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Monday, June 17, 2019

Modus Operandi 2.0

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we discussed the fact that Satanists are role players --- actors in the same sense that there are actors in Hollywood.  They infiltrate our society, our churches, our businesses, our clubs --- and they blackball whoever and whatever they wish, based on their own actions. 

They have total control of how they portray their victims, what pre-existing prejudices they pluck like strings on a guitar.

Their job is made easier because many targets have identifying uniforms or emblems, which these Players adopt as their own for the purposes at hand.

Want to target the Catholic Church?  How hard is it to find a priest's cassock at a costume shop?  

Want to target Jews?  Wear a yarmulka, with or without sideburns, and a big, flashy gold necklace with a Star of David pendant.  

Hate Democrats?  Plaster your car with DNC bumper stickers and Eco slogans, sign up as a member of Planned Parenthood, contribute to Dem candidates, volunteer as a campaign worker.  Be as air-headed and obnoxious as you can. 

Have it out for Republicans?  Same deal.  Change the donkeys to elephants. Slather on the pro-gun bumper stickers and flag decals.  Join the NRA.  Be as crass and opinionated as possible.

Want everyone to hate Americans?  Wear gaudy, ill-fitting clothes, maybe even some cowboy boots. Talk with a drawl or a New Yorker or Boston accent while flashing wads of greenbacks. Talk big.  Be overbearing. Arrogant. Nasty. Pushy. 

It won't be long and everyone in town will think they know who and what you are and they won't like you ---- an antipathy and prejudice they will apply to all Americans like the smell of a skunk. 

See how this works?     

With a little creativity it isn't hard to target any group, and as they do this, they "give substance to stereotypes and prejudice".  They "model" the purported behavior of lecherous priests and dishonest judges and greedy "Jews" and Ugly Americans. They even have their stereotype of "Sovereign Citizen" ready to roll. 

Some of these Creatures of the Night are actually hired as actors to go out and discredit entire religions, nationalities, political parties, competing corporations, racial groups ----you name it and they will play it and trash it.    

When it comes time for a False Flag, there they are, Johnny On the Spot, crawling away from the fake firebombing, moaning pitifully. 

Other times their mission is more generic: infiltrate a group, collect information, mislead, co-opt, misdirect.  They "plant" wrong ideas to promote wrong assumptions, which spawn wrong actions ---- and undermine our efforts.

I sit here like a fighter pilot in the cockpit, clocking the Bogeys as they appear on my radar --- this week, it's the idea that the Articles of Confederation were "good" and the Constitutions were "bad".  

How can we possibly recognize and combat such insidious, diabolical ruses?  

Do what my Grandma told me to do: look sharp and hard at each and every individual and every idea that people are pushing at you.   

Examine what they say and do, how they look, what does and does not ring true.  Most especially, examine the results of what they do: judge their fruits.

Does a particular individual cause trouble wherever they go?  Are they always the center of attention?  Do they spread controversy?  Are they fear-mongers encouraging paranoia and "contingency plans"?  

Or are they spreading "Hope Porn" and encouraging people to do nothing? Just wait for The Rapture?  

 Are they obnoxious in some way?  Nervous?  Put your finger on it.  Think about it.  

What does the sum total of their "act" add up to?  What does it accomplish?  Who or what does their behavior discredit?  Do they make honest mistakes? Or do they deliberately "misunderstand" when you tell them something?  

If you find yourself explaining the same things to the same person multiple times you have to ask yourself --- is this person genuinely impaired, or pretending to be, so that they can prolong dangerous and/or destructive activities?

What or who are they aiming for?  Extrapolate the target. 

Use your brain like a sieve.  Sort the possibilities and the probabilities.  As you do this, you will get better at it and faster.  

Think beyond the context of the present drama they are creating.  Look at how their actions and words are "directing" you to a conclusion, and whatever that conclusion may be, and what that leads to.  

The most common goal of all these Players is to create confusion, fear, or doubt, but they are also often trying to plump up a political agenda by discrediting someone or something. 

Remember, if they want to discredit Jews, they pretend to be Jews.  If they want to discredit Republicans, they pretend to be Republicans.  If they want to discredit Americans, they pretend to be Americans.  If they want to discredit Muslims, they pretend to be Muslims.  And so on an on. 

A priest who smokes cigars, drinks like a fish, owns brass knuckles, and keeps a locker full of well-thumbed hardcore porn magazines?   A Republican Senator who votes with the Democrats ninety percent of the time?  A devout Jew who eats pork BBQ?  

Most of the time, their role playing only goes so far, and the truth about who they really are oozes out around the edges.  

To win this "war" requires us all to be a lot quicker on the uptake, more watchful and discerning, more skeptical, more aware of the nagging-can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it sense that you are being led to think, feel, or do something like "hate Iran" or "distrust Paula Reynolds" or whatever else today's agenda might be.  

The easiest way to catch these Players out, is simply to sit back and let them run their spiel.  Listen.  Watch.  The vast majority of them will go too far into their role and ham it up if they are the least bit encouraged---just like vaudeville.  They are more patriotic than Uncle Sam.  They are more righteous than Jesus.  They are more Jewish than Moses.  

Set your Shinola Sensors on "High Alert" and be aware that there are skilled actors out there, paid operatives, as well as plain old Satanists stirring the pot and causing trouble for everyone just because spreading violence and distrust and lies and immorality is what a Satanist does.  

If they see something good, they target it and try to tear it down, for the same reason that moths are drawn to flames.   

Both kinds of Players will be coming into our Assemblies with their own agendas.  They will try to obtain information and assets.  They will cause disruptions and "steal the show".  They will charm.  They will be boors. They will try every trick there is.  

One of their favorites is to find someone in the local community who is in trouble with "the law" or who can be threatened through their families, and force them --- a known and trusted person --- to be the Snitch and/or Instigator, while a Controller sits in the background and watches everything.  Be on the look out for these Tag Teams. Be sharp. Be aware.  

Notice who comes and who goes, and who comes and goes together. 

And be aware that although the pros can be flushed out or compromised with a Bevins Declaration, the "volunteers" are under no such obligation to declare themselves. 

We are the only ones who have recouped our political status, proven our standing, staked our claims timely, built up the record, and correctly identified the True Parties of Interest, populated the correct jurisdiction, and now have the eyes and ears of the entire world focused on us.  

We are the last star fighters.  

You had better believe that the intelligence services of the entire planet are up to their nostrils in every word we say and everything we do--- but as for that, we don't care.  So long as we are not foolish, as long as we are not deceived, as long as we don't give it away, and aren't tricked out of it, our birthright and our destiny is safe.


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  1. Anna, you have described exactly the "modus operandi" of our own CIA.

  2. A few people have said to me "Oh, you know about it too, and seem to agree if telling them something of their own country, government, banking system or other like mini-snips hoped to educate, try to get the message around.
    But I wonder now perhaps it is a new ploy for those who would before say, I don't care or other. I don't know but who knows, I would not be surprised if the opposition would try to create followers who really are faking interest and just pretending. Like so many do not seem to realize or even focus on the importance of their being two signed oaths by George Washington. People think the title to a car is important and valid with no knowledge other than belief then believe the paper work concerning their own country is not valid or has expired with no desire to even find out. Just means that those who do know better work harder to make up for the slack at the moment.