wife.  You decide to "apply for a home loan" ---- right?  Typical story. 

You assume, naturally, that when you go to the bank, they are going to loan you money to buy a home, just as banks and credit unions used to do it prior to 1934.  

But in 1934, something changed and nobody told you.  

Since 1934, instead of loaning you money to buy a home which you then have to pay back, something entirely different has been going on. 

Since 1934, the banks have had no money to lend.  They can only lend credit. 

So what happens? 

Instead of loaning you money, they developed a system to loan you your own credit. 

They are soliciting for you to loan them your home as an asset that they can borrow against and use as collateral.  

Thanks to the "Federal Reserve" scheme, the banks can loan 7 to 10 times more credit than your home is worth on the current market.  

So say that your home is worth $200,000.  They create $1.4 to 2 million in credit based on your asset. 

What is supposed to happen is that you are supposed to receive your home free and clear, plus monthly payments made to an escrow account as your reward for loaning them your asset.  

That's right.  They are supposed to be paying you, not you paying them. 

All those "mortgage payments" is what the bank owes you, not what you owe them.  

And this is the way it was supposed to be, since 1934. 

But, by not telling you this, and letting us all continue to assume a "normal course of business" the banks saw an opportunity to defraud the innocent, so they did.  

They pretended that you were all Municipal CITIZENS of the United States-- and that allowed them to charge you for a mortgage under false pretenses. The mortgage was actually war reparations owed by the Municipal United States Government and their STATE OF STATE franchises ever since the Civil War. 

So the rats rooked you into paying the debts of the foreign subcontractors running the Municipal United States Government and they took a security interest in your home on top of everything else.

That's how you wound up paying for someone else's debts, including the interest, without any "equitable exchange" or other consideration.  You were presumed to be a corporate  "franchise" of the Municipal Government --like a Dairy Queen franchise, and treated as such. 

Of course, some people did know what was going on here and some people did object to it.  New banking rules were adopted to protect the Private Property that was being leveraged in this system --- the so-called Regulation Z, which is an international banking and securities regulation that was adopted (under force) by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and which resulted in the Consumer Protection Acts including the Truth in Lending Act. 

Private Property is supposed to be protected by attaching "Z tags" to it.  The clueless bill collectors and revenue agents patrolling our streets are supposed to recognize the tags if they recognize nothing else, and are supposed to be told to leave cars, homes, land, etc., displaying the proper "Z tags" alone. 

In this country, because we have two foreign subcontractors at odds with each other, we need two kinds of "Z tags" to accomplish this same function. 

We need a white "Z" with a black background to waive off Municipal bill collectors, and a black "Z" with a white background to waive off Territorial bill collectors.  

The idea was that it was outrageous enough that they were using your assets to profit themselves and forcing you to pay the Municipal Government's debts under False Pretenses---- without also endangering your actual property and making it subject to seizure for failure to pay THEIR debts. 

Like all the other remedy that was supposed to be yours, none of this was ever explained.  To this day, the bill collectors and revenue agents remain largely ignorant about what a "Z" tag means.  In some states like Alaska, highway patrolmen know enough to leave cars carrying a "Z" tag alone.  

The banks got so brazen that they even neglected to pay the Federal Gift and Estate Taxes they owed on all the escrow money they collected from you to pay off the Municipal Government's debts.  Like all the "Federal Income Tax" you have been forced to pay, but never actually owed, these monthly mortgage payments were all considered to be "voluntary" and to be "gifts" so they are all supposed to be processed as Gift and Estate Taxes. 

Beginning in the 1960's, the banks just accidentally on purpose ceased forming actual REMIC pools, bypassed all that paperwork, and didn't pay the Federal Taxes on our monthly "gifts".  No doubt this was a quid pro quo with the Municipal Government --- a sort of unstated fee reversal, where the bank didn't pay the tax or create the REMICs, because they were doing the service of collecting the war reparations payments for the government and kicking back to the government. 

Anyway, to make a long story short--- you aren't a Federal Territorial U.S. Citizen and you aren't a Municipal "citizen of the United States" dba CITIZEN, either.  You've just been a victim in a cross-fire of greedy corporate crime syndicates operating on our shores. 

You never owed a mortgage.  You were owed your home free and clear, plus the credit payment representing the principal of the "loan", plus monthly escrow payments back from the bank as your reward for loaning them your assets and credit. 

The Municipal United States Government was the Party that owed money for war reparations, but you were conveniently "mistaken" for a Municipal Franchisee, and charged war reparations as a mortgage--- a mortgage that the Municipal Government and its STATE OF STATE franchises owed.  

All the money that the banks were supposed to pay you as your profit for loaning them your credit, and letting them hold your asset -- your home-- in trust, was instead "interpreted" as a voluntary gift and obligation of yours, being donated every month to pay back the war reparations owed by the foreign United States Municipal Government. 

The banks got out of paying you the principal and the monthly payments you were owed.  The Municipal Government got you to "donate" all that you thought you were paying on a home loan toward paying off their war reparations debts and whatever else they wanted to tack on.  

The banks sat in the middle with nothing at risk and bilked everyone silly. 

And to top it off, they never explained Regulation Z to you, so the one remedy that remained, the thing that was supposed to be a Fail Safe to protect your Private Property from being stolen under False Pretenses, was never actually made available to you, either.  

Start plastering "Z" signs, white on black and black on white on your homes and automobiles, and everything else you don't want stolen.  Start explaining the situation to your family and friends.  Pigeon-hole the ignorant corporate "Sheriffs" and "Judges" and "Court Clerks" and Highway Patrolmen.  Give them a copy of this article so they all get a nose-full and can't wishy-washy around and pretend that you ever knowingly, willingly agreed to any of this Bushwah.  

Probably a billion Americans have been abused in this way by the banks and the Municipal United States Government acting in collusion.  

And now it needs to stop.  The banks need to start paying back all that they actually owe us, and the Municipal Government needs to be drawn up by the proverbial short hairs.  

Most of the members of the "US" Congress are just irresponsible glad-handing fools who have mortgages on their own homes and are just as clueless as everyone else, but there are others who have grotesquely profited themselves working this hidden system to their benefit and everyone else's harm. 

So, first order of business --- convert all that illegal debt the American People have been carrying into lawful credit.  

Kick rump and clean house on the banks and DC.  

As I have always said, this is not about politics.  It doesn't have a thing to do with Democrat or Republican.  There are rats on both sides of the aisle.  

No, my dears, this isn't about politics, not about rich or poor, not about black or white.  All have been made to suffer.  

This is about crime.  Pure old garden variety bunko and institutionalized constructive fraud carried out against an entire population of innocent people who are in fact owed "good faith service".  

This is about Breach of Trust by the banks and the governmental services corporations, and their Agency subcontractors, the Queen, and the Pope, the members of Congress, the members of the "US" Supreme Court, and others. 

Did you know that the standard Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loan applications create a trust?  Did you know that you as the "Donor/Borrower" purportedly create that trust and give your home away to the bank, to "dispose" of as they see fit?  Did you realize that you need to extinguish that trust or your home stays in that bank trust even after you pay off the phony mortgage?  

Come on, everyone.  Time to wake up and smell the manure pile. 


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  1. So to say that if I were to buy a piece of property but have an owner carry the loan and not have any dealings with a bank that when paid off the title would be mine free and clear and banks would have no holding to it .I would say maybe depending on if I registered it or not with the county land office ,and went down to land patent office and patented it under mineral patent.

    1. i'm not affiliated with anyone, but this depends on type of law, which depends on type of "money" being used.

      see "the dispatch of merchants" william [bill] avery 1976
      (although he lost his case, lots of history)

      the UCC (modern law merchant incarnation) is supposed to allow people to "reserve their rights at [american common] law" -- of course, the question arises who can do such a thing? who normally can be either "in law" or "at law" ?

      normally this is state citizens and/or nationals, and normally not federal citizens (whether they do or should have "access" is antoher story -- it was never envisioned in america and the federal constituttion to even have so-called "federal citizens" roaming about the several states, and being dual federal+state "citizens" (14th amend.) ).

      essentially, from what i gather in [american] common law, all contracts require consideration (both sides have to get something out of the deal). debt notes, IOUs, "credit", "gifts" "donations" do not a valid contract make, UNLESS you explicitly use a "seal" or "scroll" (see bouviers 1856 "consideration" "seal" "scroll" IIRC) on top of or in place of a signature and/or autograph.

      historically, i believe the "ranking" is signatures are just imitation signets for people without a seal. where "autographs" fit in anna's claims i have not seen any references on.

      (as some common law goes back to feudal times, seals/scrolls make sense; insofaras "why does this matter nowadays?" american common law you might say is a distorted form of "feudalism", but "we the people" are joint king; in other words, they wanted to get away from that, but they still tried to be "compatible" just everyone is supposed to be "king (consent of the governed)" "pope (freedom of religion)" "nobility (all men are created equal)" "freeman (consent of the governed)" "knight (militia)" by default, etc.)

      technically they could have still done all this IOU note fraud, and kept everyone as state citizens and/or nationals, kept the common law courts going, and there would be no doubt about "private property"

      but, then they couldn't hypothecate everyone's credit for "bonds", the states are prohibited from making anything legal tender but gold or silver coin.

      so, they couldn't do fake "taxes" that way. all the "state" taxes currently are bogus and fraud too.

    2. things are much worse than anna says. all the "apartment" "rental" stuff is fraud too. pretty much all the finances is just "paying" people with "credit" and "notes" based on hypothecating people's credit for "bonds", one step in the process or another.

      all the "renters" are owed credit back too. pretty much all financial transactions are fraud. all "employers".

      the "feds" position i believe is they will not enforce anything demanding coin, it is against their public policy (which is all they officially do, HJR-192-related IIRC).

      so you can "make" such a contract with whoever, but none of their not-actually-"at law" (see bouviers 1856 "maxim" "at law") courts will enforce it.

      essentially, "law merchant" is a foreign type of law like roman civil law, which "credit" and "notes" pull people into.

      anna i believe says don't "register" anything "record" it.

      under english common law, see e.g. "hanbury's modern equity" (circa 1960s, british, but has some good history) i believe basically in the old days you didn't even have to record anything, the only time such mattered is if someone was disputing your possession of a property, so "oldest claim still active/good" wins

      thus, over the centuries, even before all this u.s. "federal" fraud, they were "codifying" "standardizing" things, trying to get everyone to "record" things.

      strictly speaking, ancient english common law, from what i see even "recordings" was not mandatory, but recommended.

      then they changed that IIRC in england so it was required.

      they argued noone "lost" anything, this just avoided unnecssary disputes. anyone with "possession" had better have good title/proof of ownership/chain of title anyways, so why not do it up front when you acquire something, instead of waiting until there is a problem/someone challenges it.

      this is the same story of "trusts". in the old days, it was a series of common law contracts. so wide variations, although the "roles" of people started to emerge as a "pattern"

      the lawyers argued when they moved "trusts" into "equity" and "standardized" the roles/characters/positions of each member of a "trust" that nothing was lost from the common law, they were just making things less confusing.

      so even "trusts" was originally was just "private contracts" essentially. a way to avoid paying dues/fees to king/lords etc.

      when the private bank of england 1694 came into being, it is said the king allowed "trusts" instead of outlawing them, because he could inflate/borrow all the "fees" he needed, and then "tax" people. so the people doing "trusts" to avoid fees he was going to charge them first and bill them later.

      which is what the "feds" do now, pool everyone's credit for "bonds", to borrow credit or IOU notes, pay the private bankers "interest", and they already have spent the borrowed "money", by the time they tax/bill people for it.

    3. there are layers and layers of fraud at play.

      also important to know a "mortgage" is a "dead pledge"

      vadium vivuum (IIRC, look it up, e.g. bouviers 1856 or other dictionaries) is a "live pledge"

      all their fraud isn't even really "mortgages" they are "live pledges" at best.

      the difference I see is a mortgage you "pledge" as "collateral" for a loan something not generating money/income/whatever. say a car.

      a "live pledge" you pledge a business/farm -- something generating income that can be used to pay back the loan.

      thus, they steal everyone's credit and pool together for bonds, so people are definitely "generating income" for them. otherwise no bank would let purchase any "gov." "bonds".

      much "common law/protestant-biased" talk has been about "mortgages" being "dead" and roman civil law and equity only being for "dead" things, but that's because apparently noone ever heard of a "vadium vivuum" "live pledge".

      socage/scutage w.r.t. the "pledge" of allegiance, and the financial definition of "pledge" -- they are lots of types of "pledges" depending on type of law, etc.

      difference between "home loan" and "mortgage" seems to me normally, someone can only "mortgage" something they already own. other than hypothecation, noone can "pledge" their neighbor's house/car/children as collateral for a "loan" they are taking out (well, without their consent anyways).

      thus, i believe technically it is the bank's "mortgage" if they owned it and are "selling" it to you.

      this might be some method whereby they only agree to "sell" things if you "mortgage" it right away.

      and then you are paying the "mortgage", they get the illusion of having "loaned" you something, etc.

    4. anna i believe is correct in not calling a first-time so-called "home loan" a "mortgage" as many people wrongly do.

      if the bank owns a house/property and mortgages it to you, it seems you are paying their mortgage. and they still own it after this is paid off.

      on the other hand, if it is "your" mortgage, that implies at some point prior you owned the house/property free and clear: so why would you mortgage it unless in dire straits?

      the board game "monopoly" proves this is what "mortgage" really means. you cant "mortgage" property you didnt first purchase. and then it is only when you are in an emergency. (have some other debts, or want to buy an expensive property you landed on and dont have "cash" for)

      they can't "mortgage" things they don't own, and neither can you.

      thus, at some step in the process one of you had to have owned the property/land free and clear in the first place;

      that is why i say it seems for a "home loan" they force you to "mortgage" it right away, to create the illusion of "loaning" you something. (and they keep all the "payments", and they get "ownership" at the end)
      if what anna has said in past about "autographs" are supposed to be used and not "signatures" is true, then all this "signature" fraud may be the case of "some states allowed scrolls to be used, and this got out of control"

      a "scroll" seems to have been a hand-drawn imitation "seal" if you didn't have wax/ring/whatever. (if you weren't the pope/nobility/king/family of knights with coat of arms/whoever)

      thus, it seems possible their "signatures" as imitation "signets" are really "scrolls" -- and they claim that by "signature" people are graphically drawing a "seal" and "consenting" to make "gifts" "donations" "not receiving any consideration/value (for loans/work/etc.)"

      so far as american common law goes, a seal (or scroll, hand-drawn seal) is REQUIRED for any contract of "gifts" "donations" -- to waive "consideration" which is normally a requirement for ANY contract to be valid.

      it is a way of saying "i know what i am doing, i am voluntary waiving the default rules supposed to protect me"

      it may be a civil law "signature" they interpret it as akin to a common law "scroll". i havent seen the word "scroll" used anywhere except bouviers 1856

      "signature" as an imitation or lesser "signet" (ring) seems very plausible to me.

      "sincerely" supposedly means "without wax" (i.e. you are using a signature or scroll, instead of wax seal). the devils dictionary i believe says this. see "seal" IIRC.

      nowadays lots of "gov. paperwork" of course is just paper "seals" or punched/embossed on paper.

      there are actually melted wax "printers" instead of laser/ink-jet/whatever, but i never saw them marketed as "can be used for genuine american common law seals" :)

      historically, seals had to be wax (bouviers 1856 mentions some of this). i believe in 1856 america this varied by state.

      thus, some states might not have even allowed "signatures" and/or "scrolls" (imitatation, non-wax seals) in the first place!

      in some ways, seals/scrolls seem a necessary leftover from feudal system/nobility/classes/aristocracy.

      flags are basically the same.

      i suppose the american stance is seals/scrolls are allowed, but they have no special status i.e. any free man can use them, because "all men are created equal".

      same way "bishops" and "clergy" are allowed, but they have no gov. standing/position in a "city" (see bouviers 1856 "bishop" "city")

    5. i believe the whole "lack of specie yanks everyone into law merchant" thing also has a time component

      similar to underage people, little bobby promises to marry katie when they are of age.

      noone is bound to contracts made as an infant/minor, although they can "optionally" agree to carry it out when they are both of age. (bouviers 1856)

      thus, technically, some day they are supposed to move back to coin, and "resume specie payments" for all their IOU notes/etc.

      LBJ said they are "never going back" so that pretty much destroyed that.

      so all this fraud is also based on the idea that they REALLY DO have gold and silver coin for all their paper /credit/etc. , just not at the moment, so payments are "suspended indefinitely"

      of course, they make zero effort to ever return to normal. so they are acting in "bad faith".

      whether they planned it that way or not, they have stated they are "never going back"

      the real story is they do have gold and silver (not necessarily coin), but this is what central banks and private banks and "gov.s" use as "collateral" to borrow from eachother with. so really they are "managing" "administering" everyone's gold and silver coin we are owed.

      which is very kind of them. kind of like some guy says "there's no adultery here, i'm just managing your wife and daughters for you"

      poing being, i believe their unstated view is "promises we make during so-called emergency/war we are not bound to"

      so they are effecitvely claiming to be the only adults/qualified people to run the show, but also with zero responsibility for any of their "promises". they are simultaneously pretending to be both adults and minors.

      one site claiming they can write notes to escape "mortgages" and "home loan" fraud mentioned this "time based" aspect IIRC. i dont have his URLs handy. basically an international promissory note they cant refuse.

      and i believe it is supposed to "work" to cancel debts, but you are technically saying you will "pay" back whenever the gold/silver is restored.

      so it really "postpones" the debt indefinitely, but perhaps is best that can be done right now.

      people could do that, and then do anna's thing if they move back to gold and silver coin and come to "collect" later, so it seemingly doesn't "lose" anything, but really just more "postponing"

      other sites claim you can join their "national banking association" and be on same level as "federal reserve" -- although william cooper "behold a pale horse" book mentions one guy who tried similar and lost (british citizen), and i believe the "feds" will say "that's not what national banking association means".

      the divine providence guy and many others tried this too I believe, and "lost" (rightly or wrongly)

      under (american and perhaps other) common law, ANYONE can write an IOU note. no special "status" needed. you just can't force anyone to accept them.

      so that "international promissory note" guy I believe found a way they have to take it. but he is not in american common law. i believe he is acting as an international law merchant, and somehow they have to accept his notes to cancel (really postpone) "debts"

      the reason not to write IOU notes in common law is normally if you dont pay them, there is no "limited liability" -- you are liable, whoever you "owed" can go into court and seize your stuff/sell it/etc.

      thus, without gold or silver coin, it would be "fair" and "just" all these law merchants and incorporations have to take common law IOU notes, but they will likely just refuse them. really would just be an "indefinite postponement" instead of "payment" basically.

    6. really, the most "just" thing is if the "us congress" and "us president" declares all law merchants and incorporations have to accept american common law IOU notes, and payment of silver and gold coin for these notes is "suspended indefinitely"

      of course, that is only for them to do.

      that seems the most "just" solution I can imagine.

    7. From Anna:

      Never register anything. And what good does it do to buy a worthless title? These Yahoos don't own what they are selling!

    8. bouviers law dictionary 1856 ( should have requirements for valid american common law contracts of whatever species, but i don't recall the entries. "contract" might be a good start.

      depends on who is "conveying"/what is being "conveyed"

      "consideration" is just part of it. there are "positives" (things that must be present) and "negatives" (certain things must not be present) for various types of contracts.

      basically "templates" where each "party" has certain things they have to do or must not do.

      $20 gold or silver coin seems a good "minimum consideration" rule, based on federal const. 7th amendment to ensure you stay in common law even if someone takes you to "federal" court.

      point being, from the "state" side, it may require only a "seal" or "scroll" and you could still use credit/law merchant/IOU notes/FRNs/whatever, so long as it is clear both sides are ok with that.

      but it would seem stronger to use at least $20 silver or gold coin, to at least in theory ensure the "feds" have to give you a real trial and real jury of your peers, if they (or someone appealing to them) have any problems.

      for "states" that joined the "american union of several states" after 186x-ish (well, still pending), all you can do is shoot for "comity" with some past "real state" that once existed.

      all "states" are supposed to join on "equal footing" so even all the fake post-186x-ish "states" people are owed "comity" on certain things with real "states"

      and then it all comes down to is anyone running real courts in your neck of the woods, or will the "feds" just kidnap everyone anyways.

    9. xerces yakir - Now that's interesting. Worth a reread for sure. And yep, the feds just kidnap everyone anyways. Tho now that recording properly executed papers may deter their attempts due to further exposure of their massive multi-layered fraud. They are soooo evil... so evil.

  2. It sounds like, if folks got educated, we could file a class action suit against every bank and mortgage company and take them down. What say you?

    1. NOT SO QUICK...

      WARNING on Power-play, Revenge, and violence by Fraudsters. It's Likely to happen.

      What’s going to happen during the Mercury RETROGRADE on October 29, 2019 - Nov 2nd, 2019?

      It looks like the Fraudsters are so upset and wanted to revenge or blame his/their bad lucks on Anna Von.

      When to look out? Particular : October 29 2019 to November 2nd, 2019.

      Who should be careful? Anna V. and any one of around her age. Because she will have 4- Corner square, know as T-square? Sorry, I couldn’t help but to warn her and every one. Yes I should watch out too.

      This Mercury Retro will be on Antares-star backward. Meaning the heart of a Scorpion (secrecy, revenge on debts that the Fraudsters have to pay back, they are not happy or something). It looks like one or more Fraudsters resembling a Scorpio will revenge, he is not a Scorpio. He may be a Libra. I suspect around 61 age years old, acting as a judge or in similar power.

      If we have a team of prosecutors it would be great, but currently they work for foreign power.

    2. All the way to November 10, 2010.

    3. Here is a copy of “the Capricorn/Satan or (older Libra/Virgo) reply to you folks”, sounds like a Scorpios behavior to me:
      Lol who cares about the BS that’s going on?? I’m only concerned about my own well-being (stolen properties) and my next move is going to blow everyone’s mind �� it’s going to be epic so stay tuned

    4. Pinkham please elaborate if you would

    5. Playing in their courts is a very difficult process to win, you must be overly educated in all 80 million statues.
      The peoples courts need to open if we are ever to expect some sort of fair shake for the average free wo/man.
      Documented Americans Assemble, lets open our courts!

  3. we grew up believing and many do still, that we are part of the United States of AMERICA. So being part of that entity you are then a party to the American of Mr.Vespucio, i know Anna said it's some other guy.

    So then if you do believe this then you belong to the Americo Vespucio organization and so are bound by it's jurisdiction. I never met the guy or ever had coffee with him and thus never shook hands with him to be part of his family circle CONCIOUSLY, totally aware with knowledge.

    So what am i?

    i am part of the land that i stand on at the time i stand on it anywhere on the earth. So what am i, i am a "man". i man my ishah a wo-man, that is a man with a womb to bare sons and daughters not children.

    So the new America envision in this forum, by American Nationals is still a subsidiary of the America of Mr. Vespucio. If you choose to be tagged by that appellation you will then be bound by its rules and regulation.

    Jesus was executed for going against the world system, all of it. And eventually it was the mob that ordered his execution, the very one he was trying to freed!! No the King. The King did what the people wanted. Thats how he stays in power, he appeases the people. Its not righteous honesty, ITS ALL A FRAUD.

    Are you religious? Or are you spiritual?

    Whats the solution sir, madam? In the words of King Solomon.

    All is vanity and grasping for the wind, seek God and keep his Commandmants.

    In the mean time folks learn the lesson of the experience you are all going thru. The LESSON not the experience.

    Sea Of Glass

    1. Where is the statute about Z tags so we have a leg to stand on in court when they ignore/deny it?

  4. I had already explained how ''bank loans'' work and how banks do not loan anyone any money at all, but that it is the customers own signature that they USE to ''create the money'' which they fraudulently ''loan you''.

    This has been known for at least a couple decades, if folks would just read or investigate a little bit. Its also info that is in Central Banks' own booklets. Of course it is not splashed on the front page of newspapers or told in news media, so its understandable the most dont know it.
    I just know Ive told it a number of times, just sayin'

    P.S. Now I see most home sale ads will say ''20% down payment''. AHH, so in addition to their scammy fraudulent ''loans' they also want to steal some cash from their customers too. Then if you end up getting foreclosed, due to any unforeseeable problem, you also got scammed outta your 20% down.

    Note: Do not believe the present economy is on any upswing. That is BS. Fact is, many many companies are downsizing, laying off, or experiencing some sort of $$ trouble:

    Just look at what our News stations are not telling us. And then take note too, that this means these companies are not hiring, as well.

    Hewlett Packard, downing 9000 jobs, 16%
    WeWorks, down 5000 , 33%
    Uber 435 jobs
    John Deere, down 150
    Several steel industries down 100's and idling some furnaces
    Bayou Steel filed bankruptcy
    Elanco down 250 jobs
    Lazard Asset Mgmt down 7% of workforce
    Advance Engineering down 114
    Daimler Truck Cleveland, down 450 jobs
    Genesis Health Rehab , 585 jobs

    Jobless claims for sept. were Up

    We should all take NOTE that our news stations are NOT reporting this stuff. Why? Because they dont want people to realize whats really going on.
    And this does not include a whole host of other companies, and especially all of the auto industry all over the world, along with those industries which provide parts for auto manufacturing. This is world wide. Dealerships are being closed, folks have been priced out of the market on cars, sales are dramatically down. And our own large auto auction has expanded to twice the field size, at least.

    Homes are NOT selling well at all, and thus home prices are being forced down by thousands of $$ at a time. Huge price drops. And this has just begun. Those prices will continue to drop, from what all I read from viable economists.

    Im just saying, dont get fooled by those that claim the econ is good. It is NOT. And then make your buying decisions based on some of these real facts,not on hot air or BS.

    The Stock Market is just a guage. Watch it for only that reason. This 3rd Qtr started out 800 points down, and now with all the impeachment rhetoric BS by the commy dems. they will keep the Econ on a rocky road. They are causing a huge stalemate with everything ........IMO. And I dont see it improving.
    My own personal opinion, gut feeling, is that things have gotten about as good as they ever will, and from now on I go just one day at a time, while the SHTF.

    1. DEINDUSTRIALIZATION - only jobs left, service industry and deathcare is large sector of the service economy, can you say agenda 21 and depopulation through government sponsored deathcare benefits provided by their very own insurance companies and hey doctors get a cut of the pie too
      I wonder what the going rate is for knocking off a 'non private senior citizen'
      Controlled economies
      Controlled education for the controlled economies
      They have been planning green global serfdom for all except them for decades - even have future plans like 2050 already being carried out somewhere I'm sure

      Meanwhile someone like me who loved the work she did cannot find work because maybe I've said too much on social media

      Data data data

      Read a report that the SSA will now review your on line activity to determine your SSA benefits???

    2. Shelby, you could well be right on many points you make here. Looking around at who gets jobs, who they hire, and pretty soon you see those people appear to be non-thinkers and are the go-along-to-get-along types. There is definitely something very weird going on in the employment arena; many seem to be black-balled, as no matter what they do, nobody wants to hire them, in spite of skill, experience, education, personality, appearance, etc.
      (they can all just go to hell as far as Im concerned and thanks for nothing; I cant wait till they reap what they have sown.)

    3. Abby: This is one of the most productive information you have posted since i have been reading this blog. Anybody can get a digital copy of "Modern Money Mechanics" at AMAZON and learn for themselves exactly what's going on with banking, just as you have conveyed here. Thank you for this wonderful non-religious testimony. No one agrees on religion but it's hard to dispute the facts when it comes to Banking.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 7:37 PM

      You must have an extremely high IQ.
      You know the Bible inside and out, plus you know ALL of this information about all of these other complex subjects.

    5. goodboots, lol, well actually all I wanted to be when I was in highschool, was a ballet dancer and head on to NYC. But decided it was more strenuous hard work than I was up to, so alas, Strauss and all his good work had to get turned to the listening phase.

      And before that, when I could just reach my chin to the table, I would watch my mom bake and cook and I watched and learned.
      She was also an expert seamstress, so I would watch her start with flat fabric, and she endured my endless ''why do you do that......or how do you know to do that'...until she had a Vogue Dress finished and hanging on a hanger ready to wear....and ultimately an expert seamstress daughter as well, lol.

      Long story how I came to meet up with hal lindsey and the Creator and the Master Teacher (the Holy Spirit) who together taught me everything I know. And so I attained a compartmentalized noggin that sits on my shoulders, with a Specialty focus on these End Times which I am consistently seeing take place in the real world we all live in.

      Ive always been a puzzler, going from jigsaws in early childhood, to many other kinds of puzzles thruout my life, with my more recent interest being Sudoku. And after all that, I am told that puzzles are the best therapy for keeping the Mind in good working order. And so I am just in the habit of always seeing how many things all fit into place to make the 'big picture'.

      Kinda strange now that I think about it: All ingredients come together to make a delicious dish. Pattern pieces all fit together perfectly to make a garment. Puzzles pieces all fit together to make a picture and then scriptures all fit together to make perfect sense.


    We need live reporting on this stuff

    I know this may not be a reliable source but some interesting information to say the least

    And lets not forget the ROCKY boys are all over the GULF, they cleared all the gulf out for such an exercise as this


    1. FEMA regions (reservations, human settlements) for reference

      Specific map of human settlement zones

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 1:13 PM

      Is this where the homeless are?
      The people from New Orleans? From Paradise?

    3. I've been saying all along this blogger says they are taking homeless off the streets and disposing of them
      useless eaters, no one will miss them

      In his blog he also explains how they are and have been exterminating through their foundling facilities

      Halliburton, paid by the federal reserve, set up 800 extermination camps around the nation for just this purpose

      The people in paradise California were burned alive is my opinion

      As I have said all along they have this all pegged as this is the aquarian age coming up but in reality it is illuminazi hell that they have planned for those left living

      Hence the show centered in Denver Colorado, Last Man Standing which just happens to be where Iron Mountain is located

      Same set up as in Switzerland, IMO

    4. Not to mention Flagstaff Arizona just happens to have just built a new 7 million dollar facility for the chosen
      And how about that Shapiro, hmm where oh where have we heard that name?
      Flagstaff Arizona yet another high altitutde area like the ROCKYS

    5. I'm pretty sure paradise california had many 'residents' that were 'non private senior citizens'

      Or maybe one of them had papers but they were burned up in the fires? No one will ever know?


    6. They had plans to rebuild those areas before they burned them down - there was a you tuber that posted all that stuff, he had over 50 videos with boots on the ground footage, and you tube took them all down
      FEMA and power trucks were all deployed there before the fires
      Logging companies were in there within days of it burning down

      POWER companies galore massive deployment of stuff immediately after the fires

      He had even posted that one of the fire trucks had a gun mounted to the top of it?

      And the military stands down??
      That should tell everyone something right there


    7. Shelby - Uggghh Gawd! thanks for the heads up! For CLUELESS FOLKS who are sitting back, chewing their cud, while blind to the obvious: CHABAD JEWS stealing our wealth to doll out for their CHABAD franchises. What If: ((Chabad = work visas)) for chosenites. Chabad = child trafficking. Chabad = Ivanka & Jared. There are more Chabad centers in BROWARD COUNTY, Fla than ANY PLACE ON EARTH.
      CHABAD = TREE OF LIES false flag synagogue shooting blaming Whitey, for BIG SHEKELS to protect jews from their own fabricated terror events.
      Why do .02% of global population, 1.8% US pop, have such enormous wealth? BECUZ THE JEWS ARE HARVESTING US, especially in our WHITE NATIONS. And we let them in!!!

      See this article, easy read. Chabad brings in these GENERATIONAL PARASITES, JEWS with huge families, who only isolate themselves, NEVER HAVE, nor NEVER WILL support themselves, nor are their children ever made to think for a moment that they must support themselves & families. This is JEW SUPREMACY, fake religion = Identity Politics. JEWS are swarming in by hundreds of thousands, thanks to Chabad. BUT THATS JUST ONE JEW TRICK.

      Note how to article exposes the HIGH BIRTH SPECIAL NEEDS becuz JEWS have 112 genetic diseases including severe mental diseases = 30% JEWS are severe mentals. JEWS make codes statues to insure JEW PARASITISM, fake religious rights, so the JEW MAY PARASITE, while their local JEWS in law & gov make it possible for JEWS to profiteer as parasites.
      Now for Flagstaff, Arizona >>> STOP THE JEW >>> they will be pulling in ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS >>> becuz JEWS are paid $2400 per immigrant then can claim thus 10,000 immigrants x 2400 = $2,400,000 for that one JEW clutch. Big immigrant families = future shekels. STOP THE JEW NOW! Remove the JEW now! Stop Chabad now!

      Raids in New Jersey town target ultra-Orthodox Jews accused of welfare fraud. ‘What is going on here?’ Lakewood, New Jersey… All of those arrested — 13 men and 13 women — were ultra-Orthodox Jews. The charges have tapped into a well of festering hostility toward an insular and eccentric minority.
      ...In Lakewood, 65,000 people — more than half the town’s population — are on Medicaid, the government health program for low-income families, according to state data. Lakewood has more children with two parents receiving government benefits than any other municipality in New Jersey, including large, chronically depressed cities such as Newark and Camden.
      ...A report by the Asbury Park Press found that Lakewood had received 14% of the money from a $34-million state fund for catastrophic illnesses in children, despite having only 2% of the state’s children. It also found that the town had 29 times more grant recipients than any other town in New Jersey….
      “You have a family or six or seven or eight, somebody is paying the mortgage, somebody is paying the taxes, they have two cars in the driveway, they’ve got food for all the kids … and they’re reporting their total income at $10,000,’’


    8. I've also asked the question of the free houses in handy sook?
      After the 'event' all the houses in handy sook were paid off on Christmas day
      And they got a new school
      We all know how they like to mock Christ now don't we, the Society of Jesus
      Catholic church carries him around on a staff for God's sake, drink his blood, eat his flesh, what the hell people think these fu^%^&^ are doing?
      Wonder what's in that community?

      And what really pisses me off is that people are gonna sit back and say this is what god said would happen so this is the way it is, NO IT ISN'T

      Blacks Law Dictionary, Black binded Bibles, Black Robes


    9. Shelby - on your link:
      "... At the same time these thousands of elite US Army paratroopers are training to conduct low-level combat drops to seize territory and buildings in terrain matching conditions found in the Potomac River Basin where Washington D.C. is located, this report concludes, further evidence of what President Trump is planning can be seen in the US Army readying a massive order for M16A4 Assault Rifles—an ordering of hundreds-of-thousands of these weapons that are unable to be fired in full automatic mode clearly showing that they’re intended to be used by American civilians—millions of whom under US federal law are members of the Reserve Militia, that includes all able bodied American men between the ages 17 to 45—nearly 19 million of whom already have permits to carry a concealed handgun—and upon being called into action by Trump to defend their nation, will face a rabid and demented socialist Democrat Party enemy who’ve apparently forgotten that these Republicans are 1-0 in fighting civil wars."

      Am back & forth on the coast. Sometimes a lot more aircraft activity, sometimes almost none. Weird to read this. About militia & M16A4 non-full automatic mode. Which US Army franchise, eh?
      The US Navy is now called America's Navy -?? - Just what in tarnation is going on? What the hell?
      We're living in jew'daic hell.

    10. Some don't like that intel source but sometimes I go look and today I did and this is what I find??
      And knowing the they have done a whole lot to get rid of everyone in the gulf especially all through that southern cooridor freeing up the sea so that the ships and things could move in without notice
      ROCKY boys in the gulf folks

      No tellin who or what they have shipped in to these areas

      More than likely their pals from Saudi and other places

      Contracts galore selling the gulf natural gas to the Saudi's? Or are they saudi's?

      They even buying up bunch land in California which there is a forced relation going on by them withholding rain and draining dams

      And the military stands down??

    11. Civilian inmate labor programs

      These bases are already manned with over ONE MILLION troops from:

      Great Britain
      Asian countries

      PLANNED FOLKS PLANNED and the military stands down

    12. If you notice they also made reference to Lincoln and Trump?

      Slavery from Lincoln to Obama this says
      Trump is their TRUMP CARD

      The kennedy story

      Then you got ole Field on the other side saying JFK Jr LIVES - well that's because the part is played by George Clooney, hence the GEORGE magazine

      And no they are not MK Ultra they know what they are doing, they think this shit is funny

      It's all in the family from the mothers side


    13. From what I gather they don;t work in i s r a e l either, that is where a bunch of billions of dollars get sent to every year through AIPAC
      Not to mention microsoft setting up shop over there, Intel, lots of high tech start ups over in i s r a e l from what I have read
      Greater i s r a e l project


      (no coincidence it makes the sound of an owl either)

      The kennedy story


    15. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 4:09 PM

      Thanks Shelby, just mentally condensing the important info.

      What do you think is the answer to all of the white people who agree to help instigators carry out death and harm upon other white or other ethnicities of people for money?

      The instigators can't carry much out without lots of willing people who agree to.participate.

      I don't think it's too late!!?
      There are lots and lots of good people out here!

    16. goodboots - thought you weren't replying to Wink Wink ever again after your last ridiculous tirade over nothing but I wouldn't agree with you? And your reply is stilly-bait to start one of your knotted mental contortions again? Don't think so.

    17. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 5:36 PM

      Oh! My mistake!
      It won't happen again.

    18. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 5:55 PM

      Does anyone know how a supposedly-mere .02% of the world's population that is a mere 1.8% of the population of the USofA can be the cause of ALL of the world's problems?------
      ----Which problems would all go away if we could but ELIMINATE that tiny minority of people?

      Isn't Anna the living Hapsberg woman, Jewish?
      Why allow Jewish, Catholic, Christian, any people to be viciously bashed?

      Cultures do play a role, but its EVIL thats in the heart that makes people kill, steal, and destroy.

    19. Again: goodboots - thought you weren't replying to Wink Wink ever again after your last ridiculous tirade over nothing but I wouldn't agree with you? And your reply is stilly-bait to start one of your knotted mental contortions again? Don't think so.

    20. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 6:34 PM

      Well, I decide to comment on one of your posts; you basically told me weren't interested in me/my comment; I good-naturedly backed-off, admitted it was my mistake, said it wouldn't happen again and then moved on with my own business on the blog making comments and asking questions, as I always do.

      What is that to you?
      I didn't address you.
      Mind your own business.

    21. goodboots - YOU ARE LYING. YOU started cr*p. YOU are the instigator of ill will, thus I didn't want to continue w you. And if you use the info, quotes from my post, of course its relating to my post. If you weren't scratching around w nasty, baiting intent you'd be better received. NOW DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR NASTY EXCHANGE W ME BLAMING ME FOR YOUR NASTY BEHAVIOR. Projecting again, same thing you've done w others who post here.
      I read some of your posts & would like to reply, have a good question on something, BUT ITS NOT WORTH DEALING WITH YOU.

    22. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 7:06 PM

      Ignoring nonsense! :):)

    23. goodboots is delusional and clueless don't argue with fools wink

    24. Oh Wink Wink, grow up and quit acting like a baby. You throw a lot of $hit around yourself on certain folks. This is pretty much a Free Speech Zone, and just about everybody sees what is wrong and simply says so.
      The world is not gonna blow up just cause we all say what we think.

      Goodboots is just as entitled to her opinion as ''you guys' are. I frankly do NOT see anything wrong with her Comments.

      Bodhi - you calling Goodboots ..delusional?? When you are the one who has come off with some pretty 'far out' stuff in here? Really?? She is clueless?? Really?? Clueless about what?? Cause she doesnt think like you do??

      Geesh, you guys are biased, selfish, and over-esteem yourselves, which is all just emotional $shit, eh? Why dont you guys just weigh what is Commented in here, then either keep it, or throw it aside. Quit acting like children !

    25. Abby - PUT YOUR BOTTLE DOWN BEFORE YOU FALL OFF YOUR STOOL. No you are lying, just like boots, the both of ya, like bullies pal up to attack others. This has nothing to do with you, BUT YOU INSERT the self into the mix... for... desperately needed attention. Like it makes you relevant.
      Again, put the bottle down before you fall off your stool, nothing but a constant drunk. And if you're not a jew, then quit acting like one.

    26. oh Wink, what a grouch you are. You having a bad life or are you just struggling to try to get over yourSELF, still. And why do you have drinking right there on the tip of your tongue line that; maybe its You that is tipping the bottle, cause this ole gal can handle a$$holes like you without a drop. Frankly, the stuff stinks.
      So now what else you got, Mr. Grouch? (you really can grow up if you just give it a try, lol)

    27. I can prove anything I ever say for fact in all walks of life every single day. If I don't about a topic I won't speak on it as if I do. If someone is pushing bullshit I will call them out for it. That is my way, how I have always been. I have no patience for idiocy or delusions and won't waste much time dealing with it. I just move on I don't really care how people feel about it. It is a cold hard world they are just gonna have to find a way to make due I guess, they will get what they deserve, no more, no less

    28. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 6, 2019 at 2:07 PM

      Thank you!

      Those who bring conversations with others down to simply making unsubstantiated insults, accusations, and "slander", and then publish same on the internet/ other, which is "libel"--that they would/should have absolutely no credible and verifiable information about... unless they are violating their victim's privacy -- are, I presently believe it will be shown: guilty of malicious intent to cause harm, damage, injury and/or loss to the man or woman they are "slandering" and/or maliciously "libeling" by intentionally broadly-publishing false information about them on the internet.

      I believe it is also intentional trespass into and onto private intellectual property of their victims and more, including violations of their victim's unalienable rights, and "fraud"/bearing false witness, and other crimes... All of which are crimes for which full remedy is owed and due and can be sought in multiple venues and authorities, and more; such that:
      The internet, now being an often-used, seemingly highly- valued source of information that employers and others routinely rely upon to assist them in making decisions pertaining to prospective employees/others, for jobs and other of life's necessities such as rentals, and so forth: then
      publishing, which is or might be construed to be
      publicly- declaring private and/or unverifiable and unsubstantiated information/ accusations/ other: such as one man or woman so broadly- publishing that another man or woman should:
      •Quit drinking
      •Take your meds
      •You're delusional
      •...Before you fall off your stool
      •You're a schizo
      •And so forth,
      for whatever reason: including but not limited to:
      in order to bully, intimidate, silence, prevent free association, prevent free speech, deprive of unalienable or other rights, and so on and so forth:
      then whether it is proven to be done intending to harm our reputations and therefore our credibility/other and cause us losses/other or not, nevertheless, *does*/can cause such harms and more, and the false accusers/false witnesses are guilty just the same.

      Publishing on the internet is in many ways the same, or similar enough, to publishing in newspapers; so that false accusations being "broadly-published" about us on the internet, intended or not to construct a false picture of us that could possibly be used later to construct a false narrative, record, file, dossier/other of us and/or our private habits, information, and other, (using internet and social media and so forth: comments and so on): of which, even if the accusations were true, which they are not, the false accusers, lawfully, actually should know absolutely nothing about because they don't have any type of lawful access to them, so should or do, know nothing substantive at all: making all such comments of the kind described herein, then, deemed to be maliciously- intended false accusations, "slander", and broadly-published "libel" with intent to cause harm, damage, injury or losses, and/or are trespasses, violations and/or "fraud" for which lawful maxiumum remedies can be lawfully and/or "legally" and/or other, sought.

      And everybody's, except American state nationals', IP address that links them to their "libelous"/other comments is, I believe, presently construed to be in the public domain.

      All of the above is in accord with my present best knowledge and lawful understanding, and is also lawfully copyrighted under authority of American traditional common law copyrights and other protections, me being a true and natural American state national, with correct(ed) status lawfully intended, declared, done; and Published and/or Recorded.
      And so it is.

    29. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 6, 2019 at 2:39 PM

      You have mentioned wondering if you might have been put on some kind of list or something that has made it difficult or impossible to get a job.

      The comment I made directly above this one might be of interest now or later on.

      Basically, one component of highly-skilled people being unable to get jobs seems to be/may be that people are
      "Libeling" them on the internet,... then employers and others see the comments, and seem perhaps to be writing off the victims of this "libel" and "slander" and false witness or false accusations, even though by now everyone should know that trolls are being paid one dollar or so per comment AGAINST certain people who don't agree with a certain ideology/creed/political movement/other.

      I'm hearing that victims of these intentionally malicious and damaging crimes can be pursued both commercially, because they received money for committing these crimes, if they in fact did; and also privately; and that people are using FOIA requests and PFOIA s (or something like PFOIA: private? personal?FOIA) to get ahold of the information regarding who has said what about them, so that the guilty men and women can be held accountable and be responsible for providing the remedies/ other for the damage/other they have caused; and that, in some venues and authorities may included the value (x3? / more?) of what was 'Put at *Risk*'.

    30. Folks - No need to read this post - not that one ought to have to post this, however, nasties persist in lies & projections. No need to even bother reading this, its just to evidence how boots turned quickly, not unlike bi-polar behavior, as a switch flipped & boots nasty games began, seemingly becuz I gave appreciation to Anna & Team. First, below, is a compliment from boots, followed by the 'switch':
      goodboots has left a new comment on the post " Robert David Steele - Latest article - Please Comm...":
      Thanks winkwink.
      Wow! There's alot in your answer.
      Are there two or three reliable sources of info on all this that I can begin reading? You and Bodhi are the only ones I know that I'd deem credible right now but I hate to keep asking you guys all these questions.

      Wink Wink has left a new comment on the post " Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne":
      goodboots - Indeed honor to those who have sacrificed all! And so we can 'give' thanks, honor, appreciation for those who are now helping to free us. As giving thanks to Anna & Team & all who are involved in this process, as Stramer. Lets do what we can to insure their work, generosity isn't in vain by acting responsibly upon the information, guidance provided.

      goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up" has left a new comment on the post " Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne":
      Oh! That comment you made above about Anna making these discoveries of the fraud and being one in a million who could figure this out sounded like you were giving the credit to anna. That's not what you meant?
      So glad to hear that because I was extremely surprised to hear you lavishing credit upon someone who is, like the rest of us, mostly just using other people's work.
      I do agree wholeheartedly that we should ALL certainly all make absolutely sure to give our references and also cite where our info is coming from, especially anyone who, like anna, is encouraging people to record Records in Public that could create serious problems for them on down the road if done incorrectly.
      I'm sure you agree?
      By the way, since Anna won't provide the answer, do you want to step up and say, or, hell even guess, why she is encouraging people to Record TWO different Cancellations of POAs in the packet of papers she provides?... You'd surely have to agree that that is questionable, no?
      And won't say why?, again, very questionable, to me anyway. Sounds like some kind of "looping"... Did you and the other researchers not notice that? :):):)
      Perhaps you can answer for her since she won't or hasn't yet.
      Looking so forward to your reply :):).

      Wink Wink has left a new comment on the post " Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne":
      goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up" - I give you appreciation for your work & questioning. I stand by appreciating Anna & Team being one in a million. Though we can't articulate all who came before, the concept of appreciation from one may also add capacity for a sense of appreciation from that one for others similar or prior or current even future, its 'in the mind of the beholder' shall I say.


    31. Again, this is only to deflect the little tolls, in an attempt to circumvent their escalation, like bullies left to their own devices, which always occurs with these nasty troll types:
      goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up" has left a new comment on the post " Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne":
      So in other words you're going to throw out a load of crap behind you as you leave the venue of our discourse for me to slide around in instead of answering!!!??
      I wondered how you were going to get out of answering the question, since you can't answer it without admitting that Recording those TWO Canc of POA could work into a huge problem for the people doing do; or else implicate yourself in possible "liability", possibly, for people who might be damaged by Recording defective documents, if any, since all Recorded documents are/might be, it seems perhaps, construed to be Financial Securities in their system for which those same unsuspecting people might be held responsible for Securities Fraud or worse--- just as Bodhi, who has apparently been barred from commenting further on this blog, it seems, was alluding to before he got banned, if that's even what happened.
      Well, I don't have any sh!t on my shoes WinkWink Deception Symbol, because I stepped around it and you can go back to your railings against the "jews" now because nobody BUT a "jew" would dare to be speaking like that about them.
      Thanks for outing yourself.
      Oh, and you can give your "appreciation" of my ....blah those who need it.
      I don't.

      Wink Wink has left a new comment on the post " Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne":
      goodboots COVEFEFE "I will stand up" - didn't know about Bodhi per se. Only saw comments deleted. Have no idea what transpired.
      Well, as for as your assignment of a sort of blame, about which am not bothered, tho do wish you weren't so bothered. Am not interested so much in offering corrections about documents. Could be you're more correct. We'll see how it works itself out.
      The thing w them coming after those who have recorded is it just may expose too much of their crimes to risk it & theres jurisdiction issues. Still appreciate ya.
      Yep, we sure do like exposing jews. Lots of fun. And its beyond time. We wonder how effective exposure really is. Could it be that simple? Makes it even more fun. We're flipping this ice'Bergstein & plan on landing on our feet. See you on the upside, goodboots.

      goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up" has left a new comment on the post " Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne":
      You wont see me on the upside because I'm only spending my time on this blog reading what people who furnish verified/verifiable, credible information publish.
      Please respect that I am choosing not to spend time on your comments from here forward and won't be responding further.
      Thank you.

    32. Bodhi - your: "goodboots is delusional and clueless don't argue with fools wink" - Correct-o Buncho-o! What the fffft-o? Let this be todays lesson Grand-o!
      just now finally reading a link you gave about a month ago: MIGUEL SERRANO: GOLEM (THE JEWS ARE AN ANTI-RACE)

    33. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 6, 2019 at 5:59 PM

      I did not yet read the comments above from this winkwink (signal of deception?)...i just saw the excessive use of goodbootsgoodbootsgoodboots!!! So, I am going to continue commenting even though I literally could not careless what this person says; since generally, over the course of time, often publishes enormous amounts of calls to commit violent actions against people of certain ethnicities... Presently, the so-called "jews" in particular, which frankly, after looking the info over for awhile (not long) I saw that while this commentor did VERY aptly and quite emotionally described *EVIL PEOPLE* in general, it was NOT applicable ONLY to "the jews" since they are apparently not the only people who are or have engaged in gruesome, inhuman types of behaviors, if any, but to everyone else who is doing the same things as well.

      It seems strange that anyone would take the time to go back and scour through old comments I posted unless it was very very very important to them.
      ...And then pull selected cherrypicked portions of my very verbose plethora of comments!!
      "Finding" them very, very quickly, --*Amazingly Quickly* actually, since I must have well over two hundred posts with many of them the full 4000 characters long!!!-- and then, taken out of context, repost them: to put them "on display" as "proof" of something or other about me I guess, or so it seems.

      That makes it appear that my words from weeks or months ago had either been obsessively absorbed and remembered by the commentor OR that the commentor had already scoured through my hundreds of long posts and had the out-of-context, cherrypicked "proofs" ready to be posted at the drop of a hat... in *TWO* approximate 4000 character posts of their own!
      To me, that is creepy.

      In fact, the whole thing about blaming an ethnicity of people and calling to extinguish them so world's problems would be solved by the extinction of them, is the wrong conclusion to come to and I am free to say so.

      I am also free to change my mind.

      At any time
      For any reason
      Or for no reason at all--
      Without explaining a thing.

      In fact, I am free to change or correct my opinion every thirty seconds if I want to and its nobody's dam business if I do.

      I hope winkwinks violent narrative about an ethnicity is being picked up and analyzed since all of us, every man and woman stands on their own separately, and no one has the right to call other people to come against a whole ethnicity of people for the wrongdoing of a few; or against just one man or woman either, just because they don't like them.
      IMO this type of violence is way over the top and way past just giving ones own opinion and has absolutely nothing to do with being an American, much less with getting our "political status" corrected.

      It may be that libeling people on the internet/ social media /other is the same TYPE of violence, with the same intent and is meant, ultimately, perhaps to do the same thing: Destroy the victims of the "libel" and "slander"?

    34. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 6, 2019 at 6:42 PM

      The use of intimidation And bullying, name calling, ridiculing and other, IMO, pathetic grade-school tactics is to establish who is DaBoss and to put on display, for the others watching, what "you" can expect too if you get out of line!! :) JMO though.

      people, IMO, we have to get over listening to or being afraid of bullies, if anyone is!

      And, IMO, are trying to push themselves up by standing on other people! This is just my own private opinion!!
      I could be mistaken...
      And then, if I was, I would freely change my opinion, without anyone butting into my private business!:)

      Do they want to be "handlers"?
      "Handling" other people?
      Are they scary and intimidating and
      frightening as hell? Hekk, yes!! To me they are.
      But many people are now able to see through bullying behavior and see what a PROBLEM it has been causing for us perhaps, and we just have to get over it!!

      Maybe bullying has been the problem?... and not an ethnic group?

    35. Bodhi - just finished your The Hitchhikers Guide To Clown World. Its a must read. For learning. Deeper comprehension. WE MUST NEVER FORGET what we learn.

    36. WE MUST NEVER, NEVER FORGET. We must never be silenced, nor deceived into thinking the jew today is incapable of such atrocities. 30,000 Brooklyn JEWS were the Bolsheviks, never prosecuted. FROM OUR SOIL. The JEW does not change. It only gets worse. Never allow the JEW to diminish what it is.
      “The Jews were now free to indulge in their most fervent fantasies of mass murder of helpless victims. Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain. Others were placed in boxes with only their heads, hands and legs sticking out. Then hungry rats were placed in the boxes to gnaw upon their bodies. Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion. Others were chained to the floor and left hanging until they died of exhaustion. Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while Jewish mobs attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death. Christian mothers were taken to the public square and their babies snatched from their arms. A red Jewish terrorist would take the baby, hold it by the feet, head downward and demand that the Christian mother deny Christ. If she would not, he would toss the baby into the air, and another member of the mob would rush forward and catch it on the tip of his bayonet.
      Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies. There were many places of public execution in Russia during the days of the revolution, one of which was described by the American Rohrbach Commission: ‘The whole cement floor of the execution hall of the Jewish Cheka of Kiev was flooded with blood; it formed a level of several inches. It was a horrible mixture of blood, brains and pieces of skull. All the walls were bespattered with blood. Pieces of brains and of scalps were sticking to them. A gutter of 25 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters deep and about 10 meters long was along its length full to the top with blood. Some bodies were disemboweled, others had limbs chopped off, some were literally hacked to pieces. Some had their eyes put out, the head, face and neck and trunk were covered with deep wounds. Further on, we found a corpse with a wedge driven into its chest. Some had no tongues. In a corner we discovered a quantity of dismembered arms and legs belonging to no bodies that we could locate.'” (Defender Magazine, October 1933).

  6. RECORD YOUR PAPERS TO PREVENT THIS KIND OF JEW'DICIAL KIDNAPPING - remove yourself from their jurisdiction, remove yourself from 'voter registry' - for us, it took us off Jury Duty roll for jewdicial banking courts:
    Florida Man Oversleeps Jury Duty, Goes to Jail for 10 Days ...
    3 hours ago · But for 21-year-old Deandre Somerville the nightmare came after he actually overslept for jury service in a Florida courtroom. A judge later punished him with a 10 day jail sentence. A judge...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. How the fraud began, 130 pages
    I’m a victim and still fighting for my home of 15 years

  9. How the fraud began, 130 pages
    I’m a victim and still fighting for my home of 15 years

    1. Hi Kimberly, long time no see. Good to know you are still around.

  10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 2:40 PM

    What is this all about?
    This us, the people, still not "getting it"? Still not getting *WHAT*, exactly?

    Were the handlers of the release
    of this information about there even being such a thing as "Z tags" supposed to have already released this information to us, the people?....and they didn't?

    ...And so now? What? Are they trying to ACT like they *did* release it, but that we're just too stupid to get it?...In order to cover their ass for their OWN incompetence or their disobedience to whomever they answer to?

    Maybe that's not it, but, no we're not stupid anyway, at least not all of us; and yes, we do "get it" when we are told the truth and not threatened to be murdered or have our family or homes and more taken away.

    And I don't think this info about the "Z tags" was released before.
    Show me where it was explained before please....Maybe I missed that article where the Z tags were explained.
    As far as I know, its not even been mentioned, at least not substantively to tie it into our private property being protected through the use of it.

    ...And without that previous publishment of this info about z tags, then, I think it might just be being lumped in with this bitching about having to re-explain things over and over to the Americans about mortgages... Hiding behind that unsubstantiated insult about us that: These dumb Americans just don't "get" things no matter how many times its explained to them by the patient contractor??

    If somebody who is hired/charged with /contracted to / commissioned with/ or whatever, be one of the ones to disseminate this previously hidden information about the crimes that have been committed upon us and didn't do what they were supposed to have done in a timely manner, then don't act like we, the American people, are too stupid to understand it before its even been explained to us. And likewise, if it was thought by the handlers, if any, to just be "the right time" to release this HORRIBLE INFORMATION, then JUST RELEASE IT and DON'T GO INSULTING THE CRIME VICTIMS BY ACTING LIKE ITS BEEN SUBSTANTIVELY RELEASED MANY TIMES BEFORE BUT WE, the Americans victims of these FRAUDS, ARE JUST TOO DAM DUMB TO "GET IT".


    You all may live in your POST TRUTH WORLD but many/most of the rest of us do not. The truth is: We were acted upon criminally and now the information about how these HORRIBLE crimes were committed upon us is having to be released.

    So just release it and stop with the veiled insults because we, the American people are not the criminals here. And were not dumb either.

    "There are still a lot of people "not getting it".

    So, I am going to use a very simple example that most people are familiar with."
    the so-called Regulation Z, which is an international banking and securities regulation that was adopted (under force) by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and which resulted in the Consumer Protection Acts including the Truth in Lending Act.

    "Private Property is supposed to be protected by attaching "Z tags" to it. The clueless bill collectors and revenue agents patrolling our streets are supposed to recognize the tags if they recognize nothing else, and are supposed to be told to leave cars, homes, land, etc., displaying the proper "Z tags" alone. "

    1. As the other two guys have been saying, that would be Kirk and Chris Hallett, SMU, shit made up, or word salad
      Now again this Kirks Law Corner sprouted up out of nowhere and they work with Field and David and John Gentry out of Tenneessee

      Now either they are making progress or the entire thing is being fabricated for our amuzement?

      Controlled opposition? Keep the sheep at bay until the entire trap is set?

    2. OK so this regulation Z stuff, link below

      He who controls the flow (current) of the information

      Like I said yesterday about that 'the new deal' debt collection agency over on whatever island??

      You didn't know you signed a contract under 'the new deal', well you did and guess what you were made the debtor and this is how we can help you with those debts

      It is another service, it's a third party debt collector

      That Hudok article is where I posted the stuff - that 'settlement' kind of like document where you can opt in??
      Opt in to what? Where did it come from?

      Now all of this is linked in with the National Liberty Alliance I believe?


    3. So if you opt in, you get what? and they bankrupt the trust??


      And if you op in they create a new one??

    4. goodboots, Ive been scavengering around the internet for a long long time, at least 20 yrs now, and never have I seen ''z tags''mentioned. With something as catchy sounding as 'z tags' Im sure it would have caught our eyes right away.

      So NO it has never been out here till today. And I too resent being called ''dumb stupid americans who are too dumb to get it'' people who are just trying to cover their own a$$ and continue their farce of feeling superior to ''us dumb idiots' out here.

      Like Ive often said before, everything now is being exposed, everybody who is a sleezeball is being exposed, and that is what these Days are all about.

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 4:42 PM

      Here's an example to go along with the claim that we signed a contract for the New 1933-36 (that was for US CITIZENS anyway...which of course we are NOT):
      If someone is sitting in your car when you come out of the grocery store and they say it belongs to them, that you lawfully sold it to them,

      You're going to say "Okay." And go call a cab to get home?


      ...Similar thing as them saying we signed a new deal or anything else.

      If you didn't sign it with intent and full disclosure, then THERE IS NO CONTRACT no matter what someone/ thing else says. :)

      Like they've been saying: There is no "There" there.

    6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 5:02 PM

      Shelby 10/4 3:09 pm.
      Excellent questions!

      "Keep the sheep at bay until the entire trap is set?"
      They tryin' to?.... But the dang little bleaters keep escapin'?! lol

      Looked at investopedia-- LOTS of different kinds of Z-regs.... Of course,... It's so catchy.
      " 'Ey man, you get your Z-regs yet?"

      'Hudok, NLA... Hmmmm."
      Constructs are tumbling down?
      Zechariah 5:4?

    7. Anna has mentioned the Z - plates several times before in previous articles. If you have not read and comprehended each article, go back to #1 and start again, repeat...

      Some are too busy making posts with pictures of Letters and pointing fingers to spend time researching.

      Who has taken the time to listen to Kurt Kallenbach? Want to find the way out of this mess, spend $25 on his membership. Devote a month. There is a lot of information.
      Shut your mouth, open both ears, use pen and paper and take notes. Ever heard of split Title?

      Who has a claim on your life? Figure it out. Anna has told us already, Kurt explains it so someone of kindergarten age can comprehend. Do you want to gain knowledge or Bitch about your situation?

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    8. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 5:31 PM

      Abby, that's so funny we used "catchy" for Z-regs! It *is* catchy. I like it! Maybe we'll be getting some z-regs soon and then we can write comments about this or that about our Z-regs. :):):).

      Anyway, yes, 20 years looking around on the internet without ever seeing a word about it, let alone having it be broadly-published in common AMERICAN language,-- not BAR ENGLISH, or Federal Reserve Financial-Speak that we have no way of knowing what their technical-use definitions for our common words are--pretty much proves that it wasn't there.
      wWhich something this important most certainly should have not only been broadly-published in Common American language, but they should have started teaching it to us at least by the fourth grade.... Unless they were trying to HIDE it.

      And yeh, I've had about enough of their unfounded insults and put-downs... And ANNA acting like she's been taxed and wearied with having to explain it over and over when she knows good and well we've never heard anything about it because, if it exists at all, they made sure we DIDN'T.

      I wonder if she had on a shit-eating grin as she typed that.
      Here's my only grin for them :p.


    9. Find it very fishy that one of their favorite words is CULL as in maybe Kallenbach (cull em back)

      Not bitching just an observation

    10. No Annie, some of us just actually cook and clean our houses, and take care of all the real necessities of life, plus we also balance things out by going out and about and actually enjoying life. We dont just exist to do battle with all this $hit all day long, wasting our time fighting a war that is already long lost.

      And personally, Im already in a pretty good situation with my Plan A going on plus my Plan B for when the time comes, so I have nothing to bitch about and do not bitch. Many in her are also not bitching, they are merely exposing the works of the devils that are running this world.
      But if you wanna go on thinking you got it figured out by 'spending $25 on a membership' and think that gives you ''a way out of this mess' , then all I can say is its too bad you are still in ''this mess'.

      As I always say, you are free to do and think as you choose, but I strongly suggest you are in NO position to go telling others what to do, and most of all, to ''shut our mouth''. Are you against free speech, while you go around trying to bark Your Orders to others??

      And no, Anna has never brought up these Z tags before, but then many of us got better things to do than waste our precious time reading all her $hit. Life does not revolve around Anna and what she has to say.

    11. goodboots, lol, I noticed that you used the same word, 'catchy'. It is catchy as it reminds me of the old Zoro western movies (if yer old enough to remember those, Lol) Where he would go ZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZ and rip a Z, as it was his 'signature'. That was catchy.

      But Z tags? Makes me think of how they put tags on the unidentified deceased toes, in the morgue, Lol. Now did Anna also forget to tell us where we are supposed to get such Tags? Or where we are supposed to attach them to our property, or our cars?

      Are there also a bunch of papers ya gotta file to get those, too?
      Oh now Im getting 'unkind' here, tee hee.

    12. Oh I just figured it out: We can hang them on our rear view mirror.

    13. Zorro Ranch of ole epstein

    14. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 6:46 PM


      "No Annie, some of us just actually cook and clean our houses, and take care of all the real necessities of life, plus we also balance things out by going out and about and actually enjoying life. We dont just exist to do battle with all this $hit all day long, wasting our time fighting a war..."

      I can't quit laughing.
      That is one of the most gracious, diplomatic, controlled answers that I've ever heard...
      I don't know what you were responding to and I'm not going read it and find out, but it MUST have been a humdinger!

      I'm still giggling.

    15. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 7:16 PM

      "But Z tags? Makes me think of how they put tags on the unidentified deceased toes, in the morgue, Lol."

      Well, ya know they did already probate our estates when we were 12 days old!

      And aren't we even supposed to be "presumed dead or missing or lost at sea" or some such baloney by these freeloading jackals?!!

    16. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 7:30 PM

      Yes, I was Zorro fan!


    17. goodboots, lol, well I really think its much more complete if you read what I was responding to, as 'we' were having the riot act read to us, and 'getting our mouths smacked' ....or so they thought,cause we dont all spend 24/7 on 'the cause'

    18. Shelby, yer right. I had forgotten ole eppy ''dermy' boy did name his ranch zorro ranch. Hey, I havent seen anymore news about that place; just went quiet; but last I saw, it was still being run by workers there. Wonder who was paying them. Lots of mysterious crap about all that. I am not convinced he is even dead. Just like with ken delay, no funeral info at all. Just vanished 'into thin air'. Sure.

    19. Their job (MSM) is to keep us distracted from what they really doing which is working their 5G roll out and the IoT (Internet of Things) hook everyone up to their artificial intelligence and ready the masses for the chipping of all

      According to what I have read they already chipping immigrants

    20. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 6, 2019 at 1:29 AM


      Some men I worked around: their boss hung a sign in their area by the door where they left the building. It said:


      Now, I'm not calling anyone an idiot per se, but once you try to talk rationally with people a few times and they show themselves multiple times to be incapable of engaging in such conversation, well I just think of that little ditty and make moves to be on my way to find better conversation elsewhere! :):):)

    21. Do you have any original thoughts? You are reposting my comments again

  11. Hey they've got something for everybody
    Aliens, check
    Citizen not citizen, check
    Patriots, check
    Tin foil hat wearers, check
    Ball of flat, check
    Black or white, check
    Democrat or republican, check
    Liberal or conservative, check
    Vegan or meat eater, check
    Gay or straight, check
    Boy or girl, check

    Find it interesting that there is a show somewhere being advertised on you tube else I would not see it as very little if any tell lie vison

    Show is called A Million Little Things, check

    To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question

    1. To be or not to be.

      The word "Be" is not in Black's Law Dictionary.

      Look up "Person in Being". This is the definition of Man.

    2. I typed it that way on purpose

    3. Annie, but did you ever notice that God says the definition of Man? I also see, for you and me, He calls us Woman.

      And have you ever heard of Noah Webster? He is the 'author' of the Webster's dictionary, and THAT is the People's Dictionary.
      Black's is the crooks dictionary. Now which do you prefer?

  12. Seems to be a whole lot of 'whistle BLOWERS' too
    Hmm I wonder if their is a new bill or 'act' in play here pertaining to whistle 'blowers'

    Like how an umpire who wears black and white referee's the rigged GAMES

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 7:27 PM

      Shelby IMO you have been catching some the threads on some new info and mentioned it, that I thought seemed really important but went by it because I didn't know where it fits in yet. Its from the new stuff you are analyzing to do with the Hudok information. That whole gob of info you're pulling out and the questions you are asking are, I think, "a bunch of loose ends on a ball of yarn" so to speak... IOW, I think you're onto unraveling some more info that will put a bunch of puzzle pieces on the table.
      Just wanted to let you know I'm following along on it with you even tho I have no comments.

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 8:09 PM

      One thought that came to mind shelby was with Obum saying the US is 57 insular states, and Anna telling us about the domiciling of the secret Trust/corporations on PuertoRico or other of the different island "states"; and with how/they've done so much dirty sneaky secret slavery-type of stuff in the past to us, it made me wonder when you indicated about that island:

      Are they signing people up as citizens of some God-forsaken island without giving full disclosure?... Like okay, your settlement for all the damage we've done to you and your family is $10 million (or whatever they say it is) and you are now a citizen of this island where its a 1000:1 ratio on your dollars. So your 10 million is $10,000 at your new island home? ....Well, you signed the contract. BYE!

      I trust our grandpas and grandmas. I'm sticking with our creator and the Declarof Indep, come hell or high water.

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 8:26 PM

      Here it is. This is your comment that spurred the thoughts I just wrote in the comment above Shelby. I'm putting asterisks around the key words and phrases...maybe just read the words/phrases enclosed in asterisks...

      "Sound like that *opt in* *settlement* to you conveniently *arranged by* this *off shore soverieign* country that is *handling* the US bankruptcy?

      This is what I'm getting - *moved* the *location from* Puerto Rico after they wiped out all the evidence there right?

      And this is the outfit saying *well didn't you know you signed up for 'the new deal'?*
      Well by golly *yes you did you just didn't know it*?

    4. Check out the wording of this

      SITCOMM LLC is attempting to do its very best to be different kind of Business, a different kind of company. We are not interested in getting the very last Ounce from you, all we are interested in is our clients recognizing that they entered into a contract, and that there was an obligation, an agreement to repay something. I know it's hard to believe that you entered into a contract with government, but you did! It was called "the new deal" Unlike with any deal there sometimes, not often, but most times strings attached......

      Notice how the CORPORATION NAME IS IN ALL CAPS and
      Business is 'capitalized' and so is 'Ounce'?

      And the next slide of their presentation says this

      SITCOMM is an acronym, it stands for THE SECURITIES INVESTMENT TRUST COMMISSION, based out of the Nevis Kitts Islands. SITCOMM LLC., is not your ordinaryBusiness and/or agency agency, as we do more than collect debts in the general or common sense. Although SITCOMM LLC., Acquires debt, its main function in goal is not that of collection, chasing, and/or trying to leach off the consumer. Our focuses on reducing the national public debt, and in doing so helping in the interests of the United States of America. This means that we help to create investment, business opportunities, and then offset against other obligations thereby reducing the national burden and debt footprint.

      DEBT FOOTPRNT? Hmm sound like a carbon footprint?
      And it is not our debt footprint to begin with!
      Notice the lower case the in the United States of America

      It's 'the green new deal' to replace 'the new deal'

      This spec of an island sits just southwest of Puerto Rico

      This island is also part of the Organization of American States (OAS)
      Foreign relations
      Further information: Foreign relations of Saint Kitts and Nevis
      Saint Kitts and Nevis has no major international disputes. Saint Kitts and Nevis is a full and participating member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), and the Organisation of American States (OAS).[6]

      Organisation of American States (OAS)
      St. Kitts & Nevis entered the OAS system on 16 September 1984.[32]

      Found this interesting
      On 30 June 2014, St. Kitts and Nevis signed a Model 1 agreement with the United States of America in relation to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).[36] At 28 April 2016, the status of the agreement went to "In Force"

      Still looking around on this but thought I would share this for now

    5. And if you know anything about the founding of the AFL-CIO you will now understand why INFRASTRUCTURE is now number one on their list

      The green new deal will encompass mass transit and not you driving a car, you know to reduce your footprint

      And this 'green new deal' is all centered around climate change and Obuma is all for that you know with his new $14 million dollar beach front home while he was front and center in setting up the Chicago Climate Stock Exchange

      And then add that to the weather modification techniques they using to create the chaos - what a bonus

      See and for details on all the CORPORATIONS invovled in modifying the weather to fit their objectives - like draining dams and creating water crisis in California so people will move out and in to areas they want them to go, this would be FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities

      It's why they burned down Paradise and blamed it on the power company, plausable deniability, not to mention it is prime real estate and part of the 2050 plans which Diane Feinstein (again another stein) and her hubby have huge investments in

      Do a search on internet abot how Diane Feinstein is fighting with school children about the green new deal - they brainwashing the kids, it's in their communist core education, part of UN agenda 21 and also part of the popeyes initiatives to reeducate the youth to be good green global serfs

      And Pelosi well she is black nobility
      Check out her DBA listings

      Jerry Brown a jesuit as well and multi generational dealing in California

      Had a really good video or article about Pelosi and Brown and their multi genration theft of anything and everything in California, can't find it right now but will post if I run across it

  13. This is an intersting read

    The selling off of the post offices/properties

    So this land postal stuff and claiming the post offices as I believe Anna has wrote articles about - how does that play in with those assets being sold off and who runs the USPS now?

    The more you dig the more you find about how they are pillaging the entire United States nd the earth for their 'green new deals)

    1. Shelby - taking some time to peruse your links. Yeah was wondering what's up w USPS as its one sewer line... not taking the time to dig. As for the green new deals, its really green jew deals. Now how to grab back all of our assets?
      Pelosi article is good, tho theres more, they're Argentinian jews, around when Bergoglio helped run the Argentinian Dirty War, & was shortly elevated in status for his successful jewsuit coup, involving dropping women from planes into the sea, kidnapping children giving them away, as well as the usual jewsuit tortuous genocide tactics. And land, asset grabs. A nuclear scientist named Lauren Moret has done extensive research & great videos, but haven't seen nor heard of her for too long, couple years. Hope she's ok, out in Berkeley UC, being hit w DEW. They also observed people harmed by immigrant UC students using weaponized cellphones to literally drop elderly on the sidewalks from a distance. UC prez = Janet Napolitano aka Big Cyst = lesbo thug slug & head of FEMA Region 10. Long past time to de-jew. thanks & stay sane

    2. >green jew deals

      I lol'd. Indeed it is all Bolshevism for the Communist (Jew World Order)

    3. wink wink I believe I just read somewhere that Janet Napolitano is resigning in 2020

      Tell ya what folks these fuCHs are looking to get out of dodge when they sic their foreign troops on us


    4. Shelby - hee hee got excited, looked to see if the slug Big Cyst was also resigning as UC prez… Lookin' good:

      Janet Napolitano to step down as UC president in 2020 - Los ...
      University of California President Janet Napolitano, champion of immigrant students and sexual abuse victims, says she will resign. Janet Napolitano to step down as UC president in 2020 - Los ...

      Secretary Janet Napolitano's Resignation & the Future of DHS ...
      On July 12, Janet Napolitano announced her intention to resign as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in September. As the longest serving secretary since the Department's creation in 2003, she leaves behind a four year legacy that reflects her strong commitment to counterterrorism, border control, emergency management, and other homeland security efforts.

      The JEWS who Run Obama and the USA -
      Secretary Janet A. Napolitano (Jew) Positions with the Status of Cabinet-rank: Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Christina Romer (Jewish husband)…

      ZOG Kike-Dyke Napolitano Calls Whites Terrorists | INCOG MAN
      ZOG Kike-Dyke Napolitano Calls Whites Terrorists. ... Homeland Security," Crypto-Jewess Janet Napolitano ... And Napolitano is indeed a BIG FAT JEW flunkie …

      Now lets see where she plunks her ugly fat jew azz. Let us put it this way: TIME FOR MOLOCH TO BE FED A HEFFER.

    5. In a walmart today closing down the registers for self checkout
      Next move cashless society folks walmart part of the gig



      Makes you wonder about this Unique Being Identifier now doesn't it?? Does me

      I guess those who have that unique being identifier will not be subject to any of this and will freely go about their business as usual?

      Don't forget to send in your donations of federal reserve notes

  14. Say what you will but this is what we are up against...this is a video of Jay Leno ....jaywalking about our history being a citenzen of the US...keep in mind that some of these people are teachers...!!

  15. Seems like this same exact article is published every week in multiple iterations

  16. I would love to give this article to sheriffs, judges, State officials, if you would KINDLY PROVIDE THE STATUTES THAT SUPPORT YOUR REMARKS. LIKE THE Z TAGS; ALSO, you said "Did you realize that you need to extinguish that trust or your home stays in that bank trust even after you pay off the phony mortgage?" FINE, HOW DO I EXTINGUISH THAT TRUST? ...

    1. The Thieves control the outer 5,500+ Trusts, tied to Wall DTCc & PASS-THROUGH Trust at SEC database. They already locked away data. Our main Trusts are kept in secret, Ledgered by the Crooks. Our Sheriffs are made as their Sheriffs, paid by our resources, to work for the Thieves against us. Sheriffs, judges, and all Pisces Libra Sag Lawyers don't read our materials, even certified.

    2. From Anna:

      Send Notice to the entity that gave you the mortgage that it was paid off and redeemed in full and the facts have been published and tell them to reconvey the Trust assets back to you.

  17. Happy - just to chime in here, go to here to find documents, very easy, most are one page (remember to use cover sheets for each document individually, record them all as a set) Record your papers in a county. Many use Lamar County Georgia as its retained its land association. Scrolld down to read, very simple instructions, how to sign, get docs notarized, use red ink pad to seal with your right thumbprint & use red ink to autograph only one document, then rest use blue ink. It will also instruct you how to autograph properly.
    You're going to place yourself back upon the soil & land jurisdiction as a State National. hope this helps & stay sane

    1. wink wink check this out
      Their Jewish white collar criminal billionaire front man is Mark Cuban
      Came from this link

      Read all his stuff, expand on the comments he publishes a bunch of information

    2. Shelby - That's the same instruction you gave to Kimberly Bonds that didn't work. In fact, the Crooks don't care what you filed, they don't read anything, not even your warnings of Liability.

      The only way to make things work, or Extinguish their Satan/Capricorn Trusts is to bring the crooks to your court, and judge them.

      If you're not good with computer and documents, and don't know how to find infor quickly, you may not be able to topple them.
      IF CEllphone is your only base of Info, then don't even try the BIG guns.

    3. The message up there is for Wink wink, sorry Shelby.

      The BIG guns approach here I mean Large Legal Approach.

    4. Pinkham - Have no idea what you're talking about. Whats with the insults? Someone posted questions. To direct someone to the Assembly site to do their docs, in your mind, is problematic??
      WHY CAN'T SOMEONE ASK QUESTIONS w/o enduring insulting, non-sensical posts?
      I have no idea who Bonds is. ??? Nor do I want to know.
      This blog is about making folks aware of the massive, dangerous fraud, encourage folks to do their paperwork, articles providing a massive information ...
      If someone posts a question on this blog, & another attempts to help YOU INSULT THE ONE HELPING, -?? -
      What are you talking about 'cellphone'???

      If you have a process for successfully bringing the crooks down via court, & judges, then hells bells, post your own blog & share the process.

      I have no idea what you're talking about. But just like others here who attack folks for no reason but to stir baalsh*t, when the posts have nothing to do with them, its highly suspicious, nasty behavior.
      Why can't someone ask questions & receive a response? And that response relates to a site that is directly associated with articles posted here?? This bothers you??
      Then tossing in another private persons name, using their name in a negatively charged accusation as some "victim"... ??? Whoa. You're using Bonds' name to throw out an insult like that, & generalizing that something didn't work? You just posted someone else's private name in a negatively charged post, tells me YOU DO NOT GET IT at all.
      And you have 'BIG guns' ??? And you're hoisting the BIG guns?? Wow, do let us know on your own blog, the details evidencing your 'BIG guns' success.
      Tip: Why use a cannon when a pea-shooter will do? Just record documents, no huge expense, no massive involvement of fraudulent jew'dicial system bank-courts, no BAR associated fraud, no identity theft, no fake judges/administrators in black robes, no fraudulent monetized bonding enriching its coffers, no dockets, … etc.
      Just record very simplified, easy to execute documents provided FOR FREE in an easy to complete format.
      Gheez puhleeze do post your own blog & detail the BIG guns strategy & its results, process, costs as monetary, time, stress, effort etc. Lay it out there so we may learn.

    5. Shelby - We do dig the Zeus! Very interesting details. So Mark Cuban's in the mix, eh. Yeah, have a circuitous experience w Cuban. Not joking in how Cuban executed the same ole JEW business model to entrap, steal someone else's entire business franchise.
      Is it how Elon Musk-rat-fink-jew perform similarly to grab Tesla? Its how JEWS DO IT, steal the work of others, once its achieved a degree of success, which JEWS facilitate in order to get it up in value, then cripple it, cause a drastic drop in value, the JEW SWOOPS IN w cooperation from other JEWS, as in financing, who then deny financing to the originator so they fail to reach contract commitments, then the JEW swoops in & steals it. JEWS help other JEWS to do this ALL THE TIME.

      One JEW 'claims a desire' for a franchise, or real estate, or patent, whatever & other JEWS facilitate the capitulation so the JEW can swoop in & take it. Same JEW business model used in bankruptcy fraud & asset theft. SAME JEW BUSINESS MODEL. thanks & stay sane

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert!
    I received an email from the Lighthouse Law Club Website with a form needed to fill out and back to ? before Nov 1st. Is this legit???

    I can send you the email I received if you would like or check out the Lighthouse Law Club website!!!

    1. High Plains Drifter - so any news on whats up w Lighthouse Law Club app & Phil Hoduk. I can't seem to find their link... everything else Lighthouse but no Law Club. thanks

  20. Shelby thanks for the post about Kennedy faking his death. I never laughed so hard when I use to watch Jungle Surfers video. His accent was the icing on the cake. But he was very hateful towards Us Americans. The Kennedy Dummy Shooting Hoax. And to everyone we have to realize that as a group we are way stronger and that is why the evil demons like us to fight against each other. Right when we have unity that is when somebody gets their pannies in a bunch and the squabbles ruin it. I am so thankful for the information each of you shares. And Abby I do appreciate your thoughts now. I just did not look as closely as I have in the recent months. Thanks again peace sherry elizabeth

    1. Thanks Skully, My only real intent is to inform, and then its up to readers to take it or leave it.

      I suppose many of you are already aware (?) that the prez has called all Reserves to active duty. So I searched around a little, and so far I am seeing this is something very serious lurking in the background. Seems to be related to possible demo-liberals trying to pull off a coup and not just of the WH, but could easily extend to any 'trumpsters/republicans'. Then I also see where many people are reporting seeing lots of being transported; looking like some positioning going on. It is suspected this is in prep for serious civil un rest resulting from a coup.....?
      At this point, who knows, but just sayin' be aware just in case, and keep eyes wide open till we see how this all pans out. But IMO, if not right now, then in the near term, as these losers wont just quit.

    2. Reserves called up ?
      Have not seen anything on this outside of the daily fear mongering that has taken place for the last few years.
      Fears (i believe) to pressure us to do stupid things?

    3. Just remember they taught/told us ole Lincoln was killed and this is how all this theft, slavery and military intervention was started
      No coincidence ole Lincoln has a very big monument sitting in DC that by the way the current 'leader' made a speech in front of not long ago
      They told us in hollywood fashion about John Kennedy complete with fake reporter Walter Cronkite, no doubt a member of their infamous club
      And think about the eternal OLYMPIC flame that burns in honor of ole Kennnedy (aka Jimmy Carter) who has now been promoted to a world elder position for keeping his secrets
      Hidden in plain sight

      The kennedy clan
      Check out the name O'Shaughnessy in the link above
      Look at who the USNORTHCOM commander is

    4. a follower, of course the Media is not gonna tell any of this, they are part of the sleezy coup attempts and other nefarious things moving around in the background.

      But serious level headed no-nonsense alt. media reporters are reporting this stuff......folks like steve quayle, the and all those ex-military good guys they talk with.
      These are admittedly, fearful times we are now living in, and trump has got ''their'' ire up now, so 'they' are doing foolish things. Obummer signed an agreement just before he left, in dec. 2016, that ...'in the even of civil unrest or havoc, the u.n. now has authority to take control to quell it''...........words to that effect. Thats what obumbo did which gave the u.n. that treasonous authority. We were never told about that, and so here we are.
      We cannot and should not make fun of, or make light of, the ''fear tactic' words. Its a matter of Fact now, that Truth IS now fearful. Even 2 Tim. 3 starts out by saying that perilous times will come. Perilous means dangerous and that danger has now arrived and is lurking ready to pounce since we now have so many commy treasonists running this country. Do you think they are ''friendlies'?
      (there may be more details on or on

    5. Abby said:

      "I suppose many of you are already aware (?) that the prez has called all Reserves to active duty." then why doesn't Anna know what her employees are doing? Did Trump get on the bat-phone and call her?

      Why hasn't anyone heard about it from her? Or does she have to step outside her house and see the mushroom cloud in the distance like everybody else?

    6. UN been here for decades and working their UN agenda through the feds and their Councils of Governments in every state of the union

      Go read the pages this guy has put together

      Hell these mafia kids wear slippers that it would take us a lifetime to pay for

      Godfather is an understatement

    7. Will, yeah true, she seems to know about some 'lucifer they killed.....LOL' .....big joke there. And other such out of the way weirdo stuff, also far far away, and all the way back, history before Time even began, LOL.......but is all mum about the rumblings going on behind our backs.

      I just know that stevequayle is a upstanding guy and same with a few others who are watchmen on the wall......far better than my watchmen job.....and they do watch and have LOTS of reliable sources.
      I can only assume that trump has not given us a whole lot of detail yet, but just doesnt want to alarm us till he sees how this all goes. May be that by it coming out as public as some of us watchmen are trying to make it, it may cause it to quell. Lets hope so, but I still say peeps need to keep their eyes open, and dont think for a moment it ''cant happen here''. It can.

      IMO, I have been all for evicting the UN from our soil, and that should have happened, then we wouldnt be having this threat lurking in the background every day now.

    8. To All Readers and lurkers.....I always back up what I say, but now there is just way too much to post it all, and relay it in all its I suggest all going and reading the several articles about this sneaky invasion at........

      Read those several articles, not too long, and then you decide for yourself what you think about the seriousness of it all.

      The CSC always vets their info several ways before they post it; not here say or iffy stuff outta that guy and his sources.


    10. shelby, that is true, the un has been slowly invading (by invitation) for several years, but now they are built up to possibly a million troops. Picture what that will be for the People to try to fight off. That is why they are now a very serious problem; they are now in position and prepped.

      And then I look to see what the Creator has to say about all this, and why our nation seems to not be mentioned in the ''End''. So I naturally wonder is it because it has been done away with? Afterall, this country has done its darndest to give Him a fist in his face, so why should it expect any protection?

      Underneath all this ungodliness I blame the 'churches' which, over the decades, caved in to falsehoods and watered down gospel, till they have become heretiks. And so that is what they have been presenting to the People which is how they got led into the gross apostasy that now exists. How can they learn without a teacher?
      And so peeps like me, the little ole pie maker, comes along and tells the truth, and yeah, gets her share of rotten tomatoes thrown her way, LOL, but hey, ya gotta tell it like it is, lest I join the masses in haol.
      For sure, the clock is ticking and time is a wastin' real real fast now. I tell you too, I love the 'straight and narrow way'' of life. It is full of fun things that happen nearly every day, and always unexpected. I even make out my menu, go to the grocery, shop and just ''so happens' it is almost all on sale or special. When our car has a problem, its always right here near home or in the driveway. And then there are the big things,and there have been some gigantic ones; even miracles you wouldnt believe. But big or little, we love it all.

    11. Ready, thanks for your input. And take note, it is Marines who protect the president.......secret service is sadly lacking in their duty regarding that. This speaks to some serious $hit rumbling around to call out the marines like this.

  21. Many of Ms.Vanreitz's are fascinating and appear to be from someone who knows of what they speak, however intriguing, where is the proof of any of it? Not that she "owes us" anything, but one cannot take action without solid proof of past results. Some things, just don't seem to be true, and if one finds one misstatement, then how does one know how many others there may be?...If we know courts have repeatedly stated banks cannot lend credit, or their depositors money, then when she mentions, as in the current article, "Since 1934, the banks have had no money to lend. They can only lend credit." If they cannot lend credit or depositors money, but they claim to be making "loans", how is this NOT an act of ultra vires, thus suspending their public charter and the ability to continue to carry on business? does it not create invalidity of every transaction they indulge in from moment of first commission of the ultra vire??

    1. There are over 250,000,000 evidences, mostly in county. The missing lenders Names, their signatures, , your Note is a Payoff on that property, draws from our hidden inner Trusts, passing through the 5,500+ thievery BANKERS PASS-THROUGH Trusts, controlled and run by the higher Thievery Government Impersonators.

      Hope this helps Susan.
      For others. Here is the FORCE against INDIRECT FRAUD in 1968 - 1972. THEY WON...

      They didn't fight with Abstract War by words and Religious feelings.

      was it a scamming Government war on America and people resources? Absolutely, to benefit the British, fraudulent Bankers and Politicians. For instance, the tooth paste charged was $3000 EA, 1 screw costs $1,000 EA on you and me, Jimmy Carter said so.

      Same FRAUD-ulent deal, played out differently.

  22. Just remember they taught/told us ole Lincoln was killed and this is how all this theft, slavery and military intervention was started
    No coincidence ole Lincoln has a very big monument sitting in DC that by the way the current 'leader' made a speech in front of not long ago
    They told us in hollywood fashion about John Kennedy complete with fake reporter Walter Cronkite, no doubt a member of their infamous club
    And think about the eternal OLYMPIC flame that burns in honor of ole Kennnedy (aka Jimmy Carter) who has now been promoted to a world elder position for keeping his secrets
    Hidden in plain sight

    The kennedy clan
    Check out the name O'Shaughnessy in the link above
    Look at who the USNORTHCOM commander is

  23. And in this article we see the name Orsini
    The grey pope
    This is way bigger than anyone thinks it is

  24. The Adams family connection

  25. You may not like his reporting but he is telling it like it is

  26. The paradise fires, houses burned completely to the ground nothing left of them, but the forest still stands

  27. DOPOPULATION in plain sight

  28. An interesting read to say the least (hate groups?)


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