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Friday, September 13, 2019

My Opinion?

By Anna Von Reitz

My Opinion?  Okay, this really is just an opinion.  

What did I think of the Democratic Candidates?  

Seven out of the group led with stories about all their failures.  

What does that tell you?  

It tells me that they are consciously trying to appeal to losers, trying to get a "I'm a loser, too." vibe going.  They are telling their fans, literally, that they are backing a loser.  Failed lawyers.  Failed businessmen.  Failed politicians.  

Do you want to vote for a loser?  Really? 

Must be some new Democratic Party polling meme: capture the Sympathy Vote. 

Tell what a failure you are, how you did really dumb stuff that forced you to seek a career in politics, because you failed at everything else.... 

And tanking now, too, I thought.  More than once. 

Such an approach doesn't really show a lot of respect for or actual empathy for the voters.  Even sick, hurt, old, disabled, unemployed, and poor people want an effective champion.  They want a winner. They're not stupid just because they are sick, hurt, old, disabled, unemployed, and poor.  

That, and "togetherness".  That's the obvious buzzword.  We're gonna do it together!  Yeah!  Yes, we can..... rah, rah, rah! 

But what it is that they are going to do---together or separately--- they fall down on that part.

Only one candidate (by my count) made a good faith stab at defining any focus for all the togetherness ya-ya.  And his presentation fell flat. 

There was, of course,  Bernie Sander's suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade attack on all the Special Interests at once.  I guess that counts as an Action Agenda, but not a Togetherness Agenda. 

Not that many politicians in Washington actually want to do anything, much less bite the hands of the Special Interests. So, once again, Bernie Sanders, like The Cheese, stands alone. 

Bernie is the Last of the True Believers.  Really.  He puts me to shame. 

I get regular Dutch Uncle notes from people telling me how naive I am.  I can't hold a candle to Bernie Sanders.  

Anyway, most of them were clearly pandering for sympathy votes and none of them have any talent for stand up comedy, which is a shame.  

A guy who could come in and make people laugh about innocent things instead of rehashing vicious old partisan themes could go far.  Instead....

Creepy, creaky Joe?  I'd rather vote for Doctor Strangelove.  

Pocahontas?  If she'd lie about THAT, she'd lie about anything.  

Bernie?  Enough said. 

The Middlemen --- the pack of middle-aged career politicians jockeying for position, mainly to get experience and face time for later ambitions.  Blah, blah, blah.  I think I heard every cliche in the history of politics in less than an hour. 

That was really cloying.  I felt like a dog that ate too much peanut butter. 

The Young Turks -- Ms. "Harris" -- lies about who she is, just like Pocahontas.

And.... even if you don't like a President, anyone in politics needs to respect his office, especially when you are running for his office. 

There's a screw loose there that goes beyond young and dumb. 

It was a singularly bland and re-hashed and re-run presentation overall, with the oddballs sticking out like displaced porcupine quills.  

There was only one candidate who struck me as wise and measured and serious-minded. Sincere.  And as luck would have it, she was the one whose name zipped right by and wasn't mentioned again.  She was the one who 
spoke about her Mother telling her not to let anyone tell her who she was.  

If I didn't know better, I'd think it was a set up to make her shine by comparison to all the others.  But I do know better. 

Brainy, soft-spoken, serious-minded people have a real uphill battle in Washington.  The same Special Interests that Bernie loves to punt with don't like their tools too sharp.  And without substantial Special Interest funding, it's a very long shot to get traction and face time in the media. 

I would certainly look for her in events to come and be interested in what she had to say, I know that much.  

Remember, Grandma doesn't have a dog in the fight. I am a disenfranchised Elector.  I don't have a thing to say about it, except to speak my mind.  And so far, if you want to vote for a loser, it looks like the Dems have a full roster to choose from.  


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  1. Why oh why would anyone even waste their time watching such a pack of losers?? Ive seen them all speak a line or two on news bites here and there, and that was enough to tell me all I need to know.

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  3. Tulsi is Tulasi not even natural born she was born in samoa parents from Indonesia she's another obama


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