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Monday, September 23, 2019

Constitutional Enforcement Seminar

From Anna Von Reitz

Here is the entire series of Study Articles in booklet form using a PDF file for the upcoming meeting in Austin Texas next weekend.

Once again this was done by Max Emmons Taylor Jr. as was the series For All Jural Assemblies.

Here is the link to this series.


  1. Regionalism and how 'grants' are distributed and how the 'states' have been duped in to this very scheme
    Hope I stated that correctly
    This is how they are rolling out UN agenda 21
    See also councils of governments like CALCOG and NCTCOG
    These private prganizations are non elected and working to implement UN agenda 21 as per the BIS and IMF and the world bankers
    Just some things that may help in the education process of those attending this seminar
    These COGs are unelected and carrying out the agenda for the UN and the OWO
    See for more details of the North American Union and the plot to carry it out
    Think about that too when you think about the border wall deception that is taking place as well
    Their one world military
    Go look up these commands and find out who is running them and their background
    USNORTHCOM is who is in charge of the formation of the NAU and the extermination of the people within those nations
    Things I think the attendees need to know

    1. Shelby, seems to me there cannot be both a NAU and Constitutional Enforcement; am I seeing this correctly?

      It also occurs to Tman just making a few movements on the border, just enough to make his constituents think he he doing as he promised........while at the same time, not doing enough to prevent the NAU from accomplishing their goal.
      Your thoughts?

    2. That's exactly what they are doing!!
      All it takes to suspend the CONstitution is the stroke of a pen
      My bet is they have already planned an 'event' that will kick in the COG's that are already in place and operating right under everyones noses.
      I believe this will be the same type of shock and awe 'event' that they told us took place on tell lie vision back in november of 1964
      That's why they formed the regions, FEMA, SMART Cities, every last bit of it including the 'event' in september 2001 to get everyone on board with all the nifty new surveillance shit, TSA, DHS, and so forth
      Abby, I've dealt with electronic data my entire career and I am telling you this is a project plan at the very highest levels across the board and it all comes down to the data
      Using all electronic data to move people about, move companies to their desired locations, moving people out of areas they have deemed they are no longer permitted (these would be areas of no human activity) human settlements for their human cattle, it is very very high level and has many many layers
      So think about this, everyone says this is GODS plan for the world because that is exactly what they have taught us, correct?? Think people think, it is exactly the opposite -
      THIS IS NOT GODS PLAN PEOPLE (which GOD would this be)?
      He was their TRUMP CARD, that is not by accident
      It's all a calculated plan PERIOD
      People really need to wake up, they have lied about absolutely EVERYTHING
      Whoever attends this seminar had better make sure they are armed and papered up is all I have to say
      Texas is considered hostile territory
      And if people have not figured it out already they have no problems flattening anything and wiping people off the face of the earth, they actually like doing it
      The earth isn't going anywhere nor is climate change going to kill us it is the military industrial complex that will wipe us out and if it's not American troops it will be others because they all work for the same people
      Think about this the word dogma as in religious dogma (backwards, am god)
      I am not knocking nayones beliefs here I am just stating things that need to be looked at really hard
      My opinion

    3. Shelby, I agree, none of this is Gods plan. God does not have such plans.......however, this nation and probably this entire receiving some of the 'rewards of their bad actions and disregard for the one true God of heaven.'' We can know this because He is not stepping in to stop any of these disasters; His protective Hand is not active.

  2. It my come to the last man or woman this has been rolling out since WW1. Destruction of the zionest biggest threat and battle lines drawn grand Jihad against Christians

  3. Tonite is the beginning of a new season of The Good Doctor, 10 p.m. case anyone is interested.