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Friday, October 4, 2019

Blowing the lid off the phoney "Ukraine Gate" Story

Dear Paul,

By now, we've all heard that Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, with zero expertise in the fuel industry, zero Ukrainian language skills and few apparent skills outside of smoking crack and shagging women, was awarded a $3 million board of directors position at Burisma Holdings, one of Ukraine's most corrupt corporations. Hunter was also awarded a $1.5 billion venture capital investment from China, a country notorious for being tight-fisted toward foreign-owned ventures. Nobody, not Donald Trump, not Eric Schmidt has ever landed a deal of that size from the Chinese.
What we may not have known before listening to this podcast by Tyla and Douglas Gabriel is how so many members of the DNC are up to their eyeballs in graft from Ukraine. In addition, few are aware of the toxic extent of foreign influence on our representatives.

Like Joe Biden's son, Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul Pelosi Jr. has had lucrative contracts in the Ukrainian energy business. Paul Pelosi was a board member at Viscoil and an executive at its related company, NRGLab.

Adam Schiff has long been on the payroll of Ukrainian oligarch, Igor Pasternak, who according to Douglas Gabriel has replaced Adnan Khashoggi as the preeminent arms dealer for Syria, Libya, etc.

Douglas Gabriel asks, "How come every single long-tenured member of the Senate or the House are multi-multimillionaires? Hundreds of millions, usually when they make, you know less than $200,000 a year? How can that possibly be true? Well, that's because they all get paid off.

"So, who is paying off Pelosi and Schiff? In this case, it's Ukrainian Igor Pasternak...The whole Democratic Party went over and tried to get a piece of these Ukrainian oligarchs. Everything was going great for eight years, when Obama was in the White House. Why? Because we gave $4.7 million dollars to the State Department, which included Hillary Clinton and particularly, Victoria Nuland to have two George Soros-sponsored color revolutions to take out Viktor Yanukovych, who was the duly elected president in Ukraine. Twice.

"Why? So they could have the Nazi Party come to power there, who would then oppose any deal with Russia. Now, here's the problem. The big oil pipeline running out of Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan, then to Russia and then to Ukraine and then into Europe - was bringing in 40% of the gross domestic product of Ukraine.

"When Obama, because he was trying to act like a tough guy in one of the last days in his office put sanctions on Russia for meddling in the election - which they didn't do - what he actually did was he created this gigantic crisis in Ukraine. He assumed that Trump was going to come in, take the sanctions off and then they could blame Trump for that and say, "Oh! How bad you are!" Well, Trump didn't.

"So what happened? Inadvertently, Obama caused an explosion in Ukraine. So, all the oligarchs and all of the Party of Regents who were friends of Joe Biden, who were friends of Pelosi, of Schiff, of Schumer and friends of course, working through Igor well as other Ukrainians, like Leonard Blavatnik, one of the largest donors to the Democratic Party, especially to their Super PACs - who works through a Russian, Viktor Vekselberg, who's in Russia but he also works through an Israeli, Mikhail Fridman. These are the people donating to the Democratic Party...

"When you're talking about Ukrainian oligarchs, those are just the nouveau riche, those are the nouveau oligarchs those are the new oligarchs of Ukraine created by Obama. Why? Because it was the heyday of US attempts to intervene into Ukraine, to make sure that the oblast provinces that were voting to have Russia control them, not the Party of Regents, the Nazi Party in Ukraine, who Joe Biden was aligned with and Obama was aligned with, Hillary is aligned with, John Kerry was aligned with - and they all took trips over there all the time and they were all paid for by these Ukrainians.

"But remember then, the the people of Ukraine would vote Viktor Yanukovych back into office and then they'd be on the outs. So, the Americans, who had invested $4.7 billion into taking over Ukraine so they can control that pipeline, so they thought they could control Russia - which they can't (Russia was building two other pipelines at the same time: Nord Stream 1 Nord Stream 2 - Nord Stream 1 now goes to Germany in a secret deal), so, what we have is, when the sanctions get put on Russia, the pipeline into Ukraine stopped. 40% of Ukrainian GDP stopped...

"All of this impeachment is an attempt for Pelosi to become the President. Make no mistake about it. They changed all the rules. We no longer have a Constitutional republic in the House...we have an attempted coup of the House, which is an attempted coup of the President, which had already used the intelligence agencies to the best of their ability.

"And every one of our Five Eyes friends - and many other spies in other countries, including Ukraine, including Estonia, including, hardly at all in Russia but certainly, Britain, which was the source of it, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany. They were all involved in the coup and that is what is coming down now...

"We need to remember that George Soros has given $32 billion to the Democratic Party. Now, how do I mean that? Through super PACs. Six billion - he went through the limit on that - he could legally, through super PACs. He's literally the only person in some of these super PACs.

"Then he has 184 non-government organizations that all claim to be not-for-profit. They should all be closed down, because they're all partisan. Any not-for-profit, if they do not state that - and none of his organizations do - they all have names like - how about this one - the one that just created, ...

"Let me just give you a perfect example the Ukrainian whistleblower. Well, first off, we can sit here and you know, everyone's poking holes in that story; the Russian collusion 2.0, isn't it? Same people, same story same bad delivery, same bad planning and no content, whatsoever. But what we want to point out is it all comes down to conversations that were had with the whistleblower and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

"Go to the bottom of their page look them up: the OCCRP the organized crime and corruption reporting project this is all a staged, if you look them up online, go to the bottom. Look at their number one donor: the Open Society. George Soros. So, all we have is fake evidence created illegally by the OCCRP, the organized crime and corruption reporting project of George Soros where, supposedly this whistleblower who, breaking every law there is, including every security contract that he has - to come to a public organization supposedly, a not-for-profit, which it isn't, of course - and so it should be closed down immediately - and reporting to them and then they told him to report to Adam Schiff - not to the Inspector General, which everyone in any branch of the government knows, when you have a problem you report to your IG office immediately...

"This is nothing more than a cesspool of an attempt for George Soros to find people who he can corrupt by paying them off for stories, like that Ford lady who accused Kavanaugh - who should be put in jail for what she did. This whistleblower should go to jail for what they did but now, no, we're singing the praises the OCCRP."

There are so many incredible details in this podcast, it is SUCH a needed antidote to the psychopathic lying corporate media!

Found here: 


  1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 9:03 AM

    In the over-view of it, it looks like a double reverse set-up or reverse "double, triple or quadruple-cross"... like the kind of thing that AlexJones used to expose/disclose *they* do... Well, but it looks like perhaps that model got used on them because now the "Trump admin", after getting N.Pelsoi to start braying about impeachment again, has slapped her with either start the [dam] impeachment proceedings or were ignoring you!
    Talk about a rock and a hard spot.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 9:54 AM

      If they go forward with anything, I'm pretty dam sure that will give the Trump admin the authority to the use the legal process of "discovery" to order records for the *defense* that will lead to discoveries that show the Biden-Ukraine potential crimes!!!
      They all know all of this sort of thing!
      They all know exactly what each other is doing and going to do.
      They play that game.
      They know.
      The show is for the people.

      ..... They did, like, "oh here Nancy! come'n get me!!!!"...
      and she grabs the bait and runs with it, and now she either has to shut the hell up or else start the impeachment proceedings -- giving the Trump admin authority to "discover" the Biden-Ukraine crimes.

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 4, 2019 at 10:12 AM

      But we needn't perhaps get excited because still nobody is charged.
      They don't have Public Trusts to draw charges from! So no Public Trust to charge!= no charges filed.

      Because, as I understand it, they are all claiming to have private-status: being living men and women, and are therefore not even subject to statutory 'law' OR to UCC/LAW MERCHANT either!

      They essentially have, along with everything else, stolen OUR lawful status: being private living men and women with God-given rights; and stuck US with *acting(fiction)* *as* Public Officers of their incorporation who ARE subject to their private cor-pirate statutes and also, to UCC/LawMerch/
      Maritime/Admiralty and so on with only Man-given "benefits", privileges and immunities. But no rights.

      Essentially, they are, IMO, claiming our superior living-being status while sticking us with their dead-entity cor-pirate status.

      Oh! Yeh, ... And not telling us about any of it.

    3. Thats why they all have private foundations and non profits it's to hide what they are really doing and that is setting up their world conquest, they're all in on it period including all of hollywood
      Public private partnerships

      They can be public, private, elected, selected, dual citizen, whatever the hell they want to be and get away with all of it because their lawyer buddies, judge buddies and supreme court buddies have their back

      They probably don't even have birth certificates?

      Maybe that's what all the Obama shit was about flapping about the birth certificate??

      You see by bringing up the birth certificate it brought everyone in to looking at theirs and then you have the story of how you are all slaves now and part of 'the new deal' contract?

      Again, land air and water have always been here, they are creating new jurisdictions. By creating the air jurisdiction they can now issue CO2 taxes, see how this works

      Need to look up the shit Obama did concerning our inland waterways, this is more than likely ties to the water part now, see new levels of restrictions created by those in the know

      Just like in one of Romleys videos where he says that the sewer running underneath the cities constitutes we are really on water and not land at all because the water runs under it??

      New layers to cover up the fraud and the coming fleecing of the people through climate change and CO2 taxes because we have to save the earth from you non private vermin all the while stealing everything in their path through fraud of course but only fraud does not apply to them only to the serfs

      And all military around the world is supporting this

  2. Its our most unfortunate conclusion that even AIM is under JEW'dacity, making false claims, promoting innocent peoples as guilty, deceptively woven narratives, obfuscation as to just who Gabriel really is... & it became harder & harder to hear their spurious claims, churning disinformation. Most unfortunately Michael McKibben jumped into their grease fire... foolishly.
    AIM is not credible. AIM promotes incorrect processes in political status reclamation, uses the term "United States citizens" as epitome of Constitutional rights... It has NO CLUE & digs itself so deeply into the quagmire, it won't be correcting itself, it can't.
    AIM has denounced Anna Von Reitz & her process for correcting Political Status, instead giving favor to a JEW who charge$ for access to his site &... Whose site language is flatly INCORRECT, he doesn't even know the difference from the United States to even consider The United States as even possibly correct.
    Notice how Gabriel uses technique of repetition in damning innocents. Gabriel was a JEWSUIT. Is Gabriel a JEW?
    We've all unsub'ed AIM. I was one of the last to do so. Every now & again we listen but its become gut churning to hear Gabriel, especially, now that we're aware of his techniques & even counted the number of times he repeats the same phrasing for psy-op inducement. We put Gabriel in the same garbage heap as CIA/Amazon 'Open source everything' baalsh*t con JEW Robert David Steele. Notice how both speak, their extreme verbosity aka diarrhea of the mouth, & righteous indignation, making superior intellectual claims. HIGH IQ IN VERBOSITY doesn't make one more correct, more truthful, nor smarter, nor good. It too often leads to self-indulgent arrogance & very bad news. That is a tip to the JEW.

    1. I'd put X22 in this category too - this is episode 9,352 and wait for it, (DS) blah blah blah


    We need live reporting on this stuff

    I know this may not be a reliable source but some interesting information to say the least

    And lets not forget the ROCKY boys are all over the GULF, they cleared all the gulf out for such an exercise as this


  4. Everyone have a read

    Check out the two articles at the bottom of his page as well