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Monday, June 17, 2019

Modus Operandi 3.0

By Anna Von Reitz

We have been discussing the methods and aims and practices of those who oppose Mankind and wish for our destruction.  

Thus far we have discussed how THEY use role playing --- in reverse --- to sling mud and blame on their opponents.  For example, if they want to discredit Catholics, they pretend to be nuns or priests, do despicable things, and then just skinny out of their clerical costumes and let the victims take the blame. 

We have also described how --- with monotonous regularity --- they accuse their opponents of exactly what they are doing themselves.  For example, they accuse Donald Trump of playing footsie with the Russians, when they have already sold 20% of our Uranium reserves to the Russians. 

Now we come to a third gambit these creatures play.  For lack of a better explanation, I will just call this one "Inducement to Hang Yourselves".  

Why bother to hang you, if they can get you to do it to yourselves? 

I cannot stress this point strongly enough: every time you incorporate anything, you give it away to whoever and whatever grants it a charter.  Period.  You place it under the law of the charter granting authority and in their ownership, too.  

They, not you, get to dictate what happens to your incorporated business, your incorporated church, and if you let them incorporate your "person" without taking exception and taking action to counteract their legal presumptions, they will exercise the same arbitrary, plenary authority over you, too.  

This afternoon I had a lengthy discussion with a friend who thought that they had found the answer to this, a way to incorporate and get tax benefits without incorporating and being subject to The Borg.  

No such pathway exists, by definition. 

Incorporation is incorporation.  It's like being eaten.  The substance of the peach you ate for dinner is at this very moment being "incorporated" into your body. 

The charter-granting authority subjects whatever is being incorporated, and the new franchise becomes part of the parent corporation which is owned and operated by a sovereign government.  

At this time, there are tragically few sovereign governments left in the world: the Holy See is gunning to own everything and everyone, and so, is trying to get its franchise --- the Municipal Government of the United States --- to destroy those few remaining national bastions.  

That's what all the threats against North Korea and Iran are all about.  That's what all the threats against Libya and Iraq were about.  That's what the threats against Britain over Brexit are about.  

They made the mistake of joining the European Union and that incorporation is being used to claim that England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are just "dependent sovereigns" within the larger EU corporate conglomerate. 

The Holy See plans to be the only unincorporated sovereign government on Earth, simply because it will claim that every other government has "voluntarily" incorporated as part of the Holy Roman Empire.  It will reign supreme simply by default, as everyone else foolishly abdicates their sovereignty by incorporating their government -----hanging themselves in the process.     

The Municipal Government of the United States is their local franchise. 

The Territorial Governments are all "Dependent Sovereigns" by definition--- meaning that they are "subject nations".  This is the same status that the American Indian Tribal Governments have been in for the past 200 years. 

My friend was happily telling me about how the people in her group were all adopting Tribal Member status and Tribal IDs.  She was chirping about the sovereignty of indigenous people.  And I was shaking my head in disbelief. 

Go visit any Reservation and see how "sovereign" they are. 

The Ancient Romans called the "uncivilized" peoples living on the fringes of their Empire "tribes" because they were "subject to Rome" and forced to pay "tribute" to Rome ---- that word again: tribute, tribulation, tribe. 

So when you hang yourself by claiming to be part of a "tribe", you are automatically agreeing that you owe tribute to Rome. You are using their words, and those words have a meaning.  

There is a world of difference between calling yourself a Lakota Sioux and characterizing yourself as a member of any Lakota Tribe.  

One is still a sovereign nation, bloodied but unbowed.  

The other is a franchise operated by the Vatican for the benefit of the Holy See, and all the Tribal Members are understood --- by the Romans at least --- to be pledging themselves and all their worldly goods to be good little Tax Payers and send tribute to Rome. 

Its the same kind of difference between calling yourself a Texan and calling yourself a Citizen of the United States.  One is a free, independent, and sovereign national of Texas.  The other is a wholly owned slave of the Holy Roman Empire. 

If you don't know the difference, it is all too easy for these magicians to claim that they have done nothing wrong by enslaving you.  You pledged yourself to them and subjected yourself to their law--- voluntarily.  You hung yourself. 

And nine-tenths of the people in this world are just like my friend-- happily hanging themselves, not realizing the consequences, and not even having the wherewithal to admit that they "made a mistake"---- confess the sin --- and escape the trap. 

THEY are under sacred obligation to release you if you "confess" your mistake, but first you have to realize that you made a mistake. 

Otherwise, its the same old box, different day.  

If you are a Tribal Member, you are a Tax Payer.  You are subject to the Municipal Government of the United States, which is a franchise of the Municipal Government of Rome which is a franchise of the Vatican which is the Property Management Corporation ---- all owned and operated by the unincorporated and sovereign government of the Holy See. 

If you are an incorporated church, you are obligated to the State Religion, which can be anything at all, including Satanism.  

I explained to my friend how the British Crown Corporation picked up billions of dollars of church properties for nothing:

They said, "We will give churches tax exemptions!  Just sign up as non-profit religious corporations!"  

But our churches were already tax exempt.  Say what? 

Churches in this country were always exempt from Territorial and Municipal taxes, but by taking the bait and incorporating themselves, the churches lost their natural tax exemption and their continued exemption from taxation under Territorial Law was converted into a mere privilege --- a privilege that can be revoked at the Queen's or the Pope's whim. 

The British Crown Corp used this constructive fraud inducement and claimed billions upon billions of dollars of church properties as chattel property backing their debts and financing their operations worldwide.

They got the churches to hang themselves.  

They enslaved the clergy the same way they have enslaved the workers and the businesses and the industries of this country---through false claims in commerce, through constructive fraud, and through our own ignorance.  

They've been having a good time, getting us to hang ourselves, and raking in the proceeds.  

Until people actually see what incorporation is and what it does, until people  fully comprehend the danger that incorporation represents to dignity and freedom and life itself --- mankind doesn't stand a chance. 

Remember this: your State of the Union is a sovereign nation, and you, a Lawful Person of that nation, one of the People of your State, are owed every jot of every protective treaty and agreement your Forefathers put in place.  If you get suckered in and claim to be a Moor, a Tribal Member, a United States Citizen, or any kind of Citizen of the United States, or adopt any other status or identity at all----it all goes out the door.  You lose your birthright.  You lose your land and soil.  You lose your rights. Everything. 

Never, ever incorporate anything unless you don't want the responsibility and rights of owning it. Never pledge anything; pledging is a custom of feudalism and is totally foreign to your country. Never voluntarily register anything that you want to keep as private property, either.  

All these "gifts" the vermin have been conferring on you, all these corporate franchises named after you--- and all the citizenship obligations that go with them--- have to be converted to your control. 

The only way to do this is the path we've cut for you: reclaim your Lawful Person, your Trade Name, and establish its permanent home and domicile on the land and soil of your actual State of the Union.  Then move all the "derivatives" to permanent domiciles on the land and soil of your State, too.  

This finally gets you out of the box, back home, operating under the Public Law of this country and the Constitutions you are owed.  

You can't regain your freedom by moving to another jail.  

And you can't address their crimes to them, until you stop hanging yourselves. 

The Pope is under the gun now.  The full scope and meaning and diabolical nature of the scheme promoting the "Holy Roman Empire" using corporations and the process of incorporation --- and the plot to leave the Holy See as the only unincorporated government, and therefore the only sovereign government left standing--- is fully revealed. 

The result of joining the EU and being "incorporated" into that larger regional government is being brought home to Britain right now.  They lost their sovereignty, gave it away, hung themselves. 

The only way they can regain it and BREXIT and go back to the Pound Sterling and British Law again without World War III, is to admit their mistake and hang a very large club over the Roman Curia's head.  

As disgusted as I am with the Brits and their gross mistreatment of our States and our People, I wish them well in this endeavor, and hope that the rest of Europe wakes up, too.  Commercial Feudalism is an unimaginable evil and it needs to be stopped by all and any means possible. 


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  1. Unfortunately the biggest culprits are FEDS!waco, Ruby ridge,OKC, you name it and co-conspiritors.foreign agents.

  2. Good one Anna, enjoyed all 3 of them and learned much, thank you

  3. Anna, You started with the premise of Satanism.
    Your proved it on the basis if something so common as to have given it little attention...until now. The thing is Incorporating. IN CORP ERATING. When I ate the peach I started to incorporate it into my corps. So simple and so sad. So amazing that every time I buy something it is from a corporation. We are living in the world of the dead corpses.

    This spring I planted an all season garden to assist in my escape from buying from the dead the toxicity that is sold as "food", comprising 95% of what is eaten, leading to more death, after disease, after needless suffering, after paying doctors to prescribe chemicals made by corporations, etc. We're trying to find life more abundantly but we're living in a dead world dominated by thought controlling entities operated by robots and computers, while we stare at cell phone virtual reality and ignore living people that pass us on the street. Satan has come very near to conquering the people and they do not see his subtlety, the liar from the beginning who is so cunning and dedicated to destroying the pure, the virtuous, and the wholesome things God granted us. Satan is determined to gain his victory over God's creation.

    We must not participate in that destruction. Reading God's Word re-awakens His influence, and asking for the Holy Ghost to light our minds invites a higher force into our lives. Eating from our own Garden of Eden assures us of a purer way to nourish the life in us. Taking the name of Jesus Christ upon ourselves and living by His commandments puts us on the pathway back to God.

    1. Agree with much of what you are also seeing.
      Cain and able. Cannibal
      We will literally devour each other if we have not the Love of God within us. We can murder with our tongues.
      am in hopes that in seeing all the lies that have been put forth generationaly that people will Turn Back to the Word and The Truth!

      Anna, stated that "their Father has no name."
      i disagree, their 'father' has many names! And many times he comes disguised using our Fathers Name and words.

  4. North American Union part of the plan
    Scroll down on the right of the page and read about how the vatican or roman cult has been planning for long time
    As their military industrial complex uses weather warfare to destroy the people on the land they are taking over
    CO2 summit
    So while they poison the skies and make a bucket load of money on the climate stock exchanges, they are depopulating all over the world using covert means, blaming humans for the disasters, herding us in to designated regions and holding conferences with the brain dead idiots who believe their bullshit
    Having summit meetings all over the place
    For anyone interested in reading

  5. Planned genocide rates for 4 different regions, nations through 2018 - 2025
    A recording of interest about the ongoing genocide in Canada
    This is world wide genocide being carried out all over the world
    A history of interest

  6. Several years ago corporations, mostly part of the incorporation, outnumbered nations finally, and early on around 1911 when the corporations were put on steroids, corporate death far exceeded people deaths. The idea of creating corporations, selling stock and bankrupting them, skating with profits has been present since the inception of the things. In 1904 or so their were laws preventing corporations from communities, and senators complained the corporations were eating up their local economies. Not until recently has it come to light concerning the roots of this matter and just how horribly unbelievable it is for most people yet historically if examining some of the family owning the Holy Roman Empire how it can be that way, growing for a long time.

  7. "But our churches were already tax exempt. Say what? "
    Yep, many have forgotten this.
    As far as "The only way they can regain it and BREXIT and go back to the Pound Sterling and British Law again without World War III"
    i understand this desire for peace,and the pursuit of peace but to think that there will not be a world war III, is not in alignment with scripture. Many of us believe we are now engaged at this moment!
    We can not avoid this, and it is not up to us. And no i am not suggesting we seek it nor cause it, it simply will happen at some point.
    So we should be prepared by the Spirit for this eventuality.

  8. News from the Wall
    The Coming Iran War – Part 1
    Audio Message by Nathan Leal
    Ladies and gentlemen, War is upon us!
    … And the eve of destruction is approaching.
    The “powers that be,” have decided that it is time for the next phase of their agenda. If they have their way, this will be the war that turns the Earth into a furnace!
    It will be against Iran. But this war will not be like the previous campaigns. They are not Iraq. Iran is formidable. Strategically they can harm America and her allies… And they will.
    But it gets worse. The upcoming war will potentially pull the entire planet into World War III.
    It is ominous.
    How will it play out? The worst-case scenario is frightening. And it will be a nightmare for America and planet earth with millions of people perishing.
    On this program, we will examine the details of this upcoming war, and look at its ramifications including, both the physical as well as the spiritual.

    1. The details of the war. Who was behind it and who are the players?
    2. How will the war play out?
    3. The upcoming false flag.
    4. The worst-case scenario.
    5. Is war with Iran found in Bible prophecy?”
    6. Will there be a draft?
    In this program, we will examine these topics and visit the questions. This is going be part one of the multiple part series.
    Please share with your friends and family.